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Rebels Chapter 14: Torture



Too weak to work out properly, Goku tried to calm his mind in mediation. He was sitting cross-legged in the corner of his cell when the door hissed open again. Looking up, he tried to keep his face expressionless when he saw the tall saurian figure in the doorway. The ki collar dampened his ability to sense ki as well, and he did not realize the ice-jin had been approaching his cell.


The ice-jin strode forward confidently, and Goku had to resist the urge to back away. Stiffening his spine, he tried to present an indifferent façade. The ice-jin ran lustful eyes over the pale Saiyan, and Goku fought hard to keep back a flush.


“Beautiful…pet.” Coolant had not expected the Saiyan to be so handsome or muscular. Now that the blood and grime had been washed away and his injuries healed, the ice-jin positively salivated at the thought to taking this perfect specimen.


“My name is Goku.” A low growl.


A stinging slap spins Goku to the floor. “You have no name now. You are my pet.” The ice-jin leaned forward, leering. “And a very beautiful pet at that.” His cool, pale hands reached down to caress the cringing Saiyan; one hand reached up to hold the Saiyan warrior in place and the other reached down to the waistband of the trousers. Horrified, Goku tried to push the ice-jin away, but the ki collar left him as weak as a normal ningen.


“Come now pet, I only want to show you pleasure.” Coolant easily pinned both of the Saiyan’s wrists over his head with one hand, forcing him prone on the cold floor even as he ripped the red pants away with the other hand. Goku squeezed his eyes shut in shame as the ice-jin’s cool fingers gripped his flaccid length again, mentally willing himself not to get aroused. However, that tactic was not working as he felt his member hardening. Desperately, he tried to think of the most unappealing images he could conjure up. The time he caught Master Roshi in frilly pink women’s lingerie. Chaotzu playing dress-up. With Tien.


Coolant frowned momentarily as he realized that direct stimulation was not working. No matter, there were other ways. He dragged Goku to one of the shackles on the wall and fastened the bracelets around the Saiyan’s wrists. One hand moved down to grip Goku’s penis again while the other moved to caress his ass.


Goku’s eyes widened in panic as he felt a finger forcing its way in, then another. Squirming madly, he tried to move away but was held in place by the shackles. The fingers probed and pressed hard against the bundle of nerves deep inside, and Goku could barely restrain his gasp. As his prostate was stroked again and again, Goku was helpless to prevent the waves of white-hot pleasure that shot through his trembling body.


“You like it, don’t you pet?”


NO! NO!! I DON’T!!


Goku’s torso jerked and arched at the conflicting feelings until he finally came with a hoarse cry, hot tears running down his face. The ice-jin mocking laughter echoed in Goku’s ears long after Coolant had left the cell. Goku remained hung uncomfortably by his wrists, nude and sticky, his head bowed.


Coolant visited Goku frequently after that. Sometimes he would beat the weakened Saiyan to a senseless bloody heap, starving him with barely edible food. The physical beatings were easier to bear; he had a lifetime of grueling training after all. What was worse was the sexual abuse.


The first time Coolant forced his tongue into Goku’s mouth, the Saiyan almost wanted to throw up. The ice-jin’s tongue was longer and thinner and reached almost to the back of his throat. Worse was the taste of the ice-jin – sharp and acrid. The saurian’s dry, musty, slighty bitter smell gagged Goku’s sensitive nose. The ice-jin then proceeded to flip Goku face-down onto the floor and grabbed the sensitive brown tail hard. Goku almost fainted at the pain, but the ice-jin seemed to know just how much force to apply such that Goku was never able to blissfully escape from the torture.


As Goku lay there panting and shivering violently in a brief respite from the pain, he felt something long and hard press against his anus. With a panicked cry, he tried to scramble away, but the ice-jin held him firmly in place as he was penetrated roughly. White-hot pain seared through his body, and Goku could only lie there screaming in agony as he was violated again and again. Blood ran freely down his alabaster thighs onto the floor, mixing with the hot salty tears. Legs spread wide, he felt exposed, helpless and humiliated, and he could only squeeze his eyes shut, trying desperately to block it out.     


Just when Goku thought he reached his physical limit, he would then be dragged off to a regeneration tank, after which he would be given some clothes and good food. After days of torture, the soothing healing fluid, warm clothing and simple food felt like heaven. He would be allowed to enjoy this respite for a couple of days before they were cruelly snatched away again. The contrasts between the torture and good treatment heightened the comparisons between the two. He was not allowed to become numb to the harsh treatments. Just as his raw body was soothed, he was flung back into a cycle of beatings and rape, the abuse stinging like salt on open wounds.


Goku lay curled up in the corner of the cell with only a thin shred of a blanket for warmth. The last session had been one of the worst. Not because he was beaten or raped, no, it was worse.


“Come now pet, you know you want this.” Coolant started to fondle Goku roughly as he crouched over the prone Saiyan. “Or do you require… more stimulation?” Goku shivered violently, knowing what the ice-jin meant by that, and shook his head in panic.


“Arouse yourself. I want to watch.” Abruptly, the ice-jin moved away. Trembling, Goku started to stroke himself. Closing his eyes, he thought of Vegeta and became hard instantly. Keeping his eyes tightly shut, he moaned as he lost himself for a short while in pleasant memories. Just before he came, his hands were roughly pulled away and a wet mouth covered his erection. He snapped his eyes open in shock to see Coolant sucking him off, but already on the brink, he was helpless to stop his climax and came with a loud cry.


Goku lay there panting from the orgasm and shaking with disgust, as the ice-jin watched in cold amusement. Suddenly, he yanked Goku’s head up by his thick spiky hair. “Suck, pet.”


Goku stared at the large purplish organ in repugnance and tried to back away, shaking his head violently. “No no…” Coolant exploded in rage and tugged hard on the limp brown tail. Goku shrieked in pain and the ice-jin promptly shoved his thick length into the Saiyan’s mouth.


“Suck…” Sobbing, Goku did as he was commanded – anything to stop further abuse of his tail. The ice-jin threw his head back and moaned with pleasure, thrusting his hips hard. Goku almost choked and threw up but managed to regain control although he was screaming inside.


“Yeesss… I can see you’re very good at this… My pet… My little whore…”


With a loud yell, the ice-jin climaxed. Goku wanted to pull his head back but the ice-jin kept a firm grip on his head. “Swallow it… Good…”


Goku promptly threw up after the ice-jin left. Now shivering in the corner of his cell, he wondered how much more he could take of this abuse. He wanted to give up and die so many times, but the strong Saiyan survival instinct that served him well in his past battles betrayed him here.


Goku shuddered. He hated the feeling of being so helpless. All his life, he could always rely on his strength. He had always been physically the strongest; that came easily to him. Now that his ki was sapped, he did not know how to react. He had never lost a fight before, and this feeling of being completely at someone else’s control terrified him. His life so far had not prepared him for such tortures. The normally cheerful Earth-raised Saiyan had became withdrawn and depressed since he was captured, and he had also lost much muscle bulk from the harsh treatments. His skin was pale and sallow, and his tail hung limp and broken.


He wondered if Vegeta was coming to rescue him… He wondered if Vegeta even knew where he was. Goku could not tell how much time had passed since he was captured. It could have been days, but it felt like years. With the ki collar on, Vegeta had no way of locating him. He could hardly feel Vegeta through their bond anymore; his mate’s presence was now a tiny spark when it used to be a fiery blaze. He wondered miserably if Vegeta even cared… He had so many other suitors. Goku knew Vegeta was highly desirable, especially amongst his own kind. His battered mind sank further and deeper into a spiral of depression, and he envisioned a certain pretty Saiyan female comforting his prince. The image shifted, now showing a tall blue-skinned figure embracing his prince, long sea-green hair falling like a satin curtain over them.


His body heaved with wracking sobs as he fell into a nightmare-ridden sleep.




Vegeta stared irritably at the screen. “Where is Coolant’s ship headed??” He felt the need to hit something… Pulverize anything! “I’m losing the trail… I can hardly feel Kakarotto’s mind anymore.”


Zarbon looked worriedly at the prince. Vegeta had not fared well in the past five weeks, ever since his mate was captured. Dark bags hung under his eyes, and he had lost a little weight. He trained manically whenever he was awake and ate only mechanically. “Vegeta… You need to take better care of yourself. How would you be able to rescue Kakarotto otherwise?”


“Bakayaro! I can barely pinpoint his location, much less barge into the ship to rescue him!” Vegeta exploded into the more familiar emotion of anger, in an attempt to ignore the other prevalent feeling of worry that gnawed incessantly at him. The prince swore venomously, almost blistering the air around him with his sulfurous rants. His arms remained crossed at his chest though his bristling tail lashed the air behind him in counterpoint to his swearing.


Zarbon sighed, reminding himself to stay calm. “Look, we are getting somewhere.” He pointed to the screen. “If we continue on this current direction, we will approach Coolant’s home planet. Ok, not exactly his home planet, but it is reputedly his favorite.” [1]


“Are you sure?” Vegeta chewed the inside of his cheek absently, his brows drawn together in a tight frown.


“It is his most likely destination. Though if it is so, we will have a problem. That planet is under extremely heavy security.”




Goku woke up suddenly. Something felt different. He frowned in concentration, then realized. The ship was too quiet; the familiar hum of the engines was gone. His cell door hissed open and Coolant stepped in, holding a chain.


Coolant smirked cruelly as he reached down to attach the chain to Goku’s collar before yanking him up. Once out of the cell, the ice-jin tapped his metal bracelet and they disappeared in a sparkling beam, reappearing in a lavishly decorated corridor. Goku flushed heavily with shame as he was dragged down the corridor like a pet, naked and beaten. Fortunately for him, there were very few people around, though Goku kept his head bowed and eyes averted in humiliation. 


The ice-jin led him into a large tiled room. There, he shackled Goku to a wall and unclipped the chain. To the Saiyan’s surprise, Coolant removed the ki collar as well. Still too weak to even consider breaking out of his shackles, Goku did the first thing that came to his mind.


He flung out his consciousness along the bond he shared with Vegeta.




Vegeta was training heavily under intense gravity when he felt their bond flare up, and Kakarotto’s presence came flooding back into his mind. Gasping, he fell to the floor in joy and shock.


/Kakarotto! Are you alright?/


/I’m still alive…But Vegeta!! Help me! I’m scared!/


/I’m on my way, but Coolant’s ship is too fast! What happened? Where are you?/


/I don’t know… His ship stopped, and we beamed down to someplace. He took off my ki collar for a while… But…/ Through their bond, Vegeta could see Coolant reaching for an ornate collar on a table.


/Vegeta!/ Kakarotto started to panic as he realized that their link would be cut off again.


/I’m coming koi… Just hold on! Don’t die on me!! I…/ Abruptly, their link was broken.


… love you…



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A/N: *cackles* I’m so cruel. *sniff* poor Goku. Poor ‘Geta.


Wow. I can’t believe I managed to write this chapter; heck, I hate watching horror shows. Violence I can handle but torture… Icks. Though this isn’t really torture in the sense that there isn’t any disfiguring equipment (yet) but I think it’s essential to the storyline. Too many fics out there examine Vegeta’s horrific past but I want to do a fic where Goku, with his background and personality, is subjected to such treatment and how he deals with it. I haven’t written that part yet so I hope I can do it justice. But for all Goku fans out there, I won’t prolong his suffering much longer… *taps chin* another half chapter??


[1] Not the same base as which Coolant landed his escape pod.


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