A Round Robin (16 - 19)

by Kiarene, Felix & Goten



Chapter 16



(Felix dares...to make it more of a mess..?)                                            


Curse words rapidly flew through the ouji's mind as he wandered aimlessly. Kakarot had forced him into submission and was now successfully ruining his life once again. He paused in mid-air, then suddenly took off on a set course. He would settle this last and for all, even if he had to castrate the bastard!


He landed outside of the baka's home in minimal time, but he was fairly surprised to not feel Goku's ki from within. Hiding maybe, Vegeta thought to himself, maybe even sleeping. He decided to be polite, and so he banged on the door as hard as he could without breaking it. A very disgruntled house wife answered, her hair frazzled. "What!?" Chi Chi screamed, making the prince wince.


"Where is that idiot Kakarot?" Vegeta demanded.


"If you're looking for him," she said, her voice crescendoing, "he's not here! AND I DOUBT HE'LL BE COMING BACK ANY TIME SOON!"


The door was slammed in his face, already adding to Vegeta's previous anger. He stretched his senses, and then because of the lack of results, searched through their bond a bit to find him. He was actually within a close proximity, so it saved him the trouble of flying halfway across the world.


He found him on the edge of a river bank, lying down on his side, apparently asleep. He began to approach when his eyes came in contact with something brown. The idiot did have his tail. What kind of sick mockery was this!?


But wait, Kakarot was asleep. It would not be difficult to remove the optical hindrance while the

other Saiyan could not resist. Smirking, he approached, intending to rip the thing off by its root. Maybe that'd get his attention that he meant business. He reached down and grabbed the base of the soft appendage when the next thing he knew his wrist was being twisted and a hand was squeezing his throat.


"Do not touch my tail without permission," Goku said, releasing the ouji. Vegeta snarled at him and reared his hand back before letting it snap forward. He slapped him hard enough to leave a print, and perhaps even a bruise.


"You son-of-a-bitch," Vegeta growled, grinding his teeth, "Do you have any idea what you've done to me? Forcing yourself into my mind, and then forcing yourself into my body! You are a disgrace! I should kill you now!"


"Yeah, and maybe I should have let Krillin kill you when you first came to Earth."


The prince was taken aback by the admission. The tones held no malice, it was just a quiet, melancholy statement.


"Do you wish me dead!?"


"Sometimes I wonder why I put so much effort into it all. Why should I put up with your bullshit? Why should I let you walk around on me? I have control over you. I could kill you even now."


Very slowly the brunette replied, "But you won't."


"Oh yes, I won't. I'd make my son very unhappy, and we wouldn't want that." Goku turned away from the ouji, wrapping his tail around his waist. It was a sign of distrust, and it infuriated the prince.


"Do you mock me!?"




"Then why are you doing this!?"


"Doing what?"


"You damn well know! Invading my dreams-"


Goku cut him off, "I haven't had a dream that contained another living soul in a long time." His turned, his eyes burning into Vegeta with their gaze, "Except last night."


Vegeta couldn't help but become slightly nervous.


"Fool. Traitor. Impudent bastard," Goku said in a sing-song voice, turning away from him again. He released the lilt and admitted, "So yeah, I dreamt about you."


"And what'd you do in this dream?" Vegeta growled.


"I was defeated," Goku said, the explanation shocking the elder Saiyan, "I was used. I was just like a child's toy, just something to play with until the interest was lost. Then I would be destroyed."


"That's not what happened in my dream."


"Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure you would've enjoyed stepping on my legs and breaking them, and slowly crushing me again."


"I probably would have at this point in time, because I woke up smelling like you, and tasting like you."


Goku tilted his head in Vegeta's direction, "Really? Now that's really something."


With a snarl Vegeta leapt onto the other Saiyan, "Baka! I will have your head for your jest!"


Goku flipped around and kicked the prince off of him, sending him across the river and a good ways into the forest. With a sigh, the black-haired man got up and made his way in the opposite direction. He didn't want to fight right now, he didn't want to be angry. Anger made him irrational, not like sadness, which just made him stubborn. A body tackled him from behind, an elbow jamming itself into the small of his back.


Goku gasped in pain and fell forward as a now Super Saiyan prince stood behind him. "I will not be ignored!!" Vegeta roared with fury, kicking the third class a good distance, mimicking what had been done to him. Goku transformed in mid-fall and twisted around, landing in a crouch. As the other man moved in for another kick, Goku leapt up and slammed into him full force. They tumbled onto the ground and wrestled furiously, neither gaining the advantage. They rolled down a hill, crashing through some trees in the process, until they finally reached the bottom, of which Vegeta pinned Goku to the ground.


Goku panted, laying limply under the firm hold of his prince. He held the look of a defeated man, his eyes lacking luster. 'What is the meaning of this?' the prince wondered, tightening his grip around the other Saiyan's wrists, 'Is this a trick?'


Goku opened and closed his eyes a few times, seemingly unable to catch his breath. "Ne, Vegeta.." he murmured, "I feel..hot...." His eyebrows furrowed lightly as he released his Super Saiyan form. Vegeta tried to think of the cause of his actions and it hit him like a ton of bricks. His tail. The baka's tail was also a source of many hormones and...


He made the mistake of inhaling deeply. A shiver ran up his spine as his nostrils filled with the undeniable musky scent of a full-blooded Saiyan. Realizing he was letting himself become effected too easily, he gripped Goku tighter, but it didn't seem to bother the younger man. Then again, why shouldn't he let himself become effected? They were bonded, and there was nothing wrong with it...


Chikusome!! Vegeta slapped himself hard, trying to knock some sense back into him. It worked for a moment until Goku mewed piteously. His body trembled at the mere sound, his hold loosening as he too began to feel very hot. But no! This is not what he wanted! He wanted Goten! To be with and feel the younger man in his arms - not this psychotic moron before him! He closed his eyes, feeling very frustrated. He would just leave before it got too serious, he'd just leave and that'd be that.


Soft lips brushed against his own and all previous thought was thrown out the window. He responded instantly, pressing against the other pair, opening, yielding to a hot tongue which slipped inside to duel with his own. His eyes rolled back and he released a moan from the depths of his throat. Strong arms encircled him and supported him as Goku sat up. Vegeta growled playfully, kissing him deeply, nipping and nibbling at what he could.


Goku ground their hips together, his hands slowly descending to curve around the prince's buttocks and grope lightly. Vegeta writhed, twining his fingers in the unruly hair presented. The mouth left his to kiss at his exposed neck, hands run back up to his waist before slipping beneath his pants to caress bare skin. And then they were repositioned, with Vegeta's back against the ground, the younger Saiyan above him. The hands smoothed downward, removing the article of clothing with them.


As the cool air touched his skin, it caused Vegeta to calm slightly and he began to realize what he was doing and where their actions were taking them. "No, Kakarot, wait! I-Ahhhhh!" Vegeta jerked in surprise as the black-haired man licked and suckled at his aching erection. He desperately tried to intake enough air as the mouth danced fire over his loins. It felt like bliss, uninterrupted bliss, as all he could feel from the bond was Goku's current emotions, which for once, were positive. A leg twined around Goku's back, holding him down, urging him to continue endlessly.


But unfortunately his wishes were not fulfilled as Goku drew back, traveling up Vegeta's body, kissing a trail up to his bite mark. He felt bad for scarring the ouji and he wanted to make it up to him. He purred gently, lifting the other leg to wrap it around his waist. Goku nibbled lightly on Vegeta's lower lip before kissing him fully, positioning himself. As the prince felt the younger press into him he instantly began to struggle. No! He did not want to be taken! He was the Saiyan no Ouji, he was not to be taken!


Vegeta released a cry as Goku stretched his unprepared body. The prince was soon losing his arousal as pain coursed through him, sending him back into the world of the rational. Before he could properly attempt an escape, a hand coiled around his member and massaged apologetically while a furry appendage stroked at his backside. The pain diminished to a dull ache as Goku finally seated himself completely. The ouji seemed dazed, even afraid at the intimacy, but Goku seemed confident enough for the both of them. He drew back and thrust deeply into the lithe form of his prince, wringing a cry from the man. Vegeta threw his head back as pleasure coursed through his veins.


He gasped for air his lungs failed to provide as stroke after stroke sent unbelievable ecstasy to the core of his being. He opened his mouth in a silent scream, his lips mouthing Goku's Saiyan name. He wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer if the pace continued as it was. Seemingly sensing his distress, Goku slowed his movements, gently kissing the prince as he rocked his hips rhythmically. Vegeta returned the kiss the best he could, his body shaking from overload.


He felt the impending climax and his ankles locked onto Goku's back, pulling him down and deeper inside of him. The younger Saiyan moaned as Vegeta bucked his hips at the same time. He rode him hard, pushing him closer and closer to the edge. Goku thrust rapidly, his hands on Vegeta's hips for leverage, his tongue swirling on his bite mark, his tail coiled around the ouji's waist. He gasped and held his breath as he felt himself nearing the breaking point, and then, with a few hard thrusts, he came screaming the brunette's name. In turn, Vegeta reached his own orgasm, his body trembling from the mind-blowing bliss as he clung to his lover, "KAKAROT!!" He slumped, going limp from physical exhaustion, and soon after, sweet darkness overcame him.


When he awoke, Kakarot was not to be seen nor felt.


(Whenever Felix sees the word "gauntlet" she thinks of Quake III and how you use the weapon to pummel people to death...she whistles innocently..)



Chapter 17



(Kiarene limps in, still sore from the sporking and eyes the mess, whimpering.)      


Vegeta trembled a little as he sat up, the events of the previous night flooding back to him. He wrapped his arms around his shins, resting his forehead on his knees. Shame and anger washed over him. How could he have let the younger Saiyan take him? Mortification at what he did. How could he have lost control like that? Fury at his weakness. He should have left…




It felt …good. Good was an understatement; the pleasure had been almost painfully exquisite, the ecstasy unbelievable. A delicious shudder ran through him and he closed his eyes, torn by what he felt. It felt so wrong, yet it felt so right. It felt like he was cheating on his mate, but it felt like he was doing it with his mate. An anguished groan escaped him…


He didn’t know what he felt. 


Sometimes he reached that peak with his young teen lover, but to have been on the receiving end… With Kakarot of all people. The two experiences; taking and being taken, cannot be compared. They were like day and night, neither better than the other. They were opposite sides of the same coin. The two lovers, the son and the father, confused him. One made him happy, the other caused him grief. One made him felt safe and secure, even cozy; the other challenged him, kept him on the edge. Did he want Kakarot? No! Yes!


He didn’t know how he felt.


Finally, with a defeated sigh and muffled curse, he gave up. His head was spinning and his stomach was growling. He would not be able to solve his problem sitting here on the grass stark naked. As he tried to stand up, he stumbled slightly and felt a searing pain in his lower back. What the fuck?? One of his hands reached back to locate the source of the pain… and encountered a furry appendage.


His eyes widened in shock. His tail grew back! He knew he should be elated, but right now, he was feeling too tired and confused to jump around in joy or wonder what caused it to grow back. A small smile did light up his face as he got up carefully again. He pulled on his crumpled clothing; he was relieved that crazed loon did not simply rip it off, and flew back to the CC.


A scalding hot shower and huge breakfast later, he was no closer to solving his problem. He cursed as he padded back to his bedroom. More like problems. With Goten and with Kakarot.


He snorted; from the looks of things, Kakarot had problems of his own. The usually cheerful to the point of idiocy Saiyan; Vegeta choked at that – no real Saiyan would be that sunny, appeared depressed and melancholy. More than that, he had seen the once-gentle Saiyan; Vegeta rolled his eyes – what an oxymoron, totally loosing his control in a berserker rage on recent occasions. And unfortunately, though it rankled the proud ouji to admit it, that baka’s power exceeded his own and he was now a danger to all around him.


He snarled and plopped down ungracefully on his bed. Bah. Why should he care? Let that psychotic lunatic deal with his own demons. Vegeta snarled again, punching a pillow in impotent fury. Because that moron’s problems have became his own. Because he now could not sleep properly without being sucked into that loon’s deranged world.


Kami! He was just so tired of it all! He had not a decent rest in ages… His eyelids fluttered close.


Vegeta snapped open his eyes in shock. He was back in that strange world. It was the same world, but now different. The landscape had changed…


The sky was no longer blood red but a dark coral, and patches of grass and spindly shrubs dotted the once barren and hard ground. The air did not feel as stifling and acrid though the atmosphere was still hot. He cocked his head to the side, eyes narrowed. Somehow, this felt slightly familiar… Had he encountered such a planet during his travels before he came to Earth? Try as he might, he just could not place the nagging feeling of déjà vu.


He glanced down at himself in slight panic, remembering what he wore, or did not wear, the last time he was here. He sighed in relief when he noticed he was clothed. Strangely enough, while he still wore his full spandex suit, this time in navy, he now wore a simple sleeveless cream tunic over it. The overcoat hung to mid-thigh, the sides were opened to his waist and the tunic was cinched at the waist by a navy sash. White boots and gloves completed the look. He was covered completely from neck down, yet the entire ensemble was light and cooling. The tunic lent an air of elegant formality, yet did not hinder movements should there be a need to fight.


Vegeta gave a start, his pupils dilating in shock. This outfit… was a common one back on Vegetasei. In fact, navy and cream used to be one of his favorite color combinations. He swallowed nervously as he ran his hands down his chest; it even felt like one of his old tunics – that same heavy yet silky fabric he had not felt since he …left Vegetasei.


Suddenly, he felt a subtle presence in his mind, from the bond he had with Kakarot. Vegeta tensed, remembering what took place the previous times he …interacted with the other full-blooded Saiyan. The familiar ki was coming nearer… Should he stay or run? The ouji scowled. Dammit, he was a disgrace; he was the prince of a warrior race and he was contemplating running away from a third class baka?? Swearing through gritted teeth, he turned towards the direction of Kakarot’s ki and held his head high.


Vegeta noted the change in the other Saiyan as he flew nearer. Kakarot was no longer wearing the tattered rags; he was clad in a pair of loose muted orange trousers and a darker amber over-tunic that fell to his thighs as well, leaving his arms bare. Again, Vegeta remembered that outfit to be a popular one back on Vegetasei. The tall Saiyan’s clothing were a little patched and worn though, but a definite improvement from the rags.


Goku landed near the prince and the two eyed each other in silence for a while, until the younger spoke up. “Vegeta… Do you know why…?” He gestured their change in outfits and the landscape around them.


“Ile.” Vegeta crossed his arms as he watched the other warily.


“Vegeta… I..I just wanted to say…” Goku flushed slightly as he fumbled for the words. “Thank you.”


“Nani??” Of all the things he was expecting, this certainly wasn’t one of them.


Goku’s eyes were shining as he stepped closer. “Last night…when you came to me… I’ve never felt anything like that before.”


Vegeta’s cheeks flamed and he was about to open his mouth to deny angrily, when the taller male continued. “When you accepted me, I felt more ..at peace. And for once, I had no nightmares.” Vegeta blinked in surprise. He hadn’t realize it too; last night after they …did it was the first since he had inadvertently been bonded to that baka that he had a decent night’s rest.


For once, Vegeta was rendered speechless as he racked his brains – what did all this mean? Was he supposed to sleep with that baka in order not to suffer from those dreams?


Goku watched as Vegeta’s eyes widened in surprise and his cheeks tinted rosily. God! The ouji just looked so desirable! His tail curled and uncurled nervously behind him. Taking the brunette‘s silence as positive, he stepped closer and enfolded the smaller figure in a loose embrace, slanting his head down to brush his lips against the other’s.


‘Do not reject me… please…’


To his joy, those soft lip parted and arms came up hesitantly to wrap around his own torso. Goku gave a low groan from the depths of his throat and eagerly took the offering, drinking from those wondrous lips like a parched man. A purr sprang forth from his chest. His arms tightened around the ouji’s lithe form, one hand moving down to run gently over the slim hips. When a furry appendage coiled itself around his wrist, he did not think but moved his hand to ruffle the soft fur, eliciting a soft moan from the smaller form and an answering purr.


(Kiarene purrs in satisfaction. Is the tangled web moving towards resolution?)



Chapter 18



(Goten bounces in hyped up on chocolate bars, having no clue where this is going, but cracks knuckles and gets ready to go.)                                                                         

Vegeta’s dark eyes opened slowly and he had a small smile gracing his lips at the last part of the dream. His lips were still tingling from the sensation and he could only raise his fingers to trace over the soft pieces of flesh. Suddenly hands went up to grip at his head as the wave of emotions came flooding into his head, overwhelming him. He began to spit out colorful curses about the dense Saiyan until he realized that these were no emotions Kakarot could be feeling and their link was closed off and content at the moment. So that left only one other option, it was Goten.

Vegeta clenched his teeth tightly and fisted his hands into his hair on the sides of his hair tightly and pulled hard. He didn’t know that he could feel so much pain and grief come from one person, but what was worse was that he had to ride through the waves as well. A large part of him wanted to just go over to the collage and go make up with his young lover but another smaller part of him wanted to go see Kakarot. He had to smack himself in anger at the thought of picking the bulky Saiyan over the slim demi-saiyan.

Everything that used to be right seemed wrong now and vice versa, to say the least the ouji didn’t have a clue about what was going on in his life at the moment. One minute he hated the other full blood and wanted to kill him, but the next moment he wanted nothing more then to be touched and taken by him. But no he loved Goten, and only Goten, right? To love that thick headed baka would be stupid to even mention, he could never feel that sort of thing for someone he wanted nothing to do with. He wanted that moron out of his life forever and to get on with his life, but he knew that he would miss him and not be able to live without him. But the same thing went for Goten, only he didn’t want him out of his life at all, he wanted nothing more than a deep relationship with his playful mate.

A growl of frustration ripped free from the enraged ouji’s throat at his own stupid questions. He was being stupid right now his youngest mate was in a great deal of sorrow and he was making no move to comfort him. Something in the back of his head nagged at him and told him that if he did go over to Goten he would be rejected, however if he went to Kakarot the reaction would be positive.

“Well of course Goten would reject me at first,” the man spoke aloud, “but when he does take me back I know we’ll be closer than ever and it will be great to feel him in my arms again and pleasure him.” The ouji couldn’t stop the purr that rumbled through his chest at the thought of his sweat-slicked mate, moaning his name beneath him as they moved either sensually or rough, both were amazing.

Then his mind switched back to earlier as he remembered also how great it had felt to be taken by the larger man. Torn between his dueling emotions the ouji decided to go to sleep so he would have time to clear his head and when he awoke next he would decide who he would go see first.

Goten stormed through his small room tossing several objects into a large partially empty cardboard box. They weren’t just any objects though, basically anything Vegeta had given to him or anything they remembered him of his older lover. He tossed in a pair of leather pants his lover had surprised him with one night, and it was a pretty extreme surprise, since the demi-saiyan had never worn leather before. But truth was he only did it for Vegeta and he would only wear them when Vegeta asked him to. The angry teen threw in a couple pictures he had managed to get framed of him and the ouji. The glint of light drew his attention downwards to the gleaming, shimmering band of gold on his ring finger. With the tug he pulled the circular piece of jewelry off his finger and began to roll it between his forefinger and thumb, studying it carefully.

The teen gave a frustrated growl and clenched it hard in his hand, the ripped the sheets from his bed. The pain he was feeling now was nothing he could even explain, it was too intense to even think straight. So Goten did the only thing he could think of, and that was to destroy anything in his path. After the sheets had been ripped off and throw furiously to the ground, the crazed demi-saiyan ripped the mattress off the new bed and flipped it so it was resting against the wall lopsided. His hand gripped the lamp on the table beside him and threw it with a howl, listening in satisfaction as it shattered on impact.

The young man dropped to the ground and pulled his legs up to his chest and sobbed loudly against his knees. He didn’t understand it. Vegeta had promised that he would never lie to him and now he finds his mate smelling like his father in the most intimate spots. He could even taste the bastard on his mate’s lips and tongue, and there is only one way you can get the taste of someone on place’s like those. But what upset him the most was that he had a dream about his father rather than himself.

The whole situation made him feel used and stupid forever believing that he could satisfy the mighty ouji. Maybe he was just something pretty to have and then toss away when he was finished with it. Shaking his head Goten’s cursed at his own horrible thoughts and hit himself in the head with his tight fist. The teen’s anger began to subside and he looked around his room, surveying the destruction he had caused. Crying softly Goten slipped the ring back onto his finger and grabbed a pillow of the bed, along with some blankets from the floor.

He buried his nose into the material and inhaled deeply, pulling the blankets up tighter around him as well. The smell of his mate was still strong and it made his senses go slightly over edge. Suddenly he had an over whelming feeling to be taken by his lover and just to have his strong hands caressing over his body. They could be together in bed right now if he hadn’t been so quick to react to the situation.

Rethinking everything he now realized that maybe he had been to quick to decide what to do. But it was clearly out of spite, he wanted his mate to feel all the pain and sorrow he was feeling at that time. Kicking him out seemed like the best idea at the time but now he would give anything to feel his lover’s arms wrap around him and have him whispering softly into his ear about how special he was to him.

Tears spilled onto the silky material covering the pillow as he wished silently for the warmth and comfort of his mate. Everything in his life just seemed to have boomed suddenly and he was so terrified that he was going to lose the ouji to his own father. It wasn’t fair he found the ouji first and his father just suddenly butted into his life and took over. Finally he had found love after being hurt by several other girlfriend’s and boyfriends.

Some how when he developed the crush on Vegeta he knew that it would be different and even though the older man pushed away his many offers the teen began to grow on him and he finally gave into his desires. Goten loved the older man with all of his heart and thought that they might move in together after he finished collage. Where their relationship would have gone was the least of his troubles now. Now he had to worry about even being loved by the ouji any more.

/Vegeta I love you so much/ he said softly in his head before the young teen cried himself to sleep.

Vegeta bit his lip in guilt as the message seeped into his mind through the bond. /Vegeta I love you so much/ His lover sounded like he was in so much pain and he finally decided that he was go to see Goten, although he didn’t quite know what he was going to say.

(Head slams down on desk as Goten promptly falls asleep)



Chapter 19



(Kiarene wonders where she can get hold of chocolate bars as well…)       


Vegeta came in through the window, keeping his ki damped for he was still not sure how to react. Though the lights were switched off, the light from the streetlamps outside was enough such that he could make out the curled form of his younger mate on the bed. The place was a mess. Carefully avoiding the stuff that littered the floor, he quietly made his way across the room.


He lay down on the bed and hesitantly wrapped his arms around the sleeping teen. Immediately, the demi-Saiyan turned and burrowed into his embrace, murmuring sadly in his sleep. Vegeta swallowed hard; he felt so guilty yet he was not sure what he had to do. As he brought his lips down to kiss the tear-streaked cheeks, the sleeping lad woke up. “’Geta?”




Goten was torn. Part of him wanted to just run back to his mate, but part of him was still deeply hurt. “How could you? How could you lie to me?”


“I didn’t lie to you…” Vegeta pleaded softly. “Last night after I fell asleep a second time, Kakarot found me again in that dream world. I did not leave this bed at all, I did not go to him willingly.”


“So Dad ..forced you?”


Vegeta flushed heavily. Tightening his arms around his tense mate, he hoped that Goten would hear him out. “That time, yes.”


“What do you mean that time?? You mean there were other occasions??” Goten’s voice rose in volume and cracked in anguish.


“Koi… Listen to me.” Vegeta raised his ki and held the thrashing teen until he finally went limp in exhaustion. “After I left last night, I went to look for Kakarot. I had wanted to settle the bond issue once and for all, and we fought.”


“That wasn’t all you did.” Goten stated flatly. His heart felt like it was breaking.


“I promised never to lie to you. Yes, that wasn’t all we did.”




“I..I’m not sure. I don’t love that psychotic moron like I love you, but somehow, when we were fighting… The bond flared up and we…” Vegeta mentally cursed himself as he was again rendered speechless for the second time that day. “It didn’t help that he had his tail back.”


“What does his tail have to do with anything?”


“A Saiyan’s tail is the source of many hormones.” His own tail came up to brush lightly against the startled lad’s arm, and then in a show of trust, rested limply between them. Goten reached for the soft furry tail, wonderment warning with jealousy. It was yet something else his mate shared with his father that he did not have. “When did you get your tail back?”


“I woke up with it this morning.” Vegeta stifled a moan as fingers began stroking his tail lightly.


“So why are you here then?” Goten’s tone was flat but Vegeta could tell he was deeply hurt.


“Because I love you.”


“How do I know that you aren’t going to just throw me away when you get tired of me? How do I know that you are telling the truth??” Vegeta winced as the teen’s baritone cracked again.


“Bonding is forever, and I chose to bond with you…” Vegeta brought his lips down to kiss his sobbing mate. Tears continued spilling down his cheeks but Goten parted his mouth hungrily. Kami, he missed his mate so much… 


The two rolled and kissed feverishly, hands clutching and caressing hot flesh desperately. The heady musky scents from the ouji’s tail inflamed their senses, bringing a new dimension into their lovemaking. Goten parted his legs and wrapped them around his older lover’s waist, but to his surprise, Vegeta pushed his legs away. Hurt, he was about to ask why when he suddenly felt a tight, wet heat descend around his own erection.


Vegeta hissed in pain as he lowered himself slowly. It was a decision he made on the spur of the moment for Goten. Ever since they had become lovers, he had always been the seme in their relationship.


“Koi..?” Goten gasped. The significance of the ouji’s action did not escape him and his eyes filled up with moisture again. Slowly, the lithe form on top began to move and all other thoughts fled his mind at the intense pleasure he felt. Groaning, he began buckling his own hips and his hands moved up to grip his mate’s lean waist. It wasn’t long before he felt his own orgasm approaching and came with a scream. “VEGETAAA!!”


Vegeta reached his own shuddering climax soon after and just before he collapsed in exhaustion, he leaned forward to bite his mate, re-marking him.


Vegeta blinked in irritation as he opened his eyes to find himself back in that accursed dreamscape. ‘Will I never be rid of this nightmare?”


“Vegeta?” The ouji whirled around at the puzzled voice. “Goten!”


“Vegeta… Are you real? Am I dreaming? Are you in my dream?” Goten reached up to touch his startled mate.


“Yes, I’m here with you.” Vegeta waved his hand at the pinkish coral sky and landscape dramatically. “This is actually Kakarot’s dream, and this is the place that has haunting my sleep ever since he bit me.”


Goten looked around him in wonder. “It does not look that scary.”


Vegeta snorted. “The landscape seem to have improved again since the last time I came. Before last night, the sky was blood red and the ground was hard and barren.” Now, more vegetation dotted the gently undulating terrain and the weather was almost balmy. Privately, Vegeta mused at the connection between condition of the dreamscape and the relationship he had with the other full-blooded Saiyan.


Vegeta looked at the clothing his mate wore, and then back down at himself. His cream tunic was slightly more elaborate this time; fine embroidery lined the hem and collar of his tunic. The tall lad was wearing a similar outfit to his, though his spandex suit was a lighter blue in color and his tunic was a rich brown. Turning around to scan the landscape again, he extended his senses.


Vegeta’s concentration was broken when a pair of slimly muscled arms wrapped loosely from behind him, and his taller mate rested his chin on the ouji’s shoulder. “Mmm… So what are we supposed to do here?”


“Hm… I’m not sure.” Vegeta turned around and playfully nipped the demi-Saiyan’s collarbone. “But I’m sure we can find some way to occupy ourselves…”


The two lovers fell to the sparsely grass-covered ground, laughing as they wrestled lightheartedly. Vegeta rolled on top and looked down at his mate with a small smile on his face as his hands deftly unknotted Goten’s brown sash. The prince dipped his head down, flicking his tongue sensually against eagerly parted lips, as his hands moved to roam under the loose tunic.


Suddenly, a loud roar of rage interrupted them. Snapping their heads to the side, they were shocked to see Goku standing a short distance away, his gold hair whipping wildly as his ki pulsed around him.


(Kiarene abruptly feels drained. Smirking tiredly, she idly tosses the baton over her shoulder.)



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