A/N: This fic takes place after Clueless, which is about how Goku & Vegeta and Goten & Trunks hooked up. Go read that! It sort of sets the general background for this.

This takes place 7 years after Bulma and Chi Chi died, 3 years after the males got together. This fic focuses mainly on Vegeta & Goku, though the boys (easier to call them that *grin*) would also play major roles. Lots of action ‘n fighting, plenty of fun, some angst and of course the limes & lemons as 4 hot-blooded Saiyans go on the adventure of their lives! Now, anymore and I would be giving the story away. =)

Trunks is 24, Goten 23, their fathers still looking 30.




Chapter 1: Trouble Hints


Goku woke up first and stretched luxuriously. Through the window outside, the sun was just rising and the air was cool, crisp and still. Vegeta was still asleep, curled up against his chest, his leg thrown carelessly over Goku’s, the prince’s reddish brown tail coiled around the larger Saiyan’s thigh.

With a naughty grin, Goku reached for the auburn tail and slowly ruffled the fur with his fingers. Vegeta gave a small moan and arched slightly but remained asleep. Goku continued his ministrations of the twitching tail, his own now thumping in excitement as he grew hard.

Vegeta was having the most marvelous dream, a most tactile and sensual dream. The most delicious sensations were running up his tail and up his spine, while a warm, wet suction to his nether regions were sending fiery tendrils of shocks down his legs. A familiar pressure started to build in his abdomen.

Thick cream spurted and Vegeta awoke with a loud cry. “Aaaahh!”

Goku looked up from his position between the prince’s legs, licking a stream that dribbled past his lips. “Good morning koi!” Vegeta lay back, dazed and disoriented for a while before he came to his senses. As the prince stared up at the ceiling, now fully cognizant, his lips curled up in a smirk.

Goku suddenly found himself flipped on his back, his arms pinned above his head, a smirking face inches from his nose. “Well, it looks like I should only return the favor…”


“Those two are like rabbits!” Goten was wide-eyed in awe. “Maybe it has something to do with Saiyan blood?”

Trunks shook his head in irritation. “I just wish Dad would hurry up. I need him to collect a late account this morning and I’m running late.” Loud noises were clearly audible from the room upstairs and Trunks made a mental note to hire some workers to soundproof a certain bedroom.

The two demi-Saiyans were dressed for work and now seated around the kitchen table eating. Goten helped himself to another piece of toast. “Why don’t you just collect it yourself?”

“Because Dad does it so much better.” Trunks gave an evil smirk, looking exactly like his father at that point. “Why don’t you come along? Trust me, it would be an interesting experience.”

Much later, the two full-blooded Saiyans stumbled into the kitchen. Both were only dressed in loose gi bottoms.

“Dad!! I thought I told you to get up early today? You were suppose to collect the Brant account! You’re not even dressed yet!” Trunks pushed heaping plates of pancakes and toast towards his scowling father. “Here! Eat faster! I’ll get your clothes…”

“Dammit!” Vegeta shot his son an angry glare. “Stop rushing me brat! I’ve got all morning.” Trunks tended to be a little high-strung, a result of his fast-paced executive life and numerous responsibilities as the head of Capsule Corp. The lavender-haired president meeped in embarrassment and sat back in his chair with a thump.


Vegeta leaned across the huge oak table, fingers drumming casually and cracks began to appear across the desk. “About the matter of some …late accounts…”

“You can’t threaten me…there are laws against such things. If I am hurt…” The fat man in the dark suit was sweating nervously, his voice quivering despite his bravado air.

“There are ways inflicting pain without physical injury.” The dark prince stalked around the desk to stand behind larger man, his velvet, quiet tone dangerous. Vegeta could smell the fear reeking from the other man and he smirked predatorily. “For example, did you know that a simple nerve could affect an entire limb, and differences in pressure could mean the difference between numbness…” He pressed an elegant finger on the sweating man’s shoulder and the man stiffened in shock as he lost all sensation in his right arm.

“Or pain…” A harder pressure on the same spot and the man screamed in pain.

“And not just the limbs…” Vegeta reached up and oh, so casually, pinched the base of the screaming man’s neck. If the man had been screaming before, he was now shrieking incoherently in fear. Vegeta winced a little as his sensitive Saiyan ears were assaulted and regretfully released his fingers.

“The nerves are *so* easily crushed. A common accident, one rolls over in bed and hits the side of the bedframe…one can spend the rest of his life paralyzed in pain.” The man whimpered in fear as he took in Vegeta’s cold, hard expression, one which has not been seen since Majin Buu. “Alright! Alright! Next week, I’ll pay! I need time to get the money first…”

“Next Wednesday.” Vegeta cut off the man’s blubbering with a curt, annoyed tone, before turning to leave.

Trunks and Goten, who have been standing watch outside, had seen the entire episode via the security cameras, of course erasing the tapes before they leave, and were extremely impressed.

“I’ve been asking Dad to teach me those tricks but I can’t seem to get it!” Trunks pouted in frustration. Goten whistled in awe. “I wonder where he learnt to do that?”

Vegeta sauntered out casually, an evil smirk plastered on his face. “Brats. Shall we go? Kakarotto’s meeting us by the park for lunch.”


The four men had almost finished lunch when they could feel three large ki’s approaching at a very high speed. Immediately, they sprang up in defensive postures, heads snapped in the direction of the ki’s. 3 space- pods flew overhead and crashed into the grasslands that bounded the park. Panicking people ran away from the crash site shrieking as the four fighters flew there cautiously.

Landing a distance away, they watched warily as the pods opened up. 3 beings got out. One was a tall purple horned alien, beside him was a red- skinned male with three eyes. To the other side of the purple alien was a green, splotchy alien with a bulging forehead. All were well-built and dressed in spandex and battle armor, much like what Vegeta had worn when he first came to Earth, except that the armor had reptilian-looking plates covering it. As they turned to survey the surroundings, tapping on their scouters, they of course noticed the four Saiyans.

“What do we have here?” Red leered.

“What the hell do you want?” Vegeta spoke bluntly.

“Well, if it is any of your business, this planet has been targeted for purging by Lord Coolant.” Vegeta’s eyes hardened at the mention of that name, but Red did not appear to have noticed. “So say your pitiful prayers.”

“We won’t let you.” Goku spoke determinedly and the boys nodded, grinning confidently.

“How do you plan to stop us?” Purple laughed derisively, tapping his scouter. “Your power readings rate far lower than ours!”

The Saiyans smirked and powered up in response. Goku’s tail lashed in agitation and Red did a double-take. “Not another Saiyan!”

Vegeta snarled, his own tail snapping out from its coiled position around his waist. “What do you mean by that statement?”

Red narrowed his eyes but did not answer. Instead his scouter started to beep and tiny streams of data could be seen scrolling across its surface. Too late, Vegeta realized their mistake. With an angry growl, he blasted all three scouters in quick succession. The aliens stumbled back in shock and Goku turned to Vegeta in puzzlement.

“Too late, Saiyan. Lord Coolant already knows of your existence.” Purple smirked.

With a snarl, Vegeta exploded into SSJ and the other 3 hurriedly followed suit. The aliens blinked a little at the immense ki radiating off but quickly recovered and lunged towards the golden Saiyans.

Red threw a series of fast blows at Vegeta but the smirking prince was too fast. Dodging easily, he landed one punch to the three-eyed alien’s gut… which went right through the armor and flesh. Red stiffened in pain and shock, clutching his dripping belly. “Nooo… how?” Vegeta withdrew his bloody fist and spreading them, formed a ki ball.

Meanwhile, Goku was engaged in a similarly uneven fight with Purple. A powerful kick broke the intruder’s arm and another sent Purple crashing into a grove of trees. As Purple leapt into the air, Goku’s eyes narrowed with a hard gleam as he readied his palms in his trademark ki blast.

Trunks and Goten were playing with their own opponent. The unfortunate green alien was being battered between them like a volleyball as the two boys until a bright blue ki blast put the creature out of his misery.

“Dad?!” “Vegeta?” Both boys turned in the direction of the blast.

“This is not a game!” Vegeta barked, lowering his right hand.

“Gomen.” Both boys hung their heads.

Goku flew over, his face once again reset in his wide-eyed cheerful look as the threat of battle had past. Vegeta briefly wondered at the contradiction that is the peace-loving, gentle Saiyan warrior. That phrase sounds like an oxymoron. “Let’s get out of here before the police or reporters arrive.” Vegeta indicated the three pods. “Grab those and go as well!”

Picking up one pod each, the fathers headed off in the direction of the CC labs while the boys followed closely behind with the third pod.



Chapter 2: Trouble Arrives

The Z fighters gathered that night at the CC for a conference that night. All have felt the intruders’ approach and tracked the fast fights via the ki’s. Reactions to the news of a pending attack were largely confident.

Krillen and Yamcha had given up on serious training some time back, citing old age. 18 had busied herself with her daughter’s life and helping her husband in his dojo. Tien and Chaoztu are somewhere in Tibet; nobody had seen them for years. Ironically, the Earthlings have left the task of defending the Earth to the Saiyans.

Gohan was in the middle of a class when the fighting was going on, and extremely distracted. Once the most powerful Saiyan, surpassing even his father and Vegeta, he has now settled down into a placid lifestyle with Videl and their daughter Pan, both parents teachers at the Orange Star College where they had first met. Gohan still drops by the CC to spar once in a while, but his life is now largely focused on his career and family. Still, like any Saiyan, he felt his blood burn as he listened avidly to a blow-by-blow account of the fight from his younger brother and wishing he had been there.

“How long do you think we will have?” Piccolo was still Piccolo. Nobody really knew what he is doing, although it is certain that he is still training and meditating.

All eyes turned towards Vegeta, who was staring off in space, deep in thought with a frown on his face. Finally he spoke. “I really have no idea. However, if I were to hazard a guess, it would be at least a month. The fighters sent here were low-class; they obviously think Earth is an easy conquest. From experience, the main ship would not hang around then – the main ship only approaches a planet to be purged if that planet is expected to put up a lot of resistance. So it is likely that Coolant is not within this solar system, especially since the other planets around here have little value and it is at least a month’s journey to the outskirts of this solar system, based on the usual cruising speed of Frieza’s old ship.”

Quite a few eyebrows were raised at Vegeta’s long speech; they knew him as one who is loathe to explain himself. Only Goku, the boys and Bra were not surprised; the formerly cold, taciturn prince had changed much over the years especially since he has bonded to his vocal and chirpy mate.

“What?” Vegeta rasped coldly, slightly defensive at the looks directed towards him.

“Nothing…” Krillen placated the ruffled feathers. “Umm, but I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about right? I mean, Frieza was defeated years ago and you all have gotten much stronger since then.”

“Yeah. Let them come, we’ll kick their butts!” Trunks flashed a bright confident grin and exchanged a high-five with an equally confident Goten. The mood lifted perceptibly as the others broke out in relieved grins.

“Do not be overly confident.” Vegeta glared at his son. “It is one thing to be confident, it is another to under-estimate your opponents.” The proud prince spoke from bitter and hard-earned experience but the younger demi- Saiyans remained blasé. “C’mon dad, you saw how easily we whipped their asses today and we were only at level one!”

“There’s more to fighting than just physical strength.” Piccolo noted.

“We’ll have to remain vigilant and train hard in the meantime!” Heads nodded enthusiastically to Goku’s proclamation and that signaled the end of the informal meeting.


6 months passed and the fighters were starting to feel confident that perhaps Coolant might not come after all. Only Vegeta, Goku and Piccolo remained uneasy. The demi-Saiyans trained but were hindered by commitments to work, but Vegeta had given his training top priority and has stopped going to the office unless it was absolutely necessary. It was at such an ‘emergency meeting’ that Coolant arrived.

Vegeta was starting to feel edgy and extremely irritated at the fickleness of the ningens. He sat rigidly in his plush chair staring out of the window, arms crossed, tuning out the bickering of the bakas around him. Under his tailored maroon silk shirt, he wore his blue spandex tank top, and instead of the thin working slacks and shoes, he had on hardy black leather pants and heavy combat boots. Unlike the demi-Saiyans, Vegeta had chosen to remain prepared; the boys can fight half-naked if they want. Trunks had teased his father about the admiring looks the handsome, muscled prince had been receiving whenever he stepped into the office building. The CC employees knew of the prince’s reputation as a fighter but none had actually seen him anything other than shirt and slacks. Males and females alike have been caught staring at the prince’s tight ass, shown off in the fitting leather pants. Vegeta’s reaction had been a predictable annoyed “Hn”.

Just as Vegeta had reached the limit of his patience and was about to strangle the whining director in front of him, he felt a group of large ki’s approaching the planet’s atmosphere. The meeting and annoying humans forgotten, he stood up abruptly. Heads swiveled in fear as the now silent people wondered if they had pushed the notoriously short-tempered prince too far. Trunks and Goten looked up grimly – they had felt the ki’s too. Without a word, Vegeta left in the direction of the approaching ki’s, taking the expedient method of leaving through the window. Trunks spared the shocked group an apologetic look and terse explanation along the lines of “Emergency go home take the day off and call someone to fix the window” before leaving with Goten through the broken window.

The main ship remained hovering in orbit as Coolant and a group of his elite fighters landed in a barren desert. Goku was already there when Vegeta arrived with the boys, and Gohan and Piccolo touched down a few minutes later. The other humans have decided not to fight, knowing they would only get in the way and Vegeta had insisted that Bra retreat to the lookout when Coolant arrives, charging 18 (the only one among the humans who is as strong as the demi-Saiyan) to drag her there if necessary. Bra was a competent fighter but had not much time nor inclination to train, and at 16, remained the only demi-Saiyan who cannot turn SSJ yet.

The two groups eyed each other warily, sizing the other up. Goku was dressed in his usual orange and blue gi and Piccolo has already discarded his cape and turban. The demi-Saiyans were still dressed in working slacks and sleeved shirts.

Coolant looked much like Frieza, but much taller and burly, with blue-green reptilian scales lining his forearms and shins. Similar large hexagonal plates jutted out from his shoulders and alongside his head, giving him the appearance of a horned lizard. A group of about a dozen assorted fighters stood to attention around him.

“Two Saiyans, a Namek and three Earthlings…” Coolant raked his red eyes piercingly over the Z fighters. Vegeta and Goku were the only ones to regenerate their tails, now wrapped protectively around their waist and the group decided telepathically not to enlighten the ice-jin, his mistaken assumption would be to their advantage.

“Send out your best fighter.” The ice-jin sneered.

Goku stepped forward, powering up. Although it still rankled the proud ouji, he had long accepted that the taller Saiyan was stronger than him. Coolant waved three of his soldiers forward.

With a yell, Goku turned SSJ and flew towards the three, launching on the offensive straight away. The ice-jin lost his composure for a minute as he realized that the legend of the Super Saiyan was true, but quickly plastered the sneer back on his face.

The fight looked quite evenly matched, trading and parrying blows without gaining purchase. This new group of fighters was obviously better than the trio that arrived six months earlier, and for a while, it looks like stalemate. A hard kick caught Goku to the jaw and he flew back, landing hard against a cliff. Quit playing around! Vegeta’s harsh thought resonated through their mental bond.

Quickly picking himself up, Goku grinned ferally and powered up to level two. Now that he is not holding back, the larger Saiyan launched an array of blurring blows and kicks, breaking one’s neck and finally finishing the others with a powerful blast.

The ice-jin watched in shock as three of his best warriors were *easily* beaten by *one* Saiyan. The demi-Saiyans whooped and cheered as Goku floated slowly down to the desert floor. Piccolo and Vegeta merely smirked, though Vegeta was extremely proud of his strong mate.

“Gould!” The irate ice-jin barked, pointing at Goku. Immediately, a short squat green alien with four eyes, two set to the sides of his bald head, stepped forward and held out his hands. “STOP!!”

Goku froze in mid-air, caught in a stasis hold by the mysterious alien. His pupils dilated in panic as he realized that he couldn’t move, his body abruptly dropping out out SSJ. The demi-Saiyans gasped in shock and Vegeta hissed. “Telekinesis.” Gohan’s eyes widened. “I remember, back on Namek, one of the Ginyu Force had the same ability!”

As the defenders lunged forward, Coolant hurled a wave of ki in front of them, forcing them to jump back to avoid it. At the same time, a blue scaled fighter leapt forward and with a sweep of his hands, set up a shimmering domed barrier over the invaders, trapping Goku within as well. Gohan rammed hard against it but fell back as the barrier remained impervious.

Coolant smirked and casually raised a glowing hand in Goku’s direction. “Sayonara.”

Rage and fear washed over Vegeta as they could only watch helplessly. Vegeta knew if he could probably break the barrier but he would not have the time to power up. Meanwhile Goku was vulnerable as he could not raise his defenses at all. Snarling in desperation, he did the only thing he could think of.

He sent his mind hurtling through their mental link and forcefully took control of his mate’s body.

Goku/Vegeta wrenched himself free from the stasis hold, missing the powerful ki beam by inches. With a deep snarl, Goku/Vegeta brought his glowing hands forward. “Final Flash!” Most of the fighters managed to jump clear but a few were caught in the bluish-orange beam, including the green alien called Gould. As the hold on Goku’s mind was broken, Vegeta relinquished control and sent his mind back to his own body. Luckily, all these took place within the space of mere seconds and nobody had noticed his sudden lapse.


With a chilling howl, the prince burst into crackling golden flame as he ascended straight to level 2. His eyes glinting dangerously, he dove a fist right through the barrier and shot a blast at the blue fighter who was responsible for the shield. As the alien crumbled in a heap of ashes, the barrier disappeared as well. The others defenders took the opportunity to power up and followed the enraged prince into a glorious free for all battle.


Goku had quickly recovered and powered up to level 2 as well, aiming straight for the big boss. Piccolo and the demi-Saiyans were each occupied with one of the enemy, while Vegeta found himself the target of the remaining three aliens, the invaders having concluded that the person leading the charge should be the most dangerous. They were unfortunately right as Vegeta quickly dispatched his opponents. Scanning the field rapidly, he concluded that the boys and the Namek were holding their own before turning his attention to his mate’s fight.


Coolant had already transformed but he still found himself beaten back. His movements became more jerky as he could now only concentrate on defensive maneuvers. A lethal jab caught the taller ice-jin in his side and a roundhouse kick sent him crashing into the cliff side. As the bloody Lord picked himself up from the rubble, Goku paused. “I know you have a final form and I wish to see it. Change.”


How does he know? Not many knew about the fact that we ice-jins can transform and even fewer know of the number of levels. He squashed the questions ruthlessly as he concentrated for his final transformation, something he rarely had to do. His body glowed and shifted, the tall bulk shrinking to a more compact, smoother form. It was very similar to that of Frieza’s final form but Coolant was still taller and heavier. The reptilian looking plates had shrunk and melded seamlessly into the skin in bluish-green iridescent hexagonal patches. Looking up finally, Coolant smirked confidently.


By now, Vegeta had flown much closer and was observing their fight with close interest. Once again the two combatants flew at each other. At first glance, it appeared that they were now evenly matched but it became quickly apparent that Coolant was winning. As the smirking ice-jin scored hit after hit on the now tiring Saiyan, he taunted.


“What’s the matter? Didn’t you want to see my final form?” A bruising punch to Goku’s side felt like it shattered a couple of ribs. “Legend of the Super Saiyan, hah!” A heavy smooth tail whipped across Goku’s face and wrapped itself around his neck, raising him above the ground in a choking hold. Hands snapped up in an attempt to loosen the crushing grip.


Vegeta tensed, about to spring to his mate’s help when Goku chuckled weakly. “…Heh heh… “ “What are laughing about you monkey?” Coolant shouted angrily, backhanding the Saiyan viciously.


Goku wiped the blood from his cracked lips. “Like you, we also have various levels to Super Saiyan.” To demonstrate his point, his ki began to rise yet further.


Coolant kept the taunting smirk on his face but inside, he was panicking. Realizing that yet another level of Super Saiyan would definitely exceed his maximal power level, he was faced with the only humiliating option of retreat if he wishes to live. Since it is unlikely that they would spare him, he racked his brains for a way to run. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the other Saiyan watching closely with predatory interest.


Flinging Goku against a nearby boulder, he drawled casually. “Alright Saiyan. Show me another level.” Meanwhile, he brought his left wrist up and quickly tapped a short sequence onto a metal band there. Before Goku or Vegeta could react, the ice-jin disappeared in a sparkling beam.



Chapter 3: Saiyan Fun


“ShiiiMAtta!” Vegeta swore venomously when they realized they have been tricked. Goku’s eyes narrowed in anger, his ki shooting up as his hair exploded into a heavy golden mass down his back. Without thinking twice, he concentrated on Coolant’s ki and placing two fingers to his forehead, he disappeared after the ice-jin. Vegeta spat out another litany of curses as he disappeared after his mate.

They appeared in what seems to be the control room of a large space ship. Coolant was standing a distance away, his face purpled with rage and yelling at the stunned aliens around him to attack. Hitting an intercom on the wall, he shouted for more reinforcements. As Goku and Vegeta found themselves swamped by the fighters, thundering footsteps could be heard and yet more troops burst in through the wide metal doors.

The fighters on the ship were not as good as the elite troops but the two Saiyans still had their hands full. As soon as they dispatched one, another would take its place. Goku dropped out of level 3 as not only was it too tiring to maintain for long but there wasn’t a need for it. Their world narrowed down to a blur of numerous lashing limbs.

Frustrated, Goku flipped back away from the tangle of fighters. As the larger Saiyan warrior brought his curled hands to his side, intending to blast them all away, an outraged voice shrieked in his mind. /BAKA!! We’re on a space ship! You blast a hole in the walls and all the air will be sucked out!/

Checking his ki at the last second, Goku laughed sheepishly. /Gomen Vegeta. I didn’t think./

Instead he fired small controlled shots at the enemies around him.

Finally the two panting and battered Saiyans found themselves the only ones standing in a sea of bloody bodies and charred limbs. Both looked at each other wide- eyed as one thought simultaneously crossed their minds. “Where’s Coolant??”

Both pairs of eyes snapped to the open doors. “He ran away!” “After him!”


The enraged Saiyans hurtled down the maze of corridors. “Do you sense his ki?” “No! He must have escaped in a pod!”

The pair burst into a hanger. Glancing at the row of space pods lining one wall; they could tell that a few were missing. “Kuso!” Vegeta slammed his fist angrily into the thick metal walls, denting it. His tail was puffed out and lashing as a reflection of his mental state, scoring gouges in the wall as well.

“I’m sorry Vegeta, it’s my fault.” Goku pulled at his hair in frustration. “I should have ended it fast…”

“I’m not angry at you.” Vegeta’s tone softened. “I’m just frustrated at Coolant.” Sighing, he powered down. “I probably would have done the same as what you did and allowed him to transform.”

Goku’s hair sank back down to its usual black spikes as well. Wrapping an arm around his smaller mate, he raised two fingers to his forehead. “C’mon koi. Let’s go.”


They appeared at the Lookout where everyone was waiting anxiously. Dende hurried to their side to heal them as they sank down onto the tiled steps tiredly. The others crowded around, peppering them with questions. The two Saiyans were bloodied and disheveled though most of the blood on them was not their own.

“Shut the FUCK up!” One look at the prince’s red face and the group immediately fell silent. Goku rubbed his short-tempered mate’s back soothingly.

“What happened dad?” Trunks asked, leaning against Goten. Both were slightly battered but otherwise uninjured. Gohan looked more beaten up and rubbing a swollen jaw. Videl was hovering beside him worriedly. Their clothes were badly torn up though; thin shirts were all but tattered strips and their pants were ripped in quite a number of places, some indecent. Vegeta smirked a bit at that; his own pants were still in one piece although his shirt was gone. Piccolo in contrast was impeccable in a new turban and cape. Sometimes, it is useful to be a Namekian.

Quickly, Goku explained what transpired in the fight between himself and Coolant, and then related how they followed the ice-jin to his ship and finally how the ice-jin escaped.

“So what happens now? Will Coolant be back?” Goten wondered.

“It is highly likely.” Vegeta crossed his arms tiredly and huffed in frustration. “I would like to go up and study the files on Coolant’s ship.”

“I think it would be better if you were to bring the ship down dad. It sounds like you two may have caused quite a bit of damage on the ship; there is no telling how the environmental systems are functioning.” Bra noted crisply. “Besides, I would like a look at it.” The blue-haired demi-Saiyan had inherited more than just her mother’s exotic looks; she was also a mechanical genius.

“Dad? How did you break free from the stasis hold?” Gohan asked curiously. “And since when have you started using Vegeta’s Final Flash?”

Goku looked at Vegeta. “Umm… I’m not sure but somehow Vegeta managed to take control of my body through our bond, releasing me from the hold… So it wasn’t me.” Everyone stared at the smirking ouji in surprise.


“Great fight today.” Goku grinned at his naked mate who was already sprawled lazily on his front across their bed, his auburn tail flicking idly from side to side. Eyeing his mate’s sleekly muscled form, he felt himself getting turned on. Goku settled himself over Vegeta, sitting astride his narrow hips. Reaching out for a bottle of oil, he poured a generous amount on his palms, warming it before spreading it over Vegeta’s back. The prince groaned with pleasure as his mate massaged deeply into his tired muscles.

“Hn. You had most of the fun.” The prince pouted. Only a Saiyan would say that about a gory fight. “It’s been too long…” Goku could understand perfectly. In short, they were bored and this had been one of the most exciting things that has happened in the recent years. And like any Saiyan, a good fight inflamed their blood and set the adrenaline pumping. Even now, Goku was still excited and as a side result, extremely horny.

“Heh heh, I must admit I’m not sorry.” Goku leaned down and nipped one ear. “Tell you what, next time you get dibs on the villain.”

Vegeta did not reply, he had already sunk into a pleasurable haze and was purring loudly. “Yeeess… there… “ Goku had hit a hard knot below his right shoulder blade.

Goku grinned ferally, moving down to the prince’s lower back until he reached the base of the deep reddish brown tail. Raking his nails lightly along the length drew a dulcet moan from the body below him. As Goku continued to ruffle and stroke the quivering length, the prince was reduced to a whimpering, mewing heap. Finally the Saiyan on top could take it no longer; the buckling writhing body beneath him was driving him crazy as well. Quickly running his oiled palms along his throbbing shaft, he plunged into the prince’s tight heat.

Vegeta nearly bucked his tormentor off; so intense was his reaction. Goku moved up on his knees and holding the slender hips, pulled the prince up onto his knees as well, where he proceeded to set a furious pace. His head between his forearms, his hands fisting the sheets tightly, the prince was driven mad with pleasure as his sweet spot was hit again and again. White spots were starting to dance before his eyes and he finally cried out as he came. Goku came soon after with a loud howl and collapsed onto his quivering mate. Grunting, the heavier Saiyan rolled off and pulled his purring mate to him where they fell asleep in a tangled, sweaty heap.


The two Saiyans appeared in the destroyed control room. Wrinkling their noses at the masses of bodies littering the floor, they moved to examine the extent of the damage. As Vegeta checked the systems, Goku tried to get rid of the gory pile by carefully incinerating the rotting bodies. Their kids had wanted to come along but the fathers were very insistent; they were not sure who or what had remained on board the ship. Extending their senses, they could tell that they were currently the only ones around.

“Not too badly damaged… I should be able to retrieve most of the files… Though quite a number of systems were damaged in our battle.” Vegeta finally looked up from the console. The bodies had been taken care of, though the floor was still slick with blood and guts.

The two flew out through the massive ship, checking for any survivors, though it had appeared that those who were not killed had escaped. Many more of the pods were missing. Finally, satisfied that they had secured the ship, they flew back to the control room. There, they ran into a problem. Most of the engines had been damaged; the ship could move but sluggishly and steering was suspect. Staring at the next to useless engines, they had been ready to give up, maybe just try to download the files, when Vegeta was suddenly struck with inspiration.

After relaying his idea to his mate, the two rummaged through the lockers until they came across the space suits. Finding the suits too cumbersome, they settled on ripping away the protective suit, leaving just the air tanks and breathing apparatus. Strapping the tanks to their back securely, they powered up to level 1 and extended a ki shield about themselves before cycling the air-lock.

Slowly, the two inched their way away from the air-lock in opposite directions until they were at opposing ends of the ellipsoid ship. The ship’s surface was smooth but they managed purchase by the expedient method of sinking their fingers into the metal. Finally in position, the two spread their hands wide and sank their fingers deeply into the metal. /Ready?/ /Hai!/

Slowly, the massive ship began to move in the direction of the blue planet. As they entered the stratosphere, they had to power up to level 2 as the ship was now within the planet’s gravitational field and accelerating.


/Vegeta! The ship’s going too fast!/


/Hold on! We’re almost through the stratosphere! Power up yet further!/

The two golden auras exploded yet further as both Saiyans broke through level three. Heavy golden tresses were blown back by the incredible speed as they hurtled downwards with their heavy load. Groaning to hold the ship back, they pressed their bodies flat against the ship, feet digging in. The heat generated by the air friction was tremendous and would have fried them if not for their shields. The metal bent and buckled around their hands and both tried desperately not to think of the consequences should they lose their grips.


/This was a bad idea…/


/Too late now…/ A weak chuckle resonated through their bond.


/After all the trouble we went to save Earth, let’s try not to destroy it now, ne?/


/Ha..ahaha…don’t make me laugh Kakarotto! I’m losing my grip!/

As they broke through the fluffy white clouds, they could see the ground rushing upwards.






Both strained to their limits, veins popping and muscles almost cramping. For a moment they wondered if they should have powered up to level 4 but it was too late now. Finally, just when their arms were almost about to seize up, the enormous ship slowed down.

Vegeta cautiously turned his head. /Kakarotto… head towards that desert, I think I recognize it./ /Hai./ The two guided their load towards the barren land. As they landed, they weren’t surprised to see that the others have already gathered there. The other Z fighters had of course felt the massive ki’s and rushed towards the desert.

“What were you two THINKING of??” Bra was beside herself with worry. The two men almost dropped the ship at her shriek. Wavering unsteadily, they flew over to the group. As they landed, shrugging off their air-tanks, they glanced at each other. Still in level 3, their massive tresses were blown all around their face and spiking crazily, the volume at least twice what it normally was. Their faces were beet-red from the exertion and windburn and their hands were still curled in cramped claws. They stared at each other in shock, before bursting out in raucous laughter and collapsing onto the ground. Rolling around on the dusty sand, their hair shrank back and finally turned back to black as they were laughing too hard to remain powered up.

“Hahaha… Oh my god! Did you see yourself Vegeta?” “You’re a fine one to talk Kakarotto!” “Your hair was as big as you!!” “You should see your face! You look like a cooked lobster!” As they sent images of what they saw through their mental bond, they broke out laughing all over again. “OW! Cramp cramp!”

The group sweatdropped as they regarded the two strongest beings on this side of the galaxy in stunned silence.

Finally the two males picked themselves up, holding onto each other for support.

“What ever possess the two of you to do that??” Bra screamed. She was the *only* person, aside from Bulma, who could scream at the Saiyan no ouji and live.

“The engines were shot.” Her father shrugged nonchalantly.

“SO?? You could have told me, Capsule Corps could send shuttles up there or something!”

“S’ok, we had it under control.” Goku beamed.

“Most of the time anyway.” Vegeta assured her.


“And ‘sides, it was fun.”



Chapter 4: Wanderlust

“What’s the matter koi?” Goku pulled up a chair and leaned over Vegeta’s shoulder, his large palms rubbing tense shoulders. Vegeta’s mental turmoil could clearly be felt over their bond. Vegeta did not say anything but remain staring at the computer screen in front of him. Goku could not read what was written on the screen; the files were in something called Standard, which Vegeta explained was the most common shared language out there.

Ever since the ship had been brought down, Vegeta had been there whenever he was free, sieving through the records. Bra had wanted to bring in a team, or more like army, of CC engineers and technicians to go over and study the ship but her father was adamant; wait until he was done. It has been a week already and the prince had grown more and more agitated. Still, he refused to speak about it.

“Gather the others after dinner. Tonight. I have information to share and announcements to make.”


The prince’s deep voice broke Goku’s reverie. “Kakarotto…” there was a long pause, as if Vegeta was nervous. “… what are you willing to do for me?”

“Anything…” Goku was confused. “I love you.” Kiss.

“Would you go anywhere with me? Would you leave Earth? Your family and friends?”

“Hai.” His response was instant. “You are my Mate.” And in a softer tone, “and also my prince.”

Vegeta relaxed visibly. “What …” “All will be explained tonight.” The prince’s firm tone indicated that the discussion was now over.


The assorted group had seated themselves comfortably around the living room, eyes on the frowning prince who in his usual manner launched straight to the crux of the matter.

“That was Coolant’s main ship, and the fighters he brought down were his elite troops. Hence while he is likely to return for revenge, it will not be anytime soon. Also he is unlikely to return until he finds a way to defeat us.” Everyone knew ‘us’ meant ‘me & Kakarotto’. Relieved smiles broke out all around.

“But.” The prince’s serious tone cut through the babbling.

“I won’t be here.” His black glare withered any frantic questioning.

“Why??” Bra was frantic.

Vegeta took a deep breath, closing his eyes. “I found reports of other Saiyan survivors out there. Even after Vegetasei was destroyed, there were still captive Saiyans serving under ice-jins. After rumors got out that Frieza was killed by a Super Saiyan, ‘accidents’ started to happen to the remaining Saiyans. Most were smart enough and mutinied, leaving and banding together to form a rebel force. They were joined by other fighters who had escaped from the ice-jins.”

The room was deathly silent now.

“3 ice-jins, namely Coolant, Tundra and Icnia, have formed an alliance after news got out of Frieza’s death. While the guerilla forces are not doing well against the ice-jins, they are also difficult to put down as they have gotten pretty adept at hiding. So it’s a stalemate of sorts. There are no official reports of their location, but it is highly likely that their base is the solar system I6 as that is where most of their activity is concentrated.”

Goku remembered Vegeta’s question earlier that day and had an inkling what Vegeta was about to say next. The prince’s eyelids snapped open, onyx eyes glittering hard. “I am going there.”

“All this time, I had thought that Kakarotto and myself were the last of our kind. Now that I have found evidence to the contrary, it is my duty, my responsibility to seek them out. I am the Saiyan no Ouji.” Vegeta spoke softly, but his voice rang with steeled determination. “The Saiyan race WILL be restored.”

Everyone could hear the conviction in his words and they knew of his fierce pride for the proud warrior race. He rarely spoke of the decimation of his people though but they could imagine his rage and heartbreak.

“And I will go with him.” Goku spoke up determinedly.

“But who will defend the Earth then?” Krillin spoke for the others, his tone worried.

“Our sons are strong enough. But my place is with my Mate.” Goku moved to stand beside Vegeta proudly, his tail wrapping itself defiantly about the ouji’s slim waist. Light glinted off their matching metallic armbands as Vegeta turned to his mate, eyes gleaming brightly and unspoken words were exchanged through their shared bond. None dared interrupt the private moment and none dared further question Goku’s decision.

Trunks turned to his Goten, a familiar gleam Goten knew all too well in his blue eyes. “Chibi, I want to go too.”

“But… you can’t go! Who will protect the earth? More importantly, what about ME?” Goten wailed.



“I’m *bored* out of my mind here on earth. And you can come with me. Think about chibi; don’t you feel that our lives are lacking? Work day in day out, what’s the purpose? The fight with Coolant’s cronies was the most exciting thing, ok except for you, that happened in over a decade! We used to have such fun and exciting adventures when we were kids remember? What happened?” Trunks spoke fervently, his persuasive tone swaying Goten over. Goten hesitated; it was true. He had been feeling aimless, listless…

“Dad, we’re coming along.” Trunks’ announcement set off another flurry of objections.

“Don’t be stupid brat. This is not some fun adventure, we’re not gallivanting to the other side of the universe to find dragonballs, we’re going smack in the middle of a bloody war!” Vegeta spat out derisively.

“Trunks, Goten, think about this… You have to stay to protect the Earth…” Goku tried to reason with them.

“What about Gohan? Piccolo?” Trunks countered.

“Frankly, we cannot take on Coolant. I’m out of shape.” Gohan admitted.

“And we can?” Goten spoke up.

“You two have Gotenks.” Piccolo pointed out.

“Gohan, once you get back into training, you can whip our butts!” Trunks tried to convince the demi-Saiyan. “You were once the strongest!”

“That’s not a guarantee and what about the other troops? Coolant isn’t likely to come alone.” Gohan shot back.

“WHY do you want to go so badly?” Bra injected.

“Because I’m freaking bored! My life is aimless… I’m going mad! I *want* to do something with my life!” Trunks yelled.

“President of Capsule Corps isn’t an achievement?”

“No it’s not Bra! I didn’t earn it! Mom did… that’s her achievement.” Trunks turned to his father. “Look dad, I’m sure you know what I mean… My blood is burning for action, I WILL go crazy if I stay here like this any longer. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life standing in line, shuffling in step!”

“Goten, don’t be foolish.” Gohan pleaded but his usually mild-mannered brother looked convinced. “This is something I feel I have to do… I can’t explain it Gohan…”

“And what about Capsule Corps?”

“Bra can have it!”

“She’s too young!”

“It’s only another year till she graduates and I know that she could easily graduate early; she has enough credits…”

“Will both you and your father abandon her?” Gohan pulled slyly on the guilt strings.

“Hey! Stop talking about me like that! I’m almost 18 – I can take care of myself!”

The argument raged back and forth and it looked like an ugly stalemate. Trunks was vehement and even mild Goten was fully beside him in this hare- brained idea. Bit by bit, the two boys wore down at the other protestations but the biggest problem of who will protect Earth hung unanswered in the tense air.

Vegeta could see the wanderlust and battle fever burning in his son’s eyes and knew exactly how he felt. The other humans cannot understand it but their fathers could. Deep down inside, Vegeta felt like agreeing with his son and he knew that Kakrotto does too. His tall mate had kept noticeably silent throughout the raging verbal battle. Yet…

“Trunks…” Vegeta spoke quietly. “I know how you feel. I know exactly how you feel. But think about your responsibility for a moment. You are a prince. You cannot just abandon your duties for a wild jaunt.”

Trunks sank down into the armchair dejectedly. “I know you’re right dad. But godammit!” He pounded the chair in frustration, punching right through the fabric.

“What about Uub?” Goku spoke out suddenly.

“What *about* Uub?” Gohan asked curiously.

“He’s strong, really strong. The last time I saw him almost ten years ago, he was as strong as a level 2 SSJ.” Goku spoke thoughtfully. “The main problem here is that there is nobody, other than me or Vegeta, that is strong enough to take on Coolant alone, that’s why Trunks and Goten cannot go. But Uub…”

“Ask him!” Trunks almost fell out of his chair in excitement. Goku gave his classic Son grin and winked out. An excited and agitated buzzing filled the room as the others waited for his return. Uub, the non-evil reincarnation of Buu, was the reason why Goku had left before, spending ten years to train the young demi-demon in his powers. Most had only seen him once or twice and are extremely curious about the young demi-demon.

When Goku finally appeared, they stared curiously at the exotic teen beside him. Uub was tall and swarthy, his wild black hair cut in a Mohawk fashion and trailing down his shoulder blades. Dressed in simple jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt, his bronzed muscles could be clearly seen and he looked every inch a fighter. The shy teen stared wide-eyed at the stares he was receiving but did not look away. Vegeta nodded approvingly at that and approached the mysterious teen.

“Have you been briefed?” Uub nodded shyly at the stern figure. “Hai, I knew of the invaders. I felt their ki’s but I knew you and Son Goku could handle the even strongest ki easily so I did not worry.”

“Yatta!” Trunks leapt up. “Now that is settled…”

“No, it is NOT yet settled.” Vegeta quelled his son’s enthusiasm with a hard glare. “You may only go *if* and only if Uub demonstrates a power level at least that of a level 3 Super Saiyan.”

“What are you waiting for Uub?” The lavender-haired demi-Saiyan turned to the brown-skinned teen.

“Tomorrow.” Vegeta stated firmly. “We will spar with him. Now it is late.” He looked pointedly at the front door. The humans took the cue and left for home, while Goku brought Uub up to a guest bedroom.


“Well Vegeta, what do you think of Uub?”

“Hn.” Goku quickly ran through his Vegeta-translation dictionary in his mind and smiled in relief when he realized it was a ‘He’s ok I approve’ hn.

“How do you feel about the boys’ wanting to go?” The two Saiyans, dressed in matching black gi bottoms were in the kitchen for a late-night snack – a very common occurrence. Empty plates littered the table.

There was a pause as Vegeta rummaged around the fridge for more food. “Conflicted. In our absence, they have a duty to stay. Yet, I fully understand what they mean. BUT I still think they are a pair of pampered brats who know nothing. They see this as some fun adventure. Shit, I think we’re out of food! All that’s left is … this bottle of shoyu sauce… a rotten orange… AHA!” He emerged triumphantly with a half-empty carton of chocolate mint ice-cream.

“Yeah, I feel the same way. I sure hope Uub is as good as I think he is. I would like to have the boys along too. Hey! I want some of that too!”

“I found it first! Back off Kakarotto!” Vegeta snarled and held the carton possessively.

“Aww… C’mon ‘Geta! I’ll do anything!” Goku whined.

“Anything?” Vegeta advanced on his now slightly nervous mate with a smirk. “Hn. Ok.” Goku was confused but shrugged and got out his own spoon.

/Kakarotto… I am glad you are coming with me./ Although the prince showed his affections somewhat publicly *ahem*, he still found it hard to openly talk about his feelings.

/Ai shiteru Koishii. / Their burning gazes locked for a while, no spoken words were needed. Goku had not heard the same phrase from the proud prince but he knew Vegeta felt the same.

When the ice-cream was down to just a quarter carton, Vegeta abruptly pulled the tub away. “Ok, now’s the fun part. Don’t move.” He scooted over onto Goku’s lap and kissed him deeply, wiggling lightly. The two sat there for a while, squirming and moaning slightly as they kissed.

Suddenly, Vegeta broke away and gave a wicked smirk before kneeling before Goku and pulling his gi pants down. Before Goku could say anything, he dipped two fingers into the ice-cream and liberally smeared the cold dessert all over the seated Saiyan’s erection. Goku gasped in shock and tried to move away but Vegeta had locked his hips down in an iron grip with one hand. His other hand had gripped the light brown tail firmly, giving it gentle tugs that rendered the younger Saiyan as weak as a newborn kitten. The smirking prince then proceeded to lick off the dripping ice-cream oh so slowly.

“…aahh…’Geta…” “Yes?” Lick. “..faster … please?” Smears some more. Suck. “Nope.” “Aahh… the mint!”


“Goten, I’m hungry. Follow me to the kitchen for a snack?” Trunks pulled his sleepy mate along the corridors. Goten rubbed his eyes sleepily and frowned. “But our fathers are there…”

“So? Are we avoiding them for some reason?”

“But remember the last time we walked into the kitchen while they were having a snack at this time of the night?”

“Ay, chibi, that was just bad luck! Lightning cannot strike twice! Besides, I’m really hungry.”

As they neared the kitchen however, they slowed down as they heard Goku’s weak chuckle.

“Kami ‘Geta! I didn’t know chocolate mint can feel like that…”

Some loud purrs.

“On second thought… I know this really great café that opens 24 hours…” Trunks and Goten turned as one towards the front door.



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