Author’s Slightly Extensive Notes:


Thanks to Dark Fate for beta-ing this fic!! ^_^

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I’ve just realized that I seem to like movie titles a lot, but it’s a coincidence! Can I help it that the movie writers or whoever decides the names have snapped up the snappier titles? I haven’t even seen these movies before – I’m not a movie buff. So, just to make it clear, this fic has NOTHING to do with That Movie of the similar name.


This fic takes place after my previous fic – The Saiyan no Oujo. If you haven’t read that, go back and read it!! It’s the prequel to this!  (Hey! I’ve just realized, not only are sequels good because the background is already set, but it makes readers go back and read my earlier fics! Keeps the older fics alive! Hahaha…)


If you really, really don’t want to read it…(Why not? It’s fairly short…*pout*), you *might* get by with the one-line summary at the bottom of the Author’s Notes. BUT! You won’t be fully enjoying this fic then! So go back and read it!!


I’ve skipped some years forward from the timeline in the prequel. Maybe I’ll go back to fill in the gaps later, but this story is independent of the fighting during the Cell Saga.

There are 2 Timelines in this story.

In the Original Timeline:

(2 years past Buu) Goku is still with Chi Chi, (male) Vegeta is still with Bulma, but both couples are having relationship problems. Gohan is 18, Chibi Trunks is 10 and Goten is 9. Mirai Trunks is visiting from his own timeline.
In the Alternate Timeline:

(2 years past Cell) Vegeta is female and mated with Goku. Gohan is 10, Twins are 4



When Oujo Met Ouji



Chapter 1: Problems of the Heart

(Starts in the Original Timeline, where Vegeta is male. Very male. Heh.)

Goku listened wearily to Chi Chi’s complaints. Lately all she had been doing was nagging. Nagging at Gohan to find a good job and settle down with Videl. Nagging at Goten to spend less time playing with Trunks and study more. Nagging at Goku to stop training and look for a proper job, to spend more time at home and less time sparring with Vegeta. What set off this latest tirade was his comment that he was going out to spar with Vegeta, something the two Saiyans did every other day. Crossing his arms with an uncharacteristic frown, he suddenly spoke up.

“I’ve to go now, I’m late meeting Vegeta.” Without waiting for her answer, he turned and flew off. Behind him, he could hear Chi Chi screeching at him, but he had already tuned her out.

As he flew through the air to their usual sparring spot, he thought about his current problems. He had never loved Chi Chi; he had liked her very much when they first married even though they had little in common. All he knew about was fighting while Chi Chi’s world revolved around their house and, later, their sons. But now, they were drifting further and further apart, and they could not give each other what the other wanted. Their marriage was irrevocably breaking up.

His thoughts drifted to Vegeta. Lately, they had been spending more and more time sparring together. He could tell that Vegeta was also having problems with Bulma, and the two men usually met up to spar and take our their frustrations at each other. Recently however, he found himself really looking forward to their sparring session, not to vent their marital frustrations, but simply to see the prince. The turning point had been during their fusion into the perfect warrior, Gogeta. He caught a glimpse into the enigmatic and fascinating prince’s mind and started to view the cold prince in a totally different light after that.

He had to admit that he was attracted to Vegeta. That had given rise to a whole set of different frustrations. He was quite sure that the prince thought of him as a third-class baka and only tolerated him as a good sparring partner.

As he neared the sparring grounds, he slowed down as he caught sight of Vegeta. The ouji appeared more frustrated than usual and was already involved in a furious kata, punching and kicking at some invisible enemy. Goku hovered in mid-air, watching in fascination at the lithe form.

Vegeta growled in anger as he lashed out, a litany of curses running through his mind, his thoughts in a chaotic jumble. He had it up to *here* with that blue-haired shrew’s shrieking. Do this, do that. Spend more time with me, stop training Trunks so hard. And did she think he couldn’t tell that she had been cheating? He could *smell* that scar-faced weakling on her. The only reason he did not say anything, besides the fact that it would be absolutely embarrassing to acknowledge that the Saiyan no Ouji could not satisfy a woman, was that he didn’t really consider her his Mate. He would tell her to go to that weak ningen, make herself and everyone else happy, IF he could find a way to save his face in the process as well.

Punching an unfortunate boulder, he stopped and blinked down at the pile of pebbles. However, what he was *really* frustrated about was Kakarotto. Lately, he had discovered to his horror that he was actually attracted to that baka! Feeling the need to really destroy, no, *pulverize* something, he blasted the pebbles. Staring at the pile of sand, he didn’t really feel better though. Sensing Kakarotto’s ki behind him, he turned around, ready to beat the crap out of that baka. If nothing at all, for being so damn attractive.

Without the usual preliminaries, the two frustrated males lunged at each other.

As Vegeta scored yet another hit on the larger Saiyan, he snarled in frustration. “What’s the matter with you today?”

“Gomen…” Goku held his hand out for a timeout, sinking tiredly to the sandy ground. “I just couldn’t concentrate today.”

“Problems with the harpy?” Vegeta gave an ironic snort. He could be referring to himself.

“Yeah, she’s been nagging again.” Goku growled angrily, looking unlike his normal cheerful self. “I can’t stand it. She keeps going on and on about getting a job. Worse, she wants me to stop training and fighting.”

Vegeta could empathize. Fighting was essential to a Saiyan, it was in their blood. Asking them to stop fighting was like cutting off a limb.

“Sometimes I just want to pack up and leave.”

“Why don’t you?” Vegeta pondered the question as well. I should be asking myself the same question. Why don’t *I* leave that shrew?

“The boys, I guess.” Goku sighed dejectedly. “Gohan is almost old enough to move out, but Goten is still a kid.”

“What would you want?” The normally taciturn prince wondered why he was unusually chatty today.

Goku did not answer for a while, staring morosely at the ground. What he wanted? What he really wanted was the unobtainable prince just right in front of him. He smiled sadly as he felt his heart clench in pain.

As he looked up at Vegeta, he felt his heart constrict in agony again and realized to his horror that the pain was not psychological but physical, just before his world went black.

Vegeta looked on in shock as the tall warrior clutched his chest and slumped unconscious to the ground.



Chapter 2: “This, I’ve gotta see”

Vegeta stood with his arms crossed as he looked at the prone figure on the bed. “So what’s wrong with him, woman?”

“It appears that the medicine he took did not completely eradicate the heart virus. And now the virus has mutated with a vengeance.” Bulma ran her fingers through her disheveled hair tiredly.

“Can’t you do something, woman?”

Bulma was too worried to argue with Vegeta. “I could…“


“But I need a sample of his DNA, one that is not contaminated by the virus. The virus has attacked at his molecular level, gene therapy might work…”

Vegeta paused for a moment. “What about using mine?”

Bulma looked up in surprise. “You’re right. Ok, let’s try.”


Vegeta and Mirai Trunks looked up hopefully as Bulma entered the kitchen. Bulma sank down into a chair dejectedly, shaking her head. Apparently the attempt to use Vegeta’s DNA had not worked.

The three sat in silence, racking their brains. It had been two days already, and while Goku’s condition had stabilized, he had not improved and remained unconscious. Chi Chi and their sons had been around everyday, but Bulma had shooed them away. She had imposed a strict quarantine just in case the virus was contagious and had only minimal, essential contact with Goku herself.

“We need a sample of Goku’s DNA… How about traveling back in time?” Bulma asked her son, who was visiting from his alternate timeline. Mirai Trunks brightened. “It’s definitely worth a try.”


(Meanwhile, in yet Another Timeline, (confusing ne?), where Vegeta is female. Very female. *grin* In front of the Sons’ house.)

Vegeta pounced on her mate, purring. “So, the kids are over at Bulma’s… What are we going to do?”

Goku laughed, flipping her onto her back, running his hands along her sides. Vegeta burst out laughing as she wiggled frantically to get away. The two were so occupied as they wrestled on the grass that they did not notice the appearance of a time machine above them.

Mirai Trunks stared down in shock. Am I in the wrong timeline? Check the screen, nope, correct, it’s just after Cell. Hmm, the one on top certainly looks like Goku, but the woman on the bottom does NOT look like Chi Chi. In fact, she looks like … Mirai Trunk’s jaw fell as his eyes bugged out.

Suddenly, Vegeta shrieked as she finally caught sight of the visitor. Both Saiyans immediately leapt up in a fighting crouch, powering up. Trunks landed his machine and got out slowly, his hands held out defensively. “Wait! Don’t do anything! I can explain!”

After Trunks related his mission, the Saiyan pair calmed down. “So you just need a sample of my DNA?” Goku asked.

“Baka! You don’t just go around giving your DNA sample to strangers!” Vegeta cuffed her mate.

“I’m not a stranger…er, I should have been your son. That is if you were male and had gotten together with Bulma… You can come back with me to check it out!” Trunks was fascinated, to say the least. A female Vegeta?? Vegeta and Goku?? He tried to imagine his dad with Goku… Ack! Image!

“Oh yeah, remember when I came back from Yardrat? There was this lavender-haired Super Saiyan who killed Frieza and King Kold? He then warned us about the androids and gave me the medicine?” Goku’s face brightened. Vegeta nodded but was still suspicious.

Trunks blinked. “Oh yeah! I remember now. I got into the wrong timeline.” He nodded vigorously. “I’m really your son! Sort of…” To demonstrate, he powered up into SSJ.

“C’mon ‘Geta!”

Vegeta paused for a while. “Ok, but I’m coming with you.” Trunks was about to protest when he was suddenly filled with the desire to see the others’ reaction to a female Vegeta. Especially his father’s. Grinning, he indicated his machine with a flourish. “Whenever you’re ready. My chariot awaits.”

“Wait, we have to tell Bulma first. We left the kids there.”

“Kids?” Trunks was getting more and more interested.

“Yeah, Gohan and the twins.”

“Twins?? This, I’ve gotta see.”


Mirai Trunks stared at in amazement at the chibis. “Wow! Radin looks just like my dad! Koch looks just like Goku… And is that me??” His head swiveled to the purple haired toddler in Bulma’s arms. Bulma grinned and offered her baby to the lavender-haired teen. “Trunks! Meet Trunks!”

“Who’s his dad?” Mirai Trunks picked up Chibi Trunks.


“Oh wow, this is amazing. Did you know, in my timeline, you dumped Yamcha for Vegeta, mom?” Trunks babbled. The other three adults laughed hilariously.

Bulma made playful kissing motions at the pretty oujo. “Oh, Vegeta!” She swooned into the petite oujo’s arms.


Vegeta leered back, growling in a deep voice. “Onna...”

Mirai Trunks and Goku collapsed in helpless laughter.

A small problem arose when the parents explained to their sons why they had to stay with Bulma for the night.

“NO! We wanna go too!!” Radin screamed, clinging onto his mother’s leg. Koch threw a temper tantrum as well, clinging onto her other leg, as Vegeta snarled, trying to pry the twins off. Gohan blinked, then smirked. Taking his cue from his brothers, he latched onto his father’s waist. “DAADD!!” When Goku tried to pull Gohan off, Gohan powered up to SSJ.

“Why can’t we go??” Radin wailed.

“What if you never come back??” Koch cried.

Vegeta and Goku threw up their hands in frustration. “Alright, alright, you can go!” “Now get off me already!”

Immediately, the waterworks stopped as the three Sons brothers held up a ‘v’ sign.



Chapter 3: First Impressions

Getting into the Time Machine was definitely a problem. Trunks and Goku managed to squeeze into the seat, while Vegeta sat on Goku’s lap and Gohan on Trunks’ lap. Finally the chibis piled in on top, and Trunks realized that he couldn’t see or reach the controls. Gohan pressed his face against the glass dome, allowing Trunks to see the dashboard, and Trunks managed to wriggle one hand out.

“Hey! Watch where you are touching!” Vegeta yelled.

“Where? Where is he touching??” Goku shouted.

“Gomen!!” Trunks quickly withdrew his arm once he had started the Time Machine.

Bulma and Yamcha were shrieking in laughter on the ground.


“Um, there’s one thing you should know before we land…” Quickly, the lavender-haired demi-Saiyan outlined the marital situations in his timeline. Vegeta, Goku and Gohan listened curiously while the chibis tuned out, bored.

Mirai Vegeta, Bulma, Chibi Trunks and Goten watched curiously as the packed time machine landed.

“BOY! You were supposed to only bring back a blood sample! What’s all this??” Vegeta barked as the occupants spilled out. His eyes bugged out when he saw the female Vegeta.

Quickly, Mirai Trunks outlined what happened and why he had to bring Goku here. And why Vegeta came along, and also how the kids all wanted to come too.

The Saiyan no ouji stared at the Saiyan no oujo, then at the Saiyan twins. That’s…me. That’s me mated with Kakarotto. Why does that thought sound so good? Heh, I looked really good even as a female. *Really* good. Nice boobs. Hn, at least their kids are full Saiyans and have proper Saiyan hair. Whoa, that brat looks just like me when I was young. Hn, she still has her tail. I’m so envious.

Vegeta was staring at the male Vegeta. That’s…me. That me mated, ok, not mated, just fucked, Bulma. Eww. Gross. Heh, I looked really good even as a male. *Really* good. Nice pecs. Hn, his kid looks funny, what’s with the purple hair? Hm, where’s his tail?


Both Vegetas stood with their arms crossed, one in black spandex, the other in deep purple, eyeing each other speculatively. It was kind of eerie.

Goku was staring at the male Vegeta, then back at his own mate. Oh wow, this is so freaky. I cannot imagine a male Vegeta… Ack! Image! But wow, they look really alike, although the male Vegeta is taller. Not by much though. And more muscular, although he is not bulky. He also looks a lot fiercer. Wow. So he and Bulma got together in this timeline. Always thought Bulma had a thing for bad guys. Guess Vegeta’s the Ultimate Bad Man; he sure looks like it.

Bulma was staring at the female Vegeta and then back at the man she lived with. This is like so unreal. I cannot imagine a female Vegeta. And Goku and Vegeta got together…… Ack! Image! Whoa, she’s cute. Very petite, although if she’s anything like Vegeta, she’s probably a firecracker. Hey! She’s got a better figure…and bigger boobs than me! Darn it!

Mirai Trunks was grinning manically as he took in all of their expressions. Oh, this is *priceless*!!! This is a Kodak moment, where my camera when I need it?

Gohan and the twins stared at the prince, then at Chibi Trunks and Goten. The two older boys stared right back, then at the princess. Suddenly, all the kids broke out giggling.

“’kasaan, is that you?” Koch curled a tail around his mother’s wrist, pointing at Vegeta. Radin cuffed his twin. “Of course not baka! He’s a male! How can he be ‘kasaan?”

Koch punched his smirking brother. “But he looks like ‘kasaan! And Trunks said we are going to the future.”


“I dare you to call him ‘kasaan then.” Radin smirked harder.

The ouji shot the Kakarotto look-alike spawn an evil look and Koch meeped, shrinking back.

“Yeah dad, what do I call her?” Chibi Trunks decided to join in the fray, grinning madly, pointing at female Vegeta.

Both Vegetas pinched the bridge of their noses and gave identical snarls.


As the adults adjourned to the medical bay, the kids ran off eagerly with their new playmates. Chibi Trunks and Goten were especially taken in by Gohan, who was now Trunks’ age. Goku and Vegeta stared through the window to the isolated room, where Mirai Goku was lying in before turning to Bulma.

“So what do I have to do?” Goku paled. “Wait, does this involve needles. Ack!”


As he started to look around wildly, Vegeta grabbed his hair. “Baka!” She yanked his head down for a crushing kiss, snaking her tongue in. Her other hand reached down to the base of his tail. Distracted, Goku closed his eyes and started to lean into the kiss, moaning slightly when Vegeta delivered a swift chop to the base of his skull. Goku slumped into his smirking mate’s arms.

The others watched wide-eyed. Vegeta licked his suddenly dry lips and felt…almost jealous.

“Well? Hurry up and get the sample!” The oujo barked. The others snapped out of their stunned state.

The ouji stepped forward to help the other Vegeta lower Goku onto a bed. Idly he noted that while this Kakarotto looked just like his, only less care-worn, they smelled a little different. His Kakarotto smelled more attractive. Shimatta! Since when have I started noticing his scent? And since when is he MY Kakarotto?

Vegeta looked curiously at her male counterpart, wondering at the fleeting strange expression she saw on his face when she kissed her mate and why his jaw was tightening perceptibly right now.

(Author: How does the oujo look? Think the same flame-shaped hair, but spiky bangs – widow’s peak on a female isn’t very sexy. See Lori’s pix! Her features are more elfin than the ouji we all know, and for some reason, I can see her in purple. ^_^)



Chapter 4: ‘Jita


Everyone, sans the chibis, had adjourned to the kitchen for a snack after exiting the medical room. Two spiky haired heads turned at Bulma’s call. “What?”

Heads sweatdropped at the almost identical irritated barks. Bulma gave a small laugh. “I meant the female Vegeta… Oh, this is so confusing! How about we call you Vejita instead?”

The oujo raised an eyebrow. Hmmm… For some strange reason, Vejita sounds…almost right.

“Hn.” She grunted her royal approval.

Bulma gave a beam as she waved a hand at the oujo’s mate. “Ok, and we can call Goku…”

“Kakarotto.” Vejita injected firmly. The said Saiyan gave a classic Son grin and rubbed the back of his head. “I’m fine with that.”

Vegeta gave a scowl but kept quiet. He used to be the only one who called the Earth-raised Saiyan ‘Kakarotto’ – it was private. Damn, now what would he call his baka? He mentally rearranged some syllables in his head. Hmm… Kakarrot sounds good.

“Anyway," Bulma continued cheerily. “I was about to say that I’ve prepared a room for the two of you. It’s just beside Vegeta’s bedroom. I also gave your twins and Gohan a bedroom beside Trunks. I figured the kids would like to stay together.”

“Arigato Bulma!” Kakarotto thanked her politely, knowing that his mate wouldn’t.

Bulma led the couple up to their bedroom, Vegeta and Mirai Trunks trailing behind. He and Bulma may have shared a kid and house, but they had always slept in different bedrooms even when they shared a common nocturnal activity. Lately though, they did not even have that in common.

Suddenly, they heard a shriek from the end of the corridor, which opened to the living room. Chi Chi and Gohan, the older 18-year old one that is, stood there with shocked and delighted expressions on their faces.

“Goku!” Chi Chi flew across the corridor to hug the startled Saiyan, while Gohan hung back with a slightly puzzled expression on his face. Somehow, his dad’s ki felt a little different…

A growl was the black-haired Amazon’s only warning before a fist clipped her across her jaw and sent her sprawling into the wall. A normal human woman might have been knocked unconscious but Chi Chi was made of stronger stuff than that, and she turned towards her assailant in fury, a frying pan appearing mysteriously in her hand.

“NANI?!” She gaped at Vejita in surprise.

The oujo bared her fangs and looped her tail around Kakarotto’s waist possessively. “Don’t touch my mate!”

“Your mate??” Chi Chi recovered admirably and glared at the scowling oujo.

The unfortunate Saiyan caught in the middle tried to back away, but the oujo’s tail pinned him immobile in a vice grip. The two raven-haired women glared daggers at each other, their battle auras rising dangerously.

Everyone else sweatdropped nervously.

Gohan and Bulma quickly stepped in and pulled Chi Chi away, and Bulma explained the situation. As expected, Chi Chi did not take the news well.

“Nani?! Do you mean to say that my Goku left me,” she grimaced sourly, “for that..that murderous, cold-hearted bitch?”

Vejita vacillated between a smirk and scowl as Chi Chi fumed. “What do you mean *your* Goku??”

Vegeta struggled to contain his own smirk as well; he never liked the shrill harpy in the first place. It would be an irony if the same situation happened here… But it wouldn’t. Abruptly, his mood fell.

With a scowl, he turned and left. Vejita glanced at him, then took her cue and followed him, dragging her mate along with her tail. Bulma and Mirai Trunks scuttled after them, glad for an excuse out of the awkward situation.


“Baka!” Vejita turned on her mate as soon as they were alone in their room. “Why couldn’t you have stopped her from touching you?”

“But..but…’Geta…”Kakarotto expertly blocked a punch and side-stepped another swinging kick.

“Don’t…’ Her rant was cut off as he suddenly slid in front of her, pinning her arms and covering her lips with his.

“Or should I say ‘Jita?” He finally rasped when he released her lips. One of his hands had moved to run lazy circles along her lower back, ending up at the base of her auburn tail.

“Damn…” The oujo melted at his touch and gave a low moan, her eyelashes fluttering close.

“’Jita…” He breathed huskily again, his warm breath tickling the sensitive shell of her ear. “’Jita, ‘Jita, ‘Jita…”

Vejita allowed herself to be carried to their new bed, enjoying the sound of her new nickname as it rolled smoothly off her mate’s tongue.


Vegeta was lying down on his bed, his thoughts in turmoil. It was a common occurrence, especially in the last few months when he discovered he had feelings for that baka. The arrival of his younger, female self and her mate had totally thrown him for a loop, and he was shocked to realize that he was envious…extremely envious of her.

His sensitive ears cocked at the muffled sounds that were emitted from the room beside his. There were some loud thumps and creaking… He scowled when he realized what those noises were.

Closing his eyes, he tried to meditate and arrange his thoughts and emotions into some semblance of calm. It wouldn’t do for the Saiyan no ouji to be so flustered over a third-class baka.

The noises became louder, as did the moans and grunts.

He grimaced, then flushed as a female shriek rent the air, and then again. And again. It wasn’t a shriek of pain.

When a familiar male voice howled, he snarled and in a smooth, quick motion, rolled off his bed and headed towards his Gravity Room, slamming the door angrily behind him.



Chapter 5: Dinner

Dinner was a boisterous affair, especially with the five Saiyan kids at the table. 18-year old Gohan wanted badly to join them, but Chi Chi had left in a huff and pulled her reluctant teenage son with her.

“You’re different from this timeline’s Gohan; not so book-wormish.” Trunks grinned at the pre-adolescent Gohan who was seated opposite him. He liked him *much* better than the older Gohan; this younger Gohan was more mischievous and fun.

Gohan shuddered. “When Chi Chi was still my ‘kasaan, she used to make me study all the time. I’m really glad Vegeta’s my ‘kasaan now.”

Vegeta scowled. “Brat, her name’s *Vejita* now.”

“Gomen, Vegeta.” Gohan smiled happily, immune to the ouji’s death stare. He had spent the last four years living with Vejita after all.

“Yeah, she nags at me and Gohan study all the time.” Goten screwed up his face. “I also want Vejita to be my ‘kasaan!”

Radin scowled, looking almost exactly like Vegeta. “Vejita’s my ‘kasaan!” He was always his mother’s favorite and was extremely possessive towards her. He always told Koch and Gohan that they share their ‘tousan, but ‘kasaan was HIS.

“What about Vegeta?” Koch piped up cutely. “I’m sure he wouldn’t make you study all the time!”

Vegeta snarled before Goten could even open his mouth. “If you ask me to be your ‘kasaan brat….”

Laughter rang out at the crowded table, which was quickly quelled by the ouji’s death glare. He seemed to be handing those out extra-freely tonight.

Vegeta snarled as he reached for another helping of food. Damn. Today was just NOT his day. He had emerged from his training session feeling better, but it went downhill when dinner started. Worse, it was bad enough that there was a miniature Kakarrot walking around the CC all the time, being Trunks’ best friend and all, now there was *another* mini-Kakarrot.

Goten studied Vegeta surreptitiously as he finished his dinner. Hmm…what if Vegeta was really his otusan? He had spent most of his childhood growing up with Trunks in the CC, when his father was still dead, and he had looked up to the gruff prince as a father figure. He knew his mother would object vehemently if he said that aloud though, but even after his own father had came back from the dead, he secretly still thought of Vegeta as his ‘tousan. Vegeta may be rude and bad-tempered, not at all like Goku, but he had always been there for Trunks and showed that he cared in his own way.

Goten wished for a moment that Vegeta really was his ‘tousan. Oh, he loved Goku too… If only there was some way he could have both Goku and Vegeta as his ‘tousans…


After dinner, the kids ran off giggling to play.

Gohan was especially delighted to find Saiyan, ok demi-Saiyan, kids his age. Radin and Koch may have fought all the time, but as twins, they were extremely close, and he often felt shut out from their little world. He was also jealous of the fact that the twins were both full-blooded Saiyans and hence was happy to find other demi-Saiyans.

The other two demi-Saiyans peppered Gohan with questions about the world they came from, and especially how it was like to have Vejita as his mother.

Goten gazed at Gohan wistfully. “Sounds like your home life is more fun than mine.” He couldn’t help but compare this Gohan with the brother he grew up with. He agreed with Trunks; this Gohan was more fun.

Gohan waved his tail excitedly as he spoke. “Yeah, ‘tousan and ‘kasaan take us out for wilderness training trips once in a while. Lately, they have also taken us on their Moon Runs.”

Trunks stared enviously at Gohan’s furry brown tail. “What’s a Moon Run?”

The demi-Saiyan’s tail fluffed out as he explained, an excited gleam in his eye. The other two boys listened wide-eyed.

“Wow, Trunks, do you think our dads will take us out for a Moon Run?”

Trunks scoffed. “I don’t think your dad will know what’s a Moon Run, but my father is sure to know.”

“Best of all, Vejita doesn’t object to me training with Piccolo!” Gohan grinned happily.

“You’re lucky. Chi Chi wouldn’t allow nichan to train with Piccolo.” Goten told him. “I’m lucky I train with Trunks, because then I get to train with Vegeta as well.”

“Well then, you should be very strong.” Trunks noted with an accessing gleam in his eyes. “How about a spar tomorrow?”

Gohan gave a smirk that looked eerily like Vejita’s. “Of course.”

“We wanna spar too!” Koch broke in.

Trunks looked down at the four-year old twins scornfully. “You’re just chibis!”

“We can too fight!” Radin yelled angrily.

“We’ll see.” Trunks sniffed.

Koch looked unhappily at the three older boys as they continued to chatter animatedly about schoolwork and fighting, ignoring the chibi twins. His face fell and his tail hung limply.

Radin’s tail lashed angrily as he crossed his arms. /Don’t mind them, Ko./ His tail wrapped reassuringly around his twin’s waist. The twins shared a very close sibling bond, closer than most Saiyan siblings, and were able to talk mentally.

/But… I wish they let us play with them more, Din./ Koch’s tail coiled around Radin’s arm in a familiar habit. Radin’s tail often coiled around his twin’s waist, and it was not only a gesture of affection but also of dominance.

/We’ll show them tomorrow./ Radin promised his twin.


The adults went to check on Goku again after dinner, when the kids ran off. There appeared to be still no change in his condition, and after a few depressing minutes, they turned to leave.

Vegeta stayed back and stood watching the comatose Saiyan stonily, his arms crossed.

Vejita hung back when she noticed that Vegeta wasn’t leaving. /Go ahead first. I’ll catch up./ She told her mate silently.

The oujo damped her ki and watched the silent ouji from the corridor. He did not appear to have noticed her presence, but continued staring at the tall Saiyan with an unreadable expression on his face.

After a while, Vejita turned and left with a thoughtful look on her face.



Chapter 6: A Royal Spar

Vegeta cranked his eyes open with a groan. He had not even got out of bed yet, and he was already in a bad mood. That damn onna and her baka mate kept him up half the night with their moans and howls.

He growled and rolled out of bed, stomping towards his bathroom. Who was he kidding? What had *really* disturbed him was a certain, very familiar voice screaming “Vegeta!” and “’Jita!” the whole time.


He scowled when he walked into the kitchen, which was empty except a smug-looking Saiyan no oujo. “Where’s your baka mate?”

“In the medical room.” She raised an eyebrow as she pushed a plate of bread towards him. “Looks like somebody got up on the wrong side of bed this morning.”

Vegeta growled as he sat down. “Watch your trap.” The musky, spicy scents of sex and Kakarotto hung heavily around her, and he scowled even further.

Vejita smirked evilly. She had an inkling of what was wrong with the grouchy ouji.

Vegeta wolfed down his breakfast quickly and stood up to leave.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Who made you my keeper?” Vegeta snorted rudely. “If you must know, I’m going to train. Something which I’m sure you also do regularly.”

“Want a spar?”

Abruptly his mood lifted, and he smirked. A Saiyan could not resist a good spar.

Vejita gave him an identical smirk and followed him out of the kitchen.


Vegeta eyed the petite Saiyan oujo with increasing admiration. Both had powered up to Super Saiyan. She wasn’t as strong as him, but she was holding her own. Her fighting style was different; he was too used to sparring with Kakarott. She fought much like him, using her smaller size and agility to her advantage.

“Very good.” He smirked. “You may not have Kakarott’s raw power, but you are much more skilled, and your technique is better.”

“But of course.” Vejita smirked back. “You’re pretty good yourself.”

He gave a proud laugh. “We *are* Saiyan royalty after all.”

The royal pair snickered as they stoked each other’s egos.

Without warning, Vejita lunged at Vegeta again. The two exchanged another fast flurry of blows before he tripped her with a low sweep. Before she could spring up, he had her in a head hold. “Do you yield?”

Vejita sneered and curled her body up, trapping his neck with her legs in a vice grip. With a yell, she flung him to the floor, and she quickly rolled on top of him, the side of her hands coming up to press warningly at his windpipe. “I think not. Kakarott?”

He flushed at his slip and powered up to level two, his neck muscles bunching like corded steel. Overpowering her quickly, he flipped her on her back. Straddling her waist, he brought his hand down to grip her neck. “I’m not calling him Goku.”

She looked up at him wickedly. “You like him, don’t you?”

A faint blush painted across his high cheekbones. “I do not!”

Vejita gave a mocking laugh. “You can’t fool me. I know you – you *are* me, in a way. I can read you like a book.”

He leaned forward, his nose almost touching hers, his tone as menacing as his hard onyx eyes, his grip on her neck tightening. “Shut up.”

“Why?” Vejita shook her head stubbornly. “I won’t tell anyone, but why aren’t you doing anything about it? You’re obviously not mated with Bulma, and Chi Chi’s a bitch.”

Vegeta took a deep breath, and regretted it immediately. His blood was already pumping hard from the fight, and when the scent of sex and Kakarotto filled his nostrils, it gave him an immediate erection. He flushed harder as she smirked knowingly. “It’s not that simple.”

“You are afraid he will reject you right?”

“I…” Before he could finish his sentence though, a fist punched him in his jaw and sent him flying across the Gravity Room.

“Get off my mate!!” Kakarotto yelled angrily, powered up to Super Saiyan.

Vejita scrambled up hastily and laid a restraining hand on her enraged mate. “Kakarotto, calm down! It wasn’t what you thought!”

“NANI?!” His tail came up to wrap around her waist possessively, as he continued to glare at the ouji. “He was lying on top of you, and his face was almost touching yours! What does it look like?! He was going to kiss you!”

Vegeta picked himself up with a growl, wiping the thin trickle of blood from his lower lip where he had bitten himself. “Watch your words, you third class baka.”

The tall Saiyan pointed furiously at the bulge in the ouji’s blue spandex pants. “Don’t call me a baka, you hentai!!”

Vegeta flushed again but stood up straight. “It wasn’t like that!”

Kakarotto gave a low growl, and the two males slid into fighting crouches. Vejita watched in wide-eyed panic. Kakarotto wasn’t as strong as Vegeta, and Vegeta would definitely beat him into a pulp for his insolence.

Before either male could react, she threw herself at Kakarotto and the two disappeared.

Vegeta snarled. “Damn transmission technique.”


The two reappeared in their bedroom.

“Why did you stop me, ‘Jita?” Kakarotto asked angrily.

“Because you baka, Vegeta will beat the crap out of you!” The oujo yelled back. “In case you have not noticed, he is much more powerful than either of us; he is a decade older after all! And I’m sure he has not powered up fully yet!”

He looked hurt. “But ‘Jita…”

“And another thing! He wasn’t trying to hit on me!” Vejita ranted. K’so! She was so close when her baka mate interrupted.

“How do you know?” Kakarotto crossed his arms, disbelief on his features.

Vejita blinked in indecision. She had promised Vegeta not to tell anyone… Did that include her mate? “I…I can’t say. Trust me though, he wasn’t trying to hit on me.”

He growled furiously and advanced on his mate predatorily. Before she could react, he had ripped off her spandex suit and thrown her on their bed. “Shimatta! He had better not!” Pouncing on her, he caught her lips in a bruising kiss.

Vejita yelped as he bit down hard on her neck, re-opening the scar he gave her, then gave a rumbling purr as he sucked on her rich blood. Her head lolled back sensually as her eyelids fluttered close. Damn, Kakarotto was just so kawaii when he got all possessive and jealous, and so sexy when he let his wilder Saiyan side out.



Chapter 7: A Chibi Spar (Part 1)

Trunks cranked his eyes open with a groan. Rats. It was a weekday and that meant school. His mood improved when he remembered the events that transpired the day before, and the promise of a good spar later in the afternoon. He leapt out of bed happily.

Opening the door to the spare bedroom quietly, he looked at the pile of limbs and tails. For a moment, he felt wistful. Though Goten was his best friend, Goten still had to go home every night. Sometimes, the black-haired demi-Saiyan stayed the night, but sleepovers were not common. Sometimes, he wished he could stay with Goten all the time. He wondered enviously what it was like to have a sibling.

Pushing those thoughts out of his head, a wicked smirk broke over his face. With a loud yell, he jumped on top of the heap of chibis. Pandemonium reigned as the three were rudely awakened.

Gohan panicked and powered up to Super Saiyan with a yell, thinking that he was being attacked. Sometimes, Vejita or Piccolo would spring such surprises on him, claiming that a warrior is always ready and alert. He jumped out of bed and landed in a crouch, his hands snapping up defensively. Unfortunately, his leg got caught on a blanket and he yanked Koch onto the floor.

Koch gave a shrill cry as his head hit the floor. He grabbed the side of his head and started wailing. Immediately, Trunks clamped a hand over his open mouth, hissing. “Quiet! Do you want our parents to walk in?”

Radin shot out a hand and fired a ki ball in the general direction of the others, his eyes still closed with a frown. “Shut up!” Without waiting for a reply, he rolled over and curled back into the remaining blanket.

Gohan yelped and quickly caught the ki ball, extinguishing it.

Trunks sweatdropped. It was like seeing his father as a kid.

Koch sniveled a bit more and wiped his nose on his blanket.


Finally, all the kids managed to make their way down to the kitchen for breakfast. Gohan was glaring at Trunks, who was snickering. Koch forgot all about the bump on his head as he thought about breakfast. Radin had his tail wrapped around his twin’s waist, his eyes barely open as he stumbled beside his twin with a frown.

Bulma and Mrs Briefs were already in the kitchen, and the older woman was cooking up a storm. The four salivated at the wonderful aromas and rapidly made short work of the pile of food already on the table.

Bulma was dressed for work already and about to leave, when she remembered something. “Oh Trunks, why don’t you bring Gohan to school with you today? He is in the same standard as you right? He might end up missing too many days at school otherwise.”

Trunks grinned at Gohan. “Ok! I can say you’re Goten’s cousin!”

Gohan thought to protest, then changed his mind. Trunks and Goten will be there after all. This should be fun.


The twins waited eagerly for the older boys to get home from school. They had spent the morning exploring the sprawling CC compound and were now bored. Their mom was sparring with Vegeta, and their dad was in the medical room with Bulma. They also discovered that some things were the same whether they were here or back home. Mrs Briefs still made wonderful cookies, and Mr Briefs’ black cat was still fun to tease.

Their faces lit up as they felt the three older boys’ ki approach the CC, and ran out to greet them.

“Gohan! How was school?” Koch asked his older brother excitedly. The twins will be starting school the next year.

Gohan ruffled his brother’s hair affectionately. “The building is the same as the one back home… I even recognize many of the teachers, though they look older now.”

“Are we going to spar, huh?”

Gohan nodded absently, his attention already caught by the lunch Mrs Briefs prepared on the table.



A crackle was his only warning before a high-pitched and loud female voice yelled. “Vegeta!!”


“Nani?!” Vegeta winced and scowled, angry that his workout was interrupted again. He continued his push-ups, not even bothering to turn around to face the screen.


Bulma frowned angrily as she stood outside the Gravity Room, tapping her foot in irritation. What a rude prick. “Turn around and face me!”


“Why? I can hear you well enough. Unfortunately.” Vegeta replied coldly.


“Jerk!” Bulma seethed.


“State your business and leave me alone, woman!”


Bulma ground her teeth but reined in her temper. “Trunks’ school is organizing this day trip to the beach next week, and I want you to take Trunks.”




“NANI?! It’s just a few hours! What kind of father are you? All I’m asking for is you to take your OWN son to the beach!”


Vegeta stood up and faced the screen, his hard obsidian eyes boring into hers. Her tirade faltered at his icy expression. “Firstly, you are NOT asking, you are demanding. And nobody orders me around. Secondly, just because I refuse to participate in these ridiculous Ningen activities does not make me any less a father.”


Before she could retort, he reached over and flicked the communication screen off.




Vegeta finished the rest of his workout in peace, which turned out to be an extra-good one as he worked out his frustrations and anger. Toweling himself down, he made his way to the kitchen for lunch. As he chewed his food absently, he looked out at the back yard where Trunks, Goten and Gohan were sparring. Their sparring caught his curiosity, and he finished his food quickly.

Silently, he moved to stand beside the chibi twins under the shade of a large tree to observe the fight.

Gohan was currently sparring with Trunks, and at first glance, it appeared that the two were evenly matched. However, Vegeta could tell that Gohan had the edge; he realized sourly that Kakarott’s first brat would eventually beat his brat. Trunks had the power, but he did not have Gohan’s battle experience. Gohan had been in life-and-death fights since he was four. Trunks was more complacent and let his guard down more often. He made a mental note to himself to step up Trunks’ training, maybe enter him in some tournaments. He had wanted to bring the brat out for wilderness training, but the blue-haired onna had kicked up a huge fuss over it. Somehow, she got this idea that he would leave their brat out there to be eaten by wild animals. Vegeta snorted. As if any wild animal out there could be a match for a Saiyan child, even a demi-Saiyan one.

When Gohan landed a particularly good hit on Trunks, sending him sprawling to the ground, he called out for a short break. Floating down to the ground, he helped his opponent up graciously. Trunks scowled but took the offered hand anyway. His pride was as big as his father’s, and currently it was feeling a bit battered.

The three boys flopped down on the grass under the shady tree, drinking thirstily from the bottles of cold water they had left on the table there. Koch bounced up and down excitedly. “So can we spar with you guys next?”

Trunks sniffed, somehow managing to look down on the chibi even though he was lying on the grass. “Uh… I don’t think you’re our standard.”

Goten smiled apologetically. “Yeah, you might get hurt.”

“Gohan!” Radin turned towards his older brother. “We spar with you all the time!”

Gohan rubbed the back of his head apologetically. “Maybe later… We haven’t a chance to spar at Super Saiyan level yet, and I really want to try…”

“Yeah!” Trunks grinned. “That should be fun!”

The three boys whooped and scrambled off the grass, leaving the twins behind as they went back to their spar.

Koch was about to cry. His lower lip trembled as he watched the older boys run off. That’s not fair! Gohan spars with us all the time back home!

Radin crossed his arms in anger, his expression stormy as his tail lashed dangerously behind him. His ki rose unconsciously.

Vegeta looked at the twins, noting Radin’s rise in ki with a raised eyebrow. With a smirk, he realized that his brat and Kakarott’s second brat had underestimated the twins.

“Come with me, brats.” Vegeta turned towards the house.

Koch looked at Radin in surprise and Radin shrugged. The two chibis hurried after the ouji.



Chapter 8: A Chibi Spar (Part 2)

Vegeta led the twins to his Gravity Room, closing the door once the chibis got in.

“Are you going to train us?” Radin asked curiously.

Vegeta looked down at the twins with a serious expression on his face. “That depends. Have you trained under extra gravity before?”

“Of course.” Radin smirked. “Bulma built a Gravity Room for ‘kasaan back at home.”

“No, I’m not training you. There won’t be time to train you…” Vegeta gave an identical smirk. “But I can teach you a technique that will dramatically increase your power levels and allow you to fight with the other brats on their level. Maybe even beat them.”

The twins’ eyes grew wide at his statement, their tails lashing animatedly behind them.

Briefly, Vegeta explained the fusion technique. Although he hated it and refused to perform the baka dance except in dire emergencies, he admitted that it could be very useful in battle. The strength of the technique lies in how closely matched the two fighters are, and one cannot get a closer match than a pair of twins. He was extremely curious to see how such a fusion warrior would turn out. It was because of that curiosity that he would teach them that baka fusion dance, even *shudder* perform it.

He also admitted privately that he liked the serious and surly chibi; Radin reminded the ouji of himself when he was that age. Briefly, he felt another pang of envy at his female counterpart. He was secretly proud of Trunks, but there was too much of his mother’s influence in him for him to be truly Saiyan. And that limp, purple hair! He shuddered again.

The twins could barely contain their excitement as Vegeta finished his explanation. Eagerly, they watched as he started the dance.

When he finished the short sequence of steps, his face was flaming and the twins’ jaws had dropped open.

“I know it’s damn baka, but it works.” Vegeta tried hard to contain his embarrassment. “I didn’t invent the baka steps!”

Koch couldn’t contain himself and started giggling. Irritated, Vegeta stalked over and gave him a hard cuff to his head, effectively cutting off his laughter.

Radin was a little smarter; this *was* the male counterpart to his ‘kasaan after all, and smirked as his twin whimpered.


“Do you want to beat the other brats or not?”


Both chibis nodded fervently.

“Now practice!” Vegeta barked angrily.

Vegeta spent the rest of the afternoon teaching the twins. He had expected Radin to catch on quickly, and to his surprise, Koch also picked up fast. Vegeta mused to himself as he watched the twins practice. Koch was really his father’s son. A baka most of the time, but a fighting genius on the battlefield. Idly, his thoughts wandered to a certain infuriating Saiyan.


Koch’s call broke his reverie. He mentally shook his head in irritation; why does he keep thinking of that baka? “What?!”

“I think we’ve got it, Vegeta-sensei!” Radin explained.

Vegeta gave a curt nod. “Ok, do it for real now.”


All three wore almost identical smirks as they exited the Gravity Room some time later.

“Arigato Vegeta-sensei!” Koch impulsively gave the startled ouji a hug.

Grumbling and scowling, Vegeta pried the mini-Kakarotto off his thigh, the only place the chibi could reach. Secretly though, he was pleased.

Radin grinned at Vegeta. “We’ll beat those bakas for sure!” It was his way of thanking and praising the ouji; by expressing confidence in his sensei’s teaching.

Vegeta smirked. “Well, those brats need something to wake them up.”


Dinner was more than a little tense that night.

Vegeta kept trying to catch Vejita’s eye, more than a little worried that the oujo let something slip to her mate.

Kakarotto kept glaring at Vegeta, who returned him glare for glare.

Vejita decided to ignore the two full-blooded grown Saiyan males, as they were behaving like kids, and calmly helped herself to the lavish spread on the table.

Gohan felt quite guilty at ignoring the twins that afternoon. However, when he looked at them, they seem to be in a good mood so he felt relieved. Anyway, those two have each other; he often felt left out before. Besides, he wouldn’t get a chance to spar with other Saiyan kids his level once they go home.

Radin and Koch grinned happily, communicating elatedly through their mental bond about their new fusion technique. Radin sent an evil mental image of the three demi-Saiyans lying in a battered heap, and Koch giggled.

Trunks and Mirai Trunks ate ravenously, blissfully unaware of what’s happening around them.

Bulma was out with Yamcha again, but Vegeta did not notice, his attention caught by other pressing matters.



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