Rebels Chapter 19: Turning Points

As Goku moved forward to press his lips lightly against Vegeta’s, the prince gave a small smile as he leaned into the kiss and parted his lips. As their kiss deepened, their arms came up to embrace each other tightly.

Vegeta then did something he had never done before; he lowered his mental barriers, allowing the love and desire he felt for his mate to blaze out along their bond. He had always kept up tight barriers, never once losing his mental control even when his body lost it in the heat of the moment; past fears and stubborn pride had always held him back. Goku had not the mental training the Saiyan no ouji received when he was younger and often, his memories, thoughts and feelings would leak through their bond. Though Vegeta never actually pried into his mate’s mind, he knew of the younger Saiyan’s feelings for him.

After coming so close to losing his Kakarotto… Shimatta! What was pride? What was he afraid of? He had wasted so many years with Bulma, holding back because of his accursed pride and unfounded fears, though the equally stubborn onna finally managed to worm her way through his prickly defenses. No! He would not make the same mistake again!

Though the ouji still maintained closed walls around the deepest recesses of his mind where his darkest secrets were locked, Goku was able to catch a deeper insight into the complex labyrinth of the ouji’s mind and was stunned by the veracity and depth of the feelings his prince held for him. He saw random snapshots…fractured images…felt the conflicting emotions the prince had for him over the years… He saw it all from his prince’s point of view.

“Vegeta… I…” Goku moaned softly as his eyes fluttered shut, his head falling back. His mind was overwhelmed, and he could find no words to convey how he felt. Instead, the younger Saiyan’s equally intense and passionate emotions came flooding back, exploding gloriously through their bond.

To Vegeta’s surprise, it wasn’t as difficult as he thought to open up like that. He wasn’t sure what to expect – embarrassment? Rejection? The loss of control? Instead he now felt…peace…relief… That his mate now knew what he had been trying to say though he could not find the words.

There were still secrets Vegeta was not ready to reveal, horrors from his past before he came to Earth… But he would not dwell on that now. He pulled his attention back to the present and opened his eyes to see the shining visage of his mate, eyes still tightly shut and soft lips parted slightly.

Gently, he twisted at the waist and lowered the younger Saiyan onto his back. Purring throatily, the ouji crouched over the larger Saiyan, his hot tongue licking and swirling as he bathed his mate lovingly. His skilful hands massaged silken flesh, stroking away any last doubts.

Goku found himself drowning in his prince… For a moment, cold memories had threatened to overwhelm him again, but the warm palms that kneaded and caressed him were nothing like the cool, cruel hands from his nightmares. Instead of the musty, acrid smell he had associated with the ice-jin, Vegeta’s distinctive musky, spicy scent washed over him and assuaged his fears. A low answering purr rumbled forth from his deep chest as he abandoned himself to his mate’s ministrations. His hands reached down to fist in the prince’s soft raven locks as his head lolled to the side, his heated cheek coming to a rest on the cool sheets.

Slowly, almost leisurely, Vegeta took his time to make love to his mate. They usually coupled in a rough, heated, one might even say Saiyan fashion, but this time was different. This would not be just be quick, raunchy sex.

Moving lower to Goku’s hips, he paused momentarily when he felt the brawny Saiyan tense ever so slightly. Changing his mind, he flipped Goku onto his front.

Goku flinched a little when he felt intimate touches nearing his nether regions and flushed heavily in shame and agitation. K’so! He cursed his own groundless fears; this was his mate for kami’s sake! He panicked a little when he felt Vegeta’s warm body move away, thinking that he had offended the volatile prince, only to find himself quickly flipped over. Strong hands began kneading tense back muscles, loosening the knots where his muscles had twisted in the past few weeks.

With his knowledge of pressure points, Vegeta watched his mate turn to putty in his hands and smirked as his mate began mewing in pleasure. He rubbed the hollows in the back of the Saiyan’s skull firmly with his thumbs and watched in satisfaction as the slight furrows that had developed recently in Goku’s brows smoothed out. When he moved his hands down to knead the base of the heavily corded neck, Goku groaned loudly, and the tension visibly drained from his body. Slowly, he moved down the spine, then out under the shoulder blades, pressing hard on the three pressure points on either side.

Smirking even harder now, Vegeta slowly began to change tactics. His touches became more sensual and teasing as he quested lower, swirling and kneading around muscular hips and down chiseled thighs. Their mental link was still wide open, and the emotion Vegeta was now broadcasting over became pure desire.

Goku gasped as erotic images assaulted his mind, images of himself as viewed from the wicked prince’s perspective. He never knew the prince had such a vivid, creative imagination. As wave after wave of delicious imagery and sensations assaulted his mind mercilessly along with the relentless physical teasing touches, he lost the last of his fears and inhibitions and surrendered fully.

When a hand curled around the base of his tail, Goku did not flinch but sighed trustingly. When that hand opened up and skilful fingers started ruffling the soft fur on his sensitive tail, he arched back and up, wanting, needing more of the pleasurable sensations. A wet finger, then another started stretching and preparing him and his hips moved up of their own accord as he started panting frenziedly.

With a low growl, Vegeta thrust his hips forward and sheathed himself slowly. Pausing for a while to allow his mate to adjust, he started a hard, slow rhythm, burying himself deeply in his moaning mate. The larger Saiyan beneath him started moving, trying to get Vegeta to speed up, but the prince would have none of that and gripped his hips firmly.

Vegeta hissed in pleasure, throwing his head back as he continued to pump deeply and slowly, slamming hard into his mate’s tight velvet heat, reveling in the pleasured cries he was wringing from the mate. Kami! It felt so phenomenally good… So right. It had been too many long, lonely weeks…

Just as he sensed they were almost to the brink, he would pause for a while and breathe deeply before continuing, prolonging their pleasure in this manner. He *would* make this last… He would imprint this intimate moment forever for them… He would sear the awful memories and nightmares from his mate…

It drove Goku crazy, and he panted harshly. His prince was making torturous love to him mentally as well, relentlessly assaulting both his mind and body. His blood burned, his muscles were all clenched in delicious tension, his tail was curling and uncurling agitatedly, and he felt like he was going to burst as his breath came out in shallow, panting gasps. He was definitely sure he was going blind; all he could see were bright white sparks that danced wildly in front of him. All he could hear was the pounding of his pulse and the rushing roar of his blood. Very dimly in the background, he could make out a cracked voice screaming and mewing in delirium… Was that himself?

A furry appendage snaked down to stroke his neglected erection, and his hands fisted tightly in the sheets as his pleasure intensified. When Vegeta ascended and grew within him, that sent him over the abyss. He howled loudly as he spurted over the sheets, and his vision fractured into a blinding, swirling rainbow. Dimly, he could hear an answering primal roar as his ouji climaxed violently within him.

Their minds still linked, they rode the whirlwind of euphoria together, soaring higher as their physical bodies convulsed together in excruciating ecstasy. The overwhelming moment seem to stretch to infinity as they peaked, but though they tried to linger, they were slowly pulled back into reality.

Vegeta purred contentedly and blissfully as he watched his mate drift off into a fatigued sleep, a small smile lingering on the younger Saiyan’s countenance. He had opened himself to help his mate, never expecting that some of his own demons would be exorcised in return. He had heard stories of Saiyan bonds and how they could enhance lovemaking, but he had never dreamt it would be like this!

Still purring, the sated prince descended into welcome slumber.


Goku stretched lazily, reviewing the events of the previous night over in his mind. To say that it had been mind-blowing was an understatement. He smiled happily as he remembered his mate’s loving gaze and sweet kiss when he awoke that morning. Vegeta had even gotten up earlier and brought breakfast in bed for them. After a leisurely breakfast, Vegeta went to train while Goku was contented to lie around in bed for a while longer.

Last night had also been the first time he had a restful, interrupted sleep. He had been suffering from nightmares. Though he did not tell Vegeta, it was hard to hide it from someone who shared his bed. Sometimes it was just a vague feeling of unease and cold, at other times, he relived every torrid detail of the times he was raped. Vegeta was right; he had to confront his problems, not run away.

Sighing, he got up and picked up the dishes, a blissful expression still on his face. ‘Geta had been so sweet!

When he neared the kitchen, he tensed momentarily when he realized that Zarbon was inside. Then, he squared his shoulders and walked in confidently.

The tall, blue-skinned fighter was washing up and looked up with a broad smile. “Ah, why don’t you place those dishes here? I’ll help wash them as well.”

“Thanks,” Goku handed him the dishes, then stood awkwardly.

“You guys were really noisy last night.” Zarbon threw a wicked smirk over his shoulder as Goku reddened.

“Err… Well…” Goku fumbled a little, then fell silent again.

“You know? I’m really envious.” Zarbon sighed, gazing down unfocusedly on the foamy suds in the sink. “I’m really jealous of the way you Saiyans can form life-long mates and mental connections.”

He turned to face Goku. “Vegeta was really worried out of his mind for you. He’s really devoted to you, even if he doesn’t say it or show it well. But that’s Vegeta.”

Zarbon’s words echoed in his mind as he made his way back to their bedroom. Zarbon was envious of them? He blushed in embarrassment as he recalled his petty jealousy of Vegeta’s and Zarbon’s friendship. Kami! I was such a baka!  Any lingering doubts he had of Vegeta’s feelings were swept away fully by Zarbon’s frank admission.


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A/N: Many thanks to Dark Fate for beta-ing this chapter!

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