A/N: This fic takes place after Clueless, which is about how Goku & Vegeta and Goten & Trunks hooked up. Go read that! It sort of sets the general background for this.

This takes place 7 years after Bulma and Chi Chi died, 3 years after the males got together. This fic focuses mainly on Vegeta & Goku, though the boys (easier to call them that *grin*) would also play major roles. Lots of action ‘n fighting, plenty of fun, some angst and of course the limes & lemons as 4 hot-blooded Saiyans go on the adventure of their lives! Now, anymore and I would be giving the story away. =)

Trunks is 24, Goten 23, their fathers still looking 30. *wink*

Rebels Chapter 1: Trouble Hints

Goku woke up first and stretched luxuriously. Through the window outside, the sun was just rising and the air was cool, crisp and still. Vegeta was still asleep, curled up against his chest, his leg thrown carelessly over Goku’s, the prince’s reddish brown tail coiled around the larger Saiyan’s thigh.

With a naughty grin, Goku reached for the auburn tail and slowly ruffled the fur with his fingers. Vegeta gave a small moan and arched slightly but remained asleep. Goku continued his ministrations of the twitching tail, his own now thumping in excitement as he grew hard.

Vegeta was having the most marvelous dream, a most tactile and sensual dream. The most delicious sensations were running up his tail and up his spine, while a warm, wet suction to his nether regions were sending fiery tendrils of shocks down his legs. A familiar pressure started to build in his abdomen.

Thick cream spurted and Vegeta awoke with a loud cry. “Aaaahh!”

Goku looked up from his position between the prince’s legs, licking a stream that dribbled past his lips. “Good morning koi!” Vegeta lay back, dazed and disoriented for a while before he came to his senses. As the prince stared up at the ceiling, now fully cognizant, his lips curled up in a smirk.

Goku suddenly found himself flipped on his back, his arms pinned above his head, a smirking face inches from his nose. “Well, it looks like I should only return the favor…”


“Those two are like rabbits!” Goten was wide-eyed in awe. “Maybe it has something to do with Saiyan blood?”

Trunks shook his head in irritation. “I just wish Dad would hurry up. I need him to collect a late account this morning and I’m running late.” Loud noises were clearly audible from the room upstairs and Trunks made a mental note to hire some workers to soundproof a certain bedroom.

The two demi-Saiyans were dressed for work and now seated around the kitchen table eating. Goten helped himself to another piece of toast. “Why don’t you just collect it yourself?”

“Because Dad does it so much better.” Trunks gave an evil smirk, looking exactly like his father at that point. “Why don’t you come along? Trust me, it would be an interesting experience.”

Much later, the two full-blooded Saiyans stumbled into the kitchen. Both were only dressed in loose gi bottoms.

“Dad!! I thought I told you to get up early today? You were suppose to collect the Brant account! You’re not even dressed yet!” Trunks pushed heaping plates of pancakes and toast towards his scowling father. “Here! Eat faster! I’ll get your clothes…”

“Dammit!” Vegeta shot his son an angry glare. “Stop rushing me brat! I’ve got all morning.” Trunks tended to be a little high-strung, a result of his fast-paced executive life and numerous responsibilities as the head of Capsule Corp. The lavender-haired president meeped in embarrassment and sat back in his chair with a thump.


Vegeta leaned across the huge oak table, fingers drumming casually and cracks began to appear across the desk. “About the matter of some …late accounts…”

“You can’t threaten me…there are laws against such things. If I am hurt…” The fat man in the dark suit was sweating nervously, his voice quivering despite his bravado air.

“There are ways inflicting pain without physical injury.” The dark prince stalked around the desk to stand behind larger man, his velvet, quiet tone dangerous. Vegeta could smell the fear reeking from the other man and he smirked predatorily. “For example, did you know that a simple nerve could affect an entire limb, and differences in pressure could mean the difference between numbness…” He pressed an elegant finger on the sweating man’s shoulder and the man stiffened in shock as he lost all sensation in his right arm.

“Or pain…” A harder pressure on the same spot and the man screamed in pain.

“And not just the limbs…” Vegeta reached up and oh, so casually, pinched the base of the screaming man’s neck. If the man had been screaming before, he was now shrieking incoherently in fear. Vegeta winced a little as his sensitive Saiyan ears were assaulted and regretfully released his fingers.

“The nerves are *so* easily crushed. A common accident, one rolls over in bed and hits the side of the bedframe…one can spend the rest of his life paralyzed in pain.” The man whimpered in fear as he took in Vegeta’s cold, hard expression, one which has not been seen since Majin Buu. “Alright! Alright! Next week, I’ll pay! I need time to get the money first…”

“Next Wednesday.” Vegeta cut off the man’s blubbering with a curt, annoyed tone, before turning to leave.

Trunks and Goten, who have been standing watch outside, had seen the entire episode via the security cameras, of course erasing the tapes before they leave, and were extremely impressed.

“I’ve been asking Dad to teach me those tricks but I can’t seem to get it!” Trunks pouted in frustration. Goten whistled in awe. “I wonder where he learnt to do that?”

Vegeta sauntered out casually, an evil smirk plastered on his face. “Brats. Shall we go? Kakarotto’s meeting us by the park for lunch.”


The four men had almost finished lunch when they could feel three large ki’s approaching at a very high speed. Immediately, they sprang up in defensive postures, heads snapped in the direction of the ki’s. 3 space- pods flew overhead and crashed into the grasslands that bounded the park. Panicking people ran away from the crash site shrieking as the four fighters flew there cautiously.

Landing a distance away, they watched warily as the pods opened up. 3 beings got out. One was a tall purple horned alien, beside him was a red- skinned male with three eyes. To the other side of the purple alien was a green, splotchy alien with a bulging forehead. All were well-built and dressed in spandex and battle armor, much like what Vegeta had worn when he first came to Earth, except that the armor had reptilian-looking plates covering it. As they turned to survey the surroundings, tapping on their scouters, they of course noticed the four Saiyans.

“What do we have here?” Red leered.

“What the hell do you want?” Vegeta spoke bluntly.

“Well, if it is any of your business, this planet has been targeted for purging by Lord Coolant.” Vegeta’s eyes hardened at the mention of that name, but Red did not appear to have noticed. “So say your pitiful prayers.”

“We won’t let you.” Goku spoke determinedly and the boys nodded, grinning confidently.

“How do you plan to stop us?” Purple laughed derisively, tapping his scouter. “Your power readings rate far lower than ours!”

The Saiyans smirked and powered up in response. Goku’s tail lashed in agitation and Red did a double-take. “Not another Saiyan!”

Vegeta snarled, his own tail snapping out from its coiled position around his waist. “What do you mean by that statement?”

Red narrowed his eyes but did not answer. Instead his scouter started to beep and tiny streams of data could be seen scrolling across its surface. Too late, Vegeta realized their mistake. With an angry growl, he blasted all three scouters in quick succession. The aliens stumbled back in shock and Goku turned to Vegeta in puzzlement.

“Too late, Saiyan. Lord Coolant already knows of your existence.” Purple smirked.

With a snarl, Vegeta exploded into SSJ and the other 3 hurriedly followed suit. The aliens blinked a little at the immense ki radiating off but quickly recovered and lunged towards the golden Saiyans.

Red threw a series of fast blows at Vegeta but the smirking prince was too fast. Dodging easily, he landed one punch to the three-eyed alien’s gut… which went right through the armor and flesh. Red stiffened in pain and shock, clutching his dripping belly. “Nooo… how?” Vegeta withdrew his bloody fist and spreading them, formed a ki ball.

Meanwhile, Goku was engaged in a similarly uneven fight with Purple. A powerful kick broke the intruder’s arm and another sent Purple crashing into a grove of trees. As Purple leapt into the air, Goku’s eyes narrowed with a hard gleam as he readied his palms in his trademark ki blast.

Trunks and Goten were playing with their own opponent. The unfortunate green alien was being battered between them like a volleyball as the two boys until a bright blue ki blast put the creature out of his misery.

“Dad?!” “Vegeta?” Both boys turned in the direction of the blast.

“This is not a game!” Vegeta barked, lowering his right hand.

“Gomen.” Both boys hung their heads.

Goku flew over, his face once again reset in his wide-eyed cheerful look as the threat of battle had past. Vegeta briefly wondered at the contradiction that is the peace-loving, gentle Saiyan warrior. That phrase sounds like an oxymoron. “Let’s get out of here before the police or reporters arrive.” Vegeta indicated the three pods. “Grab those and go as well!”

Picking up one pod each, the fathers headed off in the direction of the CC labs while the boys followed closely behind with the third pod.


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