A Round Robin (11 - 15)

by Kiarene, Felix & Goten


Chapter 11


(Kiarene mutters some choice words and reaches for the broom.)


Vegeta stiffened at the slightly hurt tone in his young mate’s voice and swore. ‘Dammit Kakarot, why do you always haunt me? Even in a moment like this…’ He cursed a bit more, then sighed resignedly and rolled over onto his back, pulling the slightly stiff teen to him. Well, he had always been blunt… and he had promised never to lie to Goten. He just hated Kakarot for putting him in such a situation.


“Goten…” Vegeta stroked the tense muscles of the dark-haired lad’s back slowly. His own muscles were bunched up and tight as well, but he paid them no heed. “Last night, when Kakarot and I fought, he did something to me…”


Goten raised his head to look at the older Saiyan in horror, all sorts of possibilities coming to mind. “What do you mean?”


“For some unfathomable reason… Your father decided to bite me on the neck.” Vegeta rubbed the scar just above his right collarbone angrily. “More like tear out my throat…”




“I do believe that baka had no idea what he was doing… We argued, and he suddenly flared up in anger.” Vegeta shivered slightly. To say Kakarot looked angry was an understatement; the brawny Saiyan had looked ready to kill. “Anyway, he bit me, though he appeared shocked and remorseful after that. He left me a senzu bean just before he transmitted out.”


Goten was staring at his mate, his eyes wide and pupils dilated in shock. But Vegeta wasn’t finished yet. “And when he bit me… Somehow he formed a bond with me.” He closed his eyes, trembling slightly. “That BASTARD!! He took away my right to choose my mate…”


“How dare he!!” Goten erupted in rage, his hair blazing up in gold and he tried to get up.


Vegeta tightened his hold on the furious young man as he thrashed around. When Goten finally powered down, he continued softly. “I..I had thought to bond with you to remove it, but Kakarot’s bond is still there. I can now feel the two of you in my head…”


“So… you only bonded with me to get rid of Father’s bond?” Goten asked in a very small, very quiet voice.


Vegeta winced and hugged his young mate. “No! I..I do love you, and I had thought to bond with you when you come of age.”


Goten fell silent, his head swimming with what the ouji had just revealed. In the same very quiet voice, he asked carefully, “Did you bond with Bulma?”


“I tried. But she was human and the bond …did not form.” Vegeta’s throat constricted at the hurt and rejection he felt that night, even though he knew that it was no fault of hers, for her species do not form mental bonds. Instinctively, it came across as a rejection.


Goten still felt a little hurt and burrowed his face into the ouji’s warm chest. Yet, Vegeta had chosen to bond with him, right? And he had said it was forever. “So when you powered up just now…”


“I felt …a wave of emotions from him. I was trying to fight it off.” Vegeta suddenly noticed the bruises forming on the teen’s hips, marring the soft pale flesh. He lifted a hand to caress the darkish patches tenderly. “Gomen, koi.”




“Something’s not right. The emotions I felt from him were very dark… Pain and confusion. And rejection.” Vegeta’s brows drew together in puzzlement. “And just now, I had the strangest nightmare. I was in some desert. It didn’t look like anywhere on Earth; the sky was blood-red. I felt a pull, and when I came across a ruined city, I saw Kakarot there. He did not notice me; he was looking at this dead figure, and I turned and ran. That was when I woke up.”


“But I do not want to talk about that now.” Abruptly, Vegeta’s tone changed, becoming sultry. He started to nibble on the demi-Saiyan’s ear, causing a shiver to run through the tall frame. “Do you know, the more we get …intimate, “ he purred, “the stronger our bond becomes?”


“Well then, what are we waiting for?” Goten turned to capture the ouji’s teasing lips, his hands already moving down. 


Goten looked up from his book with a smile when he felt a familiar ki approaching. Vegeta had been coming by every evening ever since they had mated, and the demi-Saiyan had never been so happy in his life. His smaller mate flew in through the window and landed softly, carrying a large bag of Chinese takeaway. “Chinese! My favorite!” The hungry young man snapped his book closed and bounced over happily. “Chao Fan and Sheng Mian! And red beam cream for dessert! There’s even sago! Ah, you really spoil me, my prince!”


Vegeta grinned. “Nice to know you’re so easily satisfied.”


“Nuh uh, my prince…” Goten mumbled around a mouthful of rice, winking at his lover, his bare feet trailing lightly up the other’s khakis.


“I spoke too soon.” Vegeta grumbled playfully as he reached for his second box of noodles. “In that area, you are insatiable.”


“But you wuv me all the more, wiiight?”


“Don’t talk wif your mouth full.” The ouji mumbled with his mouth full of noodles, waving his chopsticks at the grinning teen.


Goten laughed happily as they bantered lightly. Few saw this playful side of the usually dour prince. He wondered if his own son knew of this adorable side. Trunks had been shell-shocked when Goten had told him of their relationship. He had almost fainted again, and sat there on his couch for some time, muttering to himself in disbelief. “’tousan… and my best friend… ‘tousan?!”


“Trunks? You’re not mad?” The lavender-haired prince only opened and closed his mouth in shock.


“Uh, Trunks, could you lend me some money?” Goten decided to take his mate’s advice. “I need to buy a bigger bed…”


“Ack! TMI! TMI!” Trunks squawked, covering his ears.


Goten snickered at the memory. Vegeta had been right; Trunks was kind of excitable.


Vegeta slumped into the couch, closing his eyes tiredly as Goten cleared the remains of their dinner. Goten watched the smaller figure worriedly. Vegeta seemed troubled and more tired these days; his eyes were shadowed, as if he had not been sleeping well. “Koi, are you ok?”


“Why do you ask?” Vegeta kept his eyes closed.


Goten slid onto the couch beside him and cuddled up to the older male, who immediately opened his arms. “You look tired.”


“I’ve been having those dreams… And sometimes, I can feel him even though I’m trying hard to block him out.” Vegeta pulled his mate to him tightly. “But when I’m with you, these dreams are not so bad, and I can’t feel him as much.”


Goten frowned as the two sat there quietly, almost cozily. He was still furious over what his father had done to his lover, and seeing his mate haunted like this made up his mind.


Goten could not understand why his older brother had idolized their male parent so much. To him, his father was somebody who was not around for him when he was a kid. When Goku had re-entered his life, he was already an adolescent, an angry one who saw the cheerful fighter as an unwanted intrusion into his life. Worse, his mother and brother expected him to welcome his father back with open arms, but he refused to accept this stranger. Sure, he was civil to his father, but that was it.


He had only one class in the early morning… Yes, he will go and confront his father; he spat the term angrily, tomorrow.


(Kiarene stares at the now even bigger mess, shrugs and tosses the broom away.)



Chapter 12



Goten awoke early the next morning and yawned sleepily, stretching out his body along his new bed. He smiled with delight Trunks had been nice enough to purchase it for him and even paid him some extra money if he promised to never mention his sex life with his father to him again. After agreeing Goten’s new bed had some new silk sheets to go along with it, so he and Vegeta could have a nice sleep after their ‘activities.’ The hyper teen laughed lightly and purred softly at the two thoughts, then frowned darkly, remembering what he promised himself he would do today. Go and have a little talk with his father about what he did to Vegeta.


            After pulling on some jeans and a sweater Goten climbed out his window and began to fly towards his father’s house. “I really should start using the door… but its such a hassle,” he groaned out with a slight chuckle.


            Goten did a few summersaults and flips in the air, enjoying his life very much now since he had gotten together with Vegeta. Nothing matter anymore, his school was great, good marks, popular, considered to have amazing looks and best of all he was with the most amazing man in the world. He couldn’t possibly get any happier then he already was. When the familiar house came into view Goten dropped down from the sky and ran into the place that he had grown up in. He looked around the room, then down the hall and finally went to his parent’s room.


            The teen opened the door and peered inside, to find his father lying on his bed on his back, just staring attentively at the ceiling. The young demi-saiyan growled to himself and stomped into the room, then slammed the door shut behind him, splintering the wood slightly with his strength. The older man looked up at the sudden intrusion, but just lay back down when he spotted his youngest son. Heavy feet trudged across the room until the figure was standing at the end of the large bed, staring darkly at the larger man.


            “Dad, we need to talk about what you did to Vegeta,” Goten stated to his father, crossing his arms over his chest, looking very much like Vegeta.


            “I don’t want a lecture from a little brat like you. You’re the son and I’m the father, so why don’t you get the fuck out of here before I throw you out. I don’t need this shit right now,” Goku spat out, with a low growl.


            Goten clenched his fists and stomped a foot down. “No! I will not leave! I want to know why the fuck you bit my mate! You’ve been making his life a living hell, can’t you just leave him alone, he wants nothing to do with you! Why can’t you understand that?” he cried out, moving onto the bed and gripped his father’s shoulders.


            As his son shook him Goku became increasingly angry, his rage was slowly building inside of him and listening to his son barking orders at him and now shaking him was an outrage. He suddenly lost all control and pushed Goten away forcefully, causing his youngest son to fall to the floor. “You spoiled little brat, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but obviously you aren’t the little boy I raised you to be,” he spat, getting off the bed and moving towards the demi-saiyan.


            “That’s the problem! You didn’t raise me, you were never a part of my life, you just came barging in and I was forced to accept you, because I was forced to believe that you were the greatest man alive. Do you know how many stories Gohan would tell me? About how our daddy was so powerful and so great to be around? And I had to live out half of my life wondering if I would ever have a father of my own! Do you have any idea how it was to grow up with your best friend having a father and you only having a mother?”


            “You fucking brat I gave up a lot to come back to earth and I would have come back the minute I knew your mother was pregnant if I had known!”


            “Bullshit you’ve ruined my life and now that I’ve found true happiness you fuck that up by biting my mate, what right do you have to-”


            “Shut up, I’m sick of hearing you whine and bitch about every little thing that goes wrong in your life! I don’t know why I bit Vegeta, but the fact is that I did and there’s nothing I can do to take it back now so drop it!”


            Goku’s head snapped to the side when Goten let out a cry of rage and swung a clenched fist at his father, successfully hitting his jaw. The older man gritted his teeth in anger and turned his head back to glare dangerously at his son before speaking lowly and accenting every word harshly. “Don’t. Fuck. With. Me.”


            Goten blasted up to Super Saiyan level and delivered a powerful kick to his father’s head. Goku clasped a hand onto his son’s arm and transported them outside so they wouldn’t cause any damage to the house. Goku swung a fist but Goten leaned back and fell into a back hand spring, so he could put some distance between them. The older of the two didn’t even power up to super saiyan, instead he just powered up slightly a charged at his bouncing son.


            A fury of fists and feet were visible but only in a blur as the two either blocked or received the blow. Goten punched Goku full on the face and watched with wide eyes as the older man took the hit and didn’t even flinch. Goku blasted into his super saiyan form and gripped his son’s wrist then spun around and wrenched his arm up against his back. Goten cried out in pain and the harsh sharp pressure and began to kick at his father’s legs, but it wasn’t having much of an affect on him.


            Goku gave a forceful push on the arm and listened in satisfaction as Goten screamed out in agony as his bone cracked and the splintered. The jagged bone tore through the many layers of skin in the teens arm and blood began to leak out around the wound. Goku released the now useless appendage and growled as he jumped into the air and spun around with an extended leg. His foot connected with its target and sent the younger man flying through the air, not stopping until he hit the ground and skidded to a halt. Shaking slightly the demi-saiyan lifted his head and watched in fear as his father stalked towards him, fists and jaw clenched, with a dark glint in his eyes.


            Goten’s head swam in agony as his broken limb was forced to move when his father picked him up by the throat and punched him repeatedly in his lower stomach. Blood began to leak out of the partly opened mouth as the teen gasped for fresh air, and groaned in pain. Quickly he lost his power and promptly dropped out of his super saiyan form. Goku kicked his son sharply in the back and sent him flying into the sky at an alarmingly fast speed, but he quickly followed him up, latched his hands together and brought them down hard on his chest. Goten swirled down to the hard ground and crashed into it at a bone shattering impact, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.


            When the dust storm finally subsided the demi-saiyan lay defeated on his back in a large crater he had formed. Goku floated down and landed beside the still figure, wondering if he was still conscious. A swift kick to his side and a soft cry was all the proof he needed to know that his son was still conscious. Anger still flooded through his mind and at the moment he was enjoying the feel of his son’s blood on his skin and smelling it with his enhanced sense of smell. Only seeing red Goku raised a booted foot and brought it down hard on Goten’s chest. His son screamed in agony and it only grew more intense as a heal was grinded hard against his broken ribs.


            “I told you not to fuck with me and now you have to learn that I’m not some worthless piece of shit that you can push around and do with as you please.”


            Goten cracked his eyes opened slightly and watched as a bright light began to fill his father’s hand. The small concentrated ball had so much power in it and Goten wondered what his father planned to do with the powerful ball of energy. “You shouldn’t play around with something that’s out of your league brat.”


            Goten’s entire being filled with panic as the ball was pointed at his chest and still building. Was his father really going to kill him? “Daddy…” he said softly, still in a great deal of pain.


            At the soft plea of the beaten body below him Goku seemed to snap out of his enraged daze and back into reality. “Oh Goten I-”


            Goku was cut of when an intense power exploded from behind him and an enraged voice screamed out loud. “KAKAROTT!!!”


(Goten casually walks away, grinning)



Chapter 13



(Felix bounces up and down, clapping at the brutality with joy...)                


Oh no. Now was not the time, definitely not the time. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. The other, in this case, happened to be a very protective Vegeta.


"You force a bond on me, invade my dreams, and now you attack my mate! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" Vegeta screamed at the top of his lungs, jumping forward to instigate a fight. As he swung forward Goku ducked and flew backwards, attempting to direct them away from his son. Taking deep even breaths, the black-haired man realized he was out of control. The slightest thing could tip the scales the make him react like he had with Goten. The thought of hurting his baby boy in such a way nearly brought him to tears. When he was fighting him he hadn't considered their family ties, but merely thought of him as a creature, something below him.


"Feeling humiliated? You don't even know what humiliation is. But I will show you. I will show you

its bitter taste. You will endure it. Just like I have."


The ouji charged hard, intending an upper-cut when, with a gasp, Goku suddenly hunched over, his Super Saiyan form fading instantly. Vegeta stopped in confusion when the younger man suddenly lurched, and then, after heaving for a moment, vomited. The prince took a step back, uncertain what to make of the situation. Then suddenly he felt the bond between himself and the third class flair up. Vegeta stumbled and fell to the ground, grabbing his head as he felt a whirlwind of negative emotions overwhelm him. Hate, bloodlust, sado-masochism, jealousy, rejection, and pain. This was coming from Kakarot...? The brain-damaged happy-go-lucky moron Kakarot...? Then, with no explanation, a barrier slammed down, and Vegeta could feel nothing more from the other Saiyan's mind. Before he could make a semblance of what was going on, Goku fumbled with his belt and extracted a senzu bean.


"Give it to Goten," Goku rasped before transmitting out.


He reappeared in a desert, the landscape littered with boulders and deep gouges in the ground. Scattered here and there was the occasional crater. He convulsed again, his body shuddering as he spilled the remaining contents of his stomach up - the yellowish acid. He trembled, feeling only slightly better as his ability to keep the world in focus was still failing at its duty. He walked along, using what he could for support. The world spun before his eyes and he felt like his limbs were weak. He soon found he could no longer hold his own body weight and he crashed down an incline, coming to a halt on his back. He was barely able to pray for Goten to be alright before he slipped into a numb respite.


The bean had worked its magic and Goten was now being cradled in Vegeta's warm arms as he shook from fright. "He..he was going to kill me..." Goten stuttered, "..h-his own son." The ouji held onto his mate tightly, protectively.


"I will make him pay for the pain he has caused both of us," Vegeta stated, gently rubbing Goten's arms to soothe and calm him. He wished to find that idiot and kill him, so he would forever stay in the after life and leave them alone. He sighed and searched for his bond with Goku, hoping to extract some information about his whereabouts that way. He was genuinely surprised when he could feel their link, but the younger Saiyan's mind was barricaded completely. It was odd since he had been continuously feeling the other man for days now. He shivered slightly, the sensation of something being terribly wrong overcoming him.


"Bastard." Bastard.


"Trash." Trash.


"Traitor...!!!" Traitor.


His body was kicked and batted at like it was a hacky sack, his body bouncing off of the hard ground like a rubber ball on asphalt. A severe blow forced him to land on a large collection of jagged rocks, his strength practically all but nothing.


'I was stupid.'


An immense force came down and crushed his lower half, rendering his legs completely useless.


"You beat me. You were stronger than me. But if you think this is something to be proud of, you're going to learn."


"You're going to pay someday."


He used the last of his energy to let loose a blast, which hit its target.


"Impudent bastard...!" Impudent bastard.


His body from the torso down was encircled. The grip was tightened, slowly crushing him. He screamed in agony as bone after bone began to snap. Blood rushed into his mouth from the internal bleeding, a loud voice mocking him.


"Die, damn you!! Die!!”"


A relief from the pressure, the world around him hazing, slowly fading away. His hair smoothed back, such a gentle gesture...


"Fool." Fool.


Brought back by the pain, the crushing of his midsection, coughing up blood.


'Damn him.'


So much pain.


Goku regained consciousness shortly before dawn, his body shaking from the cold. His muscles ached and he feebly began to rise when his hand bumped something fairly thin, and slick. He paused, his brain registering the sensation again. It wasn't exactly thin, no, it was more cylindrical in shape. He took shallow breaths, slowly turning his head to the side to peer at what his hand had grazed. The dull light of the sun below the horizon allowed him to see something that made him pale.


Slowly, agonizingly slow, he reached one hand around to his back and smoothed down till he reached the end of his spine. But his shirt was unnaturally bunched and he ran his hands down further till they touched the slickness again. His lungs constricted as he physically felt something he hadn't felt in a long time - an extension from his spine. He whipped around, struggling to get to his feet as he still felt groggy from his dreams. He pinched himself, and yes, he was awake.


It was true then. He did have his tail back. The appendage was a sort of flesh tone color that was slightly off from his own, probably due to the stubble of hair which covered it. The entire thing also, was coated in blood. He had grown it back, obviously. But how? He had assumed that Saiyan adults could not regenerate the lost body part, and there seemed to be no trigger for the action in the first place. Gohan regained his usually when he was in pain, as if it was a natural reflex to up the ki in one's body after sustaining a significant loss.


Goku froze at the thought and then he searched within himself. He could tell already that his maximum had yet increased. He was stronger now. Stronger simply from being complete. But why not? If one had lost a leg or an arm and it was restored, their abilities would increase as well, would they not?


Sighing, he flicked his tail to rid it of some of the blood. He tried a few times to get a good feel for his tail before his gave up, removed his shirt, and wiped it clean.


(Felix sighs as she suddenly gets burnt out...)



Chapter 14



(Kiarene blinks rapidly as she re-reads the last two chapters again. Finally, she cracks her knuckles and dives right in.)                                                                     


Vegeta opened his eyes and realized he was again back in that surreal, reddish dreamscape. Looking down at himself, he noted his black spandex suit with a grim smile. If dreams were echoes of the subconscious, perhaps he should have heeded the message. Perhaps he had been going about it all wrong. He should not have been trying to avoid Kakarot, he should have confronted him.


The warrior prince rolled his shoulders, feeling the joints pop with a hungry anticipation. Time to stop running. Time to fight. Time to make him pay. He extended his senses and opened his mind, feeling for that link. There! He gave a feral growl and blasted off.


Using just the barest minimum of ki to keep aloft, he floated slowly over the abandoned city. Their minds linked, he did not even need to feel for the other Saiyan’s ki to home in on his location; he just knew. Hovering in mid-air, he watched his target for a while. Kakarot was standing in the doorway of a large building, looking as if he was about to enter but stopped there instead. Vegeta could tell that the younger male seemed highly agitated, his head was looking from side to side as if he was expecting something and his tail was lashing jerkily.


His tail?! Vegeta gave a start, and then growled lowly in anger and envy as the reminder of his own lost limb was slammed forcefully, jeeringly into his face. Once again, Kakarot had made a mockery of him. He was the prince of the Saiyan race… without a tail. The one distinguishing feature of the proud warrior race, the seat of their power, one of the sources of their legendary prowess. What a disgrace. And that third-class who does not even know… who does not even want to know… of his own heritage…


The ouji gave a scream of frustration and fury as he ascended, holding his hands out as he gathered his ki.


Kakarot whirled around but he was too late. Vegeta watched in cold satisfaction as the cause of his problems was engulfed in the blinding blast. Slowly, as the dust settled, he descended to the ground, the wind whipping his golden hair wildly. His eyes widened in shock as the figure unfurled from his crouch, opening his arms from the block positioning and looked straight at him. Kakarot seemed unfazed by one of his most powerful attacks, only superficially singed. What really unnerved him however, was the look in his rival’s eyes. Cold, wild, crazed, full of pain…


The ouji stumbled back slightly in confusion. Something was wrong with Kakarot. Suddenly, he screamed as a tsunami of dark emotions washed over him again. Hate, pain, jealously, hunger, all embroiled in a turbulent whirlwind. And through it all, one emotion stood out from the rest, sharp and stabbing; rejection. Vegeta doubled over, clutching his head as he was overwhelmed.


Goku kept his piercing look at the crouching ouji as he advanced predatorily. A low rumbly growl resonated in his deep chest, growing in intensity as he neared the smaller figure.


He had been wandering around in a detached daze, and felt pulled to that building. But a small voice within him held him back, warning of danger and pain. Suddenly, he heard an enraged scream and turned around to see a blinding ki ball speeding towards him. He barely managed to block it in time, but now, whatever tenuous tether he had to sanity was gone. A crimson haze of bloodlust and anger and desire clouded his mind, all he could focus on was the figure in front of him. The figure who had rejected him. Insulted him. Rejected him!!


Vegeta managed to center his mind amidst the hurricane that raged within his mind and detach himself such that he wasn’t as badly affected. Looking up, he noticed the tall Saiyan stalking towards him, his expression that of a person who had been pushed too far and lost it. Scrambling up in panic, he turned and tried to run.


With a roar, Goku lunged himself at the ouji, catching hold of his leg. Vegeta struggled frantically but the brawny warrior pinned him down from behind. Somehow, Kakarot was much stronger than he remembered. “Let me go!! Kakarot!!” Vegeta cried out as his arm was wrenched back in excruciating pain. His other arm was pinned to the hard ground. When his elbow dislocated with a jarring sharp sound, Goku released the now useless appendage and moved his hand to the collar of the black spandex suit. Snarling like an animal, he grabbed hold of the stretchy material and ripped it off. Vegeta’s blood ran cold and he struggled even more frenziedly, but the crazed Saiyan maintained a death grip on him. 


Goku licked his dry lips as he looked down at the delicious, writhing form beneath him, raking his eyes down the smooth, bronzed skin and admiring the sleek muscles as they bunched and strained. With one hand still holding the ouji’s arm pinned, he moved his other hand to grip the bare slim hips and prepared to…


A sudden loud noise behind him alerted him and the enraged warrior whipped his head around. Who dared… He gasped as he felt that presence again… That monstrosity he had felt before. He scrambled up and twisted his head rapidly in panic from side to side, his earlier rage and lust replaced by the icy dread of fear. He glanced down and blinked in astonishment. The ground was empty. Suddenly, the odd gurgling, roaring noise sounded again, only this time, it was closer. Goku snapped his head up again and backed away in panic.


Vegeta felt a hand grip his hip hard enough to bruise and screwed his eyes tightly shut, bracing himself for the expected pain. A sudden loud noise distracted the crazed Saiyan briefly, and suddenly he felt the hot pressure on him lift. Confused, Vegeta lay there for a moment longer. When a hand touched his shoulder, he cried out in pain and fear, and tried to scramble away, but somehow he could not. 




Vegeta went limp with relief at that familiar voice. His eyes snapped open. He was back in Goten’s room, and lying on his front, tangled in the blanket. When he tried to roll over however, a sharp pain shot up his right arm and he could not stop the soft moan of pain.


“Vegeta! What’s wrong?” Goten hurriedly pulled the blanket off his mate and cried out in shock. The ouji’s forearm was bent at an unnatural angle and hung uselessly.


Vegeta cradled his injured arm as he pulled himself to sit upright, his face white with pain and his breath coming out in harsh pants. Gritting his teeth, he popped the dislocated elbow back in, hissing in pain as the ball was pushed back into the socket.


“Love, what’s wrong?” Goten was extremely scared and worried now. Vegeta had woken him up with his thrashing and moaning. At first, he had thought that his mate was caught up in the throes of another nightmare, but now… Nobody dislocates their elbow like that when they are asleep. Looking at his pale mate who was leaning against the headboard with his eyes closed in pain, he suddenly noticed a deepening bruise on the ouji’s left hip. A bruise that looked suspiciously like a handprint.


(Kiarene examines her handiwork and nods, smirking. The gauntlet is looking very battered now.)



Chapter 15



(Goten grabs the gauntlet and gives it a go.)                                                       


“Vegeta…” Goten whimpered lightly staring at the bruising handprint, “Why do you have a handprint on your hip?” He couldn’t stop himself and reached over to run his finger lightly over top of the bruise, its deep blues, purples and blacks all mixed together was entrancing. “Who touched you there?”


Vegeta shook his head briefly for a minute, still cradling and looking down at his arm as it lay limply in his other hand. The ouji lifted the once dislocated appendage and began to extend it back and forth; making sure the joint was still working properly. He sighed in relief when there was only a dull pain from the process of popping it back into place. Now that he had dealt with his own pain he had to deal with Goten’s. As his young lover talked he was detached from listening fully to him but he could hear the pain in his voice. Vegeta began to shift his position on the bed then felt a slight pain in his hip and looked down to see a darkening bruise. “Kakarott…” he growled out lowly.


“Dad? What does he have to do with this?” Suddenly Goten’s face dropped and his

eyes began to fill with tears as his head shook with denial. “He… he... he…” the

demi-saiyan began to stammer.


“No Goten it’s not what you think! I didn’t want this really, he forced himself on me but it was a dream, just a stupid dream. But at the same time it was real, I can’t explain it, just please believe me, I would never hurt you like that,” he said softly, cupping his cheek and stroking his thumb over a trembling cheek.


“Okay Vegeta I believe you,” he said softly not even looking up to meet the ouji’s eyes, for he wasn’t quite sure if he was being truthful with himself at the moment. He didn’t know what was going on only that it seems his father almost had sex with his mate and right now he couldn’t bring himself to look at Vegeta. “Let’s just go back to sleep, I have classes tomorrow.”


“Yeah sure,” Vegeta said in slight confusion as Goten leaned over and turned off the small lamp that sat on a table next to the bed. The older man watched as his young mate stayed on his side facing away from him, and pulled the blankets up to his neck. “Goodnight koi.”


“Goodnight,” he replied back flatly.


Vegeta moved back down the bed until his head was resting on his pillow, he didn’t understand why Goten was getting so upset over this for. It had hurt him slightly when his mate wouldn’t even look him in the eyes and now wouldn’t even touch him. After an hour the ouji was still wide awake and was lying on his back with his arms crossed behind his head, just staring at the dark ceiling and thinking about how he could make his mate feel better. Goten couldn’t stay away from Vegeta though, even in his sleep he knew he wanted to be near him and still in a deep slumber the teen rolled over and cuddled against his older lover. Vegeta smiled slightly and pulled him close, it was nice to know that Goten wasn’t that mad at him. Even so Vegeta doubted the teen was even mad at him, probably just upset and confused, after all what would he say if Goten had woken him up by trashing around with a dislocated arm then mumbled his son’s name and had a bruise on his hip. Truthfully he most likely wouldn’t have a son at the moment because he’d be over there in a second to get rid of him for touching his mate like he had.


            But that wasn’t the case and it had all been a dream, so why did all of his injuries appear in reality. The ouji couldn’t think much longer because with the warm weight of his lover resting atop him and his warm breaths cascading of his bare chest he was lulled asleep.


            Vegeta wandered over the dead land once again, he didn’t know what he was looking for, he just knew that something was making him walk in this direction. A light tap against the ground from behind him made the man stop dead in his tracks and clench his fists in irritation and fear. The smaller warrior whirled around and fired a blast behind him as fast as he could without being detected, but to his surprise nothing was behind him. Vegeta looked all around him in confusion until he felt something faze in behind him. An outstretched leg came down along the ground and swept his feet out from under him, and a hand forced him to fall forwards, hitting the ground face first.


            Vegeta spit out dust that had gotten into his mouth and coughed slightly. Suddenly he was flipped onto his back and pinned down but a weight on his thighs. “Hello again, my pretty ouji,” Goku purred out from his current position on top of the cursing man.


            “Get off of me,” the smaller man hissed out angrily.


            “I’m sorry I can’t do that,” the younger Saiyan said in fake sympathy. “I just want to make you feel better, that’s all.”


            Vegeta felt a cold breeze and realized he was naked. A shiver ran through him

as Goku’s finger trailed up his leg and around his thigh to rest at his opening.

The ouji let out a loud cry as the finger slipped into his body and began to probe around for his sweet spot. “My, my aren’t we the tight one? I can see that you’ve never let that little brat have you.”


            “Fuck you!” he cursed, trashing around as the digit moved deeper into him, until it brushed against something deep within him and he gave another loud cry. The man above him smirked and began to stroke that spot over and over again, until he had the ouji squirming and wriggling in pleasure.


            Goku leaned down and pressed his lips to Vegeta’s, moaning as he thrust his tongue into his mouth and began to feel around. Vegeta whimpered lightly and moved his head away. “No, stop it,” he begged breathlessly. Goku just began to lick and kiss down his neck, leaving several little red marks after he sucked on a certain spot for to long. After several minutes of toying with the ouji, the other man released with a hoarse cry, screaming out. “Kakarott!”


            Vegeta felt a sharp pain on his cheek and opened his eyes to be face to face with his young mate once again. He looked around in confusion then saw tears running down his pale cheeks and he bit his lip. “Koi, did you just-”


            “Shut up a minute,” Goten said softly as he leaned forward. Vegeta closed his eyes as their lips touched and Goten’s tongue went into his mouth and flicked lightly at his for a brief second, then pulled back. “Get out,” he hissed.


            Vegeta was confused now. “What?”


            “I said get out of here now, I don’t want to see you right now!” Goten cried out, as tears leaked down his cheeks.


            “But why? What’s wrong?”


            “When I wake up to you moaning his name over and over again and then you fucking cum in MY bed for HIM then there’s something wrong! You taste like him and you smell like him! I don’t know how you managed to get out and see him, but somehow you did,” Goten screamed out, giving Vegeta another hard slap on his already red cheek.


            “Please Goten let me explain I-”


            “Just get out,” he said in a soft defeated voice. “Get your clothes and leave.”


            Vegeta was about to protest again but winced when Goten looked away from him and didn’t look back over. Slowly he got up and went over to his pile of clothes on the floor, where they had been quickly discarded. He pulled them on in silence, still watching Goten’s stiff form intensely until he was dressed and went over to the window. The ouji half climbed out the window before turning back to Goten, “I love you, just remember that.” And with that said the older man flew away to go to his own house.


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