A Round Robin (1 - 5)

by Kiarene, Felix & Goten



Chapter 1



(Kiarene coughs self-consciously as she walks in.)


“Wake up, brat.”


Goten groaned and tried to turn over, but a sharp slap on his rump shoved him out of the arms of Morpheus. “’Geta!”


The older Saiyan chuckled at the wounded look on his lover’s face. “It’s already past 10 and you’ve got classes tomorrow morning.”


The demi-Saiyan sighed, and turned to look up at Vegeta. The ouji lying on his side, head propped up on one hand and gazing down affectionately, his expression unguarded and open. His lips were lifted in a rare, small smile and the harsh lines on his visage were smoothed out.


Goten gave a small purr as he drank in the vision of his handsome koi. It had been hard; winning the aloof prince over, convincing him that he wasn’t just having some silly teenage crush. The caustic barbs and hurtful rebuffs as the ouji tried to remain indifferent nearly discouraged him, but in the end, it had been all been worth it.


A hand came down to rub the reddened flesh in apology and the purr from the teen deepened as he snuggled against the other’s warm chest, his arms wrapping around the smaller figure. “Dun wanna leave you, koi…”


“I don’t want to go as well…” A lingering kiss. “But we’ve already stayed longer than we should have.”


“I wish we didn’t hafta to sneak around…”


“When you have graduated. It’s just a couple more months.” Vegeta promised. “Now go. I’ll see you this weekend.”


Goten pouted, then sighed again. He watched the lithe figure wriggle into his leather pants for a while before sitting up and reaching for his own jeans. The older Saiyan smoothed down his wrinkled crimson silk shirt and stepped quickly to the motel room’s window, gazing out for a while as he ran a hand through his upswept hair.


“Aishiteru, koi.” The taller male enveloped the other in a quick hug from behind, nuzzling and mussing up the just-combed locks.


“Me, too.” The prince gave another warm smile before placing a leg on the sill.


Goten watched until he could no longer see the blue glowing figure. Tugging on his T-shirt, he gave a last fond look at the dingy room before flying off in a different direction.


It was almost 11 when Goten reached his hostel room. Once again, he was grateful that he had finally managed to upgrade to a single – no more having to sneak around pesky roommates. Stumbling through the window with a small yawn, he reached out to turn on the light switch.


“Dad?!” Goten gaped at the figure on his couch.


“Gomen… I must have fallen asleep…” The orange-clad fighter snorted and blinked opened sleepy eyes as he sat up.


“What are you doing here?”


“Oh, I was bored so I just wanted to come by to see how you were doing.” Goku grinned. “So how’s university?”


“Fine…” Goten gave a nervous laugh.


They made small talk for a while, the father lounging on the couch, the son standing stiffly by the window.


“So why were you out so late? Hot date?” Goku stood up. “Do you have any food? I’m a little hungry…”


Oh yeah, *very* hot date… Goten flushed slightly and hoped his father did not notice. “Sorry dad, my larder’s cleaned out.”


“Ah, well. Never mind. I’ll just …” The older Son paused as he neared his son, sniffing. “You smell like…” His expression became thunderous. “Are you sleeping with him?”


Goten blanched as his father gripped his shoulders and shook him roughly. “I… I…”


“How could he? He’s more than twice your age!” The normally calm fighter ranted on angrily. Abruptly, he released his bruising grip on the teen and raised two fingers to his forehead.


“Wait, dad!” Goten called out desperately, but it was too late. “Oh no… Oh fuck…” The demi-Saiyan sank down to the floor moaning, clutching his hair. “I am in so deep shit…”


Vegeta was taking his time to fly back, enjoying the cool night air as it caressed his skin and ruffled his hair. Flipping on his back, he gazed up at the starry sky, a smile gracing his face as he thought about his young lover.


Suddenly, a familiar ki materialized beside him. Before the startled ouji could react, an iron fist clipped him across his jaw and sent him sprawling into the ground below.


(Kiarene casts down the gauntlet...)



Chapter 2



(End Kiarene, Begin Felix)


Incredulous, Vegeta raised his head to look at his attacker. "Kakarot! What the hell!?" he shouted, getting up and dusting himself off, "What is the meaning of this!?"


Growling, Goku stilled himself, trying his best to contain his anger even though all he wanted to do at that moment was to beat the prince into a bloody pulp.


"You're sleeping with my son!" the younger male said, cracking his teeth loudly.


Vegeta inwardly was surprised that the lame-brain idiot had found out. The prince and Goten had been lovers for months now, and everyone had been completely oblivious. So why or how did he find out so suddenly? "Hai, he is in love with me," Vegeta admitted, folding his arms, "What of it? It is my right."


Goku couldn't believe his ears. The two had nothing in common other than the fact of having Saiyan heritage! He had not exaggerated when speaking with Goten about the brunette being twice his age. Vegeta was older than Goku by five years, which he thought was significant enough, but not nearly as much as thirty-five!


Regardless, Vegeta was claiming that this was his birth-right? To do whatever he wished? Goku was livid.


"Your right!? To take advantage of him!? He is young, he doesn't know the meaning of love!"


"Oh, and you do, I presume?"


Goku faltered momentarily, thinking of his wife. If he had to be honest with himself, he did feel like he had married too young, but even though he was content with Chi Chi.


Vegeta smirked at his indecision, "Just as I thought. A hypocrite who marries just as he enters puberty."


"At least I don't go around screwing the first person that waves their ass at me!" Goku countered – ignoring the fact that he was referring to his offspring. His temper, as well as his ki, flared, "I have more decency than that!"


"Your son loves me, Kakarot. You might find this a difficult thing to accept, but it is true."


"How!? What do you have in common!?"


Vegeta was silent as his eyes narrowed. Goku stiffened at the obvious examination, wondering briefly what the ouji was thinking.


"Why Kakarot.." Vegeta smirked at him condescendingly, "Are you jealous?"


Jealous?! How could he suggest such a preposterous notion!? What was there to be jealous of?? He was protecting his son, that was all! Of course, the said son would have to get a very long lecture and substantial punishment at a later date, but that was not the point. Goku snorted, his face contorting, "Don't flatter yourself, Vegeta. I am looking out for my obviously mislead son. I want you to stay away from him. Do you hear me?" He turned to go.


"Or what, Kakarot?" Vegeta nearly laughed.


Goku stopped dead in his tracks and very slowly performed an about-face. He marched up to the prince, grabbed him by his shirt, and pulled him up so they were face to face. Snarling, the black-haired Saiyan hissed, "Or I will make you." He blasted off leaving a very startled Vegeta.


'He's serious,' Vegeta thought to himself, 'He really intends to keep us away from one another.'


Goku arrived back at Goten's place a few moments later to find the hybrid sitting on the floor crying. Powering down, he approached his son, saying his name, "Goten..."


Goten lifted his face and immediately ran to him, "What'd you do to him!? What'd you do!?" Goku placed his hands on the shoulders he had bruised earlier, emitting a gruff snort of disdain, "Your lover is not harmed, but if either of you attempt to see one another again, he will be." Goten shook his head frantically, not believing his ears, "No! You can't do that! I love him, dad! I love him and you can't keep us apart!" The demi-Saiyan was now frantically trying to get out of the grip his father had him in. "Let me go!!" Goten screamed, squirming in every which way.


"Goten, I want you to listen to me."


The young man went limp and spoke softly, "Please let me go."


Goku's grip intensified, sensing Goten's intentions, "No, we must talk now."


He let go and nearly pushed Goten down onto the nearby couch. Goten grabbed a pillow and hugged it, trying to hold back tears.


Goku sat next to him and gave a sigh. "I just want what's best for you," Goku began.


"You just want me to be miserable!" Goten interjected, refusing to meet eye contact with his parent.


Goku sighed again, obviously agitated, "No, Goten. I do want you to be happy, but sometimes you need what is best for you."




"Okay. How's this? You have a friend - say Trunks - who does drugs because it makes him feel great. Would you let him do them because they make him happy, or would you try to help him even though he resists because it is the best thing for him?"


"I'd let him do them."


"Goten! Now you're just saying that! Stop being so immature!"


"There is nothing wrong with my relationship with Vegeta!"


Goku felt his previous rage returning and he clenched his fists. "Goten. You are too young for him," his father began to explain, "and everything might be fine now. But what happens when you start living together? Goten, I'm not..doubting your love for Vegeta, but what I am saying is this.. People are not what they appear to be. The Vegeta you interact with and love may be different from the Vegeta I know and see."


"Well no shit! Everyone sees someone in a different light! I can't help it if you're too stupid to see it my way!"


They sat in silence for a minute before Goku picked up again, "Whether you like it or not, Goten, there are things that Vegeta's hiding from you."


"We don't hide things from one another!" Goten retaliated, "He promised to never lie to me!"


"Alright," Goku said, having been prepared for that type of response, "Then where does he come from? What did he do before he came to Earth? How did he meet Bulma?"


"What does Bulma have to do with this!?" Goten suddenly became defensive.


"You know how sensitive Vegeta is about that subject, don't you? Afraid that you haven't taken her place, yet? Afraid that he still admires her more than you, even though she's dead?"


"Shut up, dad! That's not funny!"


"Is it, now? Is that because it's true?"


Goten got up and threw his pillow in Goku's direction, "I don't need this bullshit right now!"


"You always ran from a challenge. I don't see why Vegeta likes you. He hates cowardice."


In a burst of gold light the young man was on top of Goku, throwing a flurry of punches. The first few made it past Goku's defenses and landed successfully, but then the elder snapped out of his daze. After transforming into a Super Saiyan, he easily stopped the assault.


Breathing hard and with his teeth clenched, Goten hissed out, "Maybe he likes someone who actually acts Saiyan." He got up and headed for the door.


"Yeah! Well, why don't you just ask him who Freeza is then!?" Goku yelled out, and it was the last thing the teen heard before he slammed the door shut. Promptly afterward, Goku's stomach gave a growl and he stormed into the kitchen. Opening the fridge he found a heaping dose of Chinese leftovers. "No food, huh? I don't blame you for saying that," the black-haired man thought out loud as he pulled out all the Styrofoam containers, "I'd say that too, if I wanted to get me out." As he sat down to eat, he thought to himself, 'Act Saiyan? How is Goten more Saiyan than me?' He pushed the thought out of his head as he began to eat.


Meanwhile, Goten had found himself unable to function properly. There was too much on his mind for him to concentrate on anything but what had occurred in the last few hours. He was worried about Vegeta, but regretfully, he was more worried about what his father had said. Some of the words had struck a nerve. 'Then where does he come from? What did he do before he came to Earth?' the two haunting sentences came back to him over and over again.


His whole life he had thought that Vegeta had grown up on Earth, just like everyone else around him. He was aware that Vegeta was the Prince of Saiyans, but he had assumed that the Saiyans were a race from Earth. No one had told him otherwise. 'Vegeta isn't from Earth? But how's that possible?' Goten wondered. He ran his hands through his hair, completely frustrated. Was Vegeta hiding things from him? There was only one way to find out, and setting his determination in stone, he sought out his lover.


(Felix backs down after she thinks she's done enough damage...)



Chapter 3



Goten didn’t have to fly for long for he had found Vegeta very quickly. He was sitting down at the lake with he feet dipped into the cool liquid, obviously deep in thought by the expression on his face. The teen strode confidently over to his older lover and dropped down to his butt beside him, fully turned to him as well. Vegeta turned his head and gave him a small smirk before playfully kicking a little water over the others body. Goten smiled for a minute and gave Vegeta a slightly forceful push on his shoulder. “Won’t daddy get mad knowing that you’re here with me?”


            “I don’t care if he’s mad at me, but I don’t want him hurting you. You know how he is when he’s mad and I don’t want you getting yourself killed for me.”


            “Don’t worry he won’t kill me, it’s not his style.” Vegeta leaned down to give

Goten a sweet deep kiss, but when he pulled back he frowned slightly at the look that was across Goten’s handsome face. “Something else is wrong,” he stated bluntly, expecting a full explanation.


            “I had a fight with my dad and he said some things. Like I didn’t know the real you and that you’ve been lying to me about some things, is that true?” he asked timidly, lowering his head and praying that it wasn’t.


            “Lying to you? About what kinds of things? I have never lied to you before

Goten,” Vegeta shot back defensively, locking his eyes onto his younger lover’s.


            “Can I ask you something then?” Goten asked hesitantly, but felt better when

Vegeta nodded in agreement. “Where are you from? I guess I just assumed that you were from here and I never thought to ask before… but you’re not from earth, are you?”


            Vegeta shook his head and looked down at the ground for a brief moment. “No I was not born on earth, I only came to live here in my later years. I used to live on the planet Vegeta, but when I was very young, only a child really, I was taken away and it was blown up. I was forced to live out most of my life on a ship.”


            “I’m sorry I never knew about your planet, that’s horrible,” Goten hugged

Vegeta and tightly and Vegeta patted his back.


            “It’s fine, I have moved on from that for a long time now, it’s just a distant memory now,” he reassured Goten.


            “But on that ship, what did you do? Did you work at all?” Goten was curious about Vegeta’s past now, and since he was being so open at the moment he thought he might as well dig as deep as he could, before Vegeta closed up the doors to his past forever.


            “Work? Well you could say that I guess. My work was something that is different from the working you do here on earth. I was sent on missions to go to planets and wipe out any life I found there, so it could be sold to the highest buyer, or just completely blow up the planet.” Vegeta watched Goten stiffen at his words and his eyes fill with horror as his jaw dropped open with disbelief.


            “I…I don’t believe it, you killed all those people for no reason?”


            “It was my job,” Vegeta reminded him.


            “But…why didn’t you ever tell me this? What else are you hiding from me Vegeta?

Tell me everything!” Goten begged him. “What else aren’t you telling me?” He cried out. Vegeta gripped his shoulder’s to keep him under control but was shocked when he jerked away.


            “What’s wrong?” he questioned.


            “Nothing…just answered my question,” he said in a soft defeated voice, looking down to the ground.


            “There is nothing else to know, just leave it alone you know all you need to know,” Vegeta said tilting his head up to look at him. “I promise you that.”

Once again he gave Goten that soft rare smile and Goten began to relax until his father’s words came to him again.


            “My dad… he said something before I left and I was wondering, who’s Freeza? A brother or relative of yours?”


            “He’s no one, forget it and never mention him again.”


            Goten pulled away from Vegeta and shook his head. “No Vegeta tell me who he is,

I want to know!”


            “I said forget it!”


            “Why?! You promised me no more lying, you promised!” Goten cried out, slamming his fists hard against Vegeta’s chest.


            “It doesn’t matter who he is, he’s dead and he’s not coming back so why don’t you just leave it alone! And I NEVER lied to you, I never WILL lie to you! I promised you that and I would never break my promise to you.”


            Goten fell into Vegeta’s arms and the older man wrapped him tightly into a fierce embrace instantly. “I love you Vegeta,” he said softly before twisting his head around and pressing their lips together.


            “GOTEN!” boomed a loud voice from in front of the kissing couple, promptly making the two jump in surprise, as the silence was shattered. They both turned to look ahead and saw a brightly flashing Super Saiyan, with a horribly angry face, and teeth bared towards them.


            “Dad wait…” Goten begged but with a roar of rage Goku lounged towards them.


            ( Goten throws down towel for next person to pick up)



Chapter 4


(Kiarene whips out her keyboard.)


The enraged Super Saiyan pulled Vegeta away and followed through with a brutal punch that sent the unprepared fighter crashing into the lake. However, the warrior prince recovered quickly and leapt out of the lake, spinning in a neat somersault and landing on the far bank.


Faster than Goten’s eye could follow, his father was already on the other side of the lake. This time, Vegeta was powered up and met the tall Saiyan’s fist with a block. Goten could only watch helplessly as his father and his lover exchanged a volley of fast blows; their speed was such that he could only see the blurring afterimages of their lashing limbs.


“I thought I told you to stay away from my son!” Goku caught the ouji’s leg as it swung towards his neck in a roundhouse.


Snarling, Vegeta straightened his body, twisting such that his other leg came up to clip the other Saiyan’s jaw. “Nobody tell me what to do! Least of all a third class like you!” He landed nimbly in a crouch, his leg already out in a low sweep.


Goku was caught by the sweep, but recovered immediately and rolled away. “Yet you are sleeping with this third class’s son…” He sneered and materialized just beside the royal, catching the other off-guard with a flurry of impossibly fast punches to the stomach. “And this third class can still beat you any day!” He punctuated the last sentence with an emphatic kick to the ouji’s midsection that sent the slight figure flying into a grove of trees.


The Earth-raised Saiyan was incensed; somehow, the sight of the kissing couple turned his vision red. To him, it just seemed …wrong. His eyes narrowed in anger, Goku was prepared to spring towards the fallen fighter when a sudden blast caught him in his side.


“Goten?!” Goku gaped at his furious son in hurt and betrayal as he picked himself up. His gi top was badly singed, almost falling off.


“Stop it! Stop hurting him!” The demi-Saiyan had ascended as well, tears of rage running down his face. “Vegeta has done nothing wrong! It was me who ran to him! It was me who wanted this relationship in the first place! Stop blaming him!”


“Bullshit. He’s more than twice your age, he should know better!” Goku growled. “He’s a bloody pedophile!”


“I’m 21! I’m not a kid anymore!” Goten held his interlaced glowing hands out in front of his chest. “Stop dictating my life!” He screamed, releasing his frustration in a tremendous ki blast at his father.


Goku yelped as he narrowly avoided the blast. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Vegeta pulling himself free from the wreckage of broken branches and tangled foliage. Quickly, he made up his mind. He needed to take this fight somewhere else… somewhere far. His distraught son would only be in the way. Appearing beside Vegeta, he clapped a hand on the startled ouji’s arm and transmitted out.


Vegeta cursed blisteringly as his arms were wrenched to his back in a lock. “Unhand me, asshole!!”


“Not until you agree not to see Goten anymore.” Goku hissed into the prince’s ear.


“Fuck you! Who do you think you are? Do you think I would just agree to that? I will NOT be ordered around again!” The wildly struggling figure swung his booted heel down hard on his captor’s shin.


Goku abruptly released the smaller Saiyan with a sharp cry of pain and clutched his lower leg. “AAAAH!”


Vegeta whipped around into a defensive crouch. His expensive silk shirt was ruined and he ripped off the shredded material with a low growl. His tight, and now wet, leather pants clung to him uncomfortably. “Why do you care? Goten is of age to decide for himself, and he has decided that he wants me, so butt out!”


“I’m his father, of course I care for him.”


“Some father.” Vegeta spat scornfully. “You disappear for the first decade of that boy’s life, and then you waltz back into his life, expecting him to welcome you with open arms, just like the rest of your groupies.”


“I’m sorry I missed out most of his childhood, but I’m here now.” Goku felt a pang of guilt. Vegeta’s harsh words struck at him deeply.


“And you think he will listen to you? You think just being his biological father gives you the right to decide what’s best for him?” The prince sneered. “You don’t even know your own son.”


“What I do know is that he’s making a mistake!” Goku yelled. “You don’t love him.”


“How do you know?” Vegeta shot back.


“Well? Do you?”


Vegeta crossed his arms defensively and looked away. After a moment’s silence, he spoke softly. “Truthfully… I am not sure. I do know that Goten makes me happy..very happy. And I do care for him… But is it love? I am not sure. I..I’m not sure I know what love is exactly, but what I feel for him… It could be that weak emotion Ningens have always raved about.” His tone hardened. ”I’ve been denied happiness…my birthright…what I deserve all my life. No more.”


“That’s not good enough. He doesn’t know anything about you, about your past.” Goku pressed on stubbornly.


“What does my past have anything to do with my relationship with Goten?”




“Nothing.” Vegeta snarled. “I am not what I was before I came to Earth.”


“You can’t run away from your past.”


“It does not mean anything now. I am who I am now. I do not wish to dredge up that part of my life again.” The prince gave a cold, bitter laugh. “Even you… You do not really know what transpired in my past. You do not know what I’ve been through. My history is my own business and no other’s.” His eyes darkened as unwanted memories came back.


Goku shivered slightly at the sheer pain and anger that flashed briefly in the other Saiyan’s expression before an emotionless, cold mask dropped. A tense silence stretched between them.


“So you will not tell Goten…”


“Enough, Kakarot!” Vegeta barked furiously. “You really are a brain-damaged fool! I have made myself clear on this subject; I will speak no more of it. I am not answerable to you!” His eyes narrowed shrewdly. “Yet you still persist in pursuing this line of questioning doggedly. Why?”


Goku stiffened. “Because I do not want my son in a relationship he knows nothing about. Nobody really knows you. Not even Bulma.”


“Do not speak of things you know nothing about.” Vegeta’s expression became icy.


“Bulma’s my best friend…”


“And she was my mate.”


“But not Goten.” The normally obtuse fighter pointed out sharply.


“Not Goten.” Vegeta closed his eyes briefly in pain. “Bulma was… special.”


Goku felt a pang of envy at the blue-haired woman who had somehow managed to win the heart of the cold, enigmatic being that was the Saiyan no Ouji. He may have lived among Ningens and the Z sensei for the past three decades, but few were allowed to see the real Vegeta. The Earth- raised Saiyan suddenly wished he could have known his prince. He wanted to know more about Saiyan culture and customs; Goten’s barb had struck home, and more than that, he wanted to know more about the only other full-blooded Saiyan who was also his sovereign.


“Never speak of her again.” Vegeta rasped harshly, his eyes looking suspiciously shiny.


Goku nodded. The relationship between the fiery Saiyan no Ouji and the temperamental genius was tempestuous, but it was true. Something he had always envied when he thought about his own happy, placid yet somehow fake marriage. “Yet, the fact remains. You are more than twice Goten’s age.”


“So?” Vegeta advanced on the other Saiyan, who suddenly became nervous. “Let me ask you something. Why are you so against this relationship?”




The ouji was now standing right in front of him, one more step and they would be touching. Goku was suddenly extremely aware of their close proximity; he could almost feel the heat from the slight figure. He was also abruptly aware of Vegeta’s state of …undress. The lithe, sexy royal was clad only in a pair of hugging leather pants.


“Methinks thou doth protest too much.” The erudite prince smirked.


(Kiarene grins wickedly and blows off her smoking keyboard. Tucking it under her arm, she saunters away, whistling.)



Chapter 5



(Felix pounces on the fresh meat...)                                                                        


A roar erupted from Goku's throat and he leapt backward, realizing that the slight man was teasing him. He realized now that what he'd been feeling since gaining knowledge of the relationship was rejection. Goku had strived for years to gain Vegeta's acceptance, and this was a blow to his pride, and self-esteem. He noticed also that he'd felt that the whole ordeal was wrong for a number of reasons. The age difference was simply scratching the surface, but what he felt was more disturbing was Goten's lack of fighting skills. He was a Super Saiyan, true, but he was still weaker than the rest of them. Yet Goten was more Saiyan than he? How so?


"This relationship," Goku spat out suddenly, taking the ouji by surprise from the coldness in his voice, "is an insult to me." Calming slightly, he grit his teeth, "But who am I to say no? Right? That's what you wanted to hear, isn't it?"


Vegeta opened his mouth to speak, but Goku cut him off, "Well, how do you think I would react to finding out about your relationship? You two would've told us some day, or I would have found out eventually." Slowly he brought his gaze up to stare into Vegeta's eyes, "I hope you're happy. I hope you keep your stupid little opinions about me. Just keep thinking I'm this fucking brain-dead moron that you can walk on. Just keep thinking that the only thing I'm good for is fighting off enemies for you. Just keep thinking I'm nothing. I hope the little brat makes you happy, because I think, somewhere, Bulma's just shaking her head."


He began to leave when a fist cracked across his jaw, sending him to the ground. "Don't you bring her into this!" the prince demanded, before quieting slightly, "You think you know me, Kakarot!? You are wrong! Why don't you stay out of my life? It always tends to improve when you're not around!"


Goku felt angry, and that was an understatement. He had never felt his enraged in his entire life. Vegeta was completely ignoring the fact that he was baring himself to him. Rejected. Again. Goku had felt this coming. He bottled everything up inside of him, and now..now it was going to come gushing out.


In an instant his ki erupted to monumental proportions, his hair spilling down his back in a golden cascade. The ouji was pinned to the ground in a matter of less than seconds. Vegeta powered up as well and struggled to escape the painful grasp he was in, as he felt that his life was threatened. Goku opened his mouth but all that emitted from him was a low, dangerous growl. The prince tried in vain to push the other man off, but the hands which held his biceps merely clung tighter.


"Kakarot! Let me up this instant!" Vegeta shouted, wincing slightly from the pain. A rolling snarl was his response and the hold intensified. With a small roar the younger man leaned over and nipped at the exposed chest. The brunette's blood ran cold, truly believing that the third class had lost his mind. "Stop it!!" he screamed, writhing and thrashing frantically in panic. The fingers broke the skin and began to wiggle their way through the muscle towards the bone. The mouth moved up, the teeth lightly scraping along his throat.


'I will show you Saiyan, Vegeta!' the message boomed through the ouji's skull.


Sharp teeth sunk into the thick, corded neck. Blood filled his mouth, a sweet, metallic flavor that made him want to purr. He ignored the attempts of resistance below him and bit again, this time not stopping till teeth met teeth, and then he reared back, tearing the flesh off. Vegeta cried out in pain, wondering if this was truly the end. Death by Kakarot's doing - his throat being ripped out. But another bite did not come, and the fingers retracted from his arms. He grunted slightly at the painful withdrawal, looking up at Goku in confusion.


The younger man turned his head and spat, and Vegeta watched a chunk of his skin go flying off a few yards. Bloody fingertips rose and Goku licked one clean, seemingly contemplating the situation. Roughly, he grabbed Vegeta by the hair and pulled his head up. Leaning over the black-haired Saiyan whispered into his ear, "I know more than you think." After a moment's pause he concluded, "I am not what you think I am." The prince felt bloodied fingertips prying his mouth open. He was about to rear back until he felt a dry and slightly salty bump in between the fingers. "I'm sorry," Goku murmured softly, relaxing his grip on the brown strands of hair.


He pulled back and dropped out of Super Saiyan form, leaving a senzu bean behind in Vegeta's mouth.


"Yeah..I'm just never good enough," Goku said with a weak smile before fazing out.


(Felix spins around in her chair, enjoying her sadistic tendacies...)



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