Rebels Chapter 12: Coolant’s Assault



Homing in on Vegeta’s ki, Goku made his way towards one of the computer rooms. He had not seen the prince much over the past few days and missed him terribly. While he was proud of Vegeta’s lesser-known mechanical skills and the way the prince easily took over leadership of the rebels, he couldn’t help but feel a bit neglected. It was almost dinner time and Goku hoped that Vegeta had finished whatever he wanted to do. As he neared the room, he noticed that Momo’s ki as well and a feeling of nervousness from Vegeta over their bond. Curious, he slowed down and damped his ki.




“Well, that’s the last of the sensors set up…” Vegeta rubbed his eyes tiredly. Kami! He was in sore need of sleep. His stomach rumbled. Ok, make that food, then sleep.


Momo turned to face the prince, a seductive smile dancing on her lips. The two were seated side by side at the computer console. “So… have you considered my offer?”


Vegeta groaned. He had hoped that she would give up, but she was relentless. “Onna, for the umpteen time, NO!”


“Why not?” She pouted almost angrily. “I have to do all the work, all you get is a few minutes of pleasure. I thought one of the reasons you came is to rebuild the Saiyan race?” She smirked naughtily. “One of the ways would be to … actually come…”


Vegeta snarled at her innuendo. “Dammit woman. That’s not funny.” He was feeling extremely short-tempered and fuzzy-headed due to the lack of sleep and right now, he was actually tempted by her offer. His previously well-constructed objections seemed… Kuso! What were his objections again?


Momo sensed him weakening. “I’m not asking for commitment…” She scooted closer. “And you should be flattered.”


Vegeta slid his chair backwards, suddenly feeling very nervous. He was flattered, who wouldn’t be?


“So what’s stopping you?” Momo scooted yet closer, leaning forward alluringly.


Vegeta’s eyes were taking on a slightly wild and cornered look. His brains felt like they were packed in cotton wool. Shit, what was stopping him again? Oh yeah. “It’s not fair to Kakarotto.”


“I’m not taking over his status. You two can claim the child as your own, too, if you want.” Suddenly she was on his lap, her arms looping around his neck.


Abruptly, Vegeta panicked as he felt Kakarotto’s ki at the door. Yelping, he pushed her off roughly and stood up as the door swung open.




As Vegeta swept by, he yanked his startled mate by the arm. “C’mon Kakarotto. I’m hungry.”


Goku followed Vegeta to the kitchens. “Uh, Vegeta? What’s up with you and Momo?”


“Nothing!” Vegeta snarled, not meeting his eyes. The scowling prince appeared frustrated, even a little nervous and flustered.


Vegeta did not know what to do about that onna so he fell back on his instinctive response – clam up. He was sure his mate would not take the news that someone wanted his sperm well, and right now, he was feeling too tired to concentrate on the situation.


Goku frowned in jealous anger. He had thought he caught a glimpse of the pretty Saiyan female on his mate’s lap, and from the way Vegeta was acting, it all seemed extremely suspicious to him. The two ate and made their way back to their room in tense silence.


Vegeta needed to sleep badly but he could feel the jealously and anger rolling off the normally cheerful Saiyan, even without the aid of their bond. Yet it was not in his nature to …talk. He couldn’t seem to find the words to reassure his mate.


With a throaty growl, he pushed the larger Saiyan onto the bed and crushed his lips against Goku’s, his tongue probing deeply, trying to show in his actions what he could not say in words. His hands came up to fist in Goku’s spiky hair even as Goku wrapped his arms around the prince’s lean torso. Vegeta broke the kiss and nuzzled his face into Goku’s collarbone, inhaling the musky fragrance.


“Vegeta…?” Goku gasped at the suddenness and ferocity of the kiss.


Vegeta did not reply but instead, sank his sharp canines into the scar he had given his chosen, re-marking his mate. Goku arched up in sharp pain and pleasure, all conscious thoughts and questions fleeing his mind. All that mattered now was the physical sensations coursing through his heated body and the overwhelming possessiveness and desire he felt from Vegeta over their bond.  Vegeta groaned as he sucked greedily on his mate’s hot, rich blood.


Mine! MY MATE! 


Neither remembered very much after that; everything became a crimson haze of lust and desire. Somehow, they managed to get their clothes off. Hands caressed sweat-slicked skin feverishly, even as hot mouths trailed kisses and nips. Vegeta groaned gutturally and nearly came when large hands reached to his back to ruffle and stroke his lashing tail. With a snarl, he wrestled tenuous control back and reached down to pump his mate’s hard length. Goku arched up, crying out in bliss at the touch, and the two bucked and writhed in a frantic dance for control.


Growling, Vegeta shoved Goku’s hands away and scooted back. Nudging Goku’s thick muscled thighs apart and pushing the long legs up to the younger Saiyan’s broad chest, Vegeta leaned down to lick the tight ring of muscle wetly. Still kneeling, the prince raised his head to look at the erotic sight of his handsome mate with his legs drawn up and ass exposed until Goku whimpered in need. Smirking, Vegeta kept his palms on his mate’s hamstrings and entered in a slow, deep stroke.




Slender hips set a slow, yet hard, bruising pace, and Goku shrieked in pleasure as Vegeta angled his hips up to hit the prostate with every slamming stroke. Vegeta groaned in delectation as he rammed repeatedly into the tight heat, and his thick tail came down to curl around the erection between their abdomens.


Goku came soon with an animalistic howl, arching upwards as his legs snapped out straight around the prince’s corded neck. A heartbeat later, Vegeta reached his own climax and the two collapsed in a tangled heap. Rolling over to one side, Vegeta pulled his larger mate to him possessively, and the pair fell unconscious, deep sated purrs resonating through the small room.


As I am yours.




Coolant’s ships were detected on the newly set up sensors a day later. The rebels scrambled to red-alert as news of the five ships was reported over their scouters. Although the rag-tag band of rebels was vastly outnumbered, the presence of the four super Saiyans gradually turned the battle in their favor.


Wave after wave of fighters threw themselves against the largest base, straining its perimeter defenses. The defending fighters tried to keep them at bay as inside, Momo led her scouts in a feverish dash to get the planetary weaponry online. It was fortunate that all of the bases were linked, and they were able to access the other bases’ computers remotely. A skeleton crew was left at each of the other three bases to maintain the perimeter defenses as Goku and Vegeta rushed all available fighters back to the forefront of the fight.


The main battles have to be fought outside the base perimeter. Ki shields enclosing the base kept both attackers and defenders out.


Powered up to their max, the four super Saiyans were among the few rebels left; many had been injured and pulled in by their comrades. Out of the corner of his eyes, Vegeta noticed two ships flying in within visible sight. All the while the ships had been staying in geostationary orbit while beaming the troops onboard down. His puzzlement turned to alarm when the ships stopped and hovered. When he saw the onboard guns glowing, that alarm became panic.


Trunks! You and Goten keep those goons off our backs! Vegeta snarled, leaping back from the tangle of fighters he was in. He had a blood bond with his son, enabling them to communicate, though this mental bond did not extend to his son’s mate as well.


Kakarotto! Haul your ass up here, and help me! Hovering in midair above the base’s shimmering shields, Vegeta started to power up.


Goku threw his mate a startled glance, and that minor distraction cost him a kick in his ribs. The kick did not really hurt him much though, and after dealing a vicious blow that went right through the offender, the brawny Saiyan jumped out of the melee of troops that surrounded him. A look at the glowing ships clued him in on the situation.


The ships fired upon the base, only to be intercepted by a powerful blue beam. Vegeta held both ships at bay, sweat trickling down his forehead as he scowled in intense concentration. Suddenly, a bright orange blast shot out beside him and the combined beams pushed back the ship’s fire until it reached the two ships, colliding in a massive explosion. Both warriors flopped back onto the snow-covered ground exhausted, falling out of their level 4 state totally. Tiny charred fragments of the ships rained down over the bloody snow that was already littered with twisted bodies and limbs.


Goku pulled out a senzu bean from a sewn pocket in his sash and broke the hard legume in half before handing one half over to Vegeta. That last burst of ki had utterly drained them. The two took a brief respite from the many hours of intense battle as they munched their bean in companionable silence and waited for its rejuvenating effects.


The tiny piece of the bean was hardly enough to replenish the massive ki supplies of the two Saiyans. Standing up wearily, they only managed to power up to level 2. They shared a grimace of tired understanding before they dove right back into the fray.




Coolant howled in fury when his two ships exploded. Livid, he paced around on the control deck as he considered his options. He could not send any more ships down… The *four* super Saiyans were holding his men at a stalemate… His mind raced furiously as he pieced together a hasty plan.




Momo’s voice broke over their scouters. “Almost done! We just need you all to hold them back for another half an hour at the most!” The remaining defenders gave a weak grin and fought on, slightly rejuvenated by the piece of good news.


Suddenly, her voice cried out in alarm. “One of Coolant’s ships is headed over to base 3!” Vegeta glanced over at Goku in shock.


Goku smiled determinedly. “I’ll go ‘Geta. You stay here with the boys – it is only one ship after all.”


Vegeta frowned, somehow not liking that idea but acknowledging that his mate was right. Kakarotto was stronger than him. Fumbling with his belt buckle, he drew out a senzu and flicked it at his mate. “Eat that. The whole bean.” His harsh voice brooked no argument.


Goku thought to argue but decided against it. After chewing on the bean, he leaned over to give his mate a quick kiss before stepping back. See you later, koibito.




Coolant’s troops beamed down over to the undefended base, expecting an easy conquest. Instead, they were met by a glowing golden figure. His eyes stared out coldly under prominent ridges for a moment before he lunged at them.


The single bean was only sufficient for Goku to ascend to level 3. Still, it was enough to keep the group of attackers at bay.


On his ship, Coolant watched the images transmitted via the scouters in fury. How did that Saiyan manage to get to the other base in so short a time? “Proceed with the alternative plan.” He barked loudly as he slammed his fist down on his chair in frustration.




“Hai!” Two of the fighters threw a shimmering, metallic net over the startled golden Saiyan. Goku was caught unawares, for although the senzu may have restored his physical strength, he was mentally exhausted from the many hours of straight fighting. He felt the net sapping his ki and before he could break free, he was jumped on by the mass of fighters.


Snarling and buckling like a wild animal, he did not notice the heavy metallic collar until it snapped around his neck. Immediately, he fell like a stone, his ki plummeting. A hard blow to the base of his skull rendered him unconscious. Before the attackers could rejoice though, Coolant’s harsh voice came over their scouters, ordering them back. Apparently the rebels had succeeded in getting the planetary systems online and even now, satellites and various bunkers around the globe were powering up. They had about five minutes before they were trapped. Picking up their unconscious captive, they disappeared in a shimmering beam.




“Five minutes till the defenses come online!” Even as Momo’s jubilant voice came over their scouters, the attackers were being recalled in shimmering beams.


Vegeta stared around at the battlefield, hardly daring to believe that it was finally over. With a last scan to ascertain that no more of Coolant’s troops remained on the field, he gave in and fainted in exhaustion. An uneasy feeling about Kakarotto nagged at the edges of his mind just before he lost consciousness, but before he could hold on to that thought, blissful darkness claimed him.


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