Rebels Chapter 9: Meeting the Rebels

The four Saiyans flew slowly through the night air, following Zarbon’s ki. Goku flew beside Vegeta, uncertainty and jealousy boiling within him. Vegeta had briefly explained about Zarbon when he came back to the table but Goku could tell that the prince was deliberately leaving things out about Zarbon. Vegeta had said that they were good friends when they were under Frieza but ‘good friends’ don’t dance so closely! Goku’s hands fisted in anger. The way they swayed closely spoke of ease of close contact and familiarity, and Vegeta is not the gregarious social type. He had not missed the way their arms wrapped intimately around each other, Zarbon’s arms tightening and drawing *his* mate close to him at one point, nor their easy manner and light chuckles. Goku swallowed nervously. What if… Zarbon had been more than a good friend?

/Kakarotto… Zarbon knows that we are mates./


Vegeta could feel the jealously rolling off his mate. Unfortunately, that simple statement which was meant to reassure Goku only set him off even further. That onore KNEW that they were mates and still kept up those teasing touches??

They spotted Zarbon standing beside a cliff and landed softly near him. The tall figure slipped in between the boulders, motioning the others to follow. The pile of boulders at the cliff base cleverly hid the narrow entrance to a cave. The narrow passageway was dark but the small ki ball Zarbon held and their keen senses were sufficient. The passageway branched out a few times, leading to a maze of paths but their guide led them unerringly. Suddenly, they turned into a dead end. Zarbon rapped the stone wall sharply, flaring his ki signature briefly.

The natural looking wall swung inwards to reveal two males. One was a red-skinned bald alien and the other was definitely a Saiyan, his spiky black hair and features giving him away. A glance at his waist revealed a brown tail in confirmation. Both were dressed in a rag-tag mixture of spandex and the local fashion of loose shirts and leather. The young Saiyan also had on battered body armor.

The two guards stared suspiciously at the strangers and Zarbon explained in hurried, low tones. The Saiyan gasped at the mention of Vegeta’s name and holding up a ki ball of his own, stared at the prince for a moment before kneeling submissively, his head bowed. “Ouji-sama.”

“Get up.” Vegeta smirked, pleased at the show of respect. “What is your name?”

“Kon, ouji-sama.” The Saiyan guard kept his head bowed even as he got up, trembling slightly.

Zarbon led them into a large room, carved into natural rock. There were a few more aliens in the room, all who jumped to wary alert as the strangers came in. A tall, swarthy Saiyan stepped forward, frowning. Dressed in loose leather trousers and worn battle armor, his face and bare arms were scarred from numerous past fights and his wild black mane was caught up in a thick tail with a piece of leather. “Zarbon, what is the meaning of this?”

“Gion, this is Prince Vegeta.” Some eyes widened at the mention of Vegeta’s name but all kept quiet as Zarbon related how he met Vegeta. Vegeta then took over, briefly explaining how and why he came.

“So you have come to aid in our fight?” Gion was slightly skeptical but kept his tone respectful. All Saiyans have heard of Prince Vegeta but many believed him to be dead, killed by Frieza. Still, he was glad that the ouji came; it was a good omen and would inspire the Saiyan fighters especially. He had also heard that the ouji had a very high power level even as a chibi. As the ouji, Vegeta would also have tactical training and experience, a definite asset to the guerillas. 

“Hai. This is my son, Trunks. That brat beside him is his mate.” Vegeta smirked, introducing his companions in turn. He turned to Goku, wrapping a tail possessively around the taller Saiyan’s waist. “And this is Kakarotto, MY mate.”

There were a few startled gasps and Zarbon spoke up curiously. “If Kakarotto is your mate… er… how is Trunks your son? And I thought all Saiyans have black hair?”

“Kakarotto is not my first mate.” The prince’s eyes clouded over briefly with sadness, his brows pulled together in a frown. “Trunks’ mother was not a Saiyan. She was a human.”

“A half-breed!” Gion blurted out, shocked.

Trunks bristled at the comment but before he could say anything, his father snapped angrily. “He may be a half-breed but he is MY son. His power level surpassed mine when I was at his age!” Trunks felt his heart swell with pride at his father’s defense; praise from his father was rare. In fact, when he was much younger, he had despaired of even getting his father to notice his existence, much less acknowledge him.

Gion stuttered an apology as Vegeta glared at him. “Tell me more about the rebels. Who is in charge?” Vegeta ordered imperiously.

Zarbon grinned at Vegeta. “Ah, we don’t have a strict hierarchy here but Gion and I are in charge.”

Vegeta stared at his old friend for a while before bursting out in loud laughter. “You? You were one of Frieza’s most trusted and elite fighters!”

Zarbon huffed in mock anger. “It’s called a survival tactic.”

“Bootlicker.” Vegeta shot back, smirking.


“Pretty boy.”

Zarbon glared at the amused prince for a while before breaking out in a grin. “Ah, it’s good to see you again Vegeta.” Walking over to the large table in the middle of the room, he beckoned the others to follow him. “Come here, I’ll update you all on what’s happening.”

A large computer screen was set in the table and Zarbon tapped a panel on the side of the screen. A picture of the current solar system they were in appeared on the darkened screen. Pointing to a small blue planet at the edge of the system, he explained as the view zoomed in. “That is Coolant51. It is in a militarily strategic location and its main purpose is that of a defense outpost. Much of the troops and weaponry in this sector is located on this planet; if we secure this planet, we have more or less secured this solar system. We have managed to infiltrate through the planetary defenses and establish a small base there but we have not dared to launch an attack on the ice-jin bases yet.”

The screen zoomed even further on the snow-covered planet, showing the images of a large military base. “There are four of these, positioned around the planet. We have to take these out all at the same time but we lack the manpower to do so. We have enough people to attack maybe two bases at the same time. However, that would give the other two bases not time to prepare but also to call for reinforcements from off-planet.”

Vegeta studied the images on the screen intently. “How many fighters do you estimate to be stationed in each base?”

“As the main purpose of this planet is that of a defense outpost and stopover, there are only about thirty, at most forty personnel at each base. Some would be technicians whose main job is to man the planetary weaponry, but the tricky bit is to secure the base before distress calls can be patched out for reinforcements.”

Trunks grinned confidently. “What do you think dad? Can we take them out?”

Zarbon laughed condescendingly. “Boy, you expect to take out one base by yourself?”

“No, Kakarotto and I will be able to take out one base by ourselves. Each. The boys will team up to take out the third base, leaving the fourth base for your fighters.” Vegeta smirked, his arms crossed in his characteristic pose. Behind him, Goku, Trunks and Goten grinned confidently.

Zarbon gaped at the Saiyans’ audacity. “Vegeta, I know you are more powerful than me, but *really*.” The tall blue-skinned fighter drawled sarcastically.

Vegeta inclined a head towards Goku. “The rumors that Frieza was killed by a Super Saiyan? They’re true; Kakarotto killed that bastard. And since then, we have discovered more levels to Super Saiyan. Kakarotto would have beaten Coolant easily, even in that ice-jin’s final form, had that coward not escaped.”

The Saiyans in the room gaped at the mention of the Super Saiyan legend. “All four of you… are Super Saiyans?” Gion asked in open awe.

“You are stronger than Coolant?” Zarbon was flabbergasted. The tall blue beautiful fighter did a good job of imitating a landed fish as his mouth opened and closed a few times before he recovered enough to speak again. “Well! That would really put a kink in the ice-jins’ defenses!” He smiled broadly. “When are you ready to move out?”


Vegeta lay curled asleep that night, his breathing deep and even. Beside him, Goku laid on his back, unable to sleep, his mind filled with jumbled thoughts. On one hand, he was truly happy that they have found the rebels. He initially came along on the trip mainly for Vegeta but the more he talked to the rebels, the more he felt it was the right thing to do. The Saiyan warrior in him would not also deny that he was feeling excited about the planned assault on Coolant51 in two days time.

On the other hand, he can’t help this feeling of insecurity that was growing within him. After they flew back to retrieve their ship, as they would be moving to the rebels’ quarters, Vegeta had spent much of his time closeted with the Zarbon and Gion, planning out the details of the attack. Goku and the boys had stayed in the room with them but they had little to add to the discussion. Goku reasoned that he should not have felt surprised; after all, the Saiyan no Ouji would be expected to be competent in military strategy. Still, he was starting to feel left out and stupid. His previous battles on Earth had been pretty straightforward; basically him versus the singular enemy. He had no experience with multiple troops nor weaponry.

Goku turned onto his side restlessly, sighing softly. That was the main reason for his insomnia – he was starting to feel insecure. About himself and about Vegeta. He knew he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and had always laughed off his friends’ jokes about it, but deep down inside, it had hurt a little. It hadn’t really mattered much in his previous battles, which largely boiled down to a matter of brute strength in a one-to-one fight but this current situation was something different. And for once, he was not the one everyone looked to save the day. Left out. Was he jealous? Was this how the other Z sensei felt? Was this how Vegeta always felt?

Another issue that was making him feel uncomfortable was the reactions of the rebels they met. Goku was still suspicious and jealous of Zarbon; Zarbon was much like 17, witty and urbane. Something Goku knew he wasn’t.


While Goku had been pleased to meet the other Saiyans, he was less than pleased with their reactions towards the prince. They were all profoundly respectful and he had noticed more than one speculative look at the handsome prince. He was more than a little curious though; Vegeta had not met any of the other Saiyans before, yet they have not only heard of him but were in awe. Vegeta must have done something to merit that respect and loyalty, perhaps he would ask Gion the next day. Would Vegeta lose interest in him now that they are not the last two full-blooded Saiyans?

Goku nuzzled his face in Vegeta’s midnight locks, inhaling the musky fragrance that was the prince, as he threw a possessive arm around the smaller figure. Yet Vegeta had proudly and openly announced that they were mated. Perhaps he was simply being a baka, as his caustic mate had remarked often. Perhaps he was just jealous for no rational reason. He drifted off into an uneasy slumber.


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A/N: Ok, I know I’m not the best at writing military fics and it is a little simplistic but hey! On with the story! Hm, I don’t plan to write very much on the rebels themselves – it’s hard to develop a character adequately to be interesting though I guess you can tell Zarbon and Gion will play significant roles. Another interesting character will be introduced later though the focus of this story is still on Vegeta and Goku.

Er, just out of curiosity – I personally prefer a story with a few main characters; less confusing and the characters get to be developed more in depth. Of course, the longer a story the more characters can be introduced without seeming superficial. What do you think?

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