Rebels Chapter 10: Momo

A small decrepit ship flew closer to the ice-blue planet and stopped. “Ok, any closer and we would be detected by those sensors.” Gion pointed at the small satellites that hovered around the planet in geostationary orbit. “From here, we will have to fly in under our own power.”

The assorted fighters, dressed warmly in thick fur-lined jackets and pants, stood in the hanger strapping on their breathing apparatus. At Gion’s signal, they set up a ki shield around themselves protecting themselves form the bitter cold vacuum of space. Large metal doors hissed open and the rebels drifted down towards the planet, using the barest minimum ki to propel themselves in order to avoid detection from the sensors. At the speed they were falling, they should only register as space debris that regularly rains onto any planet.

Once past the stratosphere Gion led the way unerringly. Vegeta idly wondered how he knew the way. From their vantage, the terrain was a white smooth blanket, the relief occasionally broken by bumps and dips that were the mountains and valleys. Coolant51 was the furthest inhabitable planet away from the sun and temperatures on the frigid planet stayed well below the freezing point of water. Hence security on the ground level was low; nobody was expected to actually be able to land and survive long in the bleak snow- and ice-covered landscape. Although Coolant51 was far away from the sun, the light levels on the planet were almost comparable to that on Earth due to the reflection from the snow.

Vegeta broke out of his reverie as Gion’s voice came over their scouters, announcing that they were almost there. They landed on top of one mountain and, almost hidden by the snow-covered craggy rocks, was an entrance to a cave. A guard stationed at the crevice for their arrival deactivated the force field that kept the elements out. Stumbling into the warm cave, the rebels quickly unloaded the supply packs they were carrying and crowded around the radiators in the middle of the cave to warm their frozen bodies.

The cave was spacious enough for the advance scouting party of five but, with the arrival of almost twenty more fighters, it became quite cramped. However, nobody was complaining as the extra bodies meant more heat in the frigid conditions. Zarbon quickly brought the five scouts up to date on the four Saiyans’ arrival and the planned assault.

Pulling out a map, the head of the scouting party reported in greater detail what they had found out about the bases. A pretty, petite Saiyan with wavy black locks that fell to her waist, Momo initially seemed like a giddy female, hardly what one would expect to be a scout leader, but she quickly became serious as she settled down to business.

“The bases are all built on the same design. The perimeter defense control room is here, the planetary weaponry systems room is beside it, and the communications room is here.” She pointed to marked places on the map. “The barracks are located a distance away on the other side of the base.”

Zarbon frowned at the map. “We don’t have enough manpower to take out all three at the same time…”

“We don’t have to.” Vegeta cut in. “We only need to secure the communications room first. Since we will already be inside the base, we need not worry about perimeter defense or the planetary weaponry yet. Once we have taken out the communications, we can then quickly move to lock down the perimeter and planetary defense before the troops can react. These three rooms are located in close proximity while the barracks is located on the other side of the base.”

Gion nodded. “It’s a good plan. Once we secured the bases…”

“It will be quite simple to reconfigure the planetary defense systems. It should take only a few days to reset the recognition systems and passwords, provided the ice-jins do not attack in the meantime.” Momo stated confidently. “That’s why it is vitally important that we secure the outgoing communications systems.”

“Won’t the ice-jins be suspicious if there are no messages or updates in the meantime?” Trunks broke in.

Momo shook her head. “We have been monitoring the subspace communications for the past month and it appears that they only report once every week. Their last update was today.”

“All right then. How shall the attack parties be divided?” Zarbon looked wryly at the eager Saiyans. “I know you four can probably take out three bases by yourselves but you will require a guide in.” He looked pointedly at the scouts.

“I can escort Prince Vegeta in!” Momo smiled brightly at the scowling ouji.

“Just don’t get in my way, onna.”

Momo nodded cheerfully. “Oh no, I’m not really a good fighter. My main area of expertise is in computers. I’ll secure the systems while you keep everyone off my back!” She scooted closer to the prince, batting her long lashes.

“…” Vegeta stared wide-eyed at the beaming female. Goku frowned.

Another Saiyan stepped forward, looking at Goku. “I can show you in. My name is Koron.” Koron was a tall brawny male with short spiky hair. He cocked his head in confusion. “Sorry, your name is…”

“My Saiyan name is Kakarotto but on Earth, I was called Goku. You can call me Goku.” He smiled brightly at Koron, trying hard to ignore the equally bright smile Momo was bestowing on his mate.

A red-skinned scout with bushy white hair called Janz offered to guide the demi-Saiyans while the remaining two scouts would lead the fourth party.


After the briefing, which in actuality wasn’t very brief as Gion and Zarbon drilled the plan over and over again, covering every minute detail that could possibly go awry, the rebels finally moved out. Vegeta and Goku were given the bases that were furthest away as they had the instant transmission technique, so the other two teams moved out first.

Vegeta, Goku, Momo, and Koron sat around the radiators, indulging in a favorite Saiyan pastime – eating. Momo and Koron were already bundled up in warm fur-lined suits, but Vegeta and Goku had opted to don their usual fighting gear as they would probably generate enough body heat from the upcoming fights. Goku was in his usual blue and orange gi while Vegeta was clad in a black spandex tank top and leather trousers.

The slight prince shivered again, rubbing his bare arms, more affected by the cold than his heavier mate, even with his ki raised to keep warm. Grumbling, he popped open a capsule and rummaged through his pack of clothing, finally drawing out a pair of long black gloves that reached beyond his elbow. He pulled them on and fastened the thin buckles on the hem that held the floppy material in place.

/Very sexy ‘Geta…/ Goku looked at the bad-tempered prince with amusement.

/Bloody climate… what’s taking the other two parties so long? And how come you don’t feel cold?/

Goku chuckled and hugged his chilled mate from behind. /Warmer?/

/Hn./ Vegeta sipped his hot cocoa, brows drawn together in irritation but made no move to pull away from the taller Saiyan.

The scouts looked at the pair with open curiosity. Zarbon had introduced them as mates and, now that they had taken off their coats, they could clearly see the matching armbands and scars on their necks. The prince had a commanding presence about him and it wasn’t until he was standing beside his brawnier mate that they realize how slight he was.

“Tell us more about Super Saiyan…” Momo wondered. “So is it as the legends say? Your hair turns gold and your eyes become green?”

Goku nodded. “Hai. That’s for the first level. Our hair becomes even lighter and our muscle mass increase for the second level. In the third level, our hair grows all the way down our back.”

“There are further levels??” Momo gaped.

“Hai. Our sons can achieve the second level while we can ascend to the forth level. The fourth level is the most interesting – our hair becomes black again and red fur grows all over the body. I can’t really explain it, but you will have a chance to see later.”

Momo fiddled with her scouter for a while. “Ooo… this I’ve got to record.” Koron shot her an amused look, but set his scouter as well.

“And how do you…” A beeping from their scouters cut off her last question and the four quickly put away their mugs and food. That was the signal from the other two groups that they were nearing their destinations.

“See you later!” Momo chirped excitedly, clinging tightly to the prince, as the pair disappeared.

Goku clapped a hand on the silent Saiyan scout’s shoulder and transmitted out as well.


Lord Coolant had been in a foul mood since he arrived back on his main base in a cramped space pod two weeks ago. Messages had been sent out constantly, summoning all of his top fighters back and production on his space ships had been sped up. It appeared that he was preparing for a war of sorts. Nobody had dared questioned him, but one thing for sure, it had something to do with Saiyans. The ice-jin had been seen raving about the tailed warrior race, and it was fortunate that there were no Saiyan left in his service.


Appearing a distance away from the ice-jin base, a pair of figures immediately crouched low and scurried to hide behind the boulders that dotted the landscape.

“Where’s the secret entrance you mentioned, onna?”

“Over there… Hey! Don’t move so fast!”

Vegeta rolled his eyes in irritation. “Hurry up, onna!” He hissed in an impatient whisper.

“Excuse me…” Momo huffed as she panted behind him. “It isn’t easy to run in this outfit, especially with the tools I’m carrying.” She grinned slyly. “Carry me?”


Vegeta stared at her for a moment, astonished. ~ Is that crazy onna *flirting* with me? ~ He mentally shook his head. ~ No way, she knows I’m mated. ~


“I’m only doing this because it’s faster, get it?” Grumbling, he stopped and Momo gleefully leapt onto his back, wrapping her arms around his neck as her lean legs fastened securely around his waist.


As he started to run again, the female scout leaned her head forward, warm breath tickling his ear lobe.




“Does Momo have a mate?” Goku tried to ask nonchalantly as the two tall fighters jogged to their destination.


Koron grinned. The quiet scout had not missed the scowl the normally cheerful Earth-raised Saiyan directed towards the chirpy Saiyan female before they left. “No, she’s not. Don’t worry, Momo’s like that – she’s an incorrigible flirt. She knows you and Prince Vegeta are mated.”




Vegeta began to feel really uncomfortable; the pretty female on his back kept up her assault on his ear, even nuzzling her cold nose into the crook of his neck. Once in a while, she would wriggle slightly and press closer to his back.


“Onna… could you stop that?” He meant to sound irritated but it came out more like a hoarse plea.


Momo gave a wicked smirk. “Stop what?” She squirmed a bit more and rubbed her nose in his hair.


Vegeta was *sure* that crazy female on his back knew exactly what she was doing. “Onna, in case you haven’t notice, I’m already mated.”


“Oh yes, I know.”


“Erm…” Momo was delighted to see an adorable flush creep up the prince’s cheeks. “So could you stop that?”




“Because what you are doing… it’s like you’re interested in me.” The flush deepened.


“I am.” A sharp nip on his ear lobe nearly caused him to stumble.




“I’ll be frank. You intrigue me. I know I have no chance with you, especially since you are mated. But I would like a chibi from you.”


Vegeta fell flat on his face.




Goku felt the startled shock through their bond. /Vegeta?/


/Not now… No, I’m not in danger. I’ll explain later./ The link was hurriedly cut off, leaving Goku to worry.




“Say again?” Vegeta pushed himself up from the snow.


Momo picked herself up and chuckled at his stunned countenance. “I. Want. Your. Child.”


“What?? Why??” The outraged prince spluttered. “Do you think I’m some sperm bank?”


“You’re royalty. You’ve got good genes. You’re strong, a Super Saiyan four times over. You’ve got looks and brains too.” Momo enumerated calmly.


“Is this some crap about your biological clock ticking?” Vegeta had heard that phrase from Bulma before.


Momo shot him an amused look. “That’s an interesting way to put it, and it is pretty accurate.”


“Why not ask some other male?”


“I like you.”


Vegeta closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. ~ Why me? ~


“Let’s not talk about this now. We’re supposed to be carrying out an attack, not talk about… “ He waved his hand wearily, indicating that she should get on his back again. ~ Why do I care? I should leave this irritating female in the snow. ~


Momo grinned as she hopped on, noting his still crimson cheeks. “All right.”


“And no wriggling. No nuzzling.” A stumble. “No biting either! Or I’ll drop you here!”


Her silvery laughter was lost on the biting cold wind.


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