When Oujo Met Ouji



Chapter 14: The Run

The two brawny Saiyans ran noiselessly through the forest. Clad in black, they slid like indistinct shadows through the sparse undergrowth.

While a small part of Kakarrot wondered what the heck he was doing; running through the forest in the middle of the night like this, for no rhyme or reason, the rest of him was feeling too alive, too exhilarated to care. Did it matter? All that mattered now was the feel of the hard ground beneath his softly booted feet, the wind whistling through his hair, the pounding of his pulse


The normally gentle Earth-raised Saiyan felt … Wild. Feral. Free. An urge to break forth in maniacal laughter bubbled forth within him. His nostrils flared, taking in the earthy scents of the loamy forest floor beneath him, the sweet fragrance of the nocturnal blooming flowers and the musky sweat of the Saiyan beside him, so familiar yet somehow different. His other senses seem unnaturally heightened as well. Colors and objects stood out in sharper relief. His sensitive ears cocked at the slightest rustle. It was like being high on some enhancement drug. And the knowledge that they were being pursued set his nerves and skin tingling yet further.

Kakarotto shot his companion an understanding look. Their eyes caught, and the two shared a grin of pure enjoyment. He inclined his head to the right, and soundlessly, the two veered off in yet another direction. As they passed by a clump of bushes that he recognised, the more experienced Saiyan grabbed a handful of the fragrant leaves and crushed them, sprinkling the bits over themselves. He repeated the procedure whenever they encountered a different aromatic plant, changing direction after each time. Quickly, his older counterpart caught on as well.

Vegeta smirked wolfishly. His nose twitched slightly. He could pick up their prey’s scents easily. They would catch them soon enough. They became momentarily confused when the familiar scents were suddenly masked by a sharp, spicy odor until Vejita pointed to the crushed fragments littering the dim forest floor. Snickering lightly, the two now followed the new scent, keeping an eye out for subtle clues like fresh sap from broken foliage or disturbed vegetation.

But that was not what the Hunt was all about. It was not about getting caught or not getting caught. It was about running free and letting oneself go. That was why Hunts were done on foot; if one really wanted not to get caught, one would either fly, or hide. No, the Run was the thing. It was a game, a challenge, a test of skill. The result was not as important as the participation.

The lithe Royals flitted through the shadows soundlessly. And when it came down to skill in this arena, none could beat them. Not the Earth-raised Saiyans. They were running and dominating Moon Runs back on Vegetasei even before those two were born, their slight forms a distinct advantage.

Nostrils flared simultaneously as a familiar scent wafted on the cool night breeze. Attempts to mask natural scents would work best…if one were not continuously sweating. Their eyes caught the other for a spilt second, even as savage grins lifted their lips. Giving a nod, the two leapt up into the dense foliage of the trees in perfect synchrony.

The hair prickling on the back of their necks was the pursued pair’s only warning before a pair of smirking hunters brought them to the ground. There was a slight scuffle as the four rolled around on the forest floor, but the hunters had the advantage of surprise.

Kakarotto looked up lustfully at his mate as she sat astride him, smirking triumphantly. “Now that you’ve caught me, what are you going to do with me?”

Vejita purred, wriggling her bottom over his burgeoning erection naughtily. When his hands came up to grip her hips, she batted them away with a smirk. “Stop that… I’m the hunter tonight, koi.” Crouching down, she breathed huskily. “Don’t. Move.” Her tongue darted out to lick his lips teasingly.

Vegeta looked down at his prize, enjoying the heady rush of dominance. No, not yet… He hadn’t fully won his prize; there was still the Fight.

Kakarrot stared at the ouji as he leaned forward, his hands pinned above his head, leaving him feeling open and defenseless. He licked his lips nervously, not in fear but almost in anticipatory excitement. Vegeta seemed different tonight. More intense, more intent (on what?)… More sensual… His attention was distracted momentarily by the ouji’s flicking auburn tail. He watched wide-eyed as Vegeta leaned forward slowly, an almost mischievous smirk on his normally harsh visage.


Vegeta was enjoying himself tremendously – he hadn’t had this much fun in years! And the scared-rabbit-in-headlights look on Kakarrot’s face! He gave a deep, sexy chuckle as he brushed his lips lightly against the other’s, which parted almost immediately. Vejita was right; he does want me after all. Vegeta purred in satisfaction as his tail came up to wrap around the fallen warrior’s corded throat.


Kakarrot gave a small shudder as he tilted his head up to press his mouth more firmly against the ouji’s. The tip of thick, furry tail that coiled around his neck tickled his cheek teasingly, releasing sweet, musky ambrosial scent that drove him crazy. Suddenly, he yelped in shock when the prince nipped him hard on his lower lip, the sharp pain clearing the haze of desire that clouded his thoughts.


Vegeta continued purring as he sucked on the rich, hot blood of his soon-to-be mate. Delicious. Finally he raised his head to look at the confused Saiyan.




“Kakarrot…” His name rolled off the ouji’s tongue smoothly. “Bring us to that place where we first fought…”


Kakarrot blinked in surprise but did as his prince ordered.


Vejita paused in their frenzied necking and raised her head in surprise when she felt the other two ki’s disappear. Her mate gave a frustrated growl and reached up to pull her head back to his lips again.


“Wait! They’re gone!” She wriggled back, disentangling herself.


“So?!” Kakarotto whined as his arms reached down to grasp her curvy hips firmly. He bucked his groin against her thigh meaningfully. “Who cares?”


“Kakarotto!” Vejita swatted his arms away and concentrated on the other two Saiyans’ ki. “I want to see what happens!” The two promptly reappeared in a barren dessert, still entwined in an intimate tangle of limbs and tails. However, the pair of fighting Saiyans nearby soon diverted Kakarotto’s attention, and he sat up abruptly.


Any Saiyan would enjoy a good fight, and for a brief moment, the brawny Saiyan warred with himself. Vejita or the fight? He grinned as he moved to a more comfortable seated position and pulled the petite female onto his lap, his large muscular arms draping snugly around her small waist.


“FIGHT! FIGHT!” He punctuated his enthusiastic shouts with an ear-splitting howl.


Normally, Vejita might have sneered at his juvenile behavior, but the combination of moonbeams and the Run had set her blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. She leaned back against the broad chest of her mate, comfortably encircled by his warm arms and grinned savagely.


Let the show begin.



Chapter 15: Moon Fight

Kakarrot blinked in surprise but did as his prince ordered. When they appeared at that familiar desolate spot, Vegeta got off the younger Saiyan gracefully. To his surprise, the ouji extended a hand. Kakarrot blinked in surprise again, then accepted the help. Vegeta had never done that before… Tonight was certainly a night of surprises. Not that he was complaining; he was enjoying this side of Vegeta and extremely curious to see what would happen next.

“What now?”

Vegeta smirked sadistically at the other Saiyan’s perplexed expression. Yet, despite his obvious confusion, he was more than willing to trust his prince. Excellent…

“Now we Fight.”

Before Kakarrot could ponder on the inflection, the ouji had launched a barrage of blows at him. His attention became fully engaged by the smaller warrior. At first, he had been slightly shocked that Vegeta would want to fight after that…that kiss… Once the shock wore off though, he found himself enjoying the fight tremendously. The familiar, intense physical rush felt good. For some reason that he could not place though, this fight was different.

A punch connected with his jaw, and he flew backwards. Twisting in mid-air, he managed to land, though not very gracefully, on his feet. When he looked up again, teal eyes regarded him with an intense, yet playful expression.

“Come on, Kakarrot!” The ouji roared his challenge. “Show me what you’ve got!”

The brawny Saiyan grinned happily. This was what he lived for. This was what he spent all his time training for even though there had been no threats in the recent years. It was to stay that one step ahead of his prince, to show HIM that he was no third class, that he was worthy of HIS attention. With a howl, he threw back his head and clenched his fists as he burst into golden flames.


‘You want a challenge, Vegeta?’

The pale orb above bathed the golden warriors in its silvery moonlight, inciting their lust further. Lust for blood and battle… And for each other. Vegeta grinned savagely as the other Saiyan changed, his tail lashing agitatedly from side to side. With a primal howl of his own, he continued to power up, matching the larger Saiyan.

Vejita and Kakarotto could only watch in awe as their older selves ascended past the levels they knew, and continued into a higher level they had not seen before. Their golden hair exploded down their backs in massive, shining manes, even as their muscles continued to bulk up more massively. When they were done, raw power fairly radiated off them in almost visible ripples.

Once again, the two fighters rushed at each other in a volley of blows. By some unspoken agreement, they decided not to use ki blasts. Instead, they reveled in the intensity of such a close combat as they engaged in a deadly, intricate dance, adrenaline surging and blood pounding in their veins.  Another taunting roar, a fist rose with fingers curling in answer.


The satisfaction of a perfectly executed move and the challenge of pitting one’s skills against another matched fighter. A punch neatly blocked, a smooth sidestep to a kick even as a leg lashed out in retaliation.


The sting of an attack that broke through one’s defenses and the burn when one pushes one’s body to the absolute limit, and then beyond. Both were panting heavily, sweat running down in rivulets and steam rose in faint tendrils in the cold night air.

Vegeta smirked as he felt the other Saiyan starting to falter; Kakarrot was still weakened and was starting to tremble slightly in exhaustion. Vegeta frowned momentarily when he realized his error however; he should not have let the younger Saiyan exert himself after such a close brush with death. Damn. How could he have been so thoughtless? He berated himself sternly. Time to end this now.

Vegeta feinted to the left with a flurry of fast blows that Kakarrot was hard-pressed to block, and then suddenly attacked from the other undefended side with a roundhouse that sent the tall warrior hurtling through the air. He landed hard enough to knock the wind out of him, and when he opened his eyes a second later, the ouji was kneeling astride him with a triumphant smirk on his face, his slim but deadly hands crossed at the base of his neck, the edges pressed against his windpipe in a chokehold.

“Do you yield?”

Both eyed each other warily, breaths coming out in harsh pants, before Kakarrot suddenly broke out in a wide grin. His ouji had been in top form tonight. “You win, Vegeta.”

“Of course I do.” Vegeta purred in satisfaction. Both Saiyans powered down, their hair shrank back and turned back into black again.

To Kakarrot’s surprise, Vegeta did not get up. Instead, his hands uncrossed and trailed up along his jaw line to cup the side of his face almost tenderly. Time seemed to slow down as the ouji leaned in, his lips brushing against the fallen Saiyan’s for the second time that night.

Kakarotto blinked in shock. “Whoa! When…?”

“Baka!” Vejita slapped his brawny arms teasingly. “You mean you’ve only realized now?”

Vegeta broke their kiss, smirking a little at the younger Saiyan’s unconscious soft whimper of protest. He paused for a moment to stare intently into the wide ebony eyes of his chosen. Beautiful…

“Kakarrot, I want you…” Without warning, he dipped his head again to sink his sharp canines into the corded flesh at the vulnerable junction between the neck and shoulder, marking his chosen mate in an instinctive Saiyan ritual. His auburn tail danced high behind him as he drank his mate’s hot, rich lifeblood. He would know his mate instinctively now, the sharing of blood triggering the formation of the Saiyan life-bond.

The Earth-raised Saiyan yelped loudly in the initial pain, and then to his surprise, the pain receded quickly into a sensual pleasure. His head lolled to the side, allowing his prince greater access, as his eyelids fluttered shut, moaning softly. A deep, rumbling purr resonated forth from his deep chest to match the growly purr of the ouji’s as he lapped against the bloody wound.


Vegeta purred loudly, playfully nibbling at the sensitive flesh of the neck, hot tongue licking at the salty sweat. Hands fisted in the torn loose top and without warning, ripped it off. Goku gasped as he felt sharp teeth nipping lightly at his nipples and writhed, his hands moving to entwine in the ouji’s upswept hair. Moving lower, Vegeta trailed a wet path down a chiseled abdomen and his fingers hooked into the waistband of the black pants, thumbs rubbing slowly at the junction of the hips, before abruptly tearing the loose pants off as well. His tongue darted out to lick lightly at the weeping tip, smirking as he drew a strangled cry from the younger male. He gave another playful lick before he moved away, kneeling upright.


Kakarrot snapped opened his eyes, his frustrated growl dying in his throat as he took in the sight of his prince sitting upright on his heels, a proud smirk on his face and a dangerously lusty look in his dark eyes. Slowly, the ouji lifted the hem of his tight black top, wriggling sensuously as he pulled the stretchy fabric over his head in a slow striptease. Kakarrot’s breath hitched as he raked his gaze up the chiseled abdomen and chest, following the path of the spandex, past the strong jaw, high cheekbones and finally back up to the burning onyx orbs. Standing up, Vegeta repeated the action, sliding his pants down agonizingly slowly, his russet tail waving from side to side behind him.

Kakarotto groaned, his loins tightening unbearably as he watched the incredibly erotic scene before him. When a now nude Vegeta knelt down and dipped his head over his older self’s erection again, wringing another loud cry, he couldn’t take it any longer. Twisting swiftly, he flipped his own mate onto her back and captured her soft lips in a demanding kiss. Purring throatily, the oujo raked her nails down his back, tearing the loose shirt into ribbons and rocked her hips up invitingly, her tail ruffling against the base of his furry appendage.

Kakarotto slid into his mate’s tight heat with a hiss and opened his eyes to see the ouji regarding him with a feral smirk as he rode his new mate with slow, deep strokes. His older self was on his hands and knees, head dipped down and mewing needily, strong fingers digging right into the bedrock. Flashing a wolfish grin of his own to the challenge, the youngest Saiyan male rose from his crouch and sat back on his heels, pulling the petite oujo to him roughly. Vejita arched up with a shriek as he slammed into her hard and locked her ankles behind his back in encouragement. Vegeta’s smirk deepened and with a low growl, powered up to level three. Gripping his mate’s hips firmly, he proceeded to set a bruising pace, his tail lashing wildly behind him. 

Guttural groans and screams filled the cold desert air as the Saiyan lovers danced in steps as old as time under the silvery beams of the pale orb above. Bright golden flashes lit up the desolate landscape erratically as their ki pulsed out of control.

Vegeta screwed his eyes tightly shut as he continued to slam hard into his mate. Kami-sama! It felt so phenomenally good to use his natural strength, to lose control like this… His hair whipped heavily against his bare back as Kakarrot’s now-golden tail slapped stingingly against his thighs and buttocks. His own tail bristled out as he felt culmination approach, his lower abdomen and groin tightening in a familiar pressure. Dimly, he could hear his mate howl loudly. The sudden contractions of the already unbelievably tight, hot flesh sent him over the edge and he climaxed with a strangled scream, shuddering jerkily.

Spent, he collapsed on top of his purring mate, who wriggled out and rolled onto his back. Strong arms encircled him warmly as he nuzzled against his chosen’s neck, inhaling the heady, musky fragrance that was Kakarrot happily.

“Kami, Vegeta! That was mind-blowing!” Kakarrot opened half-lidded eyes to look up at his prince in sated wonder. The tired ouji only gave a low chuckle.

Kakarrot relaxed completely, his head lolling back languorously. His eyes fixated on the artificial moon above, and he stiffened.



Chapter 16: Oozaru Fun

Vegeta snapped open his eyes in shock when he felt the body below him change, rough bristly fur sprouting even as the Saiyan expanded rapidly in size. He gave an undignified squawk as the arms around him tightened painfully and wriggled frantically. Luckily, the oozaru’s attention was distracted by the shiny thing in the sky, and he stood up and raised his arms to the night sky in a loud roar.

Vegeta landed hard on his rump, but the pain was soon forgotten as he stared up at his now much larger mate, stunned. The only thing he could think of was ‘oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…’

Kakarrot gave another roar and started lumbering off.

Vejita and Kakarotto were rudely awakened from their post-orgasm nap by the thunderous roars.

“Ahhh!! Don’t step on me!” Kakarotto whipped his head around madly as he tried to locate the oozaru. Images of Saiyan pancakes floated unwillingly to his mind.

“Baka!” Vejita yanked her mate over to the still-stunned ouji. “C’mon!”

“I guess he cannot control his oozaru form?” Vejita remarked calmly to the ouji, who had picked himself up and lost his shell-shocked look. “What now?”

“We cut his tail off!” Kakarotto remembered how the other Z-sensei’s have always solved that problem.

“Kisama!” Vegeta snarled at the other male Saiyan. “I’m not cutting my mate’s tail off!” He crossed his arms with a smirk. “Besides, who said going oozaru was a bad thing?”

Kakarotto blinked. “Isn’t it? I mean…”

Vejita exchanged a sly look with her male counterpart, and then threw her head back, laughing. “You are too influenced by those spineless weaklings, Kakarotto. Going oozaru is like going super Saiyan; it is but another form for us. They are just scared of what they do not know.”

“Exactly.” Vegeta grinned, looking very feral and mischievous as his lips lifted to reveal his sharp canines.

“How will we catch his attention?” Kakarotto pointed to his older self, who had by now wandered quite a distance away.

The trio fell silent as they pondered. Vegeta absently ran his eyes over the other two full-blooded Saiyans and silently laughed at the image they must have presented. A trio of stark naked Saiyans, their spiky ebony hair mussed, and their thick furry tails bristling and lashing. Wild indeed. He looked down wryly at the evidence splattered over his flat abdomen. Unconsciously, his hand crept up to his neck. Frowning, he checked the other side of his neck. Kakarrot had not bit him. Yet.

“I know how we can attract his attention.” He smirked, a plan forming in his wily mind. He tossed his head towards his artificial moon. “Shall we?”

Vejita laughed again and looked up at the pale orb in answer. The two males quickly followed her example.

Vegeta was pleased to note that Kakarotto had been trained to retain his consciousness when he went Oozaru, something he would have to teach his own mate. As the three Saiyans now stood, towering in their Oozaru form, he turned to the younger male with an almost apologetic look. Without warning, he reached up and pinched a couple of nerves at the base of the younger male’s neck, rendering him paralyzed.

Vejita eyed him curiously as her own mate crashed heavily to the sandy desert floor. “What are you up to?” She asked in a growly, though not offended, voice. Though distorted by the elongated snout of an adult oozaru, it was still clearly recognizable as hers.

“Kakarrot did not bite me yet.” He tilted the side of his neck in explanation, and then reached for the female Oozaru, pulling her towards him and nipping her collarbone, growling softly all the while.

Vejita’s eyes widened briefly, then she smirked as she realized what he was doing. She arched into his touch, purring loudly as she melted against him.

Kakarotto narrowed his eyes in anger but could not move. All he could do was growl lowly in impotent fury.

Kakarrot whipped his head around, a sixth sense telling him that something was wrong. His look fell upon a trio of oozarus. One of the males was lying on the floor, and the other male was kissing and fondling the female. A fact penetrated through the animalistic haze that clouded his mind. That male was his mate!

Kakarrot gave a thunderous roar of rage and challenge. His mate looked up and straight at him, and then tilted his neck to the side sneeringly. Kakarrot’s eyes fell on the unmarked neck and he gave another angry roar, beating his barrel-like chest like a drum, his tail bristling.

“Here he comes…” Vegeta murmured into the oujo’s ear as he continued to rub against her. It was hard enough keeping a clear mind when in oozaru form, and with the pale moonlight catalyzing his lust, he was finding himself getting extremely turned on. From her scent, he could tell that Vejita was feeling the same.

The heady scents of their arousals hung around them, clouding senses. For a few moments, they forgot all about their own mates as they rolled around on the ground, growling and crooning loudly, nuzzling and nipping each other affectionately. Until Vegeta was roughly pulled off.

Vejita gave a frustrated whimper, and Vegeta twisted and snapped furiously at the oozaru who dared interrupt him. After a heartbeat, he instinctively recognized the male as his mate… He clamped his jaw angrily. Some mate who had not claimed him in return. He wasn’t ready to forgive that lout yet… He would make the younger Saiyan sweat and fight for him… He turned back to the alluring female.

Kakarrot snarled angrily at his errant mate, crashing into the smaller were-ape. The two enraged males rolled and grappled on the desert floor, crushing smaller rocks and splintering larger boulders.

Vejita rolled out of the way prudently and watched the fight with bright eyes.

Kakarrot slammed the smaller form against the base of the cliff, and while the royal oozaru lay there, momentarily stunned, he took the opportunity to lean in and sink his teeth into the fleshy junction at the neck.

A loud shriek spilt the night air. Vejita turned away, sighing in disappointment as growls and snarls became crooning purrs. Suddenly, a heavier figure pounced on her from behind, grabbing her tail roughly.

“’Jiiitaa…” Her forgotten mate rumbled angrily. Before she could say anything, he bit her at the back of her neck in a show of dominance, tugging her furry tail painfully.

The oozaru princess screeched in indignation and thrashed wildly, but the heavier male kept her pinned to the ground. His grip on her tail lessened though, and when he started ruffling it, she dropped her resistance, arching up against him invitingly.

“Jiiitaaa…” He purred possessively.



Chapter 17: Oww

Kakarotto rode his oozaru princess wild and hard, and threw back his head with a roar as he climaxed violently. Vejita answered with a shriek and collapsed on the rocky grounds. He was about to follow suit when he noticed the other pair out of the corner of his eyes. His older self was still banging the smaller male and the cliff behind Vegeta was now a pile of broken debris. With a gleam in his eye and foolhardy abandon, Kakarotto bounded across the desert floor and crashed into the coupling duo.


The three males rolled and tangled in a pile of thick furry bodies and limbs. Too enraged to speak coherently, Kakarotto could only roar in anger as he pounded the stunned ouji below him. How dare you get your scent all over my mate? Suddenly, a ham fist caught him across his jaw.


Kakarrot yowled in frustrated fury as he leapt onto the youngest male. The two tumbled in wildly and the elder was quick to gain dominance, rolling on top of the other and pummeled fist after fist into a stunned Kakarotto. 


Vegeta picked himself up dazedly and watched the wrestling oozarus for a few minutes before he shook himself. Leaping beside the two, he pulled his mate off and booted the impertinent younger male into another cliff. “Fiiiinish it…” He pressed against the larger oozaru with an almost whine, his tail lashing agitatedly. When large furry hands spun him around and clutched at his buttocks tightly, he arched and lifted his tail high invitingly. Kakarrot leaned in with a low croon, the fight forgotten.


It was truly a wild night. The oozarus romped across the desert floor, fighting and coupling in hot monkey action. Cliffs shattered into boulders, rocks splintered and crumbled into sand under their heavy-handed activities.


At some point, one of them accidentally destroyed the artificial moon with a stray blast, and the four promptly changed back. Vegeta had taken one look at their wild, gleeful faces which fell in disappointment – all still riding high on the moon-drugged euphoria, and threw back his head in delighted laughter.

“Aaahh! This is priceless!” A glowing ball of ki appeared in his hand. “The night’s still young, and the revel’s not over yet!” Lusty cheers and hoots rang out at their ouji’s royal proclamation.

The rest of the night passed in an ecstatic haze as the four Saiyans frolicked the night away as only the hot-blooded primal warrior race could. They opted not to change to oozarus but instead flew back to the lush rainforests they started their wild night from. There, they tumbled and chased and played amidst the dense fragrant foliage, clambering up trees and bounding from branch to limb like the nimble simians their race was. Loud calls echoed through the forest, scaring away all other nocturnal denizens.


Vejita straddled a sturdy branch, her tail wrapped around the branch securely as she munched on a large juicy mango, tearing off the skin with her sharp teeth. Yellow juice dripped down her hand and she licked the sweet fluid with relish. She could hear the other three males whooping like lunatics in the distance but she ignored them. She was hungry and she did not wish to share her cache; she had found a fruiting grove but it wasn’t enough for four hungry Saiyans.


“Vejita!” Kakarotto clambered up the trunk of her tree and she groaned in dismay. “What are you doing? I was looking for you and … ooohhh…is that food?”


“Get your own, baka!” She glared at him.


“But I’m hungry, ‘Jita…” Her mate whined and attempted to reach around her when she turned away, cradling her half-eaten fruit possessively. “Where did you get that from?”


“Where did she get what?” Attracted by the argument, Kakarrot peered up the tree as well. Sniffing the air, he salivated. “Is that mango I smell?”


Vejita gave a scream of frustration and leapt away from the two drooling males. Vegeta settled himself on her still warm branch with a smirk as he watched the trio bound away and bit into his own mango. Bakas…

Dawn found the four entwined in a tangled heap of sticky limbs and coiled tails on a springy, fragrant bed of moss and grass. They awoke one by one as the early morning rays slanted across their faces, creeping through tightly shut eyelids.

Vegeta blinked open heavy sleep-dusted eyes slowly, feeling surprisingly contented for once. Muscular arms embraced him warmly, securely and even breathing ruffled his midnight locks. A smile lit his face as his new mate’s musky fragrance filled his nostrils, and he recalled memories of the previous night. Twisting his head slightly, he gazed up to find the beautiful onyx eyes of his mate looking down at him tenderly.

Vejita moaned softly, not wishing to get up at all. However, not only was the bright morning sun irritating, worse, she was sticky all over, and the fastidious oujo *hated* feeling grimy. She squirmed slightly out of her mate’s arms and sat up, pouting cutely as she rubbed her eyes. Kakarotto grinned as he continued to lie back, his hands moving to interlace behind his head; he would never tire of looking at his beautiful mate.

The two males broke their cuddling (^_^ new mates…heh heh) reluctantly when Kakarrot’s stomach let out a loud growl. The said Saiyan grinned sheepishly, and for once, Vegeta did not voice a caustic retort. As they tried to stand up, they gasped in pain as certain parts of their anatomy protested strongly, a result of the vigorous activities the night before.


Kakarotto guffawed out loud at the scene, and Vegeta shot him a murderous glare. Vejita was feeling more sympathetic as she too was extremely sore. Carefully, she stood up and stretched protesting muscles cautiously. Kami! Almost every muscle in her body was sore… Some aches were in places she didn’t know could hurt like that!


Kakarotto bounced up confidently, only to yell loudly in pain and crash to the ground again. He clutched his bottom and winced in pain. Wha…?


The older Saiyan males broke into loud raucous laughter, almost tearing as they collapsed against each other helplessly. Even his own mate raised a quizzical eyebrow before breaking out in more refined giggles. He huffed, a perplexed and hurt expression on his countenance as he tried to remember…


Sometimes Vejita did that thing with her tail… But it didn’t hurt like *this* the next day! Kami! It felt like he had been split in two! The youngest Saiyan male scrunched up his face in concentration and then blanched. No way! He couldn’t have… Could he? But but… He flushed furiously. In truth, he could not really remember anything much beyond Vegeta’s formation of the second moon. Everything had passed in a wild haze of fighting and tumbling and fucking… He did recall having the greatest time of his life…


Kakarotto stood up stiffly, his face still crimson, grabbing hold of his giggling mate. “C’mon Vejita, let’s get back.”


Their future selves were still chortling when the younger couple transmitted out.




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