Rebels Chapter 3:Saiyan Fun

“ShiiiMAtta!” Vegeta swore venomously when they realized they have been tricked. Goku’s eyes narrowed in anger, his ki shooting up as his hair exploded into a heavy golden mass down his back. Without thinking twice, he concentrated on Coolant’s ki and placing two fingers to his forehead, he disappeared after the ice-jin. Vegeta spat out another litany of curses as he disappeared after his mate.

They appeared in what seems to be the control room of a large space ship. Coolant was standing a distance away, his face purpled with rage and yelling at the stunned aliens around him to attack. Hitting an intercom on the wall, he shouted for more reinforcements. As Goku and Vegeta found themselves swamped by the fighters, thundering footsteps could be heard and yet more troops burst in through the wide metal doors.

The fighters on the ship were not as good as the elite troops but the two Saiyans still had their hands full. As soon as they dispatched one, another would take its place. Goku dropped out of level 3 as not only was it too tiring to maintain for long but there wasn’t a need for it. Their world narrowed down to a blur of numerous lashing limbs.

Frustrated, Goku flipped back away from the tangle of fighters. As the larger Saiyan warrior brought his curled hands to his side, intending to blast them all away, an outraged voice shrieked in his mind. /BAKA!! We’re on a space ship! You blast a hole in the walls and all the air will be sucked out!/

Checking his ki at the last second, Goku laughed sheepishly. /Gomen Vegeta. I didn’t think./

Instead he fired small controlled shots at the enemies around him.

Finally the two panting and battered Saiyans found themselves the only ones standing in a sea of bloody bodies and charred limbs. Both looked at each other wide- eyed as one thought simultaneously crossed their minds. “Where’s Coolant??”

Both pairs of eyes snapped to the open doors. “He ran away!” “After him!”


The enraged Saiyans hurtled down the maze of corridors. “Do you sense his ki?” “No! He must have escaped in a pod!”

The pair burst into a hanger. Glancing at the row of space pods lining one wall; they could tell that a few were missing. “Kuso!” Vegeta slammed his fist angrily into the thick metal walls, denting it. His tail was puffed out and lashing as a reflection of his mental state, scoring gouges in the wall as well.

“I’m sorry Vegeta, it’s my fault.” Goku pulled at his hair in frustration. “I should have ended it fast…”

“I’m not angry at you.” Vegeta’s tone softened. “I’m just frustrated at Coolant.” Sighing, he powered down. “I probably would have done the same as what you did and allowed him to transform.”

Goku’s hair sank back down to its usual black spikes as well. Wrapping an arm around his smaller mate, he raised two fingers to his forehead. “C’mon koi. Let’s go.”


They appeared at the Lookout where everyone was waiting anxiously. Dende hurried to their side to heal them as they sank down onto the tiled steps tiredly. The others crowded around, peppering them with questions. The two Saiyans were bloodied and disheveled though most of the blood on them was not their own.

“Shut the FUCK up!” One look at the prince’s red face and the group immediately fell silent. Goku rubbed his short-tempered mate’s back soothingly.

“What happened dad?” Trunks asked, leaning against Goten. Both were slightly battered but otherwise uninjured. Gohan looked more beaten up and rubbing a swollen jaw. Videl was hovering beside him worriedly. Their clothes were badly torn up though; thin shirts were all but tattered strips and their pants were ripped in quite a number of places, some indecent. Vegeta smirked a bit at that; his own pants were still in one piece although his shirt was gone. Piccolo in contrast was impeccable in a new turban and cape. Sometimes, it is useful to be a Namekian.

Quickly, Goku explained what transpired in the fight between himself and Coolant, and then related how they followed the ice-jin to his ship and finally how the ice-jin escaped.

“So what happens now? Will Coolant be back?” Goten wondered.

“It is highly likely.” Vegeta crossed his arms tiredly and huffed in frustration. “I would like to go up and study the files on Coolant’s ship.”

“I think it would be better if you were to bring the ship down dad. It sounds like you two may have caused quite a bit of damage on the ship; there is no telling how the environmental systems are functioning.” Bra noted crisply. “Besides, I would like a look at it.” The blue-haired demi-Saiyan had inherited more than just her mother’s exotic looks; she was also a mechanical genius.

“Dad? How did you break free from the stasis hold?” Gohan asked curiously. “And since when have you started using Vegeta’s Final Flash?”

Goku looked at Vegeta. “Umm… I’m not sure but somehow Vegeta managed to take control of my body through our bond, releasing me from the hold… So it wasn’t me.” Everyone stared at the smirking ouji in surprise.


“Great fight today.” Goku grinned at his naked mate who was already sprawled lazily on his front across their bed, his auburn tail flicking idly from side to side. Eyeing his mate’s sleekly muscled form, he felt himself getting turned on. Goku settled himself over Vegeta, sitting astride his narrow hips. Reaching out for a bottle of oil, he poured a generous amount on his palms, warming it before spreading it over Vegeta’s back. The prince groaned with pleasure as his mate massaged deeply into his tired muscles.

“Hn. You had most of the fun.” The prince pouted. Only a Saiyan would say that about a gory fight. “It’s been too long…” Goku could understand perfectly. In short, they were bored and this had been one of the most exciting things that has happened in the recent years. And like any Saiyan, a good fight inflamed their blood and set the adrenaline pumping. Even now, Goku was still excited and as a side result, extremely horny.

“Heh heh, I must admit I’m not sorry.” Goku leaned down and nipped one ear. “Tell you what, next time you get dibs on the villain.”

Vegeta did not reply, he had already sunk into a pleasurable haze and was purring loudly. “Yeeess… there… “ Goku had hit a hard knot below his right shoulder blade.

Goku grinned ferally, moving down to the prince’s lower back until he reached the base of the deep reddish brown tail. Raking his nails lightly along the length drew a dulcet moan from the body below him. As Goku continued to ruffle and stroke the quivering length, the prince was reduced to a whimpering, mewing heap. Finally the Saiyan on top could take it no longer; the buckling writhing body beneath him was driving him crazy as well. Quickly running his oiled palms along his throbbing shaft, he plunged into the prince’s tight heat.

Vegeta nearly bucked his tormentor off; so intense was his reaction. Goku moved up on his knees and holding the slender hips, pulled the prince up onto his knees as well, where he proceeded to set a furious pace. His head between his forearms, his hands fisting the sheets tightly, the prince was driven mad with pleasure as his sweet spot was hit again and again. White spots were starting to dance before his eyes and he finally cried out as he came. Goku came soon after with a loud howl and collapsed onto his quivering mate. Grunting, the heavier Saiyan rolled off and pulled his purring mate to him where they fell asleep in a tangled, sweaty heap.


The two Saiyans appeared in the destroyed control room. Wrinkling their noses at the masses of bodies littering the floor, they moved to examine the extent of the damage. As Vegeta checked the systems, Goku tried to get rid of the gory pile by carefully incinerating the rotting bodies. Their kids had wanted to come along but the fathers were very insistent; they were not sure who or what had remained on board the ship. Extending their senses, they could tell that they were currently the only ones around.

“Not too badly damaged… I should be able to retrieve most of the files… Though quite a number of systems were damaged in our battle.” Vegeta finally looked up from the console. The bodies had been taken care of, though the floor was still slick with blood and guts.

The two flew out through the massive ship, checking for any survivors, though it had appeared that those who were not killed had escaped. Many more of the pods were missing. Finally, satisfied that they had secured the ship, they flew back to the control room. There, they ran into a problem. Most of the engines had been damaged; the ship could move but sluggishly and steering was suspect. Staring at the next to useless engines, they had been ready to give up, maybe just try to download the files, when Vegeta was suddenly struck with inspiration.

After relaying his idea to his mate, the two rummaged through the lockers until they came across the space suits. Finding the suits too cumbersome, they settled on ripping away the protective suit, leaving just the air tanks and breathing apparatus. Strapping the tanks to their back securely, they powered up to level 1 and extended a ki shield about themselves before cycling the air-lock.

Slowly, the two inched their way away from the air-lock in opposite directions until they were at opposing ends of the ellipsoid ship. The ship’s surface was smooth but they managed purchase by the expedient method of sinking their fingers into the metal. Finally in position, the two spread their hands wide and sank their fingers deeply into the metal. /Ready?/ /Hai!/

Slowly, the massive ship began to move in the direction of the blue planet. As they entered the stratosphere, they had to power up to level 2 as the ship was now within the planet’s gravitational field and accelerating.


/Vegeta! The ship’s going too fast!/


/Hold on! We’re almost through the stratosphere! Power up yet further!/

The two golden auras exploded yet further as both Saiyans broke through level three. Heavy golden tresses were blown back by the incredible speed as they hurtled downwards with their heavy load. Groaning to hold the ship back, they pressed their bodies flat against the ship, feet digging in. The heat generated by the air friction was tremendous and would have fried them if not for their shields. The metal bent and buckled around their hands and both tried desperately not to think of the consequences should they lose their grips.


/This was a bad idea…/


/Too late now…/ A weak chuckle resonated through their bond.


/After all the trouble we went to save Earth, let’s try not to destroy it now, ne?/


/Ha..ahaha…don’t make me laugh Kakarotto! I’m losing my grip!/

As they broke through the fluffy white clouds, they could see the ground rushing upwards.






Both strained to their limits, veins popping and muscles almost cramping. For a moment they wondered if they should have powered up to level 4 but it was too late now. Finally, just when their arms were almost about to seize up, the enormous ship slowed down.

Vegeta cautiously turned his head. /Kakarotto… head towards that desert, I think I recognize it./ /Hai./ The two guided their load towards the barren land. As they landed, they weren’t surprised to see that the others have already gathered there. The other Z fighters had of course felt the massive ki’s and rushed towards the desert.

“What were you two THINKING of??” Bra was beside herself with worry. The two men almost dropped the ship at her shriek. Wavering unsteadily, they flew over to the group. As they landed, shrugging off their air-tanks, they glanced at each other. Still in level 3, their massive tresses were blown all around their face and spiking crazily, the volume at least twice what it normally was. Their faces were beet-red from the exertion and windburn and their hands were still curled in cramped claws. They stared at each other in shock, before bursting out in raucous laughter and collapsing onto the ground. Rolling around on the dusty sand, their hair shrank back and finally turned back to black as they were laughing too hard to remain powered up.

“Hahaha… Oh my god! Did you see yourself Vegeta?” “You’re a fine one to talk Kakarotto!” “Your hair was as big as you!!” “You should see your face! You look like a cooked lobster!” As they sent images of what they saw through their mental bond, they broke out laughing all over again. “OW! Cramp cramp!”

The group sweatdropped as they regarded the two strongest beings on this side of the galaxy in stunned silence.

Finally the two males picked themselves up, holding onto each other for support.

“What ever possess the two of you to do that??” Bra screamed. She was the *only* person, aside from Bulma, who could scream at the Saiyan no ouji and live.

“The engines were shot.” Her father shrugged nonchalantly.

“SO?? You could have told me, Capsule Corps could send shuttles up there or something!”

“S’ok, we had it under control.” Goku beamed.

“Most of the time anyway.” Vegeta assured her.


“And ‘sides, it was fun.”


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