Rebels Chapter 20: Secrets

Slowly, Goku began to come out of his depression. He started training again, though he had to start slowly as he was sorely out of shape.

It was quite an unsettling experience for him; the only time he had ever felt so weak was when he was recovering from the heart virus. All his life, his one constant source of personal pride had been his strength. He had always walked into a fight, somehow, confident of his ability to win. To have that taken away so abruptly had shaken him profoundly and left him feeling more than a little insecure.

Goku was doing pushups under 500x gravity when he felt Vegeta’s ki outside the door. Pausing in mid-push, he turned his head quizzically as the door hissed open.

“How about a light spar?” Vegeta smirked, pulling on his gloves. He was already dressed in his usual navy training spandex outfit.

“Of course!” Goku grinned as he got up. He waited patiently for Vegeta to finish his warm-up.

Resetting the gravity to 300x, the two moved apart and crouched down in fighting stances. It was a very familiar routine; how many times have they sparred like this before?

Vegeta made the first move and the pair exploded into a furious flurry of blows, zipping back and forth with blinding speed. However, it soon became obvious that Goku was having a hard time keeping up.

An uppercut caught the taller Saiyan in his jaw and sent him flying back. Vegeta smirked as Goku landed hard against the wall. “Come ON Kakarotto, surely you can do better than that.”

Goku picked himself up, frowning. For some reason, the mild taunt riled him, and he lunged again at the smirking prince with a snarl. Vegeta dodged the blow easily, and the two exchanged a barrage of punches, one finally clipping Goku on his shoulder. As he stumbled slightly, Vegeta followed up mercilessly with a flying roundhouse kick.

“You call that a fight? Pathetic weakling!” Vegeta scoffed. That too was familiar, however, this time, the prince’s caustic comments struck a raw nerve in Goku.

Pathetic weakling! Weakling! Weak! Weak! The taunt echoed in the younger Saiyan’s head and abruptly he stood up.

“You’re right Vegeta… I am weak.” The distraught Saiyan whispered brokenly, his eyes downcast. Before the stunned prince could react, he ran out of the room.

K’so! Vegeta no baka!! He slapped himself on the forehead in consternation. Why the fuck did I say that for?? And just when he was making progress too!

Goku had raised a defensive mental barrier when Vegeta tried to reach him, but Vegeta could still feel the deep hurt that leaked through his shields.

Go and apologize… Yet his body remained stubborn and still.

I am the Saiyan no ouji! I do not need to apologize to anybody!  His usual angry excuse sounded lame and forced.

I’ll just see if he’s all right… With a resigned snarl, the prince headed out towards their bedroom.

Goku was seated with his arms around his drawn-up knees on their bed, facing away from the door when Vegeta entered the room.

Vegeta stood there uncomfortably for a few seconds, his arms crossed defensively as he tried find the words to say. “Kakarotto… I…I’m …”

“Go away…” Goku mumbled, his voice breaking slightly.

In a flash, Vegeta crossed the room and twisted Goku around by his shoulders, forcing the reluctant Saiyan to face him. “Dammit! Listen to me!”

“Nani?” Goku kept his gaze down, his tone a little sullen.

“I didn’t mean it… Sorry…” The last part was almost inaudible.

“Nani? Of course you meant it! You’ve always insulted me! This time, you were right, I was weak!” Goku yelled, his fragile emotions suddenly boiling over.

“If I wasn’t so weak, I wouldn’t be so depressed! I wouldn’t be here moping like this! If I wasn’t so weak, he wouldn’t have…” His voice hitched in a sob, and he dashed away a tear angrily.

Vegeta really felt like hitting himself then. Hard. “No, you’re not weak! None of what happened to you was your fault!”

When Goku kept sullenly silent, Vegeta sighed a bit and sat down behind him, wrapping his legs and arms around his mate’s larger frame and rested the side of his face on his lover’s back.

“Kakarotto… Search my mind. You know I don’t mean it… I guess I just got carried away by the spar. We taunt each other all the time when we fight…”

Hesitantly, Goku ventured into the ouji’s psyche. It was practically sacred domain; Vegeta hardly, if ever, let him in. Goku latched on to the part of the ouji’s mind that concerned himself and saw that Vegeta spoke the truth. Curious, he explored deeper…

/Shimatta!! Get out of there! I did not allow you access! Kisama!!/ Vegeta’s mental voice raged at him suddenly, and Goku flinched away, abruptly tumbling out of their link.

“Gomen nasai… Vegeta… I… I…” Goku stuttered, ashamed. He should not have done that; it was a gross invasion of privacy. Vegeta pushed himself off the bed and backed away, his dark eyes blazing in fury.

Vegeta was about to swear and rant again, but then caught himself. His anger faded as he crossed his arms and turned his back. “Now you know.” His deep voice was low and flat.

His malicious taunts and cold attitude had all been a front, his biting comments actually bitter thoughts about himself. He hated being weaker than the Earth-raised Saiyan… He had always been told since he was young that he was tested the strongest in his generation, and that he was destined to be the Legendary… His caustic insults were an attempt to reassure himself of his own strength and worth.

Goku scrambled up quickly and enveloped his smaller mate in a hug. “Vegeta… You are not weak, you are the strongest person I know. I really mean it… You are not only physically strong but mentally as well… I really admire you…” He lowered his mental walls, reaching out tentatively to his mate.

Suddenly, Vegeta broke out in laughter. “We are such bakas. All the while I was envious of your physical strength, envious of how I have to work so hard for something that came easily to you…”

“I was jealous of your wit and intelligence, your mental tenacity.” Goku grinned ruefully, moving around to face the prince. “Forgive me?”

“Baka.” Vegeta smirked teasingly as he pulled his taller mate down for a kiss.


As Vegeta walked out of their bathroom, flaring his ki briefly to dry himself, he looked on curiously at his mate who was fiddling with the stereo. “What are you doing?”

“I wanna play more upbeat music…” Goku mumbled, rummaging through the stack of music discs.

Vegeta bared his fangs in mock anger. “And do tell, what is wrong with my music?” The ouji’s tastes leaned towards stately classical and smooth jazz.

“Boring…” Goku stuck his tongue out childishly.

Vegeta stared a moment, then started snickering. Shaking his head, he walked over to their wardrobe. “Whatever…”


“Hn.” Vegeta pulled on a pair of black gi bottoms.

“Would you dance for me?”

Vegeta choked a bit, and then recovered himself. “Nani?!”

“Remember that night at the club?” Goku gave his best puppy-dog eyes.

“I was drunk.” Vegeta muttered, wishing his mate didn’t keep bringing that up. Actually, he had been just a little high. For some strange reason back then, he felt the need to impress a certain Saiyan, and the alcohol merely lowered his inhibitions slightly. (See the prequel Clueless!)

“I… I saw you dance…” Goku hoped he wasn’t going too far. Vegeta paled, then flushed in embarrassment, then paled again. He knew exactly which dance the younger Saiyan was referring to.

“Why did you dance like that? Why don’t you dance like that for me?” Goku pouted.

“Baka! It wasn’t like that!” Vegeta sat down on the edge of the bed with a groan. Where’s a nice hole to bury your head when you need one?

“It was the only way to save you… With the ki collar on you, I wasn’t able to pinpoint your location. I needed an excuse to get close to Coolant’s personal quarters and … Entertainers pass through all the time. Believe me, if there was another way, I would have taken it. I hated doing that…” He crossed his arms defensively.

The magnitude of Vegeta’s action struck Goku like a lightning bolt, and the realization stole his breath away. His hand came up to stroke the ouji’s cheek lightly.

“Vegeta…” he whispered huskily.

A crimson blush crept up the ouji’s cheeks and stayed there as he kept his gaze fixated on some interesting spot on the floor. “It wasn’t as bad… The collar I wore wasn’t a ki collar. I was in control for once… I wasn’t forced to do it; I *chose* to do this time…”

Goku was deeply touched, and he reached forward to embrace his mate tightly, pulling the smaller Saiyan onto his lap, his eyes looking suspiciously shiny. “Oh Kami, Vegeta…”

They stayed in that position for a long while, and Goku was about to move away when Vegeta started speaking again, softly.

“It wasn’t that I disliked dancing… It was the loss in control that I hated more than anything else. It was like a game to Frieza, and we were the toys. He would gather an assorted group and pitch us against each other… Sometimes we were instigated to fight, at other times we were forced to dance…”

“They weren’t honorable fights either.” Vegeta gave a bitter laugh. “Sometimes we were restrained with ki bands, sometimes our wrists were lashed together. The fighting would take place in a pit, and the fight only stopped when one opponent is battered and unconscious. Those who were reluctant to fight were either beaten senseless or injected with substances that heightened aggressiveness.”

Goku inhaled sharply in anger. He had seen similar deplorable practices back on Earth, where naturally aggressive animals like pit bulls or certain species of fishes were forced to fight in a similar fashion.

“The dancing was worse. In a sadomasochistic way, I preferred the fights; even if I were beaten senseless, my power level would increase after every near death experience. Usually we would dance in turn, and the judged loser would be Freiza’s slave for the night… A horrible experience. Or the worst dancer would be killed, and the ‘winner’ would enjoy Frieza’s attentions for the night.” The prince’s voice dripped with icy sarcasm. “He knew how to play us against each other; friendships were weaknesses.”

“Kami…” No wonder Vegeta found it hard to open up to the Z sensei’s.

“Yet… Somehow, Zarbon and I managed to strike up an unusual friendship.” Vegeta’s lips curled into a small smile, as his eyes unfocused at distant memories. “Ours was also a dangerous friendship; we took care not to broadcast the fact.”


“Zarbon was branded on the thigh like me…”

Understanding lit the younger Saiyan’s eyes, and he remembered a previous conversation. “’Geta, you’ve mentioned that Nappa was branded on the ankle. What about Radditz?”

“Would you venture a guess?”

“Don’t tell me he was branded on the thigh as well!”

A smirk from the prince was his confirmation.

“But… I remembered that when he came to Earth, he was wearing spandex shorts under his armor!” Goku frowned in concentration.

Vegeta snickered. “Your brother was really vain. For some reason, he didn’t like wearing spandex pants so he would put some concealing cream over the mark. Zarbon was as vain, but he wore leg warmers instead.”

Goku listened, fascinated, as Vegeta told him about how he got to know Zarbon and how they became good friends. A few years after Vegeta had been taken aboard Frieza’s ship, the ice-jin developed an interest in the young prince and his long-haired guard, and Zarbon was sent to summon them. Somehow Zarbon felt sorry for the teenage ouji and gave him some good advice.


“What advice?”


“He gave us tips on what to do in those pit fights and taught us how to dance…” A smirk tugged at the prince’s lips. “And where to obtain lubrication and painkillers.”




Vegeta rolled his eyes, snorting derisively. “We weren’t stupid; given sufficient time, we knew how to prepare ourselves, and we knew how to put up a convincing act.”


Vegeta grinned. “Actually your brother was quite a party animal himself. Between the two of them, they managed to thoroughly corrupt a sixteen year old. Radditz was my first in fact…”


“NANI?!” Goku couldn’t stop the growl that rumbled forth, even though he knew that Vegeta had not been a virgin when he first met Bulma.


Vegeta snickered again. “Well, I had to… And I would much rather my first time be a pleasurable experience, preferably with a Saiyan. I would NOT even have considered Nappa…”


“How… How was he?” The younger Saiyan was writhing in curiosity and jealousy.


“Well… He was big… And vigorous…” Vegeta couldn’t help himself as he broke out in laughter at the look of consternation on Goku’s face.


“But he wasn’t as big and vigorous as you…” The smirking prince finally took pity on his anguished mate, patting him reassuringly down there. “Besides, he’s not my mate. You are.” He emphasized with a grind against the other’s hips.


Goku visibly puffed up with pride, and he leaned forward, growling. “Yes, I *am*.” And he bit down possessively on Vegeta’s neck.


“Kakarotto!!” The ouji yelped at the initial pain, then rolled his head back, purring as the other Saiyan started lapping at the bloody bite. Vegeta wouldn’t have admitted it, but the aggressive and possessive side to the usually easy-going Saiyan really turned him on. Goku pulled back and regarded his mark on HIS prince with a smug look.  


“Kakarotto… One day I will tell you more, but for now…” The ouji kissed his mate lightly on the lips then drew back. “I will dance for you.”

“Really? You will?” Goku was delighted and extremely curious. “Why?”

Vegeta stood up and walked over to the rack of music discs, his tail weaving sinuously. “Because I want to. Like I said, it’s not that I dislike dancing.” He quickly selected one and popped it in.

“Because you want me to.” The lithe prince turned around with a sexy smirk on his face, his deep voice trailing off to a husky purr as a jazzy, sultry beat filled the room.

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