Clueless Chapter 3: Realizations

As Goku stepped into the dining room with the bottle of wine, he saw his nightmare. Vegeta was wrapped in 17’s embrace and the two were kissing. From his position he could not see their expressions; Vegeta’s face was obscured by the android’s head although Vegeta was facing the doorway, but Goku had no wish to see the look on Vegeta’s face right now. Time seem to stand still as he felt his chest constricting in agony and his heart breaking. The bottle of wine slipped out from his nerveless fingers and shattered loudly on the floor.

As the two men leapt apart and stared at him, Goku could not take it anymore. With a strangled sob, he turned and fled out of the room, out of the house. Tears running down his face, he leapt to the air, not knowing and not caring where he is headed. Just anywhere else.

Vegeta looked up in shock to see Kakarotto standing in the doorway, his expression filled with pain and disbelief for a fleeting second before the tall Saiyan turned and ran away with a chocked sob. He stood there in stunned silence as suddenly, everything clicked into place. It had been Kakarotto who prepared this romantic dinner setting, and somehow he knew now that it had been Kakarotto who left him that rose. The rose of deepest crimson that matched perfectly with the bouquet on the table. How could he have been so blind?? To not have noticed the extra attention from his housemate in the past few weeks? Kakarotto, I’m sorry, I never knew… Somehow he knew he must go after the sobbing warrior. He turned to look at 17 in desperation.

17 gaped as Goku ran from the room, then as he turned back to look at Vegeta, he knew he had lost. He watched saddened as realization dawned on the prince’s countenance, then remorse and finally a look of determined desperation.

“17, I’m so sorry. I… I’ve been a fool. I did not realize what had been happening… I didn’t mean to lead you on.” The prince gulped audibly. “I… I have to say…”

“Don’t’.” 17 laid a pale finger on the prince’s soft lips. He bent to place a gentle chaste kiss on the lips for the last time. “Don’t say it. I know. Go…go after him…”

Vegeta gave him a remorseful yet grateful look before he turned and ran out of the house. 17 watched him go sadly, a single tear sliding down his smooth pale cheek.

Vegeta sped through the air, his golden hair pushed back by the rushing currents. His mind raced. He knew what Kakarotto was offering now, would he accept it?

Goku landed on a barren cliff top, overlooking one of the their favorite sparring grounds. The moon had begun it’s nightlong journey and the desolate desert below was drenched in an ethereal silver light. He sank down to the hard ground, his energy sapped by his emotional turmoil as he sobbed, wrapping his arms tightly around his bent knees, his broad shoulders heaving jerkily, his tail hanging limply on the cold ground. He had lost Vegeta… lost him to that android… that damn scene of the two kissing played over and over in his tortured mind. They must be laughing now… laughing at poor Goku and maybe even enjoying the dinner he so lovingly prepared.

So distraught was he that he did not notice a familiar ki until it was too late. He looked up in panic as he saw a golden streak heading towards him but as he scrambled up frantically, Vegeta fell upon him, pinning him down.

“Don’t go, listen to me… wait… listen… I’m sorry…” Fragments of what the prince was saying filtered through his pain-hazed mind.

Vegeta sighed as he felt the larger Saiyan stop squirming and go limp beneath him, but he did not release him. Instead, he sat up and pulled the silently crying warrior to him, cradling him between his bent legs to his chest. He felt so guilty for causing the gentle warrior so much pain, his own eyes tearing slightly.

“Kakarotto… listen to me.” His deep voice cracked slightly, sounding harsh. Swallowing hard, he tried again. “I didn’t know. All this time, I never knew.”

Goku kept his face averted, as tears continue to run down his cheeks. “How could you not?” His voice was small and broken.

“I did not think someone like you could love someone like me.” The proud prince paused, suddenly afraid and tense. There was no turning back now. “You are so good, so pure, so full of joy and light and hope… you were always the hero… while I have done so many terrible things, I have murdered… “

“Vegeta, no no… I do not think that of you…” Goku twisted his head to look at Vegeta now.

“I am so full of darkness…” It was Vegeta’s turn to look away now.

“I love you still…”

Vegeta drew a ragged breath at that heartfelt proclamation and the two sat in silence for a while. Goku held his breath, wondering if Vegeta would reject him. Vegeta grasped tightly to that simple statement, running it over and savoring it, amazed at what it did to him.

“I did not kiss 17, he kissed me, thinking that the dinner was my idea. “

Goku’s heart leapt in sudden hope. “So 17…”

“Is no more than a friend to me. I left him, “ Vegeta looked intently into Goku’s dark eyes, “to go after you, when I realize just how much you mean to me.” He leaned forward, mouth lowering to sweep across the other’s lips.

No more words were needed. Goku knew how reserved the prince was in showing his emotions and he knew now exactly what his prince was saying. Yes, HIS prince. His heart fluttered with love and he moaned, parting his lips.

The kiss deepened, tongues flicking at first shyly, then more boldly into the other’s. Vegeta gently pushed Goku to the ground, leaning over the larger Saiyan. Both were trembling badly with desire as the pale moonlight washed over them; it was not a full moon but the silvery light still has an effect on the tailed full-blooded Saiyans. Both could smell the heady scents of their arousal. Reaching a decision, Vegeta leaned closer.

“I would love for our first time to be slow and beautiful… but the ground is cold and hard and the moon is calling… I want to take you now, hard and fast… like a Saiyan… claim you as mine…” His throaty husky whisper caressed over Goku, the softly spoken words arousing him.

His blood rushing, Goku reached up and fisted his hands on the soft ebony locks, drawing him in for another kiss. “Take me… claim me… I’m yours, my ouji…”

With an animalistic growl, Vegeta fumbled with the buttons on Goku’s best shirt, only to rip it away after a half-hearted try. Standing up, he quickly divested himself of his clothing in the same careless manner, the fleeting thought that he would have to *again* go shopping for more shirts was quickly suppressed by the red hazy lust that seemed to have settled over his mind and vision. Goku lifted his hips from the floor, yanking off his pants eagerly and kicking his shoes away.

Suddenly, Goku found himself pressed on his back again, a hot body lying on top of him, soft wet lips kissing him. With a moan, he lost himself as the prince’s skilled mouth and experienced hands ravished him. A soft furry length tickled sensually as it flicked along his thigh and quested higher. The prince’s musky scent washed over him, arousing him further. The soft tongue was abruptly gone, replaced by two slender fingers while the prince moved lower, licking and nipping, stopping at his sensitive nipples to torment. The wet fingers were removed and Goku tensed as they moved down to tease his opening.

“Relax…” Vegeta caught his mouth again in a bruising kiss, his other hand stroking the taller Saiyan’s light brown tail. Goku mewed and arched at the delicious sensations that coursed through his body at that ruffling touch, and he did not notice that a slick digit had slipped in. Another finger was slipped in slowly and Vegeta probed slowly, stretching him.

Abruptly, the fingers were removed and a much thicker, longer length slid in slowly. Goku hissed in pain and Vegeta trembled with the effort to control himself. When he was fully in, he paused to let Goku adjust. Finally the pain ebbed and when Vegeta felt the tensed body relax, he started to move slowly.

Goku started to whimper. Never had he felt such sensations before, it was slightly painful at first but it rapidly became pleasurable as each thrust hit a sensitive, delightful spot deep within him. He threw his head to the side, mewing and thrashing. “Please…harder…”

The prince lost his tenuous control and with a snarl, he moved up onto his knees, pulling the larger Saiyan up and to him, throwing Goku’s long legs over his own shoulders. Gripping the muscled hips hard enough to bruise, the prince pulled out and slammed in hard. Goku screamed his pleasure as his prince rode him hard, much harder than an ordinary human could withstand. He was fully incapable of coherent thought now, all that mattered was the incredible pleasure, the mounting pressure and the slick hard shaft that was being slammed into him.

Vegeta panted heavily as he held on, he was almost there but he was determined to make his mate come first. With a shriek, Goku arched back tightly and erupted, thick cream spurting over his abdomen and chest. As tight, steely muscles clenched around him, Vegeta came with a howl, his tail bristling straight out behind him. Leaning forward, he bit deeply into the thick corded neck, lapping greedily at the hot, spicy blood. Instinctively, Goku reached up and marked the prince in return, sucking hard at the sweet crimson fluid.

The two finally collapsed into a hot tangle of torsos and limbs. Goku nuzzled his prince contentedly, purring loudly. “’Geta, I’ve never felt like that before. It was incredible.” Vegeta chuckled weakly, lying limply on his mate’s broad chest, an answering purr breaking forth. They lay there for a while, breathing deeply and basking in the afterglow. Goku was about to fall asleep when Vegeta’s stomach gave a loud growl.

Goku grinned at the prince’s flushed face. “I thought that’s usually my cue?”

“I have not yet eaten!” Vegeta sat up in annoyance.

Goku chuckled and hugged his mate. The two reappeared in their kitchen and Goku scrambled up to the oven. Peering in, he smiled and removed the steaks. Vegeta stopped him with a sly grin. “Hold on.” He gestured their nude forms. “I’ve got a better idea.” Reaching out a hand, the prince concentrated and the two reappeared in his bedroom.


Trunks and Goten stepped into the house, removing their coats and discussing the show they had just watched. As they walked past the dining room, Goten stopped. “Trunks… “ Both demi-Saiyans looked wide-eyed at the table, then ran their eyes slowly around the room, taking in the still burning candles. Trunks looked down at his feet to the broken bottle of wine. Simultaneously, the worried demi-Saiyans reached out with their senses for their fathers’ ki. Both ki’s were … spiking up and down erratically… in Vegeta’s bedroom.

“Whoa. Looks like they barely made it there.” Trunks looked pointedly at the broken bottle.

“The utensils and plates don’t look used…” Goten noted curiously.

Trunks raised an eyebrow and the two exchanged hentai grins as all sorts of probable scenes ran through their mind.

“I told you Vegeta would choose my dad over 17. Pay up.”


Both demi-Saiyans looked up from their breakfast as their fathers stumbled into the kitchen, clad in only loose gi bottoms. The musky scent of sex hung heavily around them.

“Uh, dad? You’re not coming to the office with me this morning?” Trunks took in their disheveled appearance.

“What do you think?” Vegeta leered at his new Mate. Heaping the waffles high on a plate, he grabbed the bottle of honey with his other hand. Goku was holding a carton of juice and waiting expectantly. Pausing for a second, Vegeta looked thoughtfully at the bottle of chocolate syrup before snagging it with his tail.

The two men looked at each other after their fathers left. “No, I do not want to know. Especially not about the chocolate sauce.” Goten announced firmly.




Goku, who was sprawled on their bed, looked up curiously as Vegeta walked into their bedroom. “Where have you been all day koi?” Vegeta smirked and sat down on their large bed, next to the nude Saiyan. In his hand were two black velvet pouches. Goku sat up in interest.


Vegeta opened the pouches, pulling out two matching armbands in silver, handing one to his mate. Goku examine his closely. It was a simple metallic ring about an inch high with a crest. Flanking the crest were elegant script. “That is the crest of the royal house of Vegeta. To the right is my name in Saiyingo, on the other side is your name.”


Following Vegeta’s example, Goku slid his armband onto his left arm where it rested snugly above his bicep, the crest side facing outwards. “These bands show that we are mated and the crest signifies that you are now a member of the royal family.” Smirking, he noted dryly. “Normally the bands would be cast in gold but I find that metal too soft. Capsule Corps developed this alloy of platinum – not only is it much stronger and hardier than most metals but it has the unique property of being able to expand. Very handy when we ascend, especially to level 3. Supposedly it is able to expand even when we are in oozaru form athough I have not tested it yet.”


Goku was speechless. The armbands meant more to him than the prince realized; not only are they a physical representation of their relationship but also that the prince had accepted him and elevated him as a royal. That the prince no longer viewed him as a third class commoner but an equal. “Bulma?”


“Since she was a human, she wanted wedding rings, which I found an acceptable compromise. I also had the royal crest and our names inscribed on the rings. But while you may be Earth-raised, you are also a full-blooded Saiyan.” Vegeta tapped Goku’s armband meaningfully with a smirk.


Goku laughed. “And they also look quite cool and manly, ne?”


“Cool??” Goku pounced on his spluttering mate, effectively silencing him with a deep kiss.




“Whoa, neat bands dad.” Trunks peered interestedly at the ouji’s left bicep. Goten was similarly examining his father’s armband. Their children had taken the news of their new relationship extremely well. In fact their reaction had been “What took you two so long??”


Bra tilted her head as she scrutinized at the banded pair approvingly. “Much better than wedding rings. Very warrior-like and masculine. Very studly.”


Vegeta growled in annoyance. “It is not some fashion statement.” 


“But it is very cool.” His daughter smirked.




“Who would have thought? My father and *Vegeta*…” Goten chuckled as he called for another drink. “I mean, Vegeta’s life mission used to be ‘Kill Kakarotto’.”


Trunks giggled, already high. “Oh man, from the screams I hear from their bedroom, I’ll say he’s killing Kakarotto all right… heeheehee...I mean, what *are* they doing inside??”


Both fell silent for a moment. “ACK! Image!”


The two men had finished dinner and were now lingering over after dinner drinks. They were in no hurry to leave. For one, they were enjoying each other’s company tremendously. The other more compelling reason was their fathers were at home. Both were secretly extremely envious.


Goten leaned back, sipping his beer, studying the lavender-haired man across him with half-lidded eyes. Dad took the chance… dare I? What if he rejects me? I don’t even know if he likes men!


Trunks was studying the tablecloth pattern intently, his thoughts no longer light-hearted, no longer on their fathers but instead on his best friend. He inwardly laughed at the irony of the situation; he had women and men alike throwing themselves at him but the one he wanted most was clueless.


“Trunks, are you ok?”


Trunks looked up quickly, smiling reassuringly. “Oh yeah, why?”


“Nothing, you just looked so … sad for a while.” Goten asked tentatively. “Is it because of Mindy?”

Mindy was a girl, one of the many girls, who had a crush on the lavender-haired heartthrob. For a while, it had looked as if they were going out for a while but lately he had not seen the pretty redhead around.


Trunks debated silently for a while, then took a deep breath. “I stopped going out with her.” Pause. “I told her that I like another guy.”


Goten’s heart jumped with hope. “So are you going out with this guy?”


“No… he doesn’t know.”


“Why don’t you tell him?”


Trunks lowered his face, hiding the flush that had crept slowly up his cheeks. “What if he rejects me?”


Goten stared intently, wondering, wishing, envying the lucky guy. “Who is he?”


There was a loaded lull before Trunks looked up, face crimson. “You.”


Time seem to stop. Goten sat in stunned silence, amazed, delighted. Trunks froze. ~ Shit! This was a bad idea… I can’t take it. I gotta get out of here! ~ However, before he could move, Goten leaned forward, reaching up with his hand. The brunette ran his fingers softly along Trunks’ jawline. “Me too.”


The two stared at each other in wide-eyed wonder, caught like wildlife in headlights at the intensity of the other’s gaze, stunned at the veracity they could see in the other’s eyes. Trunks finally spoke up grinning. “C’mon. Let’s take this someplace else.”


Fade to black and all that…


End (for now)


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A/N: (ducks flames) Sorry! But I had intended this fic to be mainly about how Vegeta and Goku got together. And I was tired. *pout* I spent a looong time and a lot of effort. Besides (tries to convince unconvinced readers) a good lemon can be one that is hinted at, ne? (sweats, pulls collar nervously)

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