When Oujo Met Ouji



Chapter 9: A Testosterone Spar


Kakarotto accosted Vegeta as he made his way to his Gravity Room to train the next morning.

“Let’s finish what we started yesterday.” Kakarotto looked at the ouji icily.

“Fine.” Vegeta replied equally coldly.

This wasn’t the battle lust in their Saiyan blood talking; it was testosterone. The two males glared daggers at each other, the hairs on the back of their necks bristling.

Kakarotto thought that Vegeta was fighting him for Vejita, but damn if he would give her up without a fight, even if Vegeta was stronger!

Vegeta felt furious at the third-class baka for his insolent remarks the day before. He was the Saiyan no Ouji! How dare that baka strike him like that?!

“Let’s take this outside.” Kakarotto placed a hand on the shorter Saiyan’s shoulder. He did *not* want Vejita to interrupt.

The two Saiyans reappeared in a familiar, desolate location. It was the place they had first fought when Vegeta came to Earth. The two jumped back and slid smoothly into battle crouches.

The wind howled around them, lifting little swirls of dust from the barren ground as the two fighters regarded the other carefully, eyes narrowed to slits.

Kakarotto was feeling a little worried; he did not really know the extent of Vegeta’s power, though he could tell already that he was stronger. However, he kept his expression carefully schooled and passive, giving nothing away.

Vegeta smirked confidently. If his female counterpart’s timeline followed closely to his own, Kakarotto would not be anywhere near his own power level.

With a snarl, Vegeta made the first move. The two exploded in a fast flurry of blows as they rose in the air. It was a common, intricate, if deadly dance. The two held back, accessing the other before turning up the intensity of the fight.

Kakarotto was the first to turn Super Saiyan, as he was hard-pressed to keep up with the ouji’s increasingly faster attacks. Smirking, Vegeta powered up as well.

Kakarotto could tell that he was in trouble. Big trouble. This male Vegeta was much stronger than Vejita, though he also possessed the same feline grace and agility. Bit by bit, he was beaten back. Desperately, the younger Saiyan blasted away and concentrated, powering up to level 2. He had only achieved that level recently and wasn’t very used to it yet.

Vegeta watched amusedly and allowed the other Saiyan to finish powering up. When the other warrior was finally standing in a field of crackling yellow lightning, the ouji gave a feral smirk. With a yell, he ascended to the second level as well.

Kakarotto watched in horror; it took him time and effort to power up to level 2, but Vegeta just…blinked into that level. This was *not* good. It meant that Vegeta had much more experience with this level. Growling, more to psyche himself than anything else, he steeled himself and lunged at the prince.

Not wanting to attract attention, the two Saiyans avoided the use of ki attacks and kept their fighting to close combat. Also, there was something extremely primal and satisfying about manually and directly beating the crap out of your opponent. The smack of flesh against flesh and the crunch of bone when a particularly good hit was landed. Unfortunately for the younger Saiyan, Vegeta was doing most of the crunching.

As Kakarotto weakly blocked another blow to his ribs, he thought frantically. Suddenly, it hit him. (An idea that is, not Vegeta’s blows. Although a lot of those have found their target as well.)

He threw himself at Vegeta, and the two fell to the hard ground and rolled around, grappling for holds. Being smaller and slimmer than the brawnier Saiyan, Vegeta soon found his previous advantage largely negated.

Suddenly, the slight ouji found himself on his back, arms pinned at his sides. And suddenly, the ouji became *very* aware of their *very* intimate position. Kakarotto lay panting and flushed from exertion on top of him, his face inches away from his own royal visage. Their legs were tangled and spread open, caught in a complicated leg-lock. (It’s complicated because even they are unsure who is locking whom.)


To his consternation, Vegeta found himself growing hard. Apparently, the other Saiyan noticed as well. The two stopped their struggling, rubbing, squirming and wriggling (ok ok, I think you get the idea already), and Kakarotto slanted his head to peer curiously at the blushing ouji.


Vegeta was torn between cursing a blue streak and burying his head in a hole. Since the latter option was not available with the heavy baka on top of him, he proceeded to scorch the air with blistering insults on everything from certain parts of the third class’s anatomy to his venerable ancestors.


“AND GET OFF ME, YOU MORON!” The last shout was punctuated with a burst of ki, as Vegeta exploded into level 3, blowing the other hapless Saiyan off. Vegeta blushed again as he realized that he could have turned level 3 anytime and thrown the larger Saiyan off easily.




Vejita chose that opportune moment to appear. She took in the scene before her with wide, interested eyes and an amused smirk. Shaking her head, she walked over to her fallen mate and clapped a hand on his shoulder. Before they disappeared, she threw a look at Vegeta that clearly said ‘I’ll get back to you later’.


The Saiyan couple reappeared back in their room at the CC. Vejita followed Kakarotto as he walked towards the bathroom to tend to his injuries. “Mind telling me what all that was about?”


He turned on the shower, washing away the dirt and grime first, wincing a little as the hot water and soap stung his cuts. When he told Vejita about the fight, she burst out laughing.


“What’s so funny?” Kakarotto looked and felt hurt, in more ways than one.


Vejita slumped against the wall, snickering and shaking her head. “Didn’t I tell you that he wasn’t trying to hit on me?”


“Well, yeah, but then he accepted the fight.”


“Baka. You punched him and embarrassed him yesterday, of course he would jump at the chance to beat the snot out of you.”


The tall Saiyan felt a little foolish, now that he stopped and thought about it. Stepping out of the shower, he dried himself with a flare of ki. Vejita took out the first aid kit and motioned him to sit down on the lowered toilet seat.


“You know what’s the ouch funny thing OUCH! ‘Jita!”


Vejita calmly ignored her mate’s yelps of pain as she proceeded to disinfect his cuts. “No, what?”


(Kakarotto’s subsequent screeches of pain were deleted for the reader’s convenience.)


Kakarotto told the oujo about the ouji’s reaction *ahem* when they were grappling, and to his surprise, Vejita burst out laughing again.


“What’s so funny?” The clueless Saiyan asked again.


Vejita managed to get a hold on herself. “Well, take a guess as to the reason for his erection, I mean reaction.”


Kakarotto thought for a while. “Er… Because he’s a horny hentai who gets turned on when he fights?”


“Baka!” Vejita cuffed him, frowning. Somehow, she didn’t appreciate insults to her male counterpart.


Kakarotto thought for a while longer. “Because it’s been a long time since he had IT?”


Vejita snickered. “Well, I think that’s true, but that’s not the reason. If you can’t guess, then I can’t tell you.”





Chapter 10: Kodin

As soon as Vegeta landed in front of the CC, two small chibis flew at him excitedly, hugging him around his legs. He growled in annoyance, attempting to pry them off but only succeeded in falling down on his rump. “Get OFF me, you brats!”

“Vegeta-sensei! The others are back from school!” Koch turned wide, innocent eyes at him.

“Yeah, want to see us beat them up?” Radin smirked.

Vegeta growled and glared again, but the chibis didn’t seem scared of him and retained their unyielding holds. He wondered if he was losing his touch. “Fine, if you irritating brats would just GET OFF ME!!”

Abruptly, the twins loosened their surprisingly tight holds on his thighs. Vegeta muttered angrily under his breath as he stood up. As the three walked towards the backyard where the older boys were, the twins chattered animatedly. They seem very taken with the dour ouji; their little furry tails were wrapped securely around the ouji’s own auburn coil. Among Saiyans, it was a sign of great affection. They would have held his hands too if Vegeta had not crossed his arms defensively.

The older boys had just finished their warm-ups as Radin approached Trunks. “We want to fight with you. The two of us versus you.”

Vegeta stood discreetly under the shade of the tree, watching amusedly. Trunks gaped a little, then looked at Gohan uncertainly. Gohan nodded encouragingly. Individually, each chibi wasn’t a challenge, but he knew that the twins formed a great team together.

“Are you sure, Gohan?” Trunks asked the twins’ older brother worriedly. “I mean, I wouldn’t want them to run crying to their mommy…”

Radin growled dangerously at that insulting remark.

Gohan snorted. “In case you’ve forgotten, their mom is Vejita. Trust me, Vejita would just smack them upside down for behaving like weak ningens if they dared do that.”

Vegeta smirked. Exactly. Mental note to self: Get Vejita to talk to Bulma.

The twins really did make a great team together. Combined, the two tiny fighters managed to beat Goten back. Not only were their minds linked, but they also fought with the experience of literally having known the other all their lives. Their coordination together was flawless, and Vegeta could tell that they had a solid foundation in the Art. Showed what good genes and a supportive background can do.

“Popcorn?” Vegeta raised a quizzical eyebrow as Vejita suddenly materialized beside him but accepted the offered snack anyway. Kakarotto stood a distance away, looking slightly pissed.

“That baka is still suspicious of you.” Vejita snickered wickedly. “Only now, he has changed his perception of you from a hentai to a perpetually horny hentai.”

Vegeta flushed at the reminder. “How dare he? Bakayaro…”

“Can I tell him?”

“ILE! Don’t you dare!”

“Why don’t you just tell HIM?” They both knew which him Vejita was referring to now.

Vegeta kept silent, staring stonily at the chibis’ match. Trunks had powered up to Super Saiyan now, and now held the upper hand in the fast-paced fight.

Vejita sighed and turned her attention back to her sons’ fight. She knew why.

Trunks took out Koch with a punch, sending him flying to the ground. Without his brother to back him up, Radin soon followed his twin. Trunks hovered, sneering. “Ready to give up?”

The twins exchanged a glance. “We’re not done yet!” Radin smirked.

Trunks’ eyes widened as the two traced out familiar dance steps. “DAAD!!” He wailed in a betrayed tone.

The twins’ parents and older brother gaped as the two coalesced into a single fighter. The chibi fusion fighter stood with his fists braced on his hips cockily. “I am Kodin!”

Kodin looked exactly like a mini-Gogeta. However, Vegeta knew better. The more evenly matched the two fighters, the better the fusion. So while Gogeta was breathtakingly powerful, it was simply because the individual components were extremely strong to begin with. Gogeta was not twice as powerful as Goku or Vegeta individually. Gotenks had achieved a better fusion, even being able to ascend to level 3, something Goten nor Trunks could do.

Yet by far the best pairing the ouji had seen was between the Saiyan chibi twins. Their build and power levels were almost exactly the same, and while their personalities were different, they had accepted those differences and have learnt to work in tandem. Something Vegeta and Goku had problems with when they were Gogeta. As a result, Kodin was literally a synergistic combination of the two chibis – his power level was *greater* than the sum of the twins.

Vejita turned to her male counterpart, her eyes narrowed in accusation. “I *know* you had something to do with this.”

Vegeta smirked and briefly explained about the fusion dance. Vejita’s eyes widened in surprise and then narrowed again as a calculating look settled over her face. Vegeta knew that look; already the fighting strategist in her was busy accessing the pros and cons of such a technique, and how it could be used.

With a loud yell, Kodin became the youngest ever Super Saiyan. (Try to imagine a chibi-Gogeta. Absolutely adorable.) With a calculating maturity beyond his years, Kodin took the opportunity as Trunks hung there stunned to make the first move. Already in the chibi SSJ’s mind, he could visualize the image of a battered purple-haired demi-Saiyan becoming reality.

Vegeta gave a mocking bark of laughter as his son was knocked back. “Surely you can do better than that, brat!”

That provided the wake-up call Trunks needed. How dare this whelp make him lose face in front of his father?? With a low primal snarl, Trunks threw himself back into the fight with earnest.

Vegeta watched approvingly as his heir was finally fighting seriously. He was a little surprised and more than a little pleased at the ferocity of Trunks’ attacks. There was hope for the boy yet. Yesterday, he had gauged Kodin’s power level to be above Trunks’s, but he watched with pride as his son somehow managed to surpass himself today.

The two fighters were actually fighting to a stalemate, neither gaining an advantage over the other. Kodin might have been slightly stronger, but Trunks was definitely more skilled. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light, and a crack appeared down the fusion chibi. With a loud triumphant shout, Trunks pounced on the two now black-haired chibis and pinned them both to the ground.

“Say uncle!”

Koch was about to open his mouth when his twin shot him a furious glare. /Don’t you dare!/


/I know we can’t win, but I’m NOT calling him uncle!/

Koch was torn. He wanted badly to just give up; after all, it was only a spar right? But he dared not go against his twin. Meanwhile, Trunks continued to rub their faces in the dirt, literally. “I said SAY UNCLE!!” Koch stifled a cry.

Radin growled angrily. He would die before he admitted defeat, but it was tearing him up to see his twin suffer. Reluctantly, he called out to his brother. /Ko…/

“Enough!” Vegeta strode over and picked Trunks off the fallen twins. “It was a good fight.”

And then so softly only Trunks could hear it. “An excellent effort. Son.” Trunks broke into a wide grin, deliriously happy at his father’s accolade.

As the twins picked themselves up dejectedly, strong arms suddenly swept them up. “’tousan?” Kakarotto hugged both chibis to him proudly. “It was a great fight, kids!”


“Really?” Koch wriggled around to face his father, who nodded.


“But we lost…” Radin pouted.


Vejita came up to ruffle her sons’ hair affectionately. “It was a very good fight, nonetheless. Both of you gave more than your best, and that’s what matters.” Radin’s face perked up at his mom’s words, and he held his head and tail just a little higher. 



Chapter 11: Tails & Tales



Vegeta woke up with a tingling, strangely anticipatory feeling. Something was going to happen today…


The interesting fact about Vegeta was that while in no way could he be considered a ‘morning person’, he would wake up alert and bushy-tailed (err, not literally) immediately. Most normal people were not ‘morning larks’ because they were still half-asleep, but Vegeta didn’t need to feel sleepy to be grouchy. ^_^


So in his usual manner, the lithe ouji swung his legs off the bed smoothly and gracefully slid off the bed… Only to fall flat on his face.


Swearing sulfurously, Vegeta picked himself up not so gracefully, only to stumble again. “What the fuck?!” He twisted around to see if there was anything that was causing him to trip and came face-to-tip with the end of a bushy tail. *His* fluffy tail. (Ok, so he literally woke up bushy-tailed this particular morning. My mistake. *rolls eyes*)


Vegeta stared, stunned for a while, before he broke out in a wide grin. He would have broken out in a wild dance as well, but royalty did not behave in such an undignified manner. Speaking of undignified, he felt a strange compelling hunch to visit Kakarrot.




Vegeta cocked his head to the side slightly as he stared at the sleeping Saiyan. Was it his imagination, or did Kakarrot look better this morning? Mmmm… In fact, Kakarrot looked really *much* better. Unconsciously, he started to purr, his tail lashing rhythmically.


Goku cracked his eyes open. Darn. Why did they feel so heavy…so sandy? Groaning slightly, he subconsciously turned his head to the source of that comforting purring. His eyes widened further in surprised delight when he saw Vegeta standing there, looking down at him with a strange expression on his face. Was it…concern?


Vegeta’s heart skipped a little as Kakarrot’s head turned towards him, and a very small, relieved smile sneaked onto his countenance. When he spoke though, his voice was as dry as usual. “You’re awake.”


“What happened?” Goku struggled to sit up, craning his neck around in surprise. “Why am I here at the CC? The last thing I remembered was…” His face blushed slightly, as he remembered his last conscious thought.


Vegeta mistook the flushing as a sign of over-exertion on the younger Saiyan’s part. In two quick steps, even before he realized what he was doing, he was beside the other Saiyan and had pushed him back down against the headboard firmly.


“Vegeta?” The crimson stain across Goku’s cheeks deepened, as Vegeta did not remove his warm palms from his shoulders. He tilted his head slightly to look up at the ouji in curiosity, and their gazes caught.




Vejita wondered where her male counterpart was; she wanted to ask him about the fusion dance. Extending her senses, she located Vegeta’s ki in the medical room… And Kakarrot’s slightly-raised ki meant that he was awake. Interesting… With her curiosity afire, she hurried to the medical room.


Damping her ki as she neared the room, she paused momentarily at the doorway. A *very* interesting scene greeted her eyes. The two males were as still as statues and simply staring at each other, Vegeta’s hands on Kakarrot’s shoulders. In fact, if it weren’t for their wildly lashing tails, she would…


Vejita did a double take. Tails?! Both of them? This was getting more and more interesting…  Her mental wheels spun furiously even as her lips lifted up in a smirk. Suddenly, her ears perked up. Someone was coming, and as much as she loved embarrassing Vegeta, she wouldn’t like somebody else to. She cleared her throat discreetly.


Vegeta jumped back as if he was burnt, and both males turned to look at her.


Vegeta flushed when he saw the smirk on the oujo’s face. K’so!


Goku almost fell over in shock. Is that Vegeta’s sister?? But I thought we were the last of our kind? Before he could voice his question, Bulma bustled into the room. “Goku! You’re awake!”


Vegeta took advantage of the momentary confusion to slip out of the room, his face still burning and his thoughts in a whirl.


“Are you Vegeta’s sister?” Goku stared at the pretty oujo, fascinated.


Chuckling, Bulma brought Goku up to date as she gave him a check-up. When she was done, Goku blinked at Vejita, who stared coolly back.


“Well Goku, it appears that the cure seems to be working…” Bulma looked up from the test results on the computer console, smiling broadly. “I’m sure Chi Chi and your sons would be very happy to hear the good news. I’ll just go give her a call, eh?”


Goku fidgeted slightly when the two were left alone in the room, unsure of what to say. Vejita solved his problem when she stated flatly. “Well, I’m on my way to breakfast. I’m sure my mate would be fascinated to meet you, why don’t you come with me?”


“Uh, sure…” Goku fumbled to get up, and promptly tripped over. “Gomen… I must be still weak…”


“Baka.” Vejita gave a small smirk, looking down her pert nose at him. “Look behind you.”


“Wha..?” Goku blinked rapidly in surprise.


“I guess your tail somehow regenerated, probably as a side-effect of the treatment.” A plan was already forming in the oujo’s mind, and she made a mental note to corner Vegeta later. “Well, are you coming?”


Now that Goku was aware of his extra limb, he was able to compensate for it and stand up without overbalancing, though he was still a little unsteady. “Hai…”




Vejita left her mate in the kitchen to chat with his mirai counterpart, and she headed to the Gravity Room. The two Earth-raised Saiyans got along like a house on fire and didn’t even notice her absence.


As Goku asked his younger counterpart, Kakarotto, about his home life, he couldn’t help but wonder. What if things had been different? What if he was with Vegeta? He tried to imagine in his mind being married to a female Vegeta… She sure was very attractive…


If only Vegeta was a female… Goku had a startling epiphany at that point. Sure, he was attracted to Vejita as well, but the Vegeta he fell in love with was the very male Saiyan no Ouji, the one he had known for the past dozen years, the one he had first fought and later fought alongside with… It didn’t matter if Vegeta was male or female; he fell in love with the person.


Leaving the kitchen, he wandered down the corridors of the CC in deep thought.


“Goku!! There you are!” Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a familiar shrill voice. “How do you feel, Goku?”


“Uh, Chi Chi!” Goku turned to face his wife. “I feel fine… But Bulma thinks I should stay here for a couple more days at least for observation, just to make sure I don’t have a relapse.” The last part wasn’t really accurate; Bulma had asked if he wanted to stay, and Goku hadn’t replied. Suddenly though, Goku did not feel like going home just yet. He did not feel like dealing with Chi Chi and his family just yet, and he couldn’t help but get the feeling that something was left unsettled.


“Well, ok.” Chi Chi went on about their sons, but by then, Goku had tuned her out.



Chapter 12: Poke his pride



Just as she had suspected, Vejita found the ouji in the Gravity Room. She stood outside for a while, watching him work through a furious kata under 600x G’s. When his kata wound to a close, she punched in the code to open the door. The generators whined shrilly as they wound down, and the heavy door swung open with a hiss when the gravity was normalized on both sides.

(Surprised that Vejita was so considerate? Well, she absolutely hated it when people abruptly barge in the middle of her workout, forcing the safety mechanism to kick in and drop the gravity. Really, and people call her rude. *snort*)

“What do you want?” Vegeta eyed his female counterpart suspiciously.

“A spar.” Vejita stated simply. She wanted him in a more amenable mood, and three things are guaranteed, usually, to put a Saiyan in a good mood. Food, sex and a good fight. Of course, she also wanted a workout.

Vegeta shrugged and walked over to the controls. “300x low enough for you?” Vejita grunted her assent as she started her warm-up stretches.

After an hour or so of light sparring, the two decided to call a halt. Vejita was feeling quite battered, her royal purple body suit torn and singed in many places. His navy spandex, on the other hand, was still unmarked. She sank onto the floor and started a routine of stretches, while Vegeta continued his workout.

“The scene in the medical room this morning was very interesting.” Vejita paused in the middle of a neck bridge and rotated her head slightly to catch the ouji’s reaction. He faltered ever so slightly as he completed his fourth hundred and eighth finger push-up but otherwise gave no other outward sign that he heard her.

“He likes you, too.” The oujo sank back onto the floor and rolled her torso up as her limber legs spread wide in a spilt. This time, she garnered a definite reaction as Vegeta pushed himself off with floor into a back flip. Growling, he stalked over to the smirking oujo. 


“What are you trying to say?”




“Nani?!” Vegeta turned red in the face in anger.


“He likes you, too.” Vejita repeated. “So what’s stopping you now? Do not tell me it’s Bulma or that woman who claims to be his wife. She is married to him in name only. And you are clearly not mated with Bulma.”


Vegeta opened his mouth, only to shut it again. A look of confusion crossed his face, and he crossed his arms defensively.


“And do not sprout me that crap about class differences.” Vejita gave him a wry look. “I *am* you; Kami knew how long it took for me to accept Kakarotto. I went through all these same arguments. I know that you hate him for being the first to ascend, but ironically, if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be worthy of you, would he?” She drew her legs in and crossed them, lotus-style.


Vejita decided to change tactics. She levitated up to look him in the eye. “What are you waiting for? For him to initiate the mating hunt?”


The poke in his pride worked as Vegeta huffed angrily. “No…”


“You are the Saiyan no Ouji. Why do you not simply claim what you desire? It is your right. Claim him now, while he is weakened. Claim him first, for you would want to be dominant, do you not? The timing is right.” She eyed his new tail meaningfully.


Vegeta ran the idea over in his mind as his tail flicked idly. Yes, why not? Now that the confusion over the problem that had been plaguing him had been resolved, his mood lifted abruptly. His mind made up, he quickly thought up a game plan.


“Tonight.” Vejita grinned wolfishly. “We’ll do a Moon Run.”


Vegeta smirked back, the corner of his lips lifting to reveal Saiyan-sharp canines. “He will not know what hit him.”


“I wonder if we have time to gather the dragonballs, to wish back the moon.” She mused.


“No need.” Vegeta lifted his hand, palm up. A small ball of bluish-white ki hovered over the open palm. “Have you forgotten? I can create an artificial moon first.” He clenched his fist with a feral grin, re-absorbing the small sphere of energy.


The royal pair purred, tails lashing in synchrony.




“Gohan, I want you to watch the chibis tonight.”


Her demi-Saiyan son looked up from his book. “Why, ‘kasaan?”


The Saiyan family was enjoying a rare peaceful, cozy afternoon in the parents’ bedroom. Gohan was doing his homework, while Vejita sat on the bed with the twins, teaching them Saijingo. Her mate lay sprawled out on his back, listening to his princess contentedly.


“Coz your father and I are going on a Moon Run tonight.”


“We are?” Kakarotto sat up, startled.


“Why can’t I come?” Gohan pouted.


“Because it’s an adults only Moon Run.” Vejita gave Gohan a sharp look.


Gohan went ‘aah’ and turned his attention back to his book. He was still of the age where such things held no interest for him. Yet. Suddenly, a thought struck him. “What about Vegeta-san and Goku-san? They just got their tails back…”


The kids were all struck by how the two older Saiyans both got their tails back on the same day, and Trunks and Goten were feeling envious and left-out.


“Oh, they’re coming too.” Vejita replied casually.


“What??” Her mate yelped. He knew what could take place during a Moon Run. “’Jita…”


/Quiet, Kakarotto. Something will happen tonight during the Moon Run; something between Vegeta and Kakarrot./ Her thought through their bond silenced his arguments.




He could hear her amusement through their bond. /That’s what he calls *him*, since I call you Kakarotto./


The tall Saiyan thought hard. /’Jita, I don’t get it. What will happen between them?/


The oujo stared at her mate incredulously. How could one hot-blooded Saiyan male, who she knew from intimate experience to be really raunchy, be so dense at the same time?



Chapter 13: Look to the sky!



Kakarotto knocked on his older counterpart’s door. Bulma had given him a spare room to stay in for a few days, for she wanted to keep him under observation for a while longer.


“Uh… Kakarotto!” Goku opened the door, smiling brightly. A brief thought crossed his mind that Kakarotto was what Vegeta always called him. While his friends had objected, especially Chi Chi for she saw it as a reminder of his Saiyan heritage – something she detested, he liked it and had grown to think of it as the ouji’s private name for him. Somehow, knowing how proud the ouji was of the warrior race, he felt that it was Vegeta’s way of honoring him.


“Vejita told me to tell you that there will be a Moon Run on tonight, and I’m supposed to help you get ready.” Actually, her actual orders were more along the lines of ‘make sure he’s there’.


“Err… Moon Run?” Goku rubbed the back of his head in incomprehension as he stood aside to allow the other Saiyan entry into his room.


“Oh, it’ll be great fun.” Kakarotto grinned reassuringly. “You’ll definitely enjoy it, now that your tail’s back.”


Goku shut the door. “But… Piccolo destroyed the moon many years ago.” He figured that something called a Moon Run should be involved with the moon… (Duh!)


Kakarotto frowned momentarily, then brightened again. “Well, they can’t be wrong, so I guess we’ll just have to trust them.”


“They?” Goku was getting more confused.


“Vejita and Vegeta. You *don’t* want to argue with them.”


Goku nodded emphatically. He didn’t know Vejita well, but if she was anything like Vegeta… He could tell that his younger self had a healthy respect for his mate. (Healthy in the sense that it would be *unhealthy* not to) “Okaay… So what am I suppose to do?”


“Well, for one, change out of that orange gi.”


Goku looked down at his garish gi, then pointedly at the other’s obviously orange gi as well. “What’s wrong with it? You’re also wearing it…”


“Oh, I will also be changing. It’s just that I’ve realized that the color’s too bright; we’ll stick out like a sore thumb during the hunts.”


“Hunts?” Goku was wearing a perpetual perplexed look on his face by now.


“Yeah, there’ll be hunting and eating and fighting and …” He coughed, flushing slightly. “Anyway, it’ll be fun, so relax.”


Anyway, somehow, finally, the two Saiyans were ready. The two decided to change into loose black gi bottoms, held up by dark blue sashes and black tank tops.


Concentrating on Vejita’s ki, Kakarotto placed a hand on his older self’s shoulder, and the two transmitted out.


The royal pair was waiting impatiently at the edge of a lush forest when they appeared. Both were dressed in their usual spandex outfit of long pants and tank tops, only Vegeta was in black while Vejita was dressed in deep magenta. They had also chosen to don dark colored boots instead. The sun was setting, bathing the lush landscape in warm vermilion hues, which was already darkening to a deep indigo.


“Finally!” Vegeta hissed in irritation.


“You didn’t wait for us?” Kakarotto eyed the couple of large bucks on the ground in disappointment.


Vegeta gave a snort. “We’ve a long night ahead of us, and you two bakas were late.”


“Gomen…” The two taller Saiyans gave an apologetic laugh at the same time.


The four Saiyans tore hungrily into the raw meat, savoring the feel of the hot, salty blood and the firm texture of the meat. The meat was just enough to satisfy them, but not too much that they would feel too full and tired for the night activities ahead.


When they had taken the edge of their hunger, Vejita turned to the ouji with a smirk. “Will you do the honors?”


Vegeta returned an identical smirk and held up a hand. A bluish-white ball of ki appeared above it, and before a shocked Goku could say anything, the ouji had flung the glowing sphere up in the sky. “Burst!”


“Vegeta!” Goku shielded his eyes from the silvery lunar rays. “We’ve got our tails back!”


“Baka!” Vegeta sneered. “Did you think I didn’t know that?”


Goku hissed in surprise as the ouji’s mind suddenly intruded upon his. Before he could protest, Vegeta’s hand came up to fist in his hair, pulling it down such that he was forced to look up at the pale orb in the night sky.


“Look to the sky, Kakarrot!! Do you feel that?” The ouji roared.


Kakarrot shivered as raw power, triggered by the lunar rays, coursed through his veins. Dimly, in a small corner of his mind, he wondered ‘Kakarrot?’ Unconsciously, a low purr/growl rumbled forth from his deep chest. Even as he felt himself changing though, the ouji’s iron-will control clamped down on his mind, and in the blink of an eye, showed him the meditative techniques Saiyans used to control themselves when in the grip of a full moon.


The other two watched, fascinated, their own tails lashing as agitatedly. It might have been long minutes or mere seconds, they did not know for they were all in the seductive thrall of the silvery orb as well, before Kakarrot regained enough control. Vegeta did not release his grip on the taller Saiyan’s midnight locks but instead pulled the other towards him.


“You have five minutes, Kakarrot.” The ouji gave an affectionate, meaningful nip on the bewildered Saiyan’s lower lip. His dark eyes glinted dangerously.


“Wha…?” Kakarrot stumbled as Vegeta abruptly released his grip.


Vejita gave a playful slap on her mate’s rump and shoved him towards Kakarrot. “It’s my turn to be the hunter tonight, koi.”


Kakarotto blinked a few times before grinning broadly in sudden comprehension. Grabbing his stunned counterpart’s hand, he yanked the other towards the forest. “Come ON, Kakarrot!!”



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