Rebels Chapter 11: The Rebels’ Assault

As they neared the base perimeter, Momo took out a crinkly sheet of silvery black cloth. “Reflective cloth. It will allow us to pass through the sensors undetected.” Still on Vegeta’s back, she draped it over herself and the prince. Silently, he floated them over the tall wall. Security was surprisingly lax.

Once in the compound, Momo got off and kept the cloth. Silently, she led the way in. There were only two technicians on duty in the communications room, which wasn’t even locked, and Vegeta took them out without any problem. Momo quickly got to work, overriding the system and setting up her own passwords. The entire process took her no more than 10 minutes, and Vegeta could tell by the competent way she worked that she was almost as adept as his first mate at mechanical stuff. Locking the door behind them, they made their way to the defense rooms.

As they ran along the corridor, Vegeta could tell that there were quite a few ki’s in the defense rooms. He ran the options over in his mind. Should he power up quietly and try to take them out by stealth? Hm, what about the scouters? Looks like a full frontal assault. He grinned in hungry anticipation of the battle ahead, flexing and loosening his muscles.

With a loud yell, he powered up to level 2 and burst the doors inwards with a burst of ki. Before the stunned fighters in the room could even react, the golden prince had snapped their necks. Momo blinked in shock, all she saw was a golden blur, then four slumped bodies.

The explosion of ki had attracted the attention of the troops in the adjoining room, and three other fighters ran in. Although they were prepared, Vegeta had no problem taking them out. It was a short, brutal fight. Vegeta was almost disappointed, but he reminded himself that the priority here was to secure the base.

“Onna… maybe you should close your mouth and get to work on the systems? The other fighters are coming.” Vegeta rasped, his attention on the doors as he powered up yet further.

“H..Hai…” Momo stuttered, though she made no movement to turn away. She watched in fascinated amazement as his hair exploded in a golden mass down his back and his eyebrows disappeared into ridges. His ki was still skyrocketing, and even though she had set up a ki shield, she still winced at the tremendous wave of ki that washed over her. Had her scouter been set on reading ki and not recording, it would have surely exploded long ago.

His body continued to glow brightly and expand, a image of a golden oozaru superimposing upon his own body until with a bright flash of golden light, the figure shrank and coalesced. His hair shrank back and turned black again, though it now fell in longer locks down his shoulders. His tank top was gone, and red fur lined his chest and arms. Vegeta smirked and rolled his shoulders, his tail lashing behind him. ~ Aah… it’s been some time since I’ve last powered up to this level… I’ve forgot how powerful this level feels… this rush… ~ Interlacing his fingers, he stretched his hands out in front of him, cracking the joints.

“Maybe you had better take this fight outside… don’t want to damage the equipment in this room…” Momo finally found her voice. Kami! He looks sooo delectable in those tight leather pants! And the luscious red fur…  She almost purred.

“Hn.” Vegeta turned and cocked his head to one side, and Momo noticed that his eyes were lined in crimson. It made his already intense cyan eyes look even more feral, more dangerous. She hurried after the prince as he flew out towards the approaching ki’s, the defense systems forgotten.

The narrow corridors worked to Vegeta’s favor as it funneled the fighters two or three at a time. Neatly avoiding (most of) the lashing limbs (and heads and tails and tentacles), the smirking prince methodically cleared his way through the melee of fighters. Quite a number of them held weapons as well, but the small hand held weapons were proved useless. A few fighters left turned tail and ran back down the corridor and Vegeta flew after them mercilessly. Cowards!

They ran out into a courtyard, and just as he was about to ready a ki blast, a shimmering net fell around him. The aliens stopped and turned at him. Momo skidded to a stop in shock and hid in the shadows of the building. Gulping, she prepared herself to spring to his aid.

“It’s no use struggling! That’s a ki-net.” One of the fighters laughed. “It will drain you of your ki. And now…” He tapped the metal band on his wrist, and several large panels on the wall drew back, revealing heavy turret guns that swiveled in the direction of the still prince.

To their surprise, Vegeta laughed confidently. “Fools. Did you think this would hold me? Even with my ki sapped, I still possess enough to TEAR this net!” A loud ripping sound punctuated his words, and the metallic net crackled and short-circuited as the prince tore it apart.

With a startled yelp of panic, that fighter tapped his band furiously, and the mounted guns fired rapidly on the slight figure. The barrage continued for a good few minutes until the batteries were spent. When the debris settled, the fighters’ mocking laughter died away when Vegeta stepped forth, seemingly unharmed, just extremely dusty. With a mocking laugh of his own, the smirking prince let loose a blue wave of ki, incinerating the remaining fighters instantly.


Goten found himself pressed on both sides as he strove to keep the base defenders away from the communications room. Some distance away, Trunks was doing the same for the perimeter and planetary defense system rooms as Janz worked feverishly in the room to shut down the defenses. They were holding their own, but tiring rapidly under the barrage of fighters.

Goten had a slightly harder time, as he wasn’t as strong as Trunks. Every hit scored on Goten caused a wince on his lavender-haired mate; though the demi-Saiyans do not share as strong a bond as their fathers – they cannot hold mental conversations, but they can feel emotions and pain through their bond. Trunks badly wanted to fly to Goten’s side but he cannot leave his position even for a while. Gritting his teeth, he hoped Goten would be fine.


Zarbon glanced around at the smoking corridors, tapping his scouter to scan for more life forms. “Looks like this area is cleared.” Gion’s voice came over his scouter, confirming that they have shut down the defenses.


As Goku quickly mopped up the remaining defenders, a nagging memory played itself in his mind. When he had burst into the communications room, he managed to catch the five aliens inside by surprise. However, one of them managed to hit a button on a panel, and the screen lit up for a moment before Koron lunged forward to smash the panel. He hoped nothing went wrong.


“Lord Coolant.” One of the faceless, nameless technicians turned nervously to the scowling ice-jin, inclining his head in fear. “This just came from one of the bases on Coolant51.”

It was an extremely short transmission. An image of the room in chaos… a blurred golden figure and slumped bloodied bodies on the floor. Coolant leaned forward in fascinated anger. “Enlarge on that golden figure.” The image zoomed in. Coolant stared in anger and shock, even a little fear. The last emotion was one he was not used to feeling and he tried to mask it under the more familiar one of rage. That golden figure… that face! It was the golden Saiyan warrior who had defeated him, humiliated him back some weeks back! He stared in icy silence at the monitor, the image burning into his mind. The heavy mass of golden hair, the brow ridges… the blue and orange outfit. That same visage had haunted him in his sleep ever since his defeat; that of the golden Saiyan appearing enraged in his space ship right after him. He had vaguely remembered another golden Saiyan with him, but his anger was focused on the Saiyan which had *humiliated* him!

“Contact the base.” His voice dripped with icy rage.

“There was no answer.” The technician was trembling in open fear now.

“Mobilize all of the troops that are currently on the base right now. We move out to Coolant51 tomorrow.”


It was a short and successful assault. The presence of the Super Saiyans and the speed at which they surprised the troops on the bases turned the battle overnight into the rebels’ favor. There were some injuries but no casualties.


Goku sighed, feeling useless and bored. Vegeta and Trunks have been cooped up with Momo and the other scouts, helping to reset the planetary defense systems. Most of the satellite sensors have already been reconfigured to recognize any non-rebel troops as hostile, but the weaponry was still off- line as the reprogramming of that was dependent on the sensors. Walking absently around a corner, he almost bumped into Gion.

“Gomen!” Goku smiled apologetically. The older Saiyan looked at Goku closely and grinned. “Bored?”

“Yeah, how did you know? Mind if I talk to you?” Goku fell into step with the other Siayan.

“Because I am too. Because I know Prince Vegeta has been cooped up in the computer rooms for the past three days. Because you have BORED written on your forehead.” The two warriors laughed.

“Gion, can I ask you something?”


“I don’t understand…” Goku frowned in confusion as he struggled with his words. “I don’t understand the other Saiyans’ attitude to Vegeta.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you all have never met Vegeta before, yet everyone automatically accepts him as one of the leaders. Not that I do not respect him, far from that, but…” Goku recalled the deference Radditz and Nappa had shown the diminutive and younger prince as well.

Gion stopped in front a window, looking out. Outside, a snow blizzard was starting to pick up. “How much do you know of our planet’s customs? Of Prince Vegeta’s past?”

“Very little.” Goku frowned. That had been a sore point in their relationship. Even though they were now mates and linked mentally, Vegeta remained close-lipped about his past and kept up strong mental barriers on his memories. Goku did not dare push his hot-tempered mate about it but he had to admit, he was extremely curious. “I was raised on Earth, I know almost nothing about Saiyan customs. And Vegeta does not like to talk about his history.”

Gion continued looking out at the white swirling snow, wondering what he should or could say. Start with something safe first. “We are respectful of the ouji because he has earned the title many times over. Saiyan culture can be harsh and unforgiving, and it is especially so for the royal family. One is not simply born a prince – one has to earn the title as well. Vegeta passed the first test when he was born with the highest power level in his generation. Normally, a Saiyan baby with a weak ki reading is sent off- planet. You can call it a form of selection. However, among the elites, weak babies are killed at birth.”

Goku stared at the calm Saiyan, horrified. “You mean they are not even given a chance?”

“No. The higher one’s class, the higher the expectations. And as the Saiyan no ouji, Vegeta was constantly trained and tested from birth. There are certain rites of passages. For example, one is termed S’vaar, or simply Survival, where the child is left in the jungle and expected to survive on his own for two weeks. Most undertake that at age five; Prince Vegeta passed that test when he was three. Another important milestone is K’lur or First Kill, and it has to be one of the nine designated Large Predators on Vegetasei. I killed my first when I was seven. Prince Vegeta killed his first during his S’vaar.”

Goku listened in fascinated silence. Vegeta had never mentioned those aspects of Saiyan culture. However, he did remember Bulma complaining to Chi Chi about the harsh training Vegeta put chibi Trunks through. Vegeta had even wanted to bring the boy out for wilderness training but the strong-willed blue-haired genius put her foot down at that. Now that he thought about it, the tension and anger at the CC had been palpable during that period.

Gion took a deep breath, hoping the ouji would never find out what he was going to say next. “But all that was nothing compared to what the prince’s sacrifice. Frieza had developed an interest in Vegetasei and demanded the young prince as a hostage. We Saiyans were prepared to fight, but the ouji agreed to Frieza’s demands. He was only twelve.”

Goku’s chest constricted in agonized sympathy. “Frieza broke that agreement. Vegeta told me that Frieza destroyed Vegetasei anyway but claimed it was due to a meteor shower.”

“Many of us guessed as much.” Gion’s jaw clenched in hatred. “Yet what our ouji did… knowingly going to Frieza… he has earned the title of ouji-sama many times over.”


Gion turned to look intently into the younger Saiyan. “That part is not mine to tell. I can only say, my experience as a troop under an ice-jin was an… awful period in my life. And I was only an anonymous fighter.”

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