Rebels Chapter 22: Guess some people are getting some action tonight…

Momo gave a hard shove, pushing the male off as she scrambled away hastily.

“Zarbon!” What’s he doing here? Where’s Vegeta?

The blue-skinned fighter gave another low growl, smirking as he raked appreciative eyes down her curvy figure. “Momo… You look ravishing tonight…”

Zarbon had never felt so aroused before. He had agreed to take over Vegeta’s duty that night and was pleasantly surprised by the plate of cookies on the table. Vegeta didn’t seem the sort to come up with such thoughtful gestures, but he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He was starting to regret his altruistic action though, for some inexplicable reason, he started to feel really, really horny. And warm. He had already stripped off his jacket, but he still felt too hot in his thin silk shirt. He was considering relieving his predicament when Momo came in. One look at the pretty Saiyan female and suddenly, all rational thoughts and common sense seemed to fly out the window.

The smart Saiyan female recognized the look in his eyes. Lust. Pure, unadulterated lust. Oh shit.

“Zarbon?” She squeaked as she slowly backed towards the door.

The tall male lunged towards her again, and she gave up the pretense of nonchalance to hightail out of the situation.

Shit, shit, shit!!! Momo hiked her skirt up as she ran down the corridor. Her dress was a little too tight, and her sandals were too flimsy for running.

Zarbon loped behind her, enjoying the chase as his long legs effortlessly kept up, and enjoying the flashing view of her slim legs as she hitched up her skirt. Her rich brown tail had unwrapped from its usual position at her waist and was now streaming behind her, almost taunting him to grab it.




“That was nice of Zarbon, offering to help you like that.” Goku remarked, sipping from his glass of wine as his other hand caressed Vegeta’s fingers across the table.


“Yeah, poor guy – stuck doing boring monitor duty.” Vegeta lifted his mate’s hand to his lips and started sucking one finger, then two, seductively.



Startled rebels in the corridor blinked as they were almost barreled over by the two, and then grinned naughtily when they recalled her sexy dress and his wolfish smirk. Guess some people are getting some action tonight…

Momo ran blindly, weaving through the maze of corridors. Abruptly, she found herself in the snowy courtyard outside where the fighters often gathered to train. There was nobody outside at this time of the night, though. Too late, she realized her mistake. Spinning around, she saw Zarbon blocking the only entrance to the building with a confident smirk.

Around them, snowflakes started to fall as a light snowstorm picked up.

Momo snarled and dropped into a defensive crouch, even though she knew that she didn’t really have a chance against him. Zarbon was a better fighter, and she wasn’t dressed for fighting. She shivered, both in cold and nervous anticipation, though surprisingly, she wasn’t afraid.

Running accessing eyes down the tall fighter’s figure, she found herself getting excited. Zarbon was a very handsome male, tall and muscular. With his blue skin, sea-green hair and slightly slanted eyes, he looked very exotic indeed. She licked her lips unconsciously. Yes, very exotic and different from the Saiyan males. His dark emerald shirt stretched across his broad shoulders and chest, and was loosely tucked into tight black leather pants that hugged his narrow hips and muscular thighs like a second skin. The top few buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing a chiseled chest. Pale moonlight caught on the orb that hung on his forehead. Zarbon had always been very vain, and the tall Readan had impeccable taste.

But the feisty Saiyan female wasn’t going down without a fight. Her snarl became a wicked smirk, and her furry tail lashed rhythmically.


Zarbon grinned when he saw the change in her expression. He flicked his braid, a nervous habit of his, and advanced predatorily towards her. Abruptly, he made the first move, and the two exploded into a flurry of blows. Momo had improved much over the past few weeks and fought desperately, but Zarbon was rapidly gaining the upper hand. He dropped into a crouch, his leg lashing out into a low sweep, and she landed heavily on her side.


Immediately, he fell upon her, and the two rolled and grappled around in the snow. Being much heavier and bigger, Zarbon had no problem pinning her in a tight hold. The two paused, breath steaming in the frigid air, as they stared silently at each other and pondered their next move.


Zarbon smirked down at her, his hands holding her wrists immobile above her head easily. He could feel her erect nipples through their thin clothing, and he ground his hips against hers, smirking even harder as onyx eyes widened. Slowly, he brought his head down for a kiss.




Goku drained his glass and stood up. With a low growl, he pulled the slim prince towards him and captured his lips in a hard kiss. His arms slid around the ouji’s waist, one hand moving down to cup his firm ass while the other found its way to the base of a furry auburn tail.


Vegeta gave a dulcet moan around their kiss as strong fingers ruffled his tail, his knees going weak. He shifted and pressed closer to the taller Saiyan, molding their bodies together.




When Zarbon released her wrists, their lips still locked, Momo made no more attempts at resistance but instead wrapped her arms around him tightly. The snowstorm was picking up, but they paid it no heed, intent only on each other. He gave a half-groan, half-growl as the Saiyan female below him continued to writhe and squirm, creating delicious friction.


Reluctantly, he pulled away and stood up, before scooping the petite female easily in his arms. Momo purred seductively, wrapping her arms securely around his neck, and nuzzled closer to his muscular chest as he started towards the buildings. He strode quickly through the corridors towards his room, ignoring the catcalls and knowing looks, his attention wholly on the enticing female in his arms.




Two furry bodies grappled and romped playfully on the bed in a tangle of limbs and tails, crimson and pink fur in stark contrast to the silky ebony sheets. Loud growls and throaty purrs rent the air. The musky perfume of sex, tinged sweetly with aromatic wine, hung heavily in the room.




She threw back her head and shrieked as he entered her again. Kami! Who would have thought that Readans had such sexual stamina? Zarbon was normally so cool and collected; she had never suspected that he was such a wild lover in the bedroom. Her lean legs came up to snap around a muscular waist as he rode her fast and hard.


A hand came down to fist tightly at the base of her tail, throwing her over the edge. Her back arched up as she screamed, convulsing hard.




Two figures woke up simultaneously in a warm tangle of limbs and sheets. Grunting, Vegeta managed to disengage himself and sat up, regarding the scorched sheets and warped bed with wry amusement.


“Yet another set of bed linen AND bed ruined…”


Goku raised himself on his elbows to look at his lover with a mirthful smile. “But it’s more fun, ne?” His tail thumped the mattress loudly.


“I have to agree with that.” Vegeta gave a smirk as he stretched languidly, his auburn tail fluffing. He gave a delicious shudder as his joints and back popped loudly. “There’s something very sensual in making out while SS4… Maybe it’s all the fur.”


“At least the power at level 4 is more controllable.” Goku pointed out.


Vegeta laughed. “Yeah, the last time we did it while at level 3, we actually broke the bed.”


“I almost forgot.” The ouji reached over for a small velvet pouch that lay on the bedside table. “This is for you.”


Goku withdrew the armband that lay within the pouch with wide eyes. “How…?”


“I brought samples of the alloy.” A casual shrug. “A bit of ki and effort…” In actual fact, he had spent quite a lot of time and effort in casting the armband, but Vegeta felt it had been all worth it when he saw the delighted expression on his mate’s countenance. 




Momo was the first to awake, a satisfied smile on her face as she recalled the activities of the night before. There was a dull ache between her legs, and she felt like she pulled a muscle somewhere deep inside her abdomen, probably from all the multiple orgasms, but she felt an overall warm, sated buzz. A hard, obviously male body spooned her from behind, and a muscular blue arm was thrown casually over her hips. His breathing was deep and even, the warm breath tickling the fine hairs on the back of her neck.


However, her good mood quickly dropped as guilt took over. Zarbon would probably be quite pissed when he woke up; she was sure that he normally would have NOT gone to bed with her. Suddenly, the arm tightened around her waist, pulling her closer to his body. A nose came down to nuzzle her hair sensually.


“Mmm… Morning…”


She turned over slowly, unsure of how to react. “Um…”


“So was it good for you?” Zarbon smiled warmly at her.


Momo returned a small smile, glad that he seemed to be in a good mood. “Yeah.” She gave a rich chuckle. “In fact, it was more than just good; it was mind-blowing.”


“Really?” She could almost see him puff up with pride.


“Yes, really.” The petite female stretched languorously, her long lashes fluttering shut. “Kami! Where did you learn to do those things with my tail?”  


 “Ah… Maybe one day I’ll tell you.” Zarbon grinned wickedly. “Though I would say that Saiyans make great lovers… Very tactile and sensuous and sensitive, especially your tails.” His hand reached down to ruffle her tail as he spoke, and a tremor ran through her body.


“Aaahh… Stop that!” She batted his hand away as he smirked. “I’ve got a confession to make…”


Zarbon listened quietly as she told him about the berry cookies, and then to her surprise, threw back his head with a loud laugh.


“You’re not angry?”


He hugged her closer. “No… Not really. Why should I be? I had a great time…” He leaned in to kiss the sensitive skin on her collarbones. “Although, I think you should give up on Vegeta…”


Momo moaned, her head falling back as his head moved further down. “I already have.”


“Why don’t you just go out with any one of the other Saiyan males, if you want a kid?” Zarbon raised his head to look at her curiously.


 “I don’t know…” She shrugged. “For some reason, nobody caught my attention.”


 “I admit I do have a crush on him…” Momo gave a defeated sigh. “I was blinding and bluffing myself. In a very weird way, it’s like if I can’t have him, then his chibi would suffice…”


“Nobody?” Zarbon gave her a skeptical look. “Then what was so special about Vegeta?”


The Saiyan female considered the question seriously. “Actually, I think it’s mainly because he’s so exotic. He’s…different from the Saiyan males I usually meet. He has this confident aura around him. Of course, he also has a fantastic body and the tightest ass on this base…”


Momo looked at him as he rolled over and laughed uproariously at that comment, a sudden realization dawning on her. As he calmed down, she whispered softly. “But there is someone else as exotic and confident…”


“Who?” She blushed in mortification when she realized that he heard her, and turned her head away in embarrassment.


A blue-skinned hand came up to cradle her jaw gently. “Who?”


She looked up at his golden eyes, her blush deepening. Dammit! What an ironical turn of events! Maybe this was Kami’s joke on her for her thoughtless scheme. They stayed that way, frozen and caught in each other’s gazes.


“Is it I?” Zarbon finally asked daringly, hopefully.


Momo only nodded shyly and averted her eyes again. To her delighted shock, he leaned forward to brush her lips in a gentle kiss.


“Shall we give it a try?” He breathed huskily.


Zarbon gazed at the feisty female, more than a little amazed at the turn in events. He had long given up hope that he would find a life partner, like the Saiyans, the Readan race was severely decimated. He had worked alongside this Saiyan female for years, yet he had never really noticed her. Now after last night, he realized that she was smart, witty, pretty, devious… And utterly captivating and sexy.


She threw her arms around his neck and drew him in for a searing kiss.





End…for now.


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A/N: YESS!!! *crows and does a little dance of joy* I’ve finally finished! This part as least…


First, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Dark Fate for beta reading my story. *waves excitedly* I know my grammar can be quite atrocious. =) Her eyes must be half-crossed by now. Chibi_vegeta read a few chapters as well. Arigato!


I hope you like the way I’ve ended this fic… I quite like Momo – she is cute, in a way, if a little misguided; I mean, you’ve got to admire a sassy female that goes for what she wants – and I wanted a happy ending. I was trying hard not to turn her into a Mary Sue. ^^;


As astute readers have probably noted, I’ve left quite a number of loose ends, even if I did stop at what I thought was an appropriate junction. I hope to write the sequel(s) to this soon, but currently I don’t have any good ideas on how to deal with the other 2 ice-jins. Anyone out there has suggestions? At the same time, the rebels will all be moving to NV…

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