The Courtship



Chapter 6: Resolutions



Goku looked up in hope as Vegeta entered through his bedroom window and landed neatly with a click. "Did Bulma have any suggestions?"


Vegeta, dressed in jeans and another cropped T-shirt, this time in purple, looked a little nervous. Goku stopped pacing. He hadn't changed since he got up and was still dressed in a loose blue gi pants. "So Bulma couldn't help?" His face fell in disappointment.


"No, she had an excellent fact, in all probability you would be able to retain custody of your brat. That wasn't really why I'm nervous..." Vegeta clutched the hem of her T-shirt in trepidation. Shit, this is worse than going into do I say this? I thought I got it all planned out last night...what's wrong with me now? She opened her mouth a few times to say something but her tongue feels laden. A slight blush had started to work its way up her cheeks. Goku watched in puzzled fascination.


Vegeta took a deep breath. Right, I'm the Saiyan no oujo, I'm brave, I'm cool, I'm in control here. She strode determinedly over to the larger warrior and pushed him back onto his bed. Goku landed on his seat with a huff of surprise. Vegeta stood in front of him, her eyes now level with his. Placing her hands on his bare chest, she asked softly. "You have maintained an interest in me since Namek?"


Goku nodded, a faint hope abruptly springing forth in his heart. "Since I first fought you on Earth in fact."


"How committed are you?" Her slim fingers trailed circles around his nipples, raising goosebumps.


Goku slid his arms around her slim waist. "If you would have me, forever." His voice became a husky whisper.


Her hands trailed up his chest and along his corded neck to entwine in his spiky black locks. "I accept." She leaned forward to nuzzle her nose in the crook of his neck, inhaling his spicy masculine scent. She had never noticed he smelt so good before. "I accept you as my mate." A playful, sensual nip on the sensitive skin of his neck sent shivers down his back.


A low rumbling purr from his chest resonated forth and Goku growled, tightening his embrace and falling backwards on his bed. Vegeta squeaked in surprise as she lost her balance and fell between his legs and onto his chest. Their breaths hitched as flashing ebony eyes locked. Goku broke their gaze and started to plant soft kisses up her creamy throat, still purring. "You have no idea how happy that makes me, how I've wished for this moment."


Vegeta arched her throat at the delicious sensations, an answering purr breaking forth. Now that she had finally admitted her feelings to herself, she dropped her prideful barriers and indulged in the animalistic heat of the moment. Squirming and moaning, the lithe princess was inflaming Goku's already sensitive senses. Trailing kisses and licks up her jaw, his large hands roamed feverishly along her body and back.


A tentative knock on the bedroom door broke their passionate embrace. Goku barked in irritation. "Yes?"


"Dad? Are you all right?" Gohan stood nervously outside. He had felt his father's and Vegeta's ki spiking, however it doesn't sound like the two were fighting. Some sixth sense warned him not to simply step into his father's bedroom as he always did.


"I'm fine." He sighed ruefully as the two disengaged themselves, the mood broken. Vegeta ruffled his hair playfully, smirking. "Is it time for you to go to school?"


"Uh huh."


"Alright, give me five minutes to change and I'll see you downstairs."


Vegeta gave a quick lick along his ear and a saucy grin. "I'll love to kiss you now but you're still sick." At his puppy-dog pout, she continued more seriously. "How do you feel today?"


Goku stood up, combing his fingers through his thick mane into some semblance of order. "I feel better...I'm not coughing as much and I don't feel as weak. My chest doesn't hurt as much as well."


Vegeta frowned. "Saiyans don't fall sick easily." That fact had been nagging at her; in fact she cannot remember the last time she fell sick.


Reaching out for a white T-shirt, Goku froze, a memory returning to him. A memory of a lavender-haired teen a few months ago. ...heart died of a heart disease...falling sick on and off...too weakened to fight the androids... The teen's words came back to haunt him.


Rummaging frantically through his dresser, he sighed when he found the precious vial. According to the teen, a drop or two should suffice. Tilting his head back, he squeezed a drop onto his tongue. When Vegeta looked at him in puzzlement, Goku decided to explain. Who knows, Vegeta may also be in danger from this heart virus...Trunks said that Gero had engineered this for me but Vegeta is a Saiyan too.


Vegeta was shocked, no flabbergasted, at Goku's tale. Her wide eyes blinked rapidly as she examined the small vial in her palm. A son...that was my son? Ok, technically not my son...some male Vegeta's son. Handing the vial back, she shook her head. "I do not feel ill at the moment." Goku looked anxious but did not press the issue, turning to keep the medicine back in his dresser.


Feeling better already, Goku got dressed and headed downstairs with Vegeta. Gohan was waiting in the living room with his school bag.


"Dad! You are feeling better?" The young demi-Saiyan chirped excitedly.


Goku laughed and ruffled his son's hair affectionately, looking at Vegeta meaningfully. "Never felt better."


However, as the trio headed towards the door, they heard the dreaded sound of an air-car whine outside. Chi Chi walked up the path like the grim reaper.


"Gohan! Are you ready to leave with me?" Before Chi Chi could reach for her son though, Vegeta stepped in front of her, a cold smile on her face. "The boy will not be leaving with you."


"And how do you plan to stop me?"


"It can be proven that Kakarotto can provide a stable and loving home environment."


"How? With only a single parent..."


"Not any more. I have accepted Kakarotto as my mate." Chi Chi's smug smile fell off her face. Vegeta continued evilly. "And since you have initially abandoned Gohan with his father when you left, you have negated most of your claim on the boy."


"Still, Goku has to show that he can provide for his family." Chi Chi hissed. "And that bum does not hold a steady job."


Pride stung, Goku was about to retort that he had earned some money from the tournaments in his past when Vegeta replied loftily. "As the Saiyan no oujo, all Saiyan investments and holdings...are mine. And there are a few here and there." She crossed her arms smugly and smirked.


Chi Chi glowered angrily, rendered speechless for a few minutes. "Goku still owes me alimony payments."


Vegeta's smirk grew positively vicious and pulled out her ace (figuratively). While the two women had despaired over the alimony demands, Vegeta had off-handedly made a remark about how ugly the harpy's new boyfriend was and Bulma had of course listened with interest. Bulma had found the description naggingly familiar and called Yamcha, who had confirmed the mysterious boyfriend's identity. The popular baseball player had seen them around town a few times.


"Your boyfriend outside," Vegeta indicated with a flick of her head, "is the richest man in the city other than Bulma. You hardly need alimony payments." As the furious woman started to splutter, Vegeta continued coolly. "If I am not mistaken, much of his income derives from the tournaments he wins."


A pause. "If he wishes to be able to maintain such a lifestyle..."


The two males were clueless while Chi Chi was now turned red with rage. "You dare??"


"Kakarotto might decide that it would be fun to enter tournaments again. After all, he *would* need a source of income if he had to pay alimony." The oujo cracked her knuckles eagerly. "Who knows? I might find it ... amusing to take part as well." She smirked maliciously. "That would be a sight, wouldn't it? The Champion...beaten by a woman half his size."


Chi Chi paled. Looking at the smirking oujo, she knew she was beaten. Clenching her jaw, she gritted out. "Alright. You win."


"You will give up claim on the boy." Vegeta stated in a harsh tone.


A reluctant nod.


"You will also not pursue alimony claims." Another reluctant nod.


Father and son stared at Chi Chi's fuming back as she stalked back towards the car. "What happened here?"


Vegeta smirked wickedly. "Oh nothing much. Just that Chi Chi won't bother us again."


"But..what's all that about the alimony?"


"Didn't you realize?" Vegeta widened her eyes innocently. "Her boyfriend out there in the car is Hercules Satan. The richest man, aside from Bulma's father, in Satan City."



Chapter 7: Jungle Run

Goku carefully laid the last of the dragonballs on the ground, grinning happily. Finally! He had spent the last two days running around looking for them and some had been particularly difficult to locate. His favorite four- star ball, for example, had been in the belly of a particularly mobile shark and it had taken him *ages* to track it down.


When Goku brought up the issue of marriage, he had been surprised by Vegeta's response.

"This 'marriage ceremony' is an Earthling custom." The oujo sniffed. "I am the Saiyan no oujo, I will be Hunted in the traditional Saiyan mating ritual."

"Hunted?" Goku was visibly confused. Isn't that another name for courtship? What the hell has he been doing all the while?

"Typically, the mating ritual is held during a Jungle Run. Unlike the Earthling ceremony where a horde is invited, this is intensely private." Looking to the moonless night sky, Vegeta sighed softly. "The pair participates in a hunt for wild game at dusk. Usually the hunter should be the one to bring down the prey to show he can be a good provider. After sharing a light meal, the hunter gives the hunted a short head start before giving chase. When the hunter captures the hunted, the game still is not over; he has to defeat the other in a fight. Only then can he claim his prize." She turned to stare intensely at him now. " Since you have initiated the mating ritual by indicating your interest in me, you are the hunter."

A loaded pause.

Vegeta crossed her arms with a frown. "One reason why I was hesitant to your advances was because the hunter is typically the dominant partner in the relationship." A twitch in her eyebrow was the only outward sign of her tension in such an admission. The proud oujo *hated* not being in control.

Goku immediately hugged her reassuringly, knowing the cause of her distress. "We will be equals in our relationship." Vegeta stiffened in surprise, looking at him warily. "Is not the dominant position something any male desires?"

"I am not any male." Goku grinned confidently. "It is common in Earthling marriages for both partners to be equal."


The wishes made, Shenlong faded and the dragonballs flew off. Goku twisted his neck to look curiously at his newly regenerated tail. A rich brown furry appendage with black markings waved behind him, seemingly with a mind of its own. Grinning in elation, he concentrated on Vegeta's ki.


Vegeta had been about to head to the Gravity Room to train when a searing pain shot up her spine. Gasping, she fell over heavily and lay groaning on the floor for a few minutes before struggling up. What the fuck? She growled in annoyance and she ran her hands down her spine frantically for the source of the mysterious pain. Her hands came to a halt at the base of her spine and she stiffened, stunned. Could it be?

A lushly furred tail snaked round her waist in a familiar movement. Vegeta purred with delight as she stroked the rich reddish brown fur and her face lit up with a stunning smile. Shimatta! She had missed her tail immensely and cursed the bakayaro who cut her beautiful tail off daily. Clutching the furry appendage lovingly, she rubbed the waving tip against her cheek.

Goku appeared at that point and stood transfixed by the sight. Vegeta looked at him, crowing in delight. "My tail came back! Did you do this?" She pounced on him like a cat, purring loudly.

Sitting astride the fallen Saiyan, the oujo nuzzled happily into his neck, her hands kneading his chiseled chest. The fallen warrior lay back, dazed. Wow.

"I've wished back the moon too. Tonight." Goku gasped out breathlessly.

Vegeta gave him a deep, searing kiss before looking into his eyes mischievously. "Well then, we'll have to rest." Her voice dropped to a throaty purr. "We have a busy night ahead." Her full lips curled naughtily, eyes glittering, promising.

Leaping to her feet, the nimble oujo bounded away. "'Geta! Waait..." Goku sighed.


When Goku reached their bedroom, Vegeta was already curled up and asleep on their new bed. She had moved in right after her decision. Friends had been slightly surprised but the passionate oujo did nothing in half-measures. Goku smiled warmly as he remembered her heated and crafty defense against his ex-wife. What a woman! It was hard to believe how much his life had changed in the past week since she moved into his life and heart.

As the late afternoon sun cast slanted rays of light into their bedroom, Vegeta yawned and blinked sleepily. What was she doing asleep in the afternoon? Oh yeah.... She turned over and propping herself on her forearms, tickled her soon-to-be mate on the nose with the tip of her tail. Goku wrinkled his nose and tried to flip over but Vegeta would have none of that. She pounced on him and started bouncing violently. "Wake up baka!" Goku yelled in alarm and thrashed wildly, throwing both off the bed in a tangle of sheets and limbs.

"BAKA!" Spitting and hissing, Vegeta pulled herself free, her tail lashing through the air angrily.


"Gomen!" Goku rubbed half-lidded eyes blearily. "But you shouldn't have woken me up that way..." He grinned at the sight. "Do you know you look like an angry cat, 'Geta?"

"I do not!" Vegeta huffed, nose in air and tail puffed indignantly.


Vegeta was extremely tempted to cuff him on the head but held her temper. “C'mon, let's go. We still have to drop Gohan off at Bulma's."


Bulma stared at the Saiyan pair curiously as she held Gohan's hand. "You want me to watch Gohan for the night while you two ... hunt?"

Vegeta was dressed in her a deep purple spandex outfit while Goku was wearing his usual orange and blue gi.

Vegeta shook her head impatiently. "Not just that. It's a Saiyan thing."


Vegeta only gave an enigmatic smile before grasping Goku's hand and IT-ing off. Bulma clicked her tongue in irritation. "She never explains anything!" Gohan looked up at her. "Did you know 'tousan and 'kaasan got their tails back?" Bulma widened her eyes, visions of rampaging oozarus coming to mind before she remembered with relief that Piccolo had destroyed the moon some time back.


A swift kick to the boar's head sent it crashing into a nearby boulder and the soon-to-be dinner gave a final convulsing twitch as the two Saiyans strode over. "Neatly done." Vegeta noted approvingly. Goku was about to gather wood for a fire when she laid a small hand on his arm. "There is no need."

Slicing deftly with her ki, Vegeta handed a bloody hunk of meat to her wide- eyed companion. Goku was initially a little repulsed but strangely found the metallic scent of the blood compelling. Accepting the meat, he bit hesitantly. The blood flowed thickly over his tongue, arousing his senses and he soon found himself tearing hungrily into the remaining raw flesh.

"Good ne?" Vegeta gave a rich chuckle as she bit neatly into her own portion. "Saiyans have more ... robust appetites then the delicate humans. We find blood heady, stimulating."

They ate in companionable silence as the setting sun dropped below the horizon, gazing at each other. The sky darkened from a rich orange and ember to purple but they took no heed. As the moon rose, both Saiyans could feel a stirring in their blood. Nostrils flared as senses heightened in sensitivity. Though it was now almost fully dark, they could see as clearly as if it were day. A cool breeze blew, wafting numerous scents.


Goku breathed deeply. He had never felt so alive. It was almost like getting high on alcohol - the heady, lightheaded feeling - but without the dulling effects. His body tingled and he felt ready to take on anything. As the moon rose further, drenching the landscape in its pale light, his blood felt hotter and the gentle Earth-raised Saiyan never felt so wild and savage. Goku started to tremble slightly in anticipation, but of what? Looking at the dark princess in front of him, he could see the same changes overcoming her though she was not as badly affected.

"Easy...remember the meditative techniques I taught you before we left?" The oujo was finding it difficult to remain calm herself as the familiar, exhilarating feeling washed over her. "Breathe...focus...focus..." Her onyx eyes glittered darkly and her tail lashed agitatedly behind her.

Goku closed his eyes as he tried to center himself. However, the pale moonlight was affecting him badly and he gave a low growl as his muscles started to bulge. Vegeta started in alarm as she saw dark fur sprouting. Reaching out with her mind, she clamped down firmly on his impulses. Tense minutes went by as Goku struggled with foreign urges, Vegeta a comforting, guiding presence in his mind. Finally, he managed to calm down sufficiently and he opened his eyes with relief to note that his skin was no longer furry.

"I didn't know you can do that."

"I am royalty. Stronger telepathic abilities were bred into my line long ago." Vegeta gave a feral grin. Slinking sensually up to him, she gave him a playful nip before bounding off.

Goku stood there stunned for a while, then his instincts took over, and growling in response to the challenge, loped after her.

Vegeta ran through the darkened forest, occasionally leaping up into the trees. She weaved easily through the broad branches, her tail providing not only a counterbalance to her movements but an additional limb as she leapt through the foliage, as nimble as the simians the Saiyans resemble. Goku was not as used to his tail since he had lost it a long time ago and she laughed wickedly as she heard him stumbling and crashing noisily a few times.

She crouched hidden on a branch until he was just under her, then she jumped down behind him. "You've got to try much harder than that to catch me..." She smirked and pinched him on his butt before fading back into the shadows. Goku spun around, snarling in irritation. He could smell her spicy sweet scent hanging in the air like a beacon but she was too fast and agile for him.

The pair had been running for hours it seems; time seem to stand still and their whole world narrowed down to just running. Hunting and being hunted. Vegeta leapt up higher onto the thinner branches, where the larger and heavier Saiyan would be hard pressed to follow. The slender Saiyan sat on her haunches as she looked down, panting slightly. She may be more faster but he has more stamina and he was starting to wear her out. Through the gloomy, speckled darkness, she could see a pair of glittering eyes.


Lips curled up in a confident smirk, revealing sharp canines, Goku leapt upwards. Unfortunately, the branches higher up were too thin to support his weight and he crashed back down. Snarling in frustration, he need not look up again to know that she was gone, her mocking laughter echoing in the cool forest air.



Chapter 8: Jungle Run (cont.)

Goku snarled in frustration as Vegeta's mocking laughter trailed off. What is he to do? He cannot catch her; it is obvious she has the upper hand here. Kamii...Dende...anyone! HAALP!!

As if in answer to his silent plea, the heavens opened up.

Vegeta growled in irritation as the fat raindrops fell around her, slipping on the slick narrow branch. Damn! Small patches of moss became slick traps and the heavy downpour obscured her night vision. She may have to drop back to the ground. A sudden flash blinded her and a split second later, the accompanying crash of thunder nearly shocked her from her precarious perch. Shimatta! That was too close! It's not safe in the treetops anymore.

Goku felt Vegeta's ki lower from the higher levels towards the forest floor and grinned. Thank you Dende!

(Although if Dende *had* been watching... He's underage! *wags finger*)

Vegeta lost her handhold just a couple of metres from the forest floor and landed hard on her front. As she scrambled to pick herself up, she felt Goku's ki approaching. She had barely picked herself up when she was flung to the muddy floor again as Goku pinned her from behind.

"Caught you!" A low chuckle taunted her and she bucked furiously, throwing him off.

The two wrestled and grappled around in the squelching mud, neither finding purchase as slick skins prevented a tight hold. Goku held back, relying on his heavier weight and larger size to try to pin her down while the smaller Saiyan thrashed frantically, elbows and knees deadly weapons. A heavy mud- laden tail slapped his face hard, raising red welts.

Goku growled angrily and tightened his arms around her body, his legs attempting to hook hers immobile. Suddenly the muddy pair rolled into stream and came up gasping in the icy-cold water. Vegeta was a tad slower and the larger Saiyan took the opportunity to pin her firmly against a large boulder on one bank.

Her breath knocked out of her, Vegeta opened her mouth only to have it crushed by a bruising kiss. His tongue plunged in, ravishing her mouth mercilessly. Dizzy and breathless, she moaned, her rigid body relaxing, the fight finally draining out of her.

“Game over.” Goku whispered throatily when he released her lips.

Goku pulled her up onto the bank and the two quickly divested each other of their sodden clothing eagerly. Vegeta gasped and moaned, writhing her lithe body under his as hot mouth and hands paid homage down her body, running feverishly over her cool skin. Their eyes shone with a feral gleam as instincts took over, submerging their minds in a primal red haze of lust.


Silvery moonlight and rain played with the forest shadows over the lovers as they danced in steps as old as time, filling the night with heated moans and frantic mewing. Lips kissed, licked and sucked satiny skin, hands roamed and nails raked sensitive flesh, furry coils slapped and whipped tender skin, raising angry welts, the mix of pain and pleasure exciting yet further.

Goku groaned as he slid himself in her slick heat, his conscious mind barely able to hold back his urge to ram himself to the hilt. Vegeta growled impatiently and hissed, "I'm not made of glass!" She emphasized her point by pulling hard on his hips, wrapping lean legs tightly around his muscled waist.

That move sent him over the edge and with a rumbling growl, he dropped all restraints. Pumping hard, he set an increasing pace as both shrieked their pleasure, their blood afire and nerves tingling.

Their ki spiked as they neared climax. Unconsciously, Goku's hair flashed yellow and Vegeta's flickered wildly between ebony and gold. As she came with a shriek, her aura exploded in a golden flame. Crackling golden lighting danced crazily around them, echoing the silvery lightning that flashed overhead in the storm. As Goku came with a howl, he leaned forward instinctively, biting deeply into the soft skin at her throat. Vegeta reared up in pleasure and pain, sinking her own sharp canines in his throat, claiming him in return. Their climax was intensified as mouths greedily sucked hot blood, the rich taste and tangy scent inflaming their overly heated senses. Their minds melded as they were now linked eternally.

As the waves of their climax subsided into a hazy crimson, they lapped contentedly at the bleeding wounds, purring their pleasure, eyes already closing in exhaustion. Goku pulled out and rolled to his side, pulling his new mate protectively against his chest as sleep overtook them.


Rays of bright morning sunlight fell across the sleeping forms in the clearing beside a burbling stream. Goku squinted against the harsh light as he woke up. Where…what? Ooohhh…memories of the previous night came rushing back and he broke into a broad grin. Pushing himself up on one elbow, he gazed down fondly at his new Mate.

Vegeta flung an arm over her eyes and curled up more tightly in a fruitless attempt to escape the relentless light. To make matters worse, her shoulder was being shaken gently but firmly. "Wake up koi." Vegeta mumbled a few choice swear words and attempted to flip over but the hand on her shoulder was insistent. With a groan, Vegeta opened her eyes extremely reluctantly, yawning and stretching lazily.

"Morning, konecko."

Vegeta tried to glare but she was strangely pleased by the term of affection.

"You have no idea how kawaii you look, curled up like that just now." Goku grinned happily. He leaned forward and they shared a sweet kiss, purring softly.


Groaning, she moved to stand up. "Uurgh…I ache all over. And I'm extremely sticky." Her tall mate rubbed his bruised body, pouting. "I'm not much better. You were positively vicious last night."

Reaching for their muddy, sodden clothing, Vegeta curled her lips in disgust. "I'm not wearing that. Let's go home right now. I *need* a hot shower. Now."

“But ‘Geta, I’m hungry!” On cue, his stomach rumbled in protest.

“Bath. First.”


Vegeta luxuriated under the hot spray, her slight body arching against a larger one behind. Goku had his fingers buried in her foamy hair, rubbing and massaging her scalp as she purred contentedly.

“Last night was fantastic, koi… We’ve done it so many times in the past week but last night was truly mind blowing.” Goku was getting hard again, thinking about it.

Vegeta smirked. “The tails… the moonlight… the hunt and the fighting were all aphrodisiacs. It was many factors.”

~And it will only get better – I’ve heard stories about Saiyan bonds.~ Vegeta added through their mental link, startling Goku. He had little telepathy experience, having lived among humans all his life and only discovering recently that Saiyans possess some telepathic abilities.

Goku grinned as he recalled a particular memory. “Are you aware you ascended last night?”

Vegeta’s eyes widened in stunned delight. “So I did!” She concentrated, powering up and after flickering uncertainly for a few moments, her hair turned gold. She spun around, her teal eyes glittering brightly, clutching his shoulders tightly. “So I did!”

“Well, you certainly had it easier than me. Rage and grief triggered my transformation. The irony was, you were the catalyst.” He grinned naughtily. “All I did was to fuck you senseless.”

Vegeta growled warningly, her cheeks crimson. “If you *ever* tell anyone…”

Hearty laughter rang out in the tiled bathroom.


Chapter 9: Snapshots

“Well, I’ve drawn enough.” Bulma withdrew the needle from an unconscious Goku. Picking up the small bag of his rich blood, she moved to put it in the cold storage drawer, along with other blood and tissue samples from the two last full-blooded Saiyans. Along with his semen and her eggs.

Vegeta nodded absently, her eyes fixed on her slumbering mate.

When Vegeta had discovered her pregnancy, she came to Bulma, instructing her to start her research on Saiyan physiology and prepare any requisite medical supplies. Senzu beans were inordinately helpful, but it never hurts to be prepared. Taking samples from the normally fearless warrior had been a challenge at first since he normally runs at even the sight of needles, but Vegeta had taken the expedient method of simply rendering him unconscious with a well-placed chop to the base of his neck.

Bulma now took out the ultrasound scanner. “Since you are here, I might as well get a look at your twins.”

Vegeta snorted a little, running her hands lightly over her swollen abdomen. “Kuso! I can’t wait till they are out! I cannot train and I am bloated like a walragg! Babies are simply a nuisance.” Her annoyed tone carried a faint fondness that belied the harsh statement.

Bulma shook her head in exasperation, not fooled by the oujo’s complaining. She did not know what a walragg was but it was probably something big or fat. The petite oujo did really look ungainly, carrying twins on her small frame. Secretly, Bulma was a little envious. She was past thirty, and had started to feel the ticking of her own biological clock. Maybe Yamcha…


“BAKA!” Goku winced in agony as Vegeta crushed his hand when another contraction hit. The nurse had pushed him in with Vegeta, assuring him that all women would want their husbands by their side when they give birth. Hold her hand, the nurse had instructed him. It would reassure her. When Goku had blabbered that his mate would pulverize his hand, she had clicked her tongue, assuring him that she had never seen a case of that happening even though the husband always felt that way. Hold her hand the nurse said. Goku hardly swore but he was rattling off a string of curses, most of them learnt from his very eloquent mate, at that baka nurse right now.

“Kuso! I am getting you neutered after this, do you hear me? Arrrgh!!” Even with the ki shield, he could feel the bones in his fingers give.

Feeling only slack pressure as the bones of his hands disintegrated, Vegeta growled and shifted her grip to his wrist. Goku whimpered in fear.


Goku burped his youngest son Koch over his shoulder. The younger of the twins, Koch was his favorite mainly because he looked like a carbon copy of his proud father.

Vegeta was now breast-feeding Radin. The older twin had taken after their mother, his fine features a mirror of hers and his ebony hair already defying gravity with that trademark flame. Vegeta had proudly pointed out that such hair is a characteristic of the royal Vegeta line and Radin had quickly claimed a place in his mother’s heart as her favorite.

The chibis also seem to have inherited some of their favorite parent’ traits. Koch was easy-going while the smirk on Radin’s chubby face now was pure Vegeta. However, while Radin has a slightly slimmer build, both chibis are otherwise exactly the same size. The twins also seem to share an extremely close bond, as far as their parents could tell when they peeked into their sons’ minds. Their power levels are also extremely close, so similar it was hard to tell who was the stronger but the proud parents did not really care.

Gohan grinned happily. He couldn’t wait until the twins were old enough to fight.


Piccolo landed softly in the backyard. He could feel Gohan and the twins’ ki inside, and Vegeta’s and Goku’s ki a distance away in their favorite sparring ground.

Gohan looked up from his homework as he felt his mentor’s approach. “Piccolo-san!” Beside him, on the living room floor were two squabbling chibis. “I cannot train with you today… I got stuck watching the twins because ‘tousan and ‘kasaan wanted to spar again.”

“Hmph. This will not do, you also need to train. Maybe you can ask Bulma to help watch them?” Piccolo turned a curious gaze onto the twins. “Do they always fight like that?”

“Yeah. At first, I used to spend all my time trying to break them up but now I just let them be. They don’t really hurt each other.” Gohan giggled. “And they remind me a lot of the way ‘tousan and ‘kasaan fight…”

The chibis rolled around on the ground, squawking and spitting until they hit the wall. Radin was knocked onto his back and Koch pounced heavily on his brother. Radin hissed angrily and squirmed frantically to throw the grinning chibi off. He placed two chubby hands to Koch’s chest and with a bright flash, blasted Koch off.

Mentor and disciple blinked in shock. Did Radin just…? “Radin just learnt to… he has never done that before…” Gohan blabbered excitedly. Oblivious to the excitement he generated unknowingly, Radin had now lunged after a dazed Koch. Yanking on Koch’s short furry brown tail, he elicited a wail of pain from the fallen chibi.

“That’s enough!” Piccolo moved swiftly to separate the two. Gohan picked Koch up, rubbing him soothingly. Radin looked chagrined and a look of remorse crossed his countenance. Walking unsteadily to his brothers, he petted his crying twin tentatively. Koch gave one last sniffle, turning to hug his sorry twin. Both chirped happily as they hugged, their tails wrapping around their twin’s waist or arm, their spat forgotten.

“Are they always so quick to make up?”

“Oh yeah. They fight, then make up and forget rapidly after that.” Gohan smiled fondly at the energetic chibis, who were now tormenting some poor bug on the floor with their prodding fingers.


“The chibis should be ready to start training soon.” Goku said thoughtfully as they prepared for bed. Gohan had excitedly related how Radin had fired his first ki blast that afternoon during dinner.

Vegeta groaned as she crawled into bed. “After the androids threat has been dealt with.” She rubbed her shoulder. “Today was a good spar. I’m bruised all over.” Musing, she turned to look at the calendar. “Another month till the androids arrive…”

“I don’t want to talk about the androids or chibis now…” Goku had a familiar gleam in his eyes. Reaching for his mate’s tail, he raked his nails down the furry length, eliciting a different groan from the oujo who arched back, eyes rolling back in pleasure. “How about some … night training…”

The only reply was a loud purr.


Goku and Vegeta landed on the cliff, each carrying one of their sons, their other hand holding onto Gohan. The others were already there. The mood should have been tense, waiting for the androids to attack, but the battle- hardened warriors were instead cooing over Bulma’s baby.

Goku waved a finger at the lavender-haired tot in his best friend’s arms. “Is he yours?” Yamcha beamed proudly, his arm around Bulma’s shoulders.

The others now crowded around the Saiyan chibis. Radin wrapped his tail tightly around his mother’s wrist as he scowled up at them but Koch smiled and chirped happily, holding his arms out to Krillen. The twins were almost two and it seems like Saiyan babies developed at a much faster rate for they were walking already. Koch was the more chatty of the two, though Radin had a more extensive vocabulary when he chose to utilize it.

Vegeta turned to their sons sternly. “Now, I want you both to stay with Bulma, do you hear me?” Her grim tone brook no argument and the two boys nodded solemnly. Goku ruffled their hair affectionately. “We’ll be done before you know it.”

“Now go.” She pushed both boys towards Bulma, who started to walk them to her plane that was parked nearby. The blue-haired woman was chatting a little too airily as she sought to hide her nervousness from the chibis, though she wasn’t the only one. The adults knew their prattling had been an edgy attempt at concealing their anxiety. They were all jittery and high- strung and once the plane had left, lapsed into an uncomfortable silence.

An explosion nearby rocked them to their senses and the fighters scrambled to the air in the direction of the blasts.




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