Rebels Chapter 21: Devious Little Female



“We’re almost back on Coolant51… Just another hour.” Vegeta tapped his chin thoughtfully. “First thing to do once we get back is to change that planet’s blasted name.” The two Saiyans had just finished a shower after a hard workout and were currently lounging on their large bed.

They had grown much closer during their journey back. Goku told Vegeta details about his capture, and he found it helped a great deal. Goku had also asked Vegeta and Zarbon not to tell the others of his ordeal, a request that the two understood perfectly. The tall Saiyan would tell when he was ready, in his own time. Their mental link had also deepened as Vegeta started to open up to his mate about his checkered past.

A beep from the scouter on the bedside table alerted them. The two mates got up and padded softly over to the wardrobe to get dressed. Vegeta selected a laced long-sleeved cream shirt and a pair of leather trousers. Goku did not pick out his usual orange and blue gi but chose a green button-down shirt and jeans instead.

Vegeta noticed Goku’s brief look of pain as he slipped on his armband and rubbed the taller Saiyan’s hand lovingly, knowing that his missing armband was just another painful reminder of his capture. “Don’t worry about that.”

The two grabbed their thick jackets and headed out towards the control room, where Zarbon was already waiting, having already changed into warmer clothing. The three stood silently as they watched the image of the icy-blue and white planet loom larger on the screen, each lost in their own thoughts.

Everyone was out to greet them when they landed. The Saiyans had prepared a welcome-back party, in other words, they prepared a lot of food, and they quickly adjourned to a large hall.

“Trunks, have you noticed how our fathers seem too quiet?” Goten whispered to his mate. The two mentioned Saiyans were sitting in the corner, watching the festivities silently. Vegeta’s arm was looped around Goku’s waist almost protectively, and the younger Saiyan was leaning against the smaller figure. The two demi-Saiyans were probably the only ones in the room to notice the differences in their fathers’ behavior.

“Yeah, especially Goku.” Trunks raised an eyebrow. “He seemed…changed somehow. I mean, you know my dad’s never been the life of the party in the first place, but Goku usually has no problem mingling with the others.”

Goten reached over for another piece of meat. There wasn’t much in way of wildlife on the cold planet and even less vegetation. Most of the food the rebels consumed had to be flown in. “Maybe because he doesn’t know the fighters here as well?”

The gathering was much more subdued than the boisterous affairs of the Z sensei parties back on Earth. The rebels were a more reserved group; many having led harsh lives. Yet the general mood and morale had improved much over the past few weeks, largely buoyed by their success in not only capturing the outpost planet but also in successfully defending it. All respected the four Super Saiyans tremendously for the crucial roles they played in the fights and were genuinely glad that Goku was rescued. When Zarbon related how Vegeta had killed Coolant and then blown up the ice-jin home base, a ragged cheer broke out.

“Maybe they’re just tired from their journey.” Trunks shrugged. “They didn’t say much on the actual rescue mission itself other than the fact that dad killed Coolant. Curious… I guess something must have happened, and they just did not want to talk about it.”

“Don’t pester them then, especially ‘tousan.” Goten warned the lavender-haired prince.

Trunks looked hurt. “Am I so tactless?”

“Sometimes…” Goten snickered at his mate’s indignant expression. “Hey, look! Momo’s walking over to Vegeta with this determined expression on her face. Let’s go see what she has up her sleeve.”

The two demi-Saiyans have grown to like the pretty and feisty scout leader, who had demonstrated a wicked sense of humor time and time again. Grinning, they made their way across the room.

When they got there, she was currently complimenting an uncomfortable ouji on his bravery in rescuing his mate. On his part, Vegeta had just remembered the ‘minor’ unresolved problem with the stubborn Saiyan female. Fortunately or otherwise, she had another purpose for seeking him out this time round.

“You are very brave ouji-sama,” Momo looked up at the approaching demi-Saiyans with a twinkle in her eyes. “Many of the other fighters here can be wusses; Trunks and Goten can attest to that, but I’m sure nothing fazes the Saiyan no Ouji.”

“Err… Yes…” Vegeta had the uneasy feeling that he was being boxed in somehow.

“So I’m sure you have no problem with trying the fusion dance with me?” She batted her long eyelashes winningly.

“NANI?! ILE!!” Vegeta blew up.

“Why??” Momo taunted. “Scared?”

“Yes! I mean no!” He crossed his arms. How does she keep triggering my buttons??

“I refuse to do it, onna!”

“C’mon, why not?” She purred. He’s cute when he’s flustered!

Vegeta growled. “No.” And he stood up and walked away.

“Darn!” Momo snapped her fingers in exasperation. “Goku, I don’t suppose you are willing to try it with me?”

“Leave me out of this.” The tall Saiyan shook his head nervously as he walked off after Vegeta. Trunks and Goten burst out laughing.


/Kakarotto… KAKAROTTO!! Wake up!!/

With a loud gasp, Goku’s eyes snapped open. He was safe… He was in his own bed…with his mate. He sat up abruptly, his hands fisted in his spiky hair. Beside him, Vegeta was seated upright and watching him worriedly. The tall Saiyan was covered in cold sweat.

“Another nightmare?” Vegeta asked quietly.

Goku only nodded, his heart still racing from the vivid dream.

“You’ve not had a nightmare for almost two weeks now… What brought it on?” The prince reached out to hold Goku’s hands. K’so! They’re so cold!

“I’m not sure…” Goku shook his head, mumbling in confusion and shivering. “So cold…”

Vegeta frowned in concentration. His heavier mate never had a problem with cold weather before. “Was it cold in Coolant’s base?”

“Yeah…” Goku shivered again. “And with the ki collar, I couldn’t raise my ki to keep myself warm.”

Of course! Vegeta hissed in understanding. “The cold climate on this planet triggered back the memories! But you can control your ki now.”

A faint yellow aura surrounded them as Goku raised his ki, warming the two naked Saiyans. Slowly, his trembling lessened and finally stopped. However, his eyes still had a slightly haunted look.

“Sleep, koi.” Vegeta drew his mate back down on their bed, his muscular arms wrapping around the younger Saiyan’s waist. “I’ll be here.”


A meeting was held the next day. The rebel leaders; Gion, Zarbon and Momo were present, as well as the four Super Saiyans. As the sector of space under Coolant was now in chaos after Vegeta killed the ice-jin, the rebels were in an advantageous position. Quickly, they made brief plans, which included seeking out the refugees or survivors. Trade deals with other inhabited planets were also drafted. Ideas on generating income for the new (mainly) Saiyan empire bounced around included protection for merchant ships on trade routes.

A lively discussion also broke out on what to rename Coolant51. Suggestions ranged from the maudlin to the ridiculous; Vegeta was appalled when they suggested that they name the planet after him. “Nani?? Vegeta1 is a ludicrous name!”

“But Vegetasei…”

“The royal family is named *after* the planet. It wasn’t my idea.” Vegeta glared at Gion. “Choose another name.”

Everyone agreed that the name had to reflect meaningfully as it was the turning point in their war. Finally they settled on Freedom, though Vegeta thought it was too sappy, but, as was the case with Hope the ship, he was outvoted.
(A/N: I think it’s too mushy too but YOU come up with a name, huh?!)

As the meeting drew to a close, Vegeta spoke up. “I know we are all quite tired now, but I would like to bring up a point for you all to consider. This planet is but an outpost. I propose to relocate the Saiyan race, and any other rebel that wishes to live with us, to a planet we’ve found on our journey here from Earth, one we have named New Vegetasei. We will leave a skeleton crew here, one which we will rotate every few months, when the others move.”

An excited discussion broke out, and Vegeta held up a hand to stall the rapid questioning, frowning. “Enough! We’ll discuss the details at a later date.”

As the fighters stood up to leave the room, Vegeta and Goku hung back until the others had left. Vegeta looped his tail around the other’s waist discreetly as Goku’s tail came down at the same time to brush his mate’s thigh, before wrapping around it.

/What do you think?/ Vegeta had been quite worried for his mate; the frigid environment on this outpost had been triggering bad memories, and Goku seemed to have become a bit more withdrawn since they had landed. Of course, he had plans to relocate to NV all along, but now he wanted to speed things up.

Goku smiled warmly at the prince. /I can’t wait./


Goku sighed as he walked back to their bedroom. He had planned to go sparring with Goten or Trunks since Vegeta had monitor duty that night, but he could not find the demi-Saiyans anywhere.

As he opened the door, he was surprised to catch a whiff of roses and looked up in surprise. A table was laid out in the middle of the bedroom, and their bed was pushed into a corner. Candles lit up around the room caught on the matching black silk sheets that adorned both the bed and table. Romantic music played in the background. A lushly furred russet tail snaked around his waist.

“Happy Anniversary, koi.” Vegeta stepped around to face the startled Saiyan, a small smile playing on his lips.

The Saiyan no ouji was dressed in a black satin long-sleeved shirt and tight leather pants. The lacings to the shirt hung loose, revealing hints of defined pectorals as the dark prince held up a small bouquet of rosebuds.

Goku gasped. “How?”

“Some rose seeds plus that miracle growing gel that Capsule Corp developed a while back.” Vegeta smirked. “The roses are a bit small and not fully matured though…”

“I love them!” Goku accepted the rosebuds in delight. He had forgotten all about their anniversary. Usually, the younger Saiyan was the one who remembered their anniversary and also the one to set up some sort of celebration to commemorate the first time they mated. He leaned forward and enveloped his prince in a hug as their lips met in a deep kiss.

Vegeta was the first to reluctantly pull away. “I’ve got some things for you…” He led the other Saiyan to the table, where a light supper lay prepared.

Goku seated himself and placed the bouquet carefully on the table beside the covered dishes before he took off his jacket. “I thought you were on duty tonight?”

“I’ve managed to get somebody to relieve me.” Vegeta smirked again.


Momo smirked evilly as she made her way to the monitor room. By now, Vegeta should have eaten the berry-spiked cookies she left on the table inside; no Saiyan could resist snacks lying around. A small pang of guilt also known as her conscience nagged in the corner of her devious mind, but she pushed the irritating little angel that sat on her shoulder off. She wouldn’t have survived so long if she hadn’t been so unscrupulous. The fact that she was a relatively weak fighter meant that she had to rely on her wits and cunning more than ever. But she wasn’t totally without scruples. If Vegeta got into trouble with his mate, she would claim all responsibility.


Her eyes glazed over as she recalled the outfit the Saiyan no ouji was wearing when he hurried past her earlier that evening. Kami! He looked soooo delicious in that hot, tight leather pants and soooo romantic in that ebony satin-laced shirt. She had almost swooned in the corridor!


She gave a wicked chuckle as she slowed down near the monitor room, smoothing down her outfit. The pretty Saiyan female was dressed for seduction tonight. A tight sleeveless silk dress with a high halter-neck collar hugged her curves, the hem of the tight skirt skimming matching scarlet sandals. The midnight black lower half of the dress bled into the crimson top seamlessly. A slit that ran all the way up her right leg, almost to her hip allowed mobility in the otherwise restrictive outfit, and thin bangles of silver adorned her bare arms. Her wavy black hair was caught up in a bun and soft tendrils trailed alluring down her neck.


The first thing she saw when she entered the room was the plate of crumbs on the table. A smirk lifted her lips as she closed the door quietly and made her way to the figure seated in front of the monitors. The high chair swiveled around as the figure in the seat registered her presence and Momo’s mouth fell open in shock.


Before she could react, he lunged at her and pinned her to the wall, crushing his lips against hers in a bruising kiss, growling lowly in his chest.


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