Clueless Chapter 1: Inklings

As Vegeta flew home from work, he gave a small ironic smile. Who would have thought – the Saiyan no Ouji working like one of the common masses?

Everyone had been devastated when Bulma and Chi Chi had been killed in an automobile accident three years ago, and the hardest hit were their mates – the two strongest men on Earth were reduced to useless heaps. Long after the funerals were over, the two families were still in a state of depressed shock. Surprisingly, Vegeta had been the one to invite the Sons to stay at the CC; the gruff prince had realized that Goku and his youngest son have been feeling too lost in their secluded cabin in the woods. Gohan had moved out a few years earlier and is now happily married to Videl; the demi-Saiyan’s own family helping him cope well with his mother’s death. The Sons’ move into the CC drew the two remaining Saiyan families closer than ever.

Bulma’s sudden demise had also thrown the Capsule Corporation into a state of disarray and old Dr. Briefs had been called out of retirement to take over until Trunks, who was only seventeen, graduates. However, the old man was soon swamped with work and Vegeta reluctantly stepped in to help, as he did not want to see his mate’s life work crumble in shambles on her demise. The proud prince had mellowed much over the years since he first arrived on Earth though he was still as nasty and hard-bitten as ever.

To everyone’s surprise, Vegeta turned out to have many talents aside from fighting. The warrior prince had a mind like a steel trap and quickly whipped the organization back into shape. He was able to quickly process streams of information and rapidly snap out decisions. The other Z fighters knew of his uncanny tactical genius on the battlefield but few suspected that ability carried over to the board room as well. The prince brooked no nonsense as well, his death glare legendary and when the prince barks, everyone jumps. Though still his usual rude and impatient charming self, the employees quickly grew to respect the prince for his leadership skills.

Even after Trunks took over the corporation, Vegeta found himself still helping out in the mornings. The hard work was initially very useful in drawing the prince out of his depression but over time, he found himself actually enjoying the mental challenge. At times. There still were many occasions where he itched to throttle some of the incompetent idiots around him of course, in which case he reminded himself that he was doing it for Trunks. The young heir to the billion dollar corporation may have been as brilliant as his parents but he lacked the necessary experience.

“Dad, where did you learn to do all these?” Having just finished dinner, a full Saiyan was a contented Saiyan so Trunks had decided to push his luck, asking the question that have been plaguing many people.

Goku, Goten and Bra leaned forward in interest. The taciturn prince had always remained close-mouthed about his mysterious, checkered past.

“Do what?”

“I mean, where did you learn um, managing skills like that?” Unspoken was the implication that everyone though the warrior prince only knew how to fight.

Vegeta tried to give his son a deadly glare, but he was feeling too good after eating. “Brat, I am the Saiyan no Ouji. I have been groomed since I could walk and talk for ascension to the throne.”

Trunks knew he was really treading on dangerous ground here. “But I thought you were later, uhm, working for Frieza?”

Vegeta kept silent for a while but to everyone’s surprise, spoke up again. “Even under Frieza, I wasn’t a common footpad. I had been in a position of command.” There was a loaded pause before the prince spoke again. “Just because I do not does not mean I cannot.”

Now twenty, Trunks has settled well into his position as the president of Capsule Corps. Dr. Briefs had gratefully went back into retirement and Goten, who had graduated a year plus earlier, had joined Capsule Corps and is now steadily working his way up the ranks. Vegeta found that he rather enjoyed working with his mind and stayed on in an advisory position, though he would not have admitted that to anyone. Life had settled into a comfortable routine of work in the morning, back home for lunch and training in the afternoon.

Goku greeted Vegeta cheerfully as the smaller Saiyan strolled into the kitchen, receiving the usual grunt in reply. As Vegeta bent to get a drink from the fridge, Goku served the food, his gaze resting on the prince’s lithe figure. Vegeta was dressed in his usual working outfit of dark slacks and navy silk shirt. The shirt was casually unbuttoned at the collar and the sleeves were rolled up, revealing hints of a chiseled chest and muscular forearms. Goku could make out a taut ass through the prince’s fitting slacks and the prince’s lushly furred auburn tail waved enticingly. Goku quickly tore his gaze away as he felt his face heat up.

Arrgh! What’s wrong with me? Why do I keep having these thoughts of Vegeta?? What am I thinking of?? This is Vegeta – he’ll kill me! Goku struggled with his thoughts even as he kept his usual Son grin plastered to his countenance. He had found himself increasingly attracted to the smaller Saiyan in the past few months but had not dared act on it. To him, I’m just a third class baka … and he’s royalty. But Vegetasei is no more … these class rankings should not exist; I am more than his equal in strength … a fact that he hates. Although if I wasn’t stronger than him, he wouldn’t give me the time of the day…  His tail lashed agitatedly behind him, the only indication of his mental state.

Vegeta sat down and dug into his food hungrily, unaware of the inner turmoil of the Saiyan seated just right across him.

“Are you going to train in the Gravity Room today?”

“Hn. It has been a few days since we had a good spar. Are you up to it?”

“Always!” Goku grinned happily as he got up to clear away the dishes.

Goku always looked forward to the afternoons, when Vegeta would get home. While Vegeta likes to train alone, Goku especially enjoys the time he spends alone with Vegeta, usually in the form of a bloody battle where the last two full-blooded Saiyan try to beat the crap out of each other. He loved time spent with the boys when they get home, or Bra when she is home after her numerous school activities and active social life, but Vegeta is … Vegeta. When he’s with his prince, his blood seems to boil and the larger Saiyan seems more alive. *Everything* seems more alive… the very air seems to sing…

Shit! I sound like I’m some love-struck teen! Goku groaned. I am! I’m in love with Vegeta!


“What *is* the matter with you today, Kakarotto?” Vegeta growled in annoyance. Goku had seemed almost preoccupied and Vegeta had really pummeled the stronger Saiyan today.

“Gomen…” Goku rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. His stomach let out a loud rumble and Goku seized on the convenient excuse. “I guess I’m just hungry.”

“Hn.” Vegeta flew back slowly, allowing Goku to catch up.

An idea struck Goku. “’Geta, what do you think of getting away for the weekend?”

“Getting away?” Vegeta contemplated briefly on scolding Goku for his informality with his name as he usually did but strangely, he decided to let it go just this time.

“You know, as in like a small vacation. You and the boys have not taken a holiday since…” Goku fell silent. Since our wives died was the unspoken part.

Vegeta rolled the idea over in his mind. To his surprise, he found that the mention of Bulma’s death no longer devastates him. He still feels a twinge of sadness, Vegeta realizes with a small start, but he has moved on. And the idea of a vacation…

“Hn. Why not?” The prince rolled lazily onto his back to look at his companion, his spiky hair pushed forward over his face as he flew through the air.

“Really?” Goku was ecstatic. He hasn’t really expected the prince to agree but now that he has, the larger Saiyan felt nervously excited.

When Goku brought up the idea after dinner later, Trunks and Goten were extremely enthusiastic. Bra announced regretfully that she would not be able to make it; she has an important project due in school but the guys go ahead and enjoy themselves.

“Whoa, just us guys! We’ll have a blast!” Trunks whooped.


“Wake up brat. Have fun.” Vegeta poked his slumbering son mercilessly.

Trunks groaned, rolling onto his back. They had arrived at the resort in the late morning and all Trunks wanted to do was sleep. He had an emergency meeting the night before and stayed past 4am to finish up on the paperwork, barely catching three hours of sleep before waking up to pack.

“Go away dad. Go play with the others.”

“Beach volleyball,“ Vegeta snorted, “is a silly game.“

The tall, muscular Sons had attracted a lot of attention, positive from the females and positively evil looks from the males, and were quickly roped into a game of volleyball by a group of giggling, jiggling females. In actuality, it had become a game between father and son only as they batted the ball furiously between them. The girls had retreated to the sidelines, watching admiringly.

Vegeta looked at Goku, strangely annoyed at the bunch of scantily clad females. His eyes trailed over the muscular form of the handsome Saiyan, who was clad in a pair of orange boxers. Although the last two full-blooded Saiyans were past fifty, they look no older than thirty and often being mistaken as their sons’ brothers than fathers.

Trunks rubbed his eyes blearily and sat up. He had plans of spending time alone with Goten this weekend but dammit! Stupid meeting and stupid girls.  Trunks had liked Goten for some time now, but his extremely busy schedule left him little time to even figure out how to seduce the shy younger man. He ran his eyes hungrily over the dark-haired teen whose fine figure was shown off in a pair of tight green briefs.

Father and son glared from under the shade of the palm trees.

When the ball burst, Goku laughingly called a halt to the game and the two Sons ambled over to the shade.

“Hey, let’s go diving now?” Goku had noticed Vegeta was looking extremely bored.



As the fading light made it harder to make out the corals and marine life, even with sensitive Saiyan eyes, the four reluctantly surfaced and flew back to shore. Goten and Trunks raved excitedly while Goku looked anxiously at Vegeta. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Vegeta had enjoyed himself tremendously and was now in a mellow and relaxed mood. He gave a rare smile as they landed, nodding.

“Your corals here are really excellent.” Trunks complimented as he got their room keys. The concierge looked puzzled. “You went diving?” He peered over the desk for their tanks.

“Oh, no. We don’t require diving equipment.” Trunks waved airily, leaving an extremely bewildered man as the four made their way up, sniggering.


Having made a restaurant owner extremely happy, the four Saiyans wandered along the street bored. The night was still young. Trunks spotted a neon sign and excitedly pulled the others into the club.

The four men sat along the one corner of the long bar. They had lost count after the sixth or seventh mug of beer and the only reason they weren’t plastered was their Saiyan physiology. The bartender was watching goggled- eyed as the four men put away an impressive amount of alcohol, an amount that would have rendered a human violently sick with alcohol poisoning. As it is, the demi-Saiyans were high while their fathers were just buzzed. Even the normally uptight and taciturn prince was relaxed and chatty.

“And then there was this time I went into this pub with Radditz and Zarbon only to find …” Trunks interrupted his father’s tale. “Dad, what were you all doing in a pub?”

“Drinking, dancing, hanging out, picking up partners… what does one do at a pub?” Vegeta replied coolly with a sly grin.

“No way! You dance?” Trunks exclaimed.

“Picking up partners??” Goku exclaimed at the same time, feeling a hot flush of jealousy.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at Goku, his face perfectly straight. “What do you think?”

“Dad! I don’t believe you can dance!” Trunks tried to steer his father back on *his* question.

“Is that a dare brat?” Vegeta smirked. Trunks gave an identical smirk back.

Trunks stood up confidently. He has been a wild party animal before he started working, and even now he still goes clubbing every other week at least. With his martial arts background, he used to *dazzle* on the dance floor. While all he has seen Vegeta do is train and fight.

As the handsome lavender-haired demi-Sayian made his way to the dance floor, a fast, upbeat song was starting. Moving in time to the beat, he twisted and spun, his silky black slacks and deep purple shirt rippling in an enticing manner. Flipping backwards a couple of times, he lowered himself onto his shoulders and neck, swiveling around on his shoulders rapidly before twisting into a spinning handstand and finally flipping back on his feet lightly. Somersaulting to his front, he repeated the breakdance, spinning on his chest and pushing off in another dizzying handstand.

Goten watched, gulping. He had a crush on Trunks for the longest time but had never dared do anything about it, always feeling inadequate and gawky next to the confident, sexy young prince. He gave a sad sigh as he knew that his feelings would not be reciprocated.

As the song wound down to cheering whistles, Trunks gave his father a challenging grin. Vegeta sauntered up to his son. “Good try, but watch the master now.”

The next song that was slower, more sultry. The darkly handsome prince twisted and undulated gracefully to the hypnotic beat, grounding his pelvis erotically, his elegant auburn tail swaying in counterpoint. Dressed in tight black leather pants and navy tank top, he looked sizzling hot. His lean fingers trailed seductively up his muscled thighs and over his washboard stomach. Arching backwards into a series of fluid, sensual flips, his furry tail curling around his hips and thighs, drawing attention to his slim waist and taut ass but instead of ending in an upright stance, he slid his right leg back into a deep spilt. Twisting his torso to the side, he placed his palms on the floor and brought his legs together and his body up, stretching sensually. With his tail lashing, weaving in time all the while to the sultry beat, he looked just like a sexy dark cat.

Goku was absolutely stunned. He always knew the prince was sexy; his movements whether in battle, during training or even at rest was liquid, graceful and precise and the spandex the prince favored did little to hide his lithe, perfectly muscled figure. But this… was mind-blowing. Vegeta practically oozed sex appeal. Goku itched to grab the enticing tail and rake his fingers along its soft furry length, while he also wished those lean fingers on someplace else. And those deep splits – Goku blushed as he realized that Vegeta could spread his legs *really* wide.

Whistles and catcalls followed Vegeta as he made his way back to the stunned Saiyans.

“Damn! Dad, where did you learn to do that?” Trunks was flabbergasted and very impressed. That dance was pure poetry in motion, poetry that sizzled and teased and burned, leaving one panting and dripping. And that tail! It was everywhere, highlighting textural differences between the prince’s sleek skin and the lush fur on the long length, a phallic symbol that drew attention to various parts of the prince’s hot body as it waved past.

The Saiyan no ouji only gave an enigmatic smirk, a familiar one that said clearly ‘end of discussion’. And the others knew better than to press, even if they were absolutely afire with curiosity.



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