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Rebels Chapter 13: Capture

The first thing Vegeta realized when he woke up was that he was not in his bed. Not in his room, either. Sitting upright, he looked around him and realized he was in the infirmary. He examined himself briefly; a cracked rib and numerous bruises and cuts but otherwise he was fine.


His stomach gave a loud growl, and his bladder was complaining so with a muttered curse, he pushed the blanket back and shakily made his way to the bathroom. There were a few other fighters in the room as well, but all appeared to be out cold, though not seriously injured.

Pausing in mid-step, he got a whiff of himself and grimaced. Changing his mind, he decided on a quick shower first, then food. He concentrated and reappeared in his room.

Emerging from the steaming bathroom, he dried himself with a flare of his ki. Frowning as he wrapped a new bandage around his chest, he couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong… Something nagging at the edge of his mind. He threw open the wardrobe door and stood there, choosing an outfit. As his eyes skimmed over Goku’s favorite orange and blue gi’s, his eyes widened in shock.

Kakarotto! He could not feel Kakarotto’s presence in his mind! With a growing dread, he extended his senses… His mate was not even on the planet! Kami…

He hurriedly pulled on a pair of indigo jeans and a loose cream laced shirt, almost stumbling as he tugged on his boots while concentrating on his son’s ki.

Trunks, Goten and Zarbon were eating in one of the kitchens when the disheveled prince appeared. “Dad! You woke up! Coolant’s ships have retreated since the defense systems came online!” Trunks was glad to see his father awake although he wondered at the prince’s messy appearance; usually the fastidious prince was impeccably groomed, but now his ebony hair stuck out in uncombed spikes, and his shirt was only half-tucked in.

“Where’s Kakarotto?” Vegeta rasped worriedly, his growling stomach forgotten for the moment.

The other three males blinked in surprise. “Dad’s not with you?” Goten spoke up in alarm even as they searched for Goku’s ki.

“Would I be asking if he was??” Vegeta growled in irritation. “I can’t find his ki anywhere on this bloody planet! And he’s not dead either!” He scowled at Zarbon’s sudden sympathetic look. “I would know for certain if he was.”

“Can you feel him through your bond?” The two warriors’ mating bond was much stronger than the blood bond between the Sons, partially because Goten was only half-Saiyan and partially because mental telepathy abilities run stronger in the royal family.

Vegeta clenched his fists in anger and worry. “No… All I can sense is a vague direction of his location and that he is still alive.”

Trunks pushed his father down. “Dad! Sit down and eat! You’ve been fighting for the past day – you won’t be much use if you collapsed!” Vegeta snarled at his son but inhaled his food anyway.

Zarbon crossed his arms and leaned back, gazing into space as he thought. “He was last at Base 3… We can go there after this to ask the fighters who were stationed there. There might also a visual record on the surveillance cameras on the perimeter…”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Vegeta clasped a hand each on Trunks’ and Zarbon’s arms. Goten barely managed to hang onto Trunks before the group disappeared.


The surveillance cameras had indeed caught the fight. Though the fight took place some distance from the base and the images were blurry, they managed to piece together the details of Goku’s capture.

“Zoom in on that. Stop.” Vegeta peered intently at the screen. “A ki collar… No wonder I cannot sense him. Shimatta!!” The metallic mesh of a ki net sapped one’s energy by attracting and binding ki, but it was not as effective as a ki collar, which traps the ki in a closed circuit.

Goten frowned worriedly. “I wonder why they brought him back to the ship…”

Vegeta exchanged a glance with Zarbon, neither dared to voice their suspicions. “I’m going after him. Now.” He could feel Kakarotto’s presence fading with every second as Coolant’s ship sped away from that sector of space.



Coolant stalked down the corridor to the holding cell eagerly. Death in battle would be too quick and easy for those meddlesome Saiyans, hence his order to bring back any captive Saiyan alive. As the door hissed open, he stared down at the prone form on the floor and his lips curled up in a malicious smirk when he realized just which of the super Saiyans he had captured. Yeeesss… Revenge would be so sweet.


Goku awoke with a startled gasp when a bucket of cold water was rudely splashed over him. Spluttering, he looked up in horror to see the ice-jin towering over him. His ki sapped by the collar, he could only struggle weakly as the thick tail came curling around his neck, hauling him to an uncomfortable upright position. With a low snarl, the ice-jin ripped the shredded remnants of his gi off. In a move strangely reminiscent of the previous time they had met, Goku’s hands came up to clutch at the ice-jin’s tail. The difference was that Coolant now had the upper hand, and both knew it. A hint of fear showed in obsidian eyes as hands scrabbled futilely to loosen the choking hold. The ice-jin gave a cruel laugh and backhanded him again and again, splitting his lips and bruising his face. Suddenly, the blows stopped and Goku tensed, his body anticipating another blow.


Noting the armband, the ice-jin gave a cruel laugh. “What’s this?”


When Goku kept quiet, Coolant yanked the armband roughly from his arm, leaving red scratches. “I guess it isn’t important then.” He laughed mockingly at the expression of anger on the Saiyan’s countenance. Goku glared balefully, his lips thinned in fury.   


Coolant smirked at the bloody face in front of him, then raked cold eyes down the Saiyan’s nude form. Raising a hand lazily, he raked his nails slowly across the chiseled chest and down the well-defined muscles, leaving red dripping trails. Yes, he had plans for this handsome Saiyan. His hand, now slick with crimson blood, came to a halt just above the flaccid organ and curled around it.


Goku widened his eyes in shock as the cool hand gripped his penis and started to stroke it. Despite his best efforts, he found himself growing hard and closed his eyes in shame. NO! He screamed mentally at the traitorous response of his body, which now continued to betray him as his breath hitched in jerky gasps. He was on the verge of losing control, his hips almost arching when the hand suddenly left his throbbing length, and a fist punched him in his solar plexus. The tail loosened its constricting grip and he fell to the floor, gasping in pain. Above him, he heard the ice-jin’s mocking laughter and the hiss of the door as the saurian left the cell. Curling into a fetal crouch, he tried hard to contain the sobs that were threatening to spill out. How could his body react like that? Did he really enjoy the ice-jin’s touch? His wet body trembling in the cool ship’s air, Goku fell into a tortured sleep.




Goku woke up some time later, shivering in cold. His stomach growled, and he looked up to see a plate of food by the door. Crawling over weakly, he looked down at the slop, feeling repulsed yet ravenous at the same time. Grimacing, he forced himself to consume it, knowing his body would need to replenish itself. Aside from the damage Coolant had inflicted on him earlier, he had also sustained numerous bruises and other injuries from the hard fighting on the planet, though nothing life-threatening.


When he was done, he looked around his cell. It was bare, except for some shackles on the wall and floor. His ripped clothes were gone as well. With a pained cry, he realized that his armband was gone as well. Somehow, that affected him more than anything else. 


Shivering again, he tried to warm himself but to no avail. The ki collar effectively sapped his energy, and he could barely raise his aura. Suddenly, the door hissed open again and Coolant stepped in, smirking cruelly.


“Cold, pet?”


Goku kept his mouth shut but glared defiantly at the ice-jin. Coolant’s eyes hardened in both anger and anticipation as he stepped around the simian. Yes… it would be enjoyable to break this defiance…


The thick, heavy tail lifted and whipped towards the weakened Saiyan’s back. Goku cringed and tensed for the blow… That did not impact. Instead the tail swung past his bare skin with a whistle. Again and again the tail whipped towards Goku, only to miss. Goku still tensed every time the tail lifted, but he was starting to get confused and relaxed ever so slightly.


What is he playing at? Suddenly, he hissed loudly in pain as the tail impacted, tearing a long gouge in his back.


The treatment continued, the ice-jin playing cruelly with the tensed Saiyan. Often the tail would *just* miss, but Goku still tightened in wary anticipation every time. There was no pattern as to when the tail would actually strike; it was totally random. Goku almost wished the ice-jin would just hit him and be done with it.


By the time the ice-jin stopped toying, Goku’s back was a mass of red, bleeding welts and the Saiyan was a coiled, tensed ball of muscle on the floor, his nerves shot. Through a red haze of pain, Goku vaguely heard the ice-jin barking some orders. He found himself lifted up by one of the ice-jin’s attendants and dragged outside, and then he slipped into blissful darkness.


Goku woke up as the liquid in the regeneration tank drained out. Confused, he blinked rapidly, trying to clear the fluid from his eyes. His hands came up to wipe his face and he felt a small breathing mask over his nose and mouth. As the last of the cloudy reddish-green liquid drained out, the mask fell off his face and the sidewall of the glass tank opened. Goku stumbled out warily and was greeted by a short green alien who held out a pair of loose red trousers. The alien waited patiently as Goku pulled on the trousers almost gratefully, then turned and beckoned the confused Saiyan to follow him.


Goku turned wearily from the door in his previous cell as it hissed shut, leaving him alone in the dim room. Surprised, he saw a few heaped plates of food on the floor, along with a thick blanket and a thick cushion. A fragrant aroma from the steaming food set his stomach acids flowing and without much further thought, he fell upon the food hungrily. Unlike the previous meal, the food was warm, tasty and filling.


Goku pushed the last empty plate away and crawled towards the corner, drawing the blanket around himself, now thoroughly confused at the turn of events. Examining himself, he noticed that all his previous injuries were healed completely. The cuts on his chest were no more than very faint white lines and he was sure that the gouges on his back were healed as well. Yet something still felt wrong… With a plummeting heart, he realized why.


The warm, comforting presence of Vegeta that had been in the back of his mind since they mated was gone. No matter how hard he concentrated, he couldn’t contact Vegeta. He could still feel a tiny spark of his mate’s presence, but that was all.




Vegeta growled in irritation and anger as he tried to focus his mind in a meditative trance again, in an attempt to pinpoint his mate’s direction. It helped… But not much. Once the ship had left the ki shield around the pale-blue planet, the sense of his mate became stronger, but still he could feel his mate speeding away with every second. Coolant’s ship was much faster than the ship he was currently on.


Zarbon had offered to aid Vegeta on his rescue mission, which Vegeta initially refused (quite rudely), until the tall Readan [1] had pointed out that he was much more familiar with that sector of space and the ice-jins’ planets. Vegeta had grudgingly conceded that Zarbon was right but refused to allow the boys to follow him, pointing out that the rebels would need them. In truth, the prince was feeling extremely worried and angry, and his instinctive reaction was to draw away from people. He did not feel like company at all.


Luckily, they had brought the encapsulated space ship when they landed on Coolant51, as ‘Hope’ was faster than any of the rebels’ small ships. It took only an hour to re-fuel and re-stock the small ship, but Vegeta still chafed at any delay. Without so much a backward look at the others, he had rushed up to the ship once it was ready and started the take-off sequence.


Since then, they had been chasing after Coolant in the direction that Vegeta had sensed his mate. Vegeta had spent much of his time either training furiously or brooding in mediation in his darkened room. *Their* bedroom. Most of Kakarotto’s stuff was still there, and his distinctive musky scent still clung to the fabrics in their room.


Vegeta groaned in anguish, hugging a pillow as he sat cross-legged on their large bed. He hated feeling so helpless. He was petrified of the thought of losing his mate. Again. Only this time, it would be far worse, for while he had a partial bond with Bulma, that bond did not compare at all to the blazing connection he felt with Kakarotto. Losing that gentle warrior would be like losing a part of himself…An essential part. He loved Kakarotto.


The slight Saiyan gulped convulsively, a trickle of tears running down his cheeks. Yes, he realized and admitted it now. He loved that baka. It wasn’t until the cheery Saiyan was taken from him that he realized the extent to which he felt for Kakarotto. The proud prince never actually told his mate though. And now, he wished he had said those words. He could have said it last night when they were making love, to reassure his jealous mate, but he did not. He could have said it anytime during the past four years since they mated, but he had not.


He had neglected his mate somewhat in the past year, ever since he had found out about the surviving Saiyans. Yet Kakarotto had supported him unquestioningly and wholeheartedly in his zealous mission to revive the Saiyan race. However, he would give it all up for Kakarotto. His hands clenched the silky soft fabric of the pillow tightly. Yes, he would do anything to have Kakarotto back.


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A/N: Hmm. My first torture scene. Not easy to write. I had a few ideas and I didn’t want to do the usual ‘beat & starve’ tortures. I want to break Goku (sorry!), but I’m not a psychology student so this is some speculation on my part, though I did read of some of the techniques elsewhere. The scene about the whipping was from somebody’s (true) account of what happened in the military. Anybody care to verify that?


This fic will get darker – more angst and torture so be warned. Though I won’t make it too dark, hopefully. Actually I don’t even like reading dark angsty stuff *shudders* but I think this would be essential to the story.


[1] Readan – Zarbon’s race. I’m not sure what he is so I just made it up.


Special thanks to Dark Fate for beta-ing this chapter!




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