Rebels Chapter 5: Leaving

Uub slammed hard against the wall of the Gravity Room and fell with a hard thud. Gritting his teeth, he forced his unwilling and bruised body upright. He stood there, swaying slightly in exhaustion as he clutched his right ribs tenderly, eyes flickering rapidly and senses extended as he tried to make out the blurring forms in front of him.

/Think he has enough?/ An evil chuckle.


/Oh alright. I must admit he is better than I expected./

Two golden forms materialized suddenly in front and behind him. Uub hissed sharply as he realized he was sandwiched but before he could spring away, the figure behind kicked his legs out from under him while the one in front gave him a hard shove.

“Buu.” Vegeta snickered at the sight of Uub sprawled in an undignified heap in the taller Saiyan’s arms.

“Don’t you mean boo… Oh! I get it!” Goku broke out laughing. Uub gave them dark glares as he extradicated himself and gathered the tattered remains of his shirt and pride.

Goku swung a thick muscular arm over the dark teen’s shoulders, clapping him reassuringly. “It was a very good fight Uub. Why, both me and Vegeta had to go level 2. Your level is somewhat a little past SSJ level 3!” Vegeta merely snorted.

Uub flushed a little at the praise, grinning. “I haven’t had such a hard fight in years.”

As the three sweaty males exited the Gravity Room, they were met at the door by their excited offspring.

“Dad! So does this mean we can go? Uub is really strong!” Trunks sang the swarthy teen’s praise unabashedly. His father rolled his eyes. “Alright!”

Bra eyed the tall, exotic teen speculatively. “Mmm… so will you be staying here at the CC then Uub?”

“NO, he will not.” Vegeta glowered, his paternal instincts suddenly kicking in. “He will stay with Gohan.”

“Vegeta! I’ve a daughter too!” Gohan hissed in the prince’s ear.

“Daddy! Don’t be such a prude!” Bra waved her hand airily. A vein started to throb on the royal forehead as the prince pondered that remark. “Why don’t everyone move in here? Gohan, Videl, Pan and Uub? There’s plenty of space, and everyone can train together!”

Surprised, Vegeta regarded his beaming daughter. “That is really quite a good idea.” Bra smirked. “Of course, I *am* a genius.” It was obvious that Bra had inherited more than just her mother’s blue hair and brains.


Events began to move quickly after that. Uub was accepted and Gohan moved his family into the CC. Plans for a space ship were drawn up and soon the CC labs were a hive of buzzing activity. Bra managed to obtain permission to graduate early and Gohan and Videl surprised everyone by deciding to quit teaching and help Bra out at the Capsule Corporation. With a new threat looming, everyone threw themselves into training.

Vegeta frowned darkly as he watched Uub and Bra training. Bra had improved much since she started training hard again and while she was still not a super saiyan, at the rate she was improving, it won’t be long. But that was not the reason the prince was frowning.

Goku moved to stand beside his glowering mate.


/Bra can take care of herself…/




/She will get really really mad if you presume to dictate her life…/






/Enough already Kakarotto./ A pause.


/I will talk to Uub./


/Uh, ‘Geta, are you sure you will just talk?/




“So how was your talk with Uub?” Goku pushed the overloaded grocery cart along the aisle.

Vegeta raised an elegant brow, crossing his arms. “Who said I had a talk with him? I talked TO him.” Goku stifled a grin. “I warned him off Bra… at least until she is of age.” Smirk. “I just didn’t say what age.”


Rounding the corner, Goku almost ran over a dark-haired figure as he couldn’t see past the mountain of food that was stacked in the trolley. “Gomen!” He peered around the cart. “17?”


17 stared at the two Saiyans. Both were dressed in jeans and Goku was wearing an orange sleeveless shirt while Vegeta was in his customary navy tank top. Matching armbands adorned their left biceps. “Vegeta! Goku!”


Everyone felt a little uncomfortable. They have not seen 17 since that fateful night and heard from 18 that her twin had left town soon after. “So how have the two of you been? I gathered the two of you are now together?” 17 smiled warmly, leaning forward to examine Vegeta’s armband. “Whoa. This really shouts to the world of your relationship.”


Vegeta smirked. “That’s generally the idea. I believe humans have a similar custom?” The ice broken, the two bantered lightly and exchanged updates while Goku stood uncomfortably.


“Ha! I knew you Saiyans would not be able to keep away from a good fight. So you say Coolant had gotten away but may return?”


“Yeah. Kakarotto and I won’t be around however, so you better start training again.”


After Vegeta had related why they were leaving, as his normally loquacious mate seemed unnaturally silent, 17 quirked an eyebrow. “So many exciting things have happened since I left town.” He sighed dramatically and clutched his shirt over his left chest, mock-swooning towards the prince. “Since you broke my heart.” Vegeta grinned, noting with relief that the android appeared to have gotten over him if he can joke like this.


As the handsome android leaned towards his mate, Goku saw red and growled angrily. However before the normally gentle Saiyan could punch the android, Yamcha turned around the corner, pushing a cart. “Goku! Vegeta! What are you doing here?”

“Yam-chan!” 17 walked over and deposited the packet of chips he had been holding into Yamcha’s cart. Vegeta cocked his head with a wicked smirk. “Are you two together?” Yamcha blushed and squirmed as 17 hugged him openly, planting a noisy kiss on his scarred cheek. “Yes! This is the guy who mended back my heart!” “Koi… not here…” “Why not? I want to proclaim my love to the world! Let’s get armbands like them!” “Let me go… not in a supermarket!”


Vegeta laughed heartily and pushed his gaping partner along. “Well, see you around then. Drop by the CC anytime.”

As they neared the freezer section, Vegeta grinned slyly at his flushing mate. “Kakarotto, I do believe you were jealous!”


“I was not!”


“You were growling and you were ready to punch his lights out.”




Vegeta shook his head in amusement. He was actually very flattered over his mate’s jealousy. “17 was just kidding. He’s a very theatrical, dramatic sort of fellow.” /Besides koi, I’ve told you about Saiyan bonds. We’re forever bound./

The snickering prince turned towards the ice-cream selection. “How about some sweet snow to cool you off? Hmm. I do believe you liked the chocolate mint? Or would how about something with chips…” /That should really *feel* interesting…/




Finally, almost a year later, the ship was ready. Coolant’s ship had been heavily cannibalized for parts and materials and even now, swarms of CC technicians are still examining the remains of the alien ship. There had been some discussion (and arguments) over what to name the ship until someone suggested ‘Hope’ after Mirai Trunks’ time-machine. Vegeta had thought it sounded too mushy and sappy but he had been outvoted.


‘Hope’ was an unostentatious, simple saucer-shaped ship. As it was going to mainly flying through a vacuum, aerodynamics would not really matter. The residential rooms were located on the circumference of the saucer; something to do with being easier to maintain gravity, and training room was located in the middle of the ship. To keep the design simple, there were only five residential rooms; two large bedrooms for each couple, the all-important kitchen, a control room and a small medical bay which doubled up as the storeroom. A circular corridor separated the rooms from the training area, a spacious room that not only had gravity control but one could program training scenarios as well. As part of their training, normal gravity on the ship had been set at 50X normal Earth’s gravity. [1]


The demi-Saiyans had requested the bedrooms to be separated by the other rooms – something about the noise their fathers make, to which Goku had blushed madly while Vegeta gave a superior sniff. “Just because you can’t make your mate scream as loud…”


“I seem to recall you doing your fair share of screaming dad.” Trunks grinned naughtily.


Vegeta did not even blink. “It is good to have a vigorous mate.”




Vegeta stood with his arms crossed while the others made their tearful farewells. Hn. As if they didn’t cry enough at last night’s farewell party.


Bra noticed her frowning father standing in the corner of the room and knew he was uncomfortable with such scenes. Walking over, she unabashedly gave him a fierce hug, tears running down her cheeks. The normally reserved prince hugged her back. Leaning towards her ear, he whispered, “Good bye Bra. Know that I always love you, and that you are always my princess. If I can, I will come back for you.”




The four sat silently in the control room as they watched the blue planet they had called home shrink as the ship sped away, each lost in their own thoughts, until they could no longer see it. Finally Vegeta stood up. “Hn. Enough foolishness. We’re wasting training time.” Goku grinned and wiped a stray tear as he followed his mate out, knowing that was the prince’s way of dealing with emotional situations.


Trunks sighed. “Well koi. We’ve finally left.” Leaning his head against his mate’s broad shoulders, he asked quietly. “Do you think we are doing the right thing? Did I coerce you somehow into this mad jaunt with me?” Goten rubbed Trunks’ back reassuringly. “Somehow, I know we are doing the right thing. That we were meant to come along.”




Life aboard ‘Hope’ soon settled into a familiar routine of training, eating, sleeping and sex. They had decided to retain the 24-hour rhythm and timed lights in the corridors and common areas dictated the ‘time of the day’.


To his surprise, Vegeta somehow found himself the de facto leader of their small group. Since he had initiated the expedition, it was only natural. However, more than that, the other Saiyans had looked up to him. Back on Earth, the other humans had looked up to Goku as the leader of the defenders as he was the strongest but while the demi-Saiyans love Goku, they respected and deferred to the gruff prince. Despite his flippant and teasing air, Trunks was in immense awe of his father. Goku had been mostly absent from Goten’s childhood and the shy demi-Saiyan had mainly grown up in the CC with Trunks, regarding Vegeta as his surrogate father. While Goku may be physically stronger, Vegeta was mentally stronger and dominant in their relationship. Goku had in fact relinquished control with relief; the gentle Saiyan enjoyed the feeling of being looked after, tired of being the one everyone looks up to all the time to save the day.


On his part, Vegeta found himself strangely touched by the trust and respect from the others. He had been born into a position of authority and he had grown up expecting deference from others. The young, proud prince had however been rudely and cruelly put in his place when he was under Frieza. Bitter, pride of his birthright was all he had left. His defeat at a third class Saiyan’s hand dealt a further blow to his pride and the initial hatred and distrust of the Z fighters battered it further. However, he earned their trust and even respect through the years and slowly, that fact dawned on him, thawing the bitter and cold barriers he had erected over the years.


The stiff prince had relaxed much over the years but ever since he found out about the surviving Saiyans, he became more withdrawn, even depressed. He would have sunk into a brooding melancholy if it weren’t for the cleansing distraction of work. The others knew little about space travel and he found himself having to oversee many of the minute details.


Past memories of his race and planet came flooding back, including what Frieza had done. His perceived failure of his royal duties and obligations to protect and avenge his people weighed heavily on his shoulders, and now that he had been given a second chance, his mission became a burning zeal.


The others also were starting to see another side of Vegeta. The boys had never been in space and Goku had only minimal experience, while Vegeta had spent more than two decades of his life aboard a ship. The prince found himself teaching them everything from how to read space maps and chart courses to usage of space suits and scouters. And of course zero G training.


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A/N: [1] Just a note to bored readers. As far as I can remember from Circular Motion in physics, if the (saucer) ship was spinning (about its axis in the center), it would generate a gravitational force (actually centripetal – hope I got that right – force which seems like a gravitational pull) BUT this would decrease until zero at the center. Since the ship in this fic wouldn’t be very big, and the gravitational force is set at 50x at the rim, then it should drop rapidly. HOWEVER since this is but a fic (and I’m not gonna delve much into accuracy here) and this is also the universe of capsule tech (that defies all known natural laws! Hm, maybe hyperbole space…) let’s just assume gravity is constant until the corridors but separately generated and controlled in the training gravity room. So physics buffs out there, pls dun pull out the equations – I get enough from my husband who teaches college physics! Why I chose a saucer design? No idea, but somehow I don’t feel like bullet-shaped ships and especially not a spherical one favored by the Capsule Corps. But to all those who wonders at why the torous (doughnut) shape is such a popular design for space stations (which are very much bigger than the ship ‘Hope’) in sci-fi shows… (dum dum dum) Now You Know!

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