A Round Robin (30 - 31)

by Kiarene, Felix & Goten



Chapter 30



(Goten grumbles and sighs… not completely wanting to write… but reluctantly gives in)


            Vegeta gave a heavy sigh and leaned against his larger mate, still worriedly watching his youngest mate. Soft lips began to play lightly over a smooth corded neck and the older man couldn’t help the moan that escaped his slightly parted lips. The smaller figure sunk back against the heat of the other man and sighed contently, his eyes slipping shut for a brief moment. Large hands roamed playfully over sculpted muscles, watching in satisfaction as the lithe form wriggled in pleasure.


            “Kakarot…” the ouji begged breathlessly, as the younger Saiyan moved to lay him on his back.


            “’Geta…” he purred back, eyeing the smaller man hungrily, before leaning down and capturing his lips. Soft lips pressed tightly together and parted hungrily as heated tongues moved forward to lick and twist around the others. Wanting moans escaped the two forms as clothes began to become a distant memory, as naked skin pressed tightly together. Hips ground together in delicious friction, and the ouji spread his legs in anticipation, wrapping them tightly around the larger form’s torso.


            The younger Saiyan jerked his hips forward and entered the smaller form beneath him in one fluid motion. A throaty growl left the older man as his head threw back and his back arched off the ground, bringing the other deeper inside of him. Tails lashed wildly as deep, powerful thrusts left the two breathless and begging for more. The furry appendages looped around each other and began to ruffle soft fur, ripping pleasured cries from the lustful Saiyan’s, until lips locked and any further sound was swallowed.


            Muscled arms moved up to wrap around a strong chest, fingers digging tightly into flushed skin as the rhythm of their hips quickened. With one last growl of passion and deep thrust both men released in unison with a hoarse cry.


            Vegeta watched with hooded eyes as Goku rolled him and rested on his back, panting heavily. The ouji managed to get his breathing under control once again he pushed himself up to rest on his elbows and looked to his side. Goku looked over at his older lover and gave a small smile before leaning up and brushing his fingertips over the flushed cheek. Vegeta eyes slipped shut as Goku hand reached around to cup the back of his head and draw him toward his own face. Their lips connected for one last tender kiss until a stifled groan echoed through the hallow cave.


            Both men pulled away and looked over to their side to see the young demi-Saiyan beginning to stir. Vegeta quickly pulled away and hurriedly pulled his clothes back on before moving next to his youngest mate’s side. His eyes slowly opened and he looked around in confusion until he saw his mate hovering above him. “Vegeta?” he rasped out softly, pain flashing slightly in his dark shimmering eyes.


            “Yeah, it’s me. How are you feeling?” he asked, running a hand over his forehead to wipe away the light sheen of sweat. Goku watched the two for a minute before moving to pull his own clothing back on and shuffling over towards the other Saiyan’s.


            The young hybrid shifted his body on the hard stone ground and howled loudly in pain. Vegeta’s eyes widened and he held down the flailing demi-Saiyan as he arched and twisted trying to escape the agony he was feeling. “Goten! You have to calm down, just relax and I promise the pain won’t be as bad!”


            Goten forced his body to go limp and noticed that the pain was less intense and was now only a dull throb through out his entire body. His breathing had become shallow and labored for a long period of time, but as Vegeta soothed him he began to get it under better control. He lay there with Vegeta running a strong hand over his cheek and through his hair, relaxing him further.


            Goku hesitantly went to Goten’s other side and kneeled down beside his son, biting his lower lip. “Goten?” he called out softly.


            The young man’s eyes fluttered open at the sound of a voice that wasn’t his mate’s and he turned his head to look at the invader. When he spotted his father he growled low but choked slightly and sent his body into a fit of convulsing coughs. Vegeta managed to calm the boy down and got his body under control once again. “Take it easy, koi…” he purred out, leaning down to place a kiss on his forehead.


            Goten sighed and relaxed again and Vegeta looked up to see the hurt look in his other love’s eyes. “He hates me Vegeta…”


            “No he doesn’t Kakarot, just give him time. He tired and upset, I know he doesn’t hate you. I can’t feel anything even close to hate from him towards you. He’s just confused and frustrated.” Vegeta smirked at the other man and gave him a seductive wink, before looking back down.


            Goku gave a small smile and looked back to his son who had his eyes closed once again. His body didn’t have much energy left and he knew that if something weren’t done then his body would completely shut itself down. “’Geta we need to get a senzu bean for him and soon I may not have a bond with him but I can feel him slipping away.”


            Vegeta nodded slowly. “You think I don’t know that Kakarot? The bond is getting weaker and his power level is very low but there isn’t anything more I can do at this moment. You’re right he need a bean… but I can’t wake up,” he growled slamming his fist into the ground, causing it to crack and crumble under the force.


            “Should we try it again? I mean to wake up… who knows maybe we can get it this time,” Goku suggested with a shrug. The ouji stood up with a smirk and the taller man followed him, until they stood face to face to one another.


            “Hit me Kakarot,” Vegeta ordered, folding his arms snugly over his chest.


            Once again the younger Saiyan gave a shrug, pulled back a fist and swung it quickly forward. Vegeat went flying across the cave and crashed into the wall, his form indenting into the rock and leaving a deep print. The ouji growled and flew at the younger Saiyan, tackling him down to the ground. Fists swung hard and connected hard with the other’s flesh, but still nothing happened. When the two finally gave up and collapsed, beside each other, they hadn’t accomplished anything but giving themselves a few dark bruises.


            “This isn’t working…” Goku admitted with a sigh.


            “Thank you for stating the obviously Kakarot now can we please just think of a different way to-”


            “V… Vegeta…”


            The Saiyan’s snapped their heads over to look at the rasping demi-Saiyan who lay gasping for air on the ground. “What’s wrong?” Goku cried out rushing to his son’s side, acting like the frightened parent that he was.


            “Pain… hurts… make it stop…” he whimpered lightly.


            “What hurts Goten?” Vegeta questioned, furrowing his brows.


            Goten clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth together hard before releasing a cry of agony. His fingers dug hard into the ground and made the rock crush into small pieces in his fists. Vegeta straddled his young man’s hips and took his face in between his hands, forcing him to look into his eyes. “Goten you ‘have’ to calm down, or we can’t make it better.”


            “What the?” Goku questioned himself.


            The full-blooded Saiyan’s watched in horror as the demi-Saiyan gave one last scream before he faded away from their vision. “Kakarot! He woke up!” the ouji cried out in panic.


(Goten smirks and leaves the next person to decide what to do….)



Chapter 31



(Felix goes ahead and picks it up, muttering incoherently to herself...)


Goku fretted instantly, "What are we going to do!? What are we going to do!?"


Vegeta grabbed him and roughly shook him before holding him in place, "Kakarot, calm down! We both need to calm down! If we don't think with clear heads, we won't be able to get through this!"


Goku breathed deeply, forcing the panic out of his system even though deep threads of anxiety ran through him still. "Vegeta, it has to be this place.." the larger Saiyan suddenly became very quiet and withdrawn. The ouji raised an eyebrow at the sudden solemnness.


"What are you thinking?" Vegeta demanded to know, feeling something vaguely off about his full-blooded mate.


Goku collapsed with a heavy sigh, "This is my fault. This is my dream world, right?"


"But you said that this wasn't completely your doing!"


"Hai..._completely_. What if...what if what happened to Goten is something I-"


"IIE! I will hear none of it! He is your son, you wouldn't intentionally hurt him and you would never want to hurt him."


Goku whispered, "But what if I subconsciously want him out of the picture?"


Vegeta's face hardened, "You know that I could never forgive you." He knelt and placed a hand on Goku's shoulder, "Stop blaming yourself, that isn't going to get us anywhere."




"What? What is it? What's wrong?"


"I don't feel so good..."


The prince felt his gut twist around in partial fear, the hairs on the back of his neck splitting and spiking more so than usual - his version of having the strands stand on end because they were already doing so. He didn't have much time to ponder Goku's abrupt alteration because only a few seconds later a large boulder crashed next to them. "The place is coming down!" Vegeta observed in shock, turning to go, but spinning around once he realized that Goku wasn't following him. "Baka!" he shouted, sprinting back and slinging the larger man over his shoulder, making a mad dash towards the exit.


He ran outside to find himself indoors. He screeched to a halt and spun around to see himself in the bowels of what appeared to be a space craft. He growled and headed for the closest door, trying to find a place to put down his mate so he could find out what was the matter. The door had no knob so he walked towards it, but it was not an automatic door so he stepped back to examine the walls next to the frame. There was nothing, everything was barren and dark. With a snarl he launched himself at the door, barely denting it. He roared and powered up to Super Saiyan, extending is arm and blasting the door. It nearly gave way so he kicked the thing down. Once the smoke cleared he peered inside the dark room to be confronted with...another door. He stood back, looking quite confused when he noticed that the door he'd knocked down was gone, and that if he really did think about it...it has disappeared roughly around the time he stopped thinking about it and got sidetracked with what was more important with the contents of the room.


His breath caught in his throat. A terrible feeling grew within him, and the certainty of the place's distinct...evil came into place.


Kakarot was gone.


He had become so engrossed with breaking through the door that he had forgotten about the other Saiyan. He had forgotten, and now the other was gone.


"Kakarot?" he whispered. No response came from any direction. "Kakarot?" he called out again, louder in his shaky voice. Is this what the other Saiyan dreamt of all the time? If so, he would be insane as well...


"NO!" Vegeta screamed, shaking his head furiously, "I will not give in so easily!" He closed his eyes, ignored the cool air, ignored the dark, ignored everything. Instead he focused onto his mates, the bond that they shared. He remembered how when Goten was young he always reminded him of Kakarot, but how when he grew, he filled out and became someone completely unique. Someone he would grow to love..? Yes, he loved the demi-Saiyan, and perhaps, yes, he loved the lug of a baka, Kakarot too.


He thought of the secret romps with Goten, and the his first time with Kakarot. He thought of how all he wanted was to love them with his undivided attention, and to be loved back.


He jolted for no reason and opened his eyes. He was in Goten's room at school, but neither of the Son males were around him. He scrambled up and threw on a pair of pants, seeking either of them out through their bond. He could sense them alive, but their life forces were dwindling, their ki undetectable. He hissed, trying his best to keep himself under control, but the mere notion of losing both mates kept him on edge. Since he couldn't track down either of them by himself he decided to get some help.


He sped with Super Saiyan speed through the skies, reaching his destination within minutes. He landed on the tile and raced towards two figures who stood a little bit off to the side. They turned to him and looked at him expectantly and when he stopped before them his voice showed his concern, "I need your help."


"What is it?" asked the smaller of the two.


"Dende..Piccolo.." Vegeta addressed them, "We must find Kakarot and Goten now. Their lives depend on it!"


"What!" shouted the elder Namek, "What's happened!?"


"I don't know!" the frustrated ouji cried out, clenching his hands, "I can't let them die! I can't! I'm Vegeta no Ouji, and I will ensure that they won't die!"


Dende peered over the side of the lookout, "It's odd..it's like their kis are..blurred or fuzzy, hard to pin point."


"Do you have a general area?"


"Hai," Dende said rather flatly, "They're on Earth."


Vegeta threaded his fingers into his hair and sat down indian style, elbows resting on his knees as he tugged on his dark brown strands. He groaned lowly, as if in agony, "Goten....Kakarot...."


"What makes you care about them so suddenly?" Piccolo asked innocently, out of curiosity.


Vegeta exploded at him, unable to control his emotions which fluctuated every couple seconds or so, "BAKAYARO! THEY ARE MY MATES!" He instantly realized what he said and looked down at the ground, fuming at himself.


"Your..mates?" the Namek asked softly, not a shred of disgust in his voice.


"Hai," Vegeta admitted, "Saiyans mate by biting at the neck and drinking of their chosen mate's blood. The one who bites first is dominant."


"You bit both of them??" Piccolo responded in confusion.


Vegeta flushed crimson and gritted out, "Noooo.... Kakarot bit me first. I then bit Goten."


"But why?"


"AH! KISAMA! Because! I love Goten and Kakarot obviously had a thing for me! Why do you have to be so fucking brain-dead! For fuck's sake! We should be looking for them, not talking about how our relationships came to be!"


"Would you two be quiet!? I think..I think I'm on to something..."


Vegeta leapt up and stood by Dende to search the planet below. "They seems that one is..somewhere there, and the other..there," the brunette pointed to the general areas.


"Yes, I've been able to assess that too. I can get a better reading for Goku though, because he's the stronger of the two. Let's go! If he's hurt, I can heal him!"


Vegeta was right about to leap off with joy, when he took a step back and shook his head.


"What? What're you doing, Vegeta?" Dende questioned, not understanding his actions.


"If I help one before the other, then they will know that subconsciously through the bond."


Piccolo cut in, "Like choosing favorites, the second will be hurt."


Vegeta nodded, finishing the thought, "And therefore, their condition can worsen."


Piccolo thought for a moment before approaching the ledge, "Alright, that's fine. You stay here, Vegeta. Dende will get Goten, and I will get Goku. Then we'll bring both of them up to you and Dende will heal them, that way there isn't any conflict. Okay?"


Vegeta nodded and watched as the two Nameks leapt off the lookout and blasted off toward his mates. The seconds felt like minutes, the minutes hours, and so on. He first tried to calm himself, but then resorted to attempts to give his mates reassuring feelings. It was all he could do until he saw them again. If he ever saw them again...


He shivered and rubbed his arms to try to warm himself up, directing his concentration back to Goten and Kakarot. He missed them terribly, and knew he wouldn't be able to stand it if either of them was terribly hurt. He couldn't truly blame himself for Goten, but for Kakarot...he had let him go in that dream world, and he vowed that he wouldn't ignore the other Saiyan again. The consequences would be too much, and though the Saiyan couldn't physically disappear in the real world, Vegeta knew that if he mistreated the third class, he would find a way to make himself not be found.


He napped briefly while waiting, falling into a distressing state of unconsciousness. He snapped awake when he heard and felt two approaching figures. He stood up, his tail snapping back and forth sporadically. Piccolo and Dende came into view with his two mates. He raced towards them, and they set down the Son men carefully. Vegeta knelt between the two and examined them and their pale visages. He gently took the hand of each.


"Heal them," he murmured - it was not a request.


Dende knelt as well, placing a palm on each of their chests and closing his eyes in concentration. He'd never attempted to heal two people at once, and he didn't know exactly how he'd handle it, but he was pretty sure he'd be feeling drained after it was all done and over with. He put all his effort into healing them and paid less attention to the outcome of his own body.


After Dende completed the process he collapsed, Piccolo catching him. "I'm alright," the young Namek rasped, although he accepted the helping hand.


Goten began to stir first. He released a moan, "Unn...what....What happened..?" He began to sit up but Vegeta firmly kept him to the ground.


"Shh, koi. Don't move. Do you remember anything that happened?"


Goten flushed a little, "I remember being..suffocated..."


Vegeta remembered that statement and when it was made very well, "H-Hai..do you remember walking by yourself? Being..attacked?"


Goten's eyebrows scrunched together in thought before he nodded, "Y-Yea...You and dad were there."


Vegeta nodded in agreement, "You woke up, didn't you? You left the dream."


The demi-Saiyan swallowed and paused, "I think so..everything's really blurry."


Vegeta rubbed his hand affectionately, "It's okay. Rest now." Goten nodded, releasing a sigh as he relaxed at his lover's side. The ouji turned to his larger mate and nudged him lightly. "Kakarot? Kakarot, can you hear me?" Vegeta called out. He extended himself, sending out a mental cry, 'Kakarot? Can you hear me?' Goku's form refused to stir.


"Ok, I'm worrying," Vegeta admitted as he looked at the other Saiyan intensely.


"What if I try?" Piccolo offered, "Nameks are telepathic too, and I'm probably on a different level

than you."


Vegeta sucked in a breath, then sighed, "Alright. But be sure that he knows I'm here!"


Piccolo closed his eyes and stood completely still for minutes on end. Finally his eyes opened and he stated, "There is outside interference."


"NANI!?" Vegeta roared, "What do you mean by that!?"


"I mean," Piccolo said, repeating, "there's outside interference. Something is obstructing Goku's psyche, and it's not Goku. If it's not Goku, then it's from with-out rather than with-in. Does this make sense?"


"Yes, it makes sense! I'm not an idiot, you know! What I meant was what is interfering??"


"I can't tell for sure. I think our best bet is to have someone who is experienced in medicine to give him a look."


Vegeta looked down, thinking to himself, 'If only the onna were still here...' He smirked softly, 'If she was, I'd be humping her instead of these two goons...' He brought himself out of his reverie before he was forced by Piccolo, "I don't know if we should take him to the hospital. Moving him now might not be a good idea. I don't know about my brat, but I think Gohan has some medical experience, yes?"


Dende nodded, "Yes, I think I recall that. He originally wanted to be a doctor, but he ended up being a teacher because his mother wanted him to."


"Whatever," Vegeta said, "just get him up here. He'll be a prime candidate anyways since he has a connection with Kakarot."


The elder Namek took it upon himself to search down his long time friend and retrieve him. The minutes spent waiting for Piccolo to return with the other demi-Saiyan were tense. Vegeta hoped that whatever the problem was it wasn't fatal. If it was..he simply had no idea how he would handle the situation. He sighed, feeling very tired regardless of the sleep he had. All the stress built up upon him and the state that his mates were in was not helping in the slightest, especially Kakarot. 'He always has to give me the most trouble, doesn't he?' Vegeta mused silently to himself, his mood lifting a bit.


He looked up when he sensed Piccolo's return, and over the edge came him and Gohan - a very perturbed looking Gohan who probably could not forget the words Vegeta had spoken to him. It didn't really make a difference at the moment, because there was much more important things to handle.


No words were spoken, as it seemed Piccolo had informed Gohan of the situation before hand, a wise thing to do. The demi-Saiyan landed next to his father and set down his doctor's bag. He checked his pulse and breathing first to make sure they were normal, then he could only guess from there. He did what he could to find out his dad's ailment, but he just didn't have the equipment to do much.


"Reach out with your mind," the ouji said quietly.


Gohan obeyed and felt the obstruction like the others had, "That's odd... I've never felt anything like this before. Vegeta..I just don't know. I think we have to take him to a hospital, there just isn't anything more I can do for him here." The brunette sighed and finally gave in with a nod, standing up.


"It'd be best if I followed," he decided and the Nameks nodded in agreement, each taking a warrior, "Let's go to Capsule Corps. medical center. He'll get the best treatment there, and besides, they're used to handling Saiyans." Gohan flew next to Vegeta, intent on getting more of the situation out of him.


"Are you really..you know..." Gohan trailed off, blushing hotly as he was unable to bring himself to say it.


"Sleeping with both your brother and your father?" the ouji filled in the blank for him.


Still blushing, "H-Hai."


Vegeta smirked a bit, "Hard to believe, but true. I love those bakas."


Gohan stayed very pensive for the rest of the flight. They landed outside of Capsule Corp. and Trunks was there to greet them. "I felt you coming this way," he announced, "What's up?"


"We need to get Kakarot to the medical ward," Vegeta replied, taking charge.


Trunks gazed at the group assembled with a worried expression, "I'll assemble a crew.."


"Not necessary, Kakarot isn't severely injured..that we know of," the prince half-explained, gesturing for the others to follow him. He began to make his way towards the desired location, finally turning back to Trunks, "We cannot rouse him from his sleep, and there is..outside interference whenever we try to mentally contact him." The hybrid nodded, absorbing the information but deciding not to comment on it. They made it inside quickly and set Goku down onto a bed. The doctors present began checking his vitals as Trunks attempted to speak with them regarding the awkwardness of the condition.


"He isn't physically damaged, we need to run other tests. Get samples of his body fluids, and run as many scans on him as you can," Trunks said, sounding rather irritated, as if the doctors' incompetence was simply something that could not be easily excused. The group was ushered outside into a waiting room, but Goten was left behind for safety's sake, and also because he needed the tests as well, for he had fallen prey to..whatever it was.


Vegeta paced around the room like a caged animal, unsure of what to do as he felt like he should be doing something. Gohan tried to calm him, but the ouji just shrugged him off. Piccolo gave the demi-Saiyan a meaningful look, as if to say "nice try". Trunks tried peeking into the room a few times, and despite his status at Capsule Corp., he too was forced out. He mumbled some complaints but took residence in a chair next to Gohan, impatiently waiting like the rest of them.


Finally a doctor came out, and all motion in the room stopped.


"WELL!? How are they!?" Vegeta screamed, unable to bear anymore. The doctor winced before taking off his latex gloves.


"From as far as we can tell, Mr. Son has a..erm..rare disease, um..so far in fact, that we've never seen it before. We first found trace of it in his blood, but it seems that it has manifested in his brain. The oddity is that it appears in Goten's blood too, but in a very early stage. Where as Mr. Son's growth seems to be even a few years old, Goten's looks to be fairly recent, months, maybe weeks."


"Are they...are they going to die..?" Vegeta choked out, panic hammering at him like his heart which beat rapidly in his chest.


The doctor shook his head and silently sighed, "Well, it doesn't appear that way, but we can't say for sure, since we don't really know anything about this disease. Have any of you been around these two recently? I mean, around a great deal?"


Vegeta nodded, "I have."


"We'd like to test you as well."


Vegeta closed his eyes briefly, "So be it."


They doctor guided him into the room where the others waited anxiously for his return. Surprisingly he came back very soon. "The results came out negative, so whatever it is..if it is communicable, it's going for like genes. But then again, it could just be genetic altogether," the doctor said for the benefit of the people waiting, as Vegeta had already heard all of it.


"We'll be able to visit, right?" Gohan asked.


"I don't think that'd be a wise thing to do at the time, especially when we don't know much about the disease. It could still spread to other people. For now, I think it's best to keep them quarantined."


Vegeta's head shot up instantly, snapping in the direction of the med room. "Kakarot's awake!" he cried out with joy and relief, ignoring the doctor and rushing towards his mate.


(Felix finally sighs with content as inspiration was good to her...)


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