Rebels Chapter 7: New Vegetasei



Vegeta frowned worriedly at the computer screen in front of him. We’re going to have to find a hospitable planet to land on soon or go into suspended sleep. Our supplies are running low. But suspended sleep is not a good idea… too defenseless… eh? What’s this? His slim fingers danced over the keyboard, double-checking the data.


/Kakarotto, call the brats here./


/Hai, Vegeta/


As the three walked into the control room, Vegeta did not look up but continued examining the screen. “Our food supplies are running low but there is a suitable planet not more than two days journey from here. It is uninhabited as it is too far away from other occupied planets and also, it is in the middle of an asteroid belt. Navigation through it will not be too difficult but it will be tricky. It looks like it will support life and we will land there to stock up. From there, it is about three months journey to I6.”


“Finally!” Trunks whooped. “I was getting sick of being cooped up on this ship!”


“Our mission is to stock up on food supplies. It is not some leisure excursion!” Vegeta growled.


“Sure thing dad.”




As Vegeta stepped down from their ship, he was immediately swamped by a wave of warm, humid air. Stunned, he stood still and gazed around him in shock and wonder. Goku moved worriedly to stand beside him. “Koibito? Are you alright?”


“Kakarotto! This planet… it’s just like Vegetasei!” The wide-eyed prince fell silent again, studying the lush jungles around them, a turmoil of emotions running across his countenance and resonating through their bond. Delight, wonder, amazement… homesickness, sadness, failure, loss, painful memories…


Vegeta resolutely pushed the memories away and instead focused on the present sensations. Sniffing the rich air, heavy with the primeval miasma of damp soil and lush foliage, his tail ruffled in sensuous delight as his nostrils flared. His keen Saiyan senses could make out the sounds and scents of the multitude of wildlife here; this planet was teeming with life. Deep sunlight filtered through the canopy, creating dappled shadows around them. To the distance, he could make out the rushing roar of a waterfall.


The others were similarly affected, their dormant instincts springing to the fore as they took in the luscious vegetation and just the general feel of life around them. After encapsulating their ship, they took off towards the sound of the waterfall. Stalking around the clearing in front of the waterfall, his auburn tail lashing wildly behind him, the prince took note of a large cave opening with a critical yet approving air. He turned to face the others, his onyx eyes gleaming. “Excellent. We shall set up camp here.”

Trunks and Goten were about to pop the ship capsule for modern conveniences when Vegeta stopped them. “No. I am tired of living in a synthetic environment.”

“Huh? You mean like we are going to rough it out?” The pampered heir to Earth’s richest company blinked nervously.

“Yeah brat. Too spoilt?”


Trunks bristled. “Of course not!” His father only smirked.


Casually peeling off his tank top and jeans, the prince strode over to the waterfall. “But first, a swim. I’m feeling gritty.” The others grinned and followed his example.


After spending almost half a year cooped up in a tiny, cramped spaceship, the sheer wide expense was liberating. Vegeta surfaced near a large boulder and hoisted himself onto it. A large tree overhung it, shading it with its spreading branches. Lying on his front, his tail lazily flicking from side to side, he watched the others frolic with childish abandon through half-lidded eyes. The tension that always seems present in the hard-bitten prince drained out slowly as he lolled indolently. A small smile tugged at his lips at his thoughts drifted. Ah yes. This trip was exactly what he needed. The past decade had been too peaceful. Initially he had enjoyed it, savored it, especially after the Buu incident where he realized just how much his family meant to him. But since Bulma had passed away, he had started to feel restless again. He was happy with his family, yes, especially his new mate but he wasn’t contented. Intense training and work at Capsule Corps helped distract him, not only from Bulma’s demise but also his growing agitation.


The fights with Coolant’s troops had only served to ignite the restless fire. He now realize what he was missing. Saiyans are a naturally fierce, passionate warrior race; the urge to fight, to be free to roam, the wanderlust for adventure, burned in their blood. Over a decade of peace had not extinguished the smoldering embers. Frankly, he had been bored, and so had the other Saiyans.


Still, even bloodthirsty Saiyans need downtime once in a while and this planet was perfect. And tonight, they would hunt for their dinner. His blood stirred at the thought of running free and wild through the lush jungles and his mouth watered at the thought of fresh meat. They had been on dried and packaged rations for too long. His tail lashed excitedly in anticipation.


Goku admired his mate who lay sprawled out delectably on the rock. Dappled sunlight captured his chiseled muscles and satiny skin, highlighting the auburn tints in his wild locks and lush tail. Moving stealthily, he crept up behind his dozing prince and knelt down over the tempting bare ass. Grinding his hips suggestively, he leaned down to plant little nips and kisses along the crook of that curvy shoulder even as his callused palms stroked the prince’s sides. A deep purr started rumbling in the lithe body under him.


“Kakarotto… you had better stop unless you want dinner to wait. And I’m getting hungry.”


“Well, we’ll just have to make this a quickie then.”  Goku growled raunchily, his hands moving down to cup the prince’s firm ass.


“Kakarotto! I mean it!” Vegeta bucked and squirmed, which only served to excite the brawny Saiyan on top even more. “So do I!” As the pair grappled playfully, they rolled off the boulder with a loud splash.




Much later, a sodden but grinning pair made their way back to the clearing in front of the cave. The setting sun painted the sky in brilliant oranges and purples and the jungle came alive with sounds as the wildlife woke up. Dusk is a very good time to hunt.


Goku went over to wake their slumbering sons, who lay embraced on the thick springy grass. The four had become much closer and at ease after months of extreme close living; open physical contact and nudity did not bother them. 


Four naked figures leapt silently through the dense network of branches. At least the two in front did. The two younger ones behind were making more noise. Vegeta slapped his hand to his forehead in exasperation as he heard another crash behind him. Turning around, he hissed. “You clumsy brats are scaring away all the game!” Two mumbled apologies were heard as the embarrassed sons tried harder to emulate their fathers’ movements.


/Vegeta… they have never done this before./


/Hn. That onna refused to let me take him out for wilderness training when he was younger, saying something about being afraid I would abandon him to the wild beasts. Look at him now! Ach! It’s an embarrassment!/ 


However, even his irritation at the demi-Saiyans could not eclipse the ouji’s increasing enjoyment of the hunt. The two older Saiyans shared meaningful looks and feral grins as they jumped nimbly from branch to branch in silent synchrony, their blood racing with the song of the hunt.


The demi-Saiyans soon fell into a comfortable, quiet lope amidst the tangled branches as they picked up the hang of moving more noiselessly. Though they were bred city brats, their instincts soon kicked in. Adrenaline coursed through their veins and their pulse hammered with an almost familiar excitement. It was very much like fighting, yet also very different. Stealth and skill rather than raw power and speed were more important here.


There was plenty of smaller game in the jungle but the hungry males were after something bigger. They soon left the dense jungle and came out onto a more open grassland. Nostrils flared as they picked up the scent of a large mammal and the four turned as a pack. With silent understanding, they split up, caging the prey. It was a towering six-legged beast with dark brown fur, standing well over ten feet. It sheer size and bulk made it look clumsy but it was surprisingly nimble with sharp tusks and long claws as it reared up in defensive fury. Still, it was no match for the hungry Saiyans who brought it down quickly with a few well-placed chops. A short while later, the formerly magnificent wild beast was reduced to thick slabs of juicy steaks sizzling over an open fire.


As they made short work of the ton of meat, darkness fell. Brilliant orange hues gave way to purplish twilight and the Saiyans lay back on the springy and sweetly scented grass, sated. No words were spoken as they took in the breathtaking splendor of the transition between dusk and nightfall, as the sky changed rapidly in a myriad of colors that soon blurred into velvety black. Sparkling stars and planets (which do not flicker like stars) blanketed the night sky. The asteroid belt cut a bright glittering swath across the horizon. Sweet scents wafted around them on the cool night breeze. A bright silver crescent rose, bathing the Saiyans in its ethereal silvery beams. To their surprise, a smaller second moon, also just a sliver, soon followed its larger twin.


/This planet is really beautiful./ Goku’s mental voice spoke softly, almost reverently through their bond.


/It is so much like our home world… / Vegeta sounded wistful.


/Did Vegetasei have two moons too?/


/No./ A light chuckle. /I wonder how two moons would affect us, once they are full. It looks like they wax and wane on the same cycle./


/How long do you plan to stay?/


The prince was silent for a while. /I don’t know. Initially I had only planned a short planetfall, long enough to just stock up on provisions but now…/


/We’ve fallen in love with this planet./




/Yet we have a mission./


/We will stay for a week. Then we will come back./ Goku understood that the prince meant to come back with the other Saiyans.


“Dad? Does this planet have a name?” Trunks spoke softly.


“No, just a number designation.”


“Can we then name it?” Goku wondered.


Vegeta smirked. “Welcome to New Vegetasei.”




They spent the next week stocking up on food supplies and exploring the rest of the planet. New Vegetasei was slightly larger than Earth. While lush tropical jungles covered most of the continental land masses that dotted the unspoilt virgin paradise, vegetation thins to grasslands and tundra as latitude increases before disappearing altogether in the ice and snow-covered poles.


They also spent some time cataloging new plants, mainly along the lines of “Is it edible” and if yes, “Does it taste good?” While the scanner they brought out could check for known toxins, it fails to filter out other substances, which may not be poisonous but have interesting side effects.


Goten eyed a brownish red fruit dubiously and took a whiff. “This smells really, really good! Like lemons and oranges… very sweet and tangy. It is safe right?” Vegeta continued to study the data on the hand-held scanner where a small sample of the fruit has been placed and analyzed. Strange… where had he seen or heard of that particular structure before? Tri-substituted xanthines? His eyes widened. Xanthine family of compounds… much like caffeine only this has longer alkyl chains…


“Stop!” Vegeta looked up in alarm at the dark-haired lad who had finished most of the fruit. Three other pairs of eyes swiveled towards him. “Nani?”


“How do you feel?”


Goten beamed. “Good! This fruit tastes wonderful! I feel a little warm but otherwise I feel great!” Vegeta blinked as the demi-Saiyan continued to gush, waving his hands a little wildly. “Wonderful. It appears that this fruit is a stimulant, although it doesn’t appear to actually make one more focused.” Rolling his eyes, he explained briefly to the other puzzled Saiyans.


Absently, he reached over to the pile of fruits on the table, intending to grab a handful of the small light purple berries that they had discovered the day before to be not only safe but extremely sweet. However, his fingers missed the bowl and picked up the pile of dark purple berries lying just beside. As they were almost the same size, the prince did not realize until he had popped the handful in his mouth.


“Vegeta! You took the wrong berries!” Goku cried out in alarm. He pointed to the dark purple berries. “You ate those instead!”


Vegeta panicked slightly, then covered it with anger. “Baka! Why didn’t you warn me?” He had already swallowed the berries. Running the scanner over it, he was relieved to find that it was also safe. Pushing the incident to the back of his mind, he continued to examine the pile of fruits on the table.


However, he soon started to feel warm and tugged off his thin tank top. That action did not help though, and if anything, he began to feel even hotter. Yet it wasn’t an unpleasant kind of heat…


“Kakarotto…” The others looked up in surprise at the prince’s sudden low purr. Vegeta was stripped down to a pair of thin black boxers, his face flushed becomingly and there was an unusual glint in his eye. His lips curled up in an inviting, seductive smirk even as his tail started to wave sinuously behind him. Without any warning, the prince pounced upon the started Saiyan like a large cat, straddling and kissing him aggressively, a loud purr resonating forth from deep within his throat and his fluffed out tail waving high like a flag.


The boys could only stare; jaws dropped, as the prince then lifted his larger mate easily over his shoulders with a smirk and bounded off. “What just happened?” Goten finally broke the silence.


Trunks eyed the pile of purple berries speculatively and with a knowing smirk, picked up a handful. “Oh, Goten?”  As his unsuspecting mate turned, his mouth unfortunately opened as he started to speak, the wickedly smirking demi-Saiyan popped the berries into his open mouth.




Goku tried to speak but his breath came out in jerky gasps as his solar plexus was repeatedly bounced on the prince’s shoulder. Vegeta stopped for a while, looking up at a large tree and without warning, started to clamber up easily despite his large burden. Finding a nice broad branch, he promptly deposited his prize roughly and started to unwrap it.


“Vegeta, what are… ” His query was cut off by a hot mouth and as Goku leaned into the kiss, he was wondering to himself why he was protesting anyway. Picking up the long brown tail, Vegeta started to stroke the fur, breaking off the kiss to look down smugly at his moaning mate. With a wicked smirk, he popped the tip into his mouth and started to lick and suck wetly. Goku gasped loudly and bucked so hard he almost fell off the branch. Clutching the rough bark weakly, he could only lie there and writhe, completely at the mercy of his mate who isn’t exactly known for mercy.


Luck was on his side today. Vegeta was extremely aroused already from the berries and watching the luscious form below him squirming and moaning was almost more than he could bear. He removed the sodden tail from his mouth to wet his fingers, and quickly stretched the brawny Saiyan’s entrance. Releasing the tail, he placed his small hands firmly on the muscular hips, jerking it up to him and sheathing himself in a quick stroke.


Goku arched and howled at the sudden white heat of pain at the intrusion and the prince paused for while to let him acclimatize. Slowly, he started to move in long, hard strokes. Goku growled impatiently, rolling his hips in a clear message but the prince ignored him.


Suddenly, it was Vegeta’s turn to arch back and howl as a wet, furry length entered him. Dimly, his mind registered it as Kakarotto’s tail but soon all coherent thought fled as the furry coil started to pump rapidly, the short hairs rubbing and enhancing the torturous pleasure. He started to thrust harder in unison and it wasn’t long before their shattering climaxes claimed them.


As they lay panting, trying to slow their racing pulse, Goku grinned. “Wow, ‘Geta. That was fantastic! But let’s get back to the campsite soon, I’m getting hungry.”


A hand crept up his thigh, massaging the sensitive skin of the inner thigh. “Who said I was done yet?” The ouji purred predatorily. “I’m still feeling… very hot…”


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