Author:              Kiarene

Published:         15th June 2003

Pairings:           Vegeta/Goku

Warnings:         Sex… err.. wait, that’s not really a warning…

Disclaimers:      DBZ is not mine… But this story is, even if it’s not intended for profit.

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/…telepathic communication…/



Chapter 4: Primal Dance



The two Saiyans reappeared in a cave, though the simple term did not begin to describe it. A large opening in the ceiling to the blue sky above illuminated the spacious cavern, and the stalactites of ancient mineralized ice that covered the high ceiling screened and refracted the light and gave the underground hall an ethereal quality.  The dark walls of striated charcoal and indigo were layered in uncut diamonds of frozen water, sparkling and glinting wherever an odd ray struck them. Untouched snow dusted the floor of the cave and jagged patches of ice lay like large pieces of broken glass. Stalagmites rose from the cavern floor in translucent columns, fluted and twisted into roughhewn daggers.


“Beautiful, isn’t it?” The taller Saiyan said softly as he released his hold. “Goten and I came across this cave while we were walking around.”


Vegeta could only nod mutely as he gazed about. The great cavern was all hard edges and faceted planes of rock and ice, softened only by the powdery snow that had drifted in from the opening in the ceiling. Yet like the harsh environment outside, it was stunningly beautiful with an aesthetic and stark rawness. It was like another world; a glimmering world of rough-cut jewels and dark glass, fractured light tinged with a sliver of the rainbow at the edges and inky shadows.


The prince walked slowly across the cave, his booted feet crunching lightly on the snow and tiny ice crystals as he looked around him. Muffled echoes bounced around the large chamber, giving it a haunting, hollow atmosphere. The air was cool and still, with the characteristic sharp smell of cold and a denser, slightly acrid scent of minerals. Goku watched him patiently.


“Hn.” Vegeta finally turned, a small smile curving at his lips. ‘A promise is a promise…’ He paused for a few moments, an unreadable expression on his face. And then he started moving.


His movements were slow at first; just a slight swaying and circling of his hips. There was no music, no beat, but the prince did not need one as he spun and undulated catlike to a tempo Goku could almost hear. His tail unfurled from his waist and began to weave, first in small flicks and then wider sweeps. Booted feet stepped out a sure rhythm as he moved, his intense gaze never leaving his wide-eyed lover’s even as his shoulders rolled and torso twisted sinuously.


Goku watched, utterly transfixed. It was rare that his mate would dance for him, which piqued his curiosity all the more, and so, when the forfeit for their private contest occurred, he immediately knew what he wanted Vegeta to do.


Slim hands reached up and pulled the jacket’s wide zipper down. A serpentine ripple back, and the heavy winter jacket was carelessly shrugged off. Suddenly, Goku could hear a faint beat; it was in his mind and overlaid with the familiar dark-spice tones he had come to associate with his royal mate. The music was earthy and sensual and sultry, reminiscent of cool starry nights and misty forest glades, and suited the ethereal cavern of ice and rock perfectly.


A thick sweater, and then another was left scattered on the floor as the lithe figure treaded a winding path around the large icicles towards the tall figure who stood wide-eyed and stock-still. Only a heavy tail that lashed behind him in synchrony to the royal’s own furry appendage betrayed his growing excitement.


Vegeta arched and gyrated, now wearing only a black tank top that clung to his muscled torso, heavy winter pants, and a long, white scarf. The sensible clothes seemed incongruous to the erotic dance, and yet somehow seemed as if part of the entire, surreal atmosphere. The younger Saiyan was starting to feel a little warm, a slow deep heat that uncoiled from his gut, and he wanted nothing more than to yank the enticing figure to him by the scarf and rip his clothes off. But that was not part of the dance; a dance was more than just the dancer. It needed atmosphere and it needed an audience, and this dance was not over yet.


Instead, Goku peeled slowly out of his own bulky jacket, his dark eyes never leaving the prince’s, his hands lingering a bit too long on his arms before the part of his brain that was still functioning remembered to push the heavy coat off. He fidgeted slightly, unsure of what he should do with his hands, and finally stuck them in his pockets, next to his rather prominent bulge.   


Without missing a step, the prince pulled his long scarf from his neck. He did not drop it to the ground, however, instead toying with it as he wound and unwound the ends around his hands, the white fabric somehow seeming to take a life of its own as it slithered along his bare arms and around his shoulders. A thick, sorrel tail mirrored the actions of the scarf below his waist as it curled and rippled sinuously around his hips and thighs.


Vegeta was just a couple of quick steps in front of him now, so close Goku could barely restrain himself. In the cathedral silence of the cavern, his pounding heartbeat and labored breathing was painfully loud. The prince’s cheeks were lightly flushed with exertion and he could easily scent his mate’s own characteristic honeyed-spice. His head swam with the pheromones that permeated the air around them, not just of his own arousal but also the musky scent of the other’s excitement.


Vegeta smirked, knowing full well how affected the younger male was. Deliberately, he twined the scarf around his forearms, leaving just a short strip of fabric that stretched tautly between his wrists. Tossing his head and arching back ever so slightly, he moved his bound wrists behind his head and looked out from heavily lidded eyes, his supple pelvis thrusting and grinding suggestively. Then, thick lashes slid down as he arched back further, tempting lips falling open as he began panting, his puffed tail rippling and trailing the movements of his hips.


Goku choked as the most arousing and indecent image appeared in his mind; one where he was pressed right up to the writhing figure. The only difference was the total absence of clothes; the only thing separating them was a slick sheen of sweat as they moved together. A pair of fur-lined cuffs replaced the white scarf. Rolling and thrusting in a matched carnal dance, feverish touches and sensual caresses, sloppy kisses and …


Suddenly, the scene disappeared and then a low, rich laugh interrupted his thoughts. Goku gave a low growl of frustration when he realized that it was Vegeta who sent him that erotic image. The prince gave another wicked laugh as he licked his lips, and then nonchalantly dropped the strip of white wool onto the ground


His smirk deepening, Vegeta slowly undid the small clasps at the sides of his bulky pants. Reaching for the hem of his top, he pulled the black fabric off, his torso swiveling and twisting sinuously. At the same time, the ribbed straps loosened and the pants started to slide ever so slightly downward.  The chiseled abdomen rippled and flexed as narrow hips continued grinding, and then Vegeta was left clad only in a pair of pants that threatened to drop from him completely with every bump and jerk.


Goku grinned as the waistband slid below the prince’s pelvis and revealed a tantalizing glimpse of dark hair, a feral grin that matched the gleam in his eye. Somehow, even though Vegeta was still clad in a pair of heavy winter trousers, the way it now hung precariously on his hips and the fact that he was not wearing anything beneath it, made it all seem as kinky as hell. That, and the incredibly indecent way the prince was thrusting his hips at him.


Vegeta circled him almost predatorily, shadowed eyes flashing as he leaned in close and then spun away again, his tail trailing after him. He was so tantalizingly close that Goku could feel the heat roiling off him in gentle, pulsing waves as the smaller figure flared his ki. He was drowning in the ambrosial musk that weaved a spell around him. His control finally snapped at the prince’s teasing and he gave a soft growl, almost a whine as he stepped forward with every intention of shredding those annoying pants.


But the prince had other plans as he abruptly jerked out of reach and snapped into a series of quick back flips. Stopping at a particularly large conical icicle that met its stalactite counterpart from the ceiling, he leaned against it, palms flat against the ice as he started rubbing that sinful body against it. Slowly at first, but soon the movements became faster and more exaggerated.


Vegeta’s hands slid from the icicle to his abdomen, caressing and stroking and doing everything Goku wished he was doing. Thighs spread wide, the prince straddled the icicle and arched backwards, lower and lower as his head dipped back. Long fingers made love to a chiseled chest, now glistening slightly with a sheen of sweat even as supple hips ground and thrust at the icy column lasciviously. While the dance before had been sensual and suggestive, it was now downright raunchy and erotic. Head dipped back and ebony hair jouncing, he moved with abandon to a carnal rhythm.


The beat Goku could hear from their link was now as loud and pounding as the sound of his heartbeat in his ears, the music having changed from lazily sensual to emphatically arousing. His lover’s eyes were closed and lips parted slightly. The smaller Saiyan’s hands glided further up until they were now behind his head. His tail slid up and down along the crack of his butt, curling and rippling and constantly drawing the younger male’s eyes to that region. Finally slowing down, Vegeta opened his eyes slightly to look directly at him as he straightened again, a come-hither smirk lifting his lips as he crossed his wrists behind his head again suggestively.


“Kakarotto…” He spoke softly, tauntingly, but Goku could easily hear his prince. The deep baritone rolled over him like the richest chocolate, arousing and evocative. Vegeta waited expectantly.


Goku gave a low growling purr and stalked over, his bristling tail lashing dangerously behind him as he rapidly peeled off his remaining clothes.


Vegeta did not move away; instead he turned and leaned back against the slanting stalagmite, one leg drawn up, tail swishing as he lounged indolently. His arms were now crossed as he regarded his approaching mate with a growing smirk. “So how did you like it, Kakarotto…?”   


“You’re a bloody tease, Vegeta. “ Goku leaned in for a bruising kiss, burly arms trapping the smaller figure. He had stripped to just his boots, and though the air was frigid, he was feeling anything but cold.


Vegeta gave a low, wicked laugh as he felt the hard evidence of his outstanding performance pressing against his naked stomach. /You wanted it./


/So I did./ A heavy, brown tail pulled down the stubborn pants, almost ripping them in impatience; the owner’s hands busy with their own eager exploration. Goku slanted his head down, nipping and suckling along the curve of the prince’s neck.


“You… liked it…” Vegeta shuddered as sharp teeth raked dedicatedly along the sensitive skin of his neck, and then gasped as his brawny mate bit down on the fleshy junction between his neck and shoulder, breaking the scarred skin there slightly. Uncrossing his arms, he wrapped them around the taller Saiyan and drew him closer.


“Yes… I..really..did… ” Goku lapped up the thin trail of blood, punctuating his licks with breathy whispers. Crushing the smaller figure against the icy rock surface, he captured those tempting lips again for another hard kiss, sending the same image Vegeta had taunted him with earlier, leaving no doubt just what he wanted. He dove his tongue in, exploring and tangling. Gripping the prince’s wrists, he pulled them over their heads and rolled his hips sensually.


However, his mate had other ideas as he yanked his wrists out of the loose grip and broke the kiss with a warning nip. He stumbled back with a grunt as hands pushed him away, but before he could recover, a foot was planted firmly against his stomach. Caught unawares, Goku found himself forcefully shoved onto his back. Opening his eyes, he found a smirking prince straddling him. “Only the dance was part of the bet, Kakarotto.”


Goku gave an uncharacteristic snarl as he reached up to grip the slim hips that were grinding into his leaking, hard erection. He had been aroused ever since he had sent the boys home, and painfully so since his mate had started twisting and rolling that criminally sexy body of his. Bucking up hard and pivoting on his shoulder, he flipped the smaller male off.


The floor of the cave was icy and cold, but the pair did not care nor did they notice as they rolled and grappled for control. Bodies arched and rubbed along sinewy lengths, writhing and undulating and never seeming to get enough of the feel of the other in a carnal fight for dominance. Trying to get the best of the other, trying to get more of the other, trying to make the other give in first without faltering themselves. Mouths kissed hungrily, and then broke away to nip and taste at hot, succulent skin before returning for another demanding, searing kiss. 


Goku may have been bigger and heavier than the slight prince, but his mind was too clouded by lust, his movements clumsy. He was too high, too sensitized; every touch raised goose bumps along his skin, every stroke left him aching for more. He suddenly found himself on his back again, one arm trapped under his own body and the other pinned to the ground by his shoulder.


“You want to be on top, Kakarotto?” Vegeta purred as he bent to nuzzle at his mate’s heaving chest, alternating between soft licks and sharp nips. Nudging the younger male’s knees apart, he settled himself between muscular thighs, purposely wriggling as he slid down. 


“Aahh… Vegeta!” Goku gave a shiver, his eyes half-closing with pleasure under the sensory assault. His legendary strength left his limbs, and he couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything but the warm weight above him and the searing sensations and friction the lithe figure was creating. The spicy musk of his mate swirled around him like a drug. Softest fur stroked against his inner thighs, warm callused palms caressed his sides and hips.


“You’ve got to fight me for it.”


Goku gave a low whimper as he felt that slick, hot tongue wend a path down the sensitive skin of his abdomen, knowing he had somehow lost but not really caring anymore. When that trail led to his navel, he arched up with a low hiss.


“And this is one fight you won’t win.” A deep, confident purr washed over him as a hand snaked down under his waist, ruffling his tail and wringing a ragged moan from him. Vegeta’s touch was firm and rough, almost to the point of pain as he raked his nails through the quivering length. His eyes slid close as he arched further in exquisite ecstasy, his legs opening instinctively when he felt slicked fingers stretching him. When moist lips, warm and demanding, found his again, he kissed back eagerly.


Yesss… This was one fight he always lost to Vegeta, but how sweet his defeat. Always so competitive, always so obstinate, but this was just what he loved about his feisty mate.


Suddenly, he was flipped onto his front. Hands kneaded and spread him roughly as a low growl tickled his ear. “I love you on your knees…” When Goku felt something thick and hard tease at his anus, rubbing but not entering, he gave a low whine and pushed back wantonly.


Vegeta only gave a wicked laugh and slapped him hard, bringing a rosy flush to the younger’s raised rump. Goku tossed his head with a guttural moan as he arched his back, his tail bristling out. Instead of detracting from his enjoyment, the slaps were fueling the flames, leaving him burning in a crimson haze of lust. “Ple..please…”


A purely animalistic howl tore from his throat as his hoarse plea was answered. Kami-sama! It burned, but he welcomed the familiar, searing pain in an almost masochistic way. He was so high, so aroused and so flooded with endorphins that the line between pain and pleasure blurred. Without pausing, the prince set a brutal pace, slamming in and out fast and hard, even as a heavy tail continued whipping him.


And he loved it. The frenzied touches, the bruising kisses, the raw penetration, the sheer savageness of it all. Sometimes their lovemaking was slow and tender, but at other times, when the moons were full, he absolutely reveled in their frantic and rough sex.


Strong hands held his hips firmly and he could only toss his head wildly as he arched back in exquisite torment, his fingers digging into the hard ground below, his tail thrashing madly. Every merciless blow, every pounding jerk and thrust sent shockwaves of electrifying pleasure lancing through his body.


It seemed all too quickly that he felt that burning coil twisting and clawing within him. His muscles clenched and strained as he teetered on the sharp edge, a swirling, tempestuous vortex of crimson carnal tension on one side, and the welcoming midnight abyss of completion beckoning on the other.


His tail curled around his throbbing erection, pulling with hard, rapid strokes as his back arched up tautly. Violent shudders cascaded through his body as climax claimed him. His world ripped, swirled and finally shattered, the rainbow shards of his vision dissolving in velvety black, the deafening rush of his blood mixing with the hoarse shouts of his mate.







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