A Round Robin (32 - 34)

by Kiarene, Felix & Goten



Chapter 32



(Kia notices that the cliffies have been getting eviler…)


Before anyone could react, Vegeta ran into the med room. When Gohan leapt up, a large green hand shot out and gripped his arm firmly, restraining him. “Gohan! Remember what the doctor said! Both your father and brother got it; you are probably highly susceptible.”


The demi-Saiyan struggled for a few seconds, before abruptly deflating and sank back into his chair. “You’re right, Piccolo-san.”


Trunks stood just outside the door, conversing with the doctor tersely.


“My father…”


“He has already been around the other two men for quite some time and he appeared to still be free of the disease. It should be safe for him.” The doctor pursed his lips sternly. “I don’t like it as well, but if his presence will be beneficial to the two patients’ recovery…”


Trunks nodded slowly. “Hai, I think it will…”

“What is the exact nature of their relationship? I mean, Son Goku is Goten’s father…”


“It’s complicated to explain.” Trunks shifted his eyes to look through the large window into the med room, crossing his arms uneasily. “Suffice to say, all three are linked…they share a bond.” In truth, the lavender-haired prince wasn’t entirely sure either. The clipped explanation Gohan had given him was confusing to say the least, and his father had been too agitated to elaborate.




“I’m here, Kakarot…” Vegeta gently pushed the tall Saiyan back down on the bed when he attempted to rise. “Don’t move, you’re still weak.”


“Unnh…” Goku gave a confused sigh. He did feel drained. “Wha..what happened?”


“Are you hungry?” Suddenly, Vegeta felt ravenous. Without waiting for Goku’s reply, he poked his head out of the door and barked at his startled son. “Trunks! Bring us some food!” Used to his father’s abrupt behavior, Trunks automatically obeyed. Gohan’s stomach gave a loud growl at the same time, and with a sheepish grin, followed Trunks down to the kitchen as well.


When the two demi-Saiyans attempted to walk into the med room though, Vegeta blocked their way with a frown. “Where do you think you two are going? This room is under quarantine.” Neatly and speedily relieving them of the heaped trays, he closed the door loudly in their protesting faces with a smirk.


Goten was awake as well, and watching Vegeta with a hooded expression. Inwardly sighing, the ouji pulled up a chair and seated himself exactly between the two beds. The three males dug into their food hungrily, no words were spoken as they rapidly made short work of the mountain of food, though the atmosphere was a little tense as Goku kept looking at Vegeta and Goten was torn between glaring at his father and looking at Vegeta too. Vegeta kept his attention on his food, wondering how the hell he was going to handle this delicate situation. When he stood up to clear the empty trays, he suddenly noticed their openly curious audience outside the med room window. Gohan and Trunks were openly gaping, while Piccolo had a thoughtful expression on his face as the three tried to make sense of what they saw. The tension and electricity between the three males in the med room had been almost palpable. With a snarl, Vegeta stomped over and snapped the curtains shut with an irritated yank. As an afterthought, he locked the door as well. Muttering under his breath about voyeurs, he stomped back to his flushing mates.


Quailing a little at their intense looks, Vegeta started to explain what had happened, starting from the part Goten had been injured, and finally concluding with the startling discovery of their disease. “So the doctor’s not sure exactly what it is, except that it appears that you’ve had it for a few years Kakarot.” The ouji raised a brow and looked at the confused full blood. “Do you remember where or when you might have possibly gotten such an infection?”




“Kisama! Why is it always your fault?!” Goten interrupted his father with a fierce growl. “First you bit him and stole my mate from me. You dragged us into your dreams and now you’ve infected me with some unknown disease!”


“I didn’t mean to!” Goku gave a half-angry, half-pleading look at Vegeta, reaching out to clasp the ouji’s hand. Goten gave an angry roar at that gesture and leapt out of bed to pull the startled ouji to him, wrapping his arms around the smaller Saiyan. “Kami-dammit! Keep your hands off my mate!”


“He’s my mate too!” Goku snarled angrily, lunging for the wide-eyed prince. The three tumbled back onto Goten’s bed in a tangle of flailing limbs.


“He chose me first!” A wildly swung fist connected with a square jaw.


“He accepted me as well!” The favor was returned with equal fervor. “Aiiee!!!

Goten yanked on a defenseless black-brown tail. “You gave him no choice!”


Large hands fisted in now golden spikes. “You spoilt, insolent brat! Why are you so damn self-centered?!”


Goten gave a pained yelp as his hair was pulled brutally and was about to lash a foot out when a furious roar from the slight figure squashed between them halted the two fighting Sons. “STOP! You’re both behaving like immature whelps! I’m not some possession! And get the FUCK off me!!” With a muffled curse, Vegeta powered up as well and pushed his heavier mate off him. Goku sat back with a thump, a hurt expression on his face.


“Goten!” Vegeta turned around to face a fuming teen, eyes still blazing green. “Power down! Both of you calm down, godammit! This isn’t helping the situation at all!”


The air around the three practically cackled as little sparks danced around the three golden figures until with a frustrated hiss, both Goten and Goku released their ascended forms though they were still glaring at each other. Vegeta pinched the bridge of his nose with a tired sigh as he relaxed as well. “Look, Goten, I know you don’t like it, but Kakarot’s my mate as well. I have accepted him, and you just have to accept that.”


Goten’s lips turned down in a sullen pout as he crossed his arms and sat back against the headboard. “Fine.”


“It is highly likely that the pathogens in your blood is responsible for your unusual dreams.” Vegeta turned to face Goku. “How long have you been having these dreams already?”


“About …a couple of years…” Goku screwed his brows in concentration.


Vegeta nodded slowly. “That agrees with the doctor’s guess.”


“Is..is it fatal?” Goten gulped.


“It doesn’t appear that way; Kakarot had been infected for the longest time and he’s doesn’t appear to be physically weakened at all. Perhaps this disease isn’t like conventional illnesses.” The ouji steepled his hands in concentration. “Perhaps those aren’t pathogens, but just hallucinogens or a similar substance.”


“But the dreams are so eerily real, and the injuries sustained in them carried out to the real world!” Goku looked panicky. “Whatever it is, I want it out of me!”


“Where do you think you might have picked it up?”


“I..ah..” Goku searched through his memories. “I’m not really sure.”


“There is a cure, isn’t there?” Goten asked worriedly.


“Your immune system could attempt to fight it out by itself, though I think that’s not working. They are going to make an antiserum from my blood, since I do not appear to be infected.” Vegeta suddenly felt tired and grimy. “Get some rest. We’re all under quarantine here, so stay within the medical wing. We don’t have to stay here; this is one of the examination rooms. There are some bedrooms further down the corridor.” He indicated another door with a curt nod. “I’m going to bathe.” Without a backward glance, he rose smoothly from the bed, leaving his mates behind in a tense silence.


Goku glanced at his sullen son who was ignoring him pointedly, arms still crossed and face turned away. He thought to say something, then changed his mind and got up slowly. Walking along the corridor, his lips quirked up in a grin and he reached out for the ouji’s presence.


Goku opened the bathroom door quietly and stood there for a while, watching the slight figure through the steam as he stripped off his clothes. Stepping under the steaming shower, he enveloped the smaller Saiyan from behind, nipping at a wet ear. “Vegeta….mmm….”


Vegeta gave a smirk; he had felt his mate’s presence as soon as the door was opened. “Kakarot…” He purred, rubbing his ass against the hard erection behind. The brawny Saiyan gave a low groan and pressed even more tightly against the writhing figure. Abruptly, the ouji slipped out of his embrace, ignoring the keen of disappointment and thrust a bottle of shampoo against the other’s chest with a playful smirk. “Bathe. First. You stink.”


Goku gave a low whine and reached for his mate again but the ouji neatly sidestepped his hands, shaking his head firmly. “Baka, I said wash first.” Grumbling and pouting, Goku complied.


Goten gave a low growl as he felt his father’s ki approach his mate and ran out from the examination room. Flinging open the bathroom door, he growled again when he saw the two wet figures grinding against each other sensually. His first reaction was to power up and challenge his father for his mate, but checked himself with a frown, knowing that Vegeta would not be happy at all about that. Still frowning, he stripped and literally stepped into the fray, his hands moving to grip the prince’s slick hips from behind.


Goku snapped his head up from where he had been nipping at the ouji’s neck and saw the challenging look on his son’s face. Smirking, he tightened his grip on the lean waist and bent down to capture Vegeta’s lips.


Growling lowly, Goten lowered his head to nibble at the prince’s ear and jaw, his hands moving down to grip the soapy auburn tail, wringing a muffled moan from the figure caught between them.


Vegeta felt his youngest mate’s approach and heard the teen’s low growl, but before he could say anything, the grip on his waist tightened and his lips were suddenly occupied. All thoughts fled his mind when fingers scraped lightly across his sensitive tail and he could only sink limply between the two hard bodies that sandwiched him with a low moan. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that perhaps, he should be a little worried about the tense situation, but right now; all he could do was revel in the attention the two muscled Saiyans were lavishing upon him as he was caught up in a maelstrom of pleasurable physical sensations.


The two Sons moved and circled around their ouji, hands and lips touching and teasing the smaller form caught between them, flashing eyes occasionally meeting in challenge. Soapy hands meticulously washed every exposed part of their mate, flicking tails sweeping sensuously along the muscled abdomen and wrapping possessively around the prince’s thighs. Lips curled up a little higher in a victorious smirk when royal attention was shifted, however momentarily, away from the other or when a particularly loud moan was wrung from the trembling Saiyan. Rumbling growling purrs and low groans filled the steamy tiled bathroom.


Suddenly, Goku sank down onto the floor and pulled Vegeta on top of him. Before he could bring the ouji’s face down for another kiss, Goten was there, crouched over his head, having snaked between them. The demi-Saiyan swooped in, fisting his hands in the limp brunette’s hair and claimed his lips instead.


With a frustrated growl, Goku lifted the smaller Saiyan’s hips up and impaled him in a smooth stroke. Vegeta threw back his head with a howl, his attention now fully focused on the pleasure that coursed through him as his brawny mate bucked his hips hard. Not to be outdone, Goten straddled himself over the ouji and sheathed himself as well.


Vegeta could only arch back, his hands clutching Goten’s broad shoulders tightly as he rocked his hips in time to his mates’, his tail lashing and whipping wildly behind him. The trio settled into a hard and fast rhythm, Vegeta finding himself alternately penetrating and being penetrated, the feel of his hot mates literally surrounding him. He was sure he was going to pass out soon, his vision was flashing white and his breaths was coming up in harsh pants that never seemed to draw enough air. His lungs seemed to be on fire and his skin was so sensitized, he could almost feel the individual hairs on the tails that slapped stingingly at him. He could feel his already tense body tightening even further and suddenly, he stiffened and came with a strangled scream.


The other two climaxed almost simultaneously a heartbeat later, their minds linked to the quivering prince’s. Spent, the three collapsed onto the tiled floor, trembling in the aftermath.


Suddenly, Goten gave a sharp cry and doubled over.


(Kia hopes this meets the standards of the evil cliffhangers she had been getting recently.)



Chapter 33



(Goten mutters something about Kia going chain happy and digs in…)


The ouji panted lightly, his lungs searing as he hauled in the steaming air, a pleasured haze still floating around in his head. The older Saiyan jumped slightly and whipped his head to the side when a pained cry sounded from beside him. He soon saw his youngest mate curled into a tight ball, trying to fend off the pain searing through his lower stomach. Strong arms wrapped around a tense body and pulled it close, running a hand down the fury appendage in order to calm the trembling youth.


            Goku watched his mate cradle and sooth his son, eye’s narrowing darkly in jealousy. A low growl rumbled deep in the back of the Saiyan’s throat, fists clenching tightly in order to keep his anger in control. /I wish that damn brat would just pass out and be out of the picture, I hope he’s in pain…/ the younger full blood thought silently to himself.


            Just as the thought left his head the young demi-Saiyan gave a piercing screech and went unconscious. Two sets of dark eyes widened, one in panic, the other in surprise. Vegeta quickly jumped to his feet and gathered the limp form into his arms, then rushed out of the bathroom in search of a doctor. Goku however just watched his panicked mate rush from the stall and chuckled lightly when he heard the worried cries as the ouji yelled at the doctor’s for help. When the yells were finally silenced the young full blood pushed himself to his feet and leaned down to turn the shower spray off.


            With a long stretch the Saiyan stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist, curling his tail around to secure the garment. Carelessly the tall man walked down the hall feeling that his mate wasn’t far away. Soon the vision of the dark ouji came into his view and a tongue flicked out to lick lush lips as a sated purr sounded lowly in the large Saiyan’s chest. The other man didn’t even flinch as a hand came to rest on his shoulder and an arm wrapped tightly around his slim waist.


            Vegeta sighed as he was pulled against a strong chest and sharp teeth nipped playfully at the flesh of his lobe. “Not now Kakarot… You’re son is in that room right now and I don’t have a clue what’s wrong with him!”


            “It’s alright love, he’s fine, don’t worry about him,” hands danced across heated skin, above the hem of the boxer’s the ouji had so hurriedly pulled on.


            “I don’t know what happened he was fine and the next minute…” with a heavy sigh the smaller man pushed away from his mate and continued his worthless pacing.


            The other man growled in irritation as he watched the pacing older man, narrowed eyes. /The brat’s going to be fine, so what’s the difference. Why is he getting so worried about him any ways? It would be no loss if he was dead or… was in a coma or something…/


            The two men took a seat and slumped down, staring in silence at nothing unparticular, just any little thing that caught their eye. Time passed by agonizingly slow for the two as they waited somewhat patiently for any news on Goten’s condition. A tall man stepped through the doors and Vegeta was on his feet and at the man’s throat within seconds. “How is he?!” he screamed, yanking the poor doctor down to his eye level by the collar of his shirt.


            “If you let me go, I will tell you…” the man stated calmly. The ouji grunted and promptly released his hold on the doctor’s shirt, crossing his arms over his chest. The man smiled as he straightened out his garments before turning to the scowling man. “He had some internal bleeding in his abdomen, we don’t know that caused it but we managed to fix it non the less…” Fingers pulled at bloody clothes and adverted eyes shone with regret and slight fear.


            “But…” Vegeta stated trying to get the doctor to continue, sensing that he also had something else he didn’t quiet want to say straight out.


            “But… he slipped into a coma. We can’t seem to get him to respond to anything. I’m still not sure as to why he has done so either, but we may find out with further testing. We’ve put him in a room down the hall where he’s resting right now, you can go see him if you’d like. I’m sorry…”


            Vegeta’s expression never changed throughout the news and without a word he turned and went in search of his youngest mate. The Saiyan traveled in silence but he could hear his other mate’s footsteps close behind him. When the men entered the room Vegeta fought down all of his emotions in seeing the hybrid in such a condition.


            The ouji took a seat beside Goten’s bed and took his limp hand into his own, squeezing it lightly, hoping silently for any sort of response. But as expected nothing happened. The constant beep of his heart was a slight relief to Vegeta, since it showed the young man was indeed alive. A hand rubbed lightly over a muscled stomach trying to soothe the other, though he was now detached from any pain he would be feeling.


            Goku stood off to the side, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed firmly over his chest. A frown was set on his handsome face as he watched the attention his son was receiving from the man he loved. He couldn’t deny the feeling of hurt he was feeling and any sympathy he should have been feeling was pushed aside and buried by raging jealousy. It burned deep within his mind and he couldn’t help the bad thoughts he had of his son. Suddenly he snapped out of his daze as his older lover began to mutter a soft stream of comforting words.


            “Come on koi, wake up. You’ll be okay, I know you will. You’re strong so I know that something like this can’t keep you down for long. You just have to wake up first, then we can go back to having a perfect life together… like we were planning before.” Vegeta leaned down and gave Goten a soft kiss on his forehead before closing his eyes and resting against the edge of the bed.


            Goku saw red as his love talked softly to his son about living a long happy life with him. So did that mean he himself wasn’t going to be in the picture at all? /I can’t believe it! That little slut is getting all of MY ouji’s attention! Look at that whore acting all sick… well I hope he really is sick, because he could die for all I care!/


            The ouji gave a startled jump as the beeping sound filling the room suddenly shifted to that of a flat screech. “Goten?!”


(Cracks knuckles and walks away from the little mess…)



Chapter 34



(Felix cracks her knuckles and walks INTO the "little" mess...)


Doctors flooded the room, forcing the two full-blooded Saiyans out into the hall, both of them in a daze. Vegeta pounded on the door, demanding that they let him back in because he was Goten's mate and the half-breed needed him. They didn't yield to his wishes, but instead a nurse ushered them back to the main room. They sat down next to each other, Goku unnaturally silent.


"How could this happen!?" Vegeta screamed, "No, it's impossible! Impossible!" Goten wasn't even dead yet, and he felt himself already losing it... The prince turned his atttention to his other mate, taking in his unphased features, "What they hell!? Why do you look so calm!? Your son is dying in there!!"


Goku, who had his hands resting on the chair's arms, felt his fingers gripping the padded metal, slowly crushing it, "He stole you from me."


Vegeta stared at him in shock before his expression fell, his lips pursing into a fine line. He stood up slowly, looming over the black-haired man. Goku rose his eyes to meet the ouji's gaze, his mate's black orbs smoldering with the fires of Hell. Without hesitation he slapped the younger man as hard as he could muster, shaking his appendage as it stung from the harsh impact.


"You selfish bastard!! Fuck you!! Mate or not, I'm not going to be with you out of spite, if not for Goten's sake!!"


Goku rose, meeting his challenge, his cheek red, "You cannot do that! I'm stronger than you, Vegeta, and I can make you do whatever I WANT!"


The ouji's eyes widened as he took a step back, "No...NO! I have lived a life under another, I will not do it again! You can't force me!!"


Goku's fists were clenched so tight his knuckles were turning white, his nails digging crescents into his palms, "I'm going to use you like you've used me, little prince."


Vegeta growled low in his throat, his emotions battling one another, "What are you talking-!?" He abruptly cut himself off when he noticed a stream of blood trailing from Goku's nose. He watched the younger male's eye twitch, the dark lusterless eyes, the increasing flow of the crimson trail.. "What the hell...?" the prince murmured out loud, worry overriding his other feelings at the moment as he reached up to wipe the blood away, "Kakarot, what's wrong with you!?"


Goku flinched and thrashed away from the brunette, rubbing his face clean with his sleeve, "Don't touch me! I hate it when you do that!"


Vegeta stood with his arm outstretched, his face pale, and his stomach performing nauseating flip-flops. 'My one mate is going to die, and the other one is insane,' Vegeta thought, his mental voice laughing a desperate, almost maniacal laugh. He watched the larger Saiyan fidget nervously as he simultaneously rambled on and on. Abruptly he turned and faced the ouji.


"Look, Vegeta," Goku said, extending his arm, exposing a blood smeared hand that he held practically under the prince's nose, "Isn't it pretty?" Vegeta stepped back, gasping in surprise, his eyes lifting to meet Goku's, noting the dilation, the general feral and wild look that consumed the inky depths. "Oi, 'Geta," Goku continued, a twisted smirk breaking out across his lips, an expression that seemed completely unnatural to the Saiyan, "You have no idea how much this hurts." He retracted the hand and pointed to his temple, "Right in here, Vegeta. Hurts really bad, Vegeta. You know what it's like, Vegeta? Owwie ow ow. Ouji, ouji, it hurt so bad. I fall down go boom, ya know? The pain, you know? Your brain just smashing into your skull, and it's all so fragile, and it all hurts so much. Vegeta, you remember, right? You know what it's like, no? All by yourself, and nobody wants you. Eh, Vegeta? Hate me, eh? Hurt me, right? Hurts right in here, Vegeta. Hurts really bad, Vegeta. You know what it's like, Vegeta? Ow-"


Vegeta was frantic as he listened to his mate babble, and then begin to repeat himself, "No! Shut up! Kakarot, come back! Snap out of it!!"


"Ow, ow, OW. It hurts so bad, VE-GE-TA. And it's all your fault, VE-GE-TA."


"All my fault!?"


Goku growled low in his throat, a deep animalistic sound that seemed to forbiddenly break free from some inner clutches. "Dominating my life, dominating me," Goku hissed, exposing his clenched teeth as he carefully mouthed his words, "Invading my head, taunting me. How can I forgive you!? After all you put me through!? Abusing me, using me, at every turn! Nothing more than a rival, a conquest!" He pushed the ouji over, towering over him as he burst into a large golden flame, "ALL YOU GAVE ME WAS PAIN!" Vegeta pressed his palms against the cold floor, intent on getting up when Goku's foot planted itself on his chest, holding him down.


"Kakarot, you're not thinking correctly! Let me up! Come on! We'll get help!"


Goku's eyes were unusually dark, the normally bright aquamarine was instead a deep teal. Vegeta's begging became a broken language, a heap of garble to the younger Saiyan's ears.


His head throbbed painfully and the noises the creatures made only furthered to turn him aggressive.


He pounced on the prone figure, sinking his fingers into the shoulder sockets, pulling savagely. Vegeta released a startled gasp, and then cried out in pain at the swift brutality, instantly leaping up to his highest potential, trying to remove himself from Goku's agonizing grasp.


The creature made a horrible screeching noise, a noise that had to be silenced.


With a growl, Goku grasped the head beneath him and began to twist. There was pressure in places delicate, that should not be pushed near any limits. Muscles not used to much action were being stretched, everything from the neck up was being forced into a position it did not belong. Vegeta flared his ki, tossing Goku off of him, sitting up, shaking from shock, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. He had always thought that the younger could not kill without justification, without cause, without regret, but the way he had acted... He knew that if it had been another second or so, if he had hesitated in the slightest, he would be one prince sans a head... He wondered then, if when Kakarot had lunged at his throat if he would of spared him or not. Deep down he had trusted the baka and had come to believe he would never, ever harm him intentionally, much less murder him. Now, he wasn't so sure...


A thought struck him and Vegeta shakily got to his feet as Goku stayed crouched on the ground, a glare fixated on the royal form unblinkingly. "Kakarot, I want you to stop and think for a moment, can you do that for me?" the prince nearly whispered, "You're infected with a virus, remember? And I think it might be altering your brain chemistry..." He swallowed nervously as Goku released a deep gutteral growl, dragging it on for approximately fifteen seconds. Finally he spoke again, "Come on, Kakarot..look at me, please. Kakarot, do you really want to hurt me?" The other full-blood cocked his head to the side and sniffed the air in two big huffs before exhaling silently, eyes narrowing.


"Ouji," was the half-spoken response.


Vegeta took a step forward, extending his hand as in invitation, "Come, Kakarot..let's get you some help..okay?" The taunt form of the black-haired Saiyan hunched back before springing forward, tackling the brunette. Vegeta, instead of crashing on the cold, hard tile, instead fell on soft, fragrant grass. He didn't have time to ponder it as the duo tumbled down a hillside and finally came to rest when Goku slammed the prince's shoulders against the ground, pinning him there. He breathed heavily, the air expelled a hot shower against Vegeta's skin. The prince winced from the inflamation of his injuries, but too tried to inhale some oxygen that had been forced out of him from the fall.


"Mine..." Goku purred darkly, his eyes mere slits, his lips curled back to expose a toothy, triumphant grin. Vegeta struggled, trying all that he could to wretch himself free, but Goku seemed extremely intent on keeping him captive. The younger flashed his fangs, tossing his head back slightly as he hissed much like a cat would. Goku leaned over to lick at the scar he had made when a foot was placed on his torso and he was knocked back. Vegeta flipped himself over and began to rise, scrambling on his hands and knees, when strong hands grappled onto him, pulling him back to the earth. The ouji began to panic, fearing the worse, fearing that he'd lose his life. He knew that he held questionable doubts if he could survive without Goten, but he was fairly certain the boy could not live without him. If Kakarot elimated Vegeta, then it elimated Goten as well. Considering the broken logic of the other man, and all other aspects, Vegeta found himself in what he believed to be a very life-threatening situation.


That is precisely why he was so stunned when deft fingers ruffled the fur on his tail. He gasped as a jolt coursed through his entire body, causing his hips to buck in surprise. "Kakarot...w-what..?" Vegeta attempted to ask, cautiously throwing a look over his shoulder. "Mine.." Goku purred roughly, the noise almost sounding like that of a growl. A hand stroked the fuzzy appendage from tip to base before it dragged downwards across clothed skin. Fingers grasped fabric firmly and then tore the restrictions away with the greatest of ease. He caressed the prince gently, feeling every curve. Vegeta blushed hotly, trying to pull away, "Stop touching me! Kisama!!"


"Mine..!" Goku snarled, grasping the brunette's hips while leaning over to lap at his scar mark, noting the feel of the raggedly healed skin with this sensitive tongue. Taste buds excited by the flavor of salt and skin of his mate, the smooth texture, the warmth it radiated.. His tail looped around to the front of his body, the brown appendage slipping under his waist band and tugging outwards, breaking open the pants and freeing himself of inhibitions. He groaned and rubbed his body against the lither one below him, purring in delight at the sensual friction. Vegeta trembled, wishing he could escape, but not at all bothering to attempt anymore. A part of him anticipated the next action, a part of him wanted nothing more than to be forced into submission, to, for once, do nothing but writhe without effort. To lose control was an adrenaline rush, a shock to the system, and to be safe at the same time...it was bliss.


Vegeta downcast his eyes, partly ashamed for his decision to give up, partly out of embarrassment. His hard-on ached, twitching, begging for attention that wasn't given. He moaned softly letting his head to rest on the ground as he was lifted, his thighs no longer resting on the heels of his feet. "Mine.." he heard the whisper again, harsh and firm, but not demanding and forceful. The prince's mind began to conjure words when suddenly thick heat slammed into him, stretching him painfully. He screamed, his fingers digging into the soft soil beneath his palms wrenching the scent of fresh dirt into the air. Goku slid out and thrust back as equally hard, his purr loud, expressing his excitement as he set a fast and brutal pace. Vegeta felt his head swim in a massive vortex as he was pounded into the ground. Screaming, while at the same time desperately seeking to drag air into his lungs, Vegeta hesitantly began to drop the barrier around his mind. It felt natural to do such a thing. He was with his mate, so what was wrong? Goku curled one hand around the ouji's waist to grasp at the member he found there, lightly stroking. Vegeta shuddered, a groan of soft carnal delight creeping out of his throat as he dropped all defenses completely. He welcomed Goku into his mind, drew him in, overwhelmed the younger with his passion.


Goku jerked in surprise when Vegeta's mind not only opened up, but gave invitation. Acceptance. True, unfascaded acceptance. The black-haired Saiyan howled in pleasure, grabbing the body beneath him securely as he rocked his hips, delving with ferocity till his entire frame shook from effort. Vegeta screamed obscenities, unintelligible words, and his full-blooded mate's name as he was going into sensory overload. His mind felt like it was coiling around Goku's, the lust, the desire, the urge to sexually please and relieve..the love...


Vegeta's eyes rolled back, his breaths now gasps, his tail lashing, his nerve-endings singing with

hedonistic joy. He choked for only a moment, from shock, when he felt himself on the edge, the orgasm so close his throbbing length practically oozed pre-cum. Vegeta came hard with a hoarse cry, his muscles tightening unbearably, his hips jerking as his unattended member released jets of white, sticky fluid onto the damp grass below. He moaned low as Goku continued to pound him, trying desperately to reach his own climax. The younger man felt like he'd reached nirvana, nothing felt more painfully exquisite than to feel each stroke as he slid in and out of the tight heat. He whined low in his throat, his body wishing to give out before he got his culmination. He wallowed in his mate's psyche, his emotions bursting with happiness when he felt his lust, his desire, his love, returned. A second later, his body followed suit, and with a near-screech he met completion, burying himself deep within his lover as he sunk his teeth into his scar mark. Goku finally lay limp, a barely audible purr resonating from his chest as he nuzzled the form of his prince below him whilst gently lapping at the ouji's open wound. Vegeta groaned, this time out of discomfort.


Goku pulled back slowly, his body shaking in a post-orgasm daze, then he flopped down next to his mate. He spooned up with Vegeta, purring and nuzzling the flame of hair. "Vegeta.." the younger's voice rumbled. "Kakarot.." was the returned murmur as a soft tail coiled around the black-haired man's thigh. "Aishiteru," Goku whispered, his tail following the example of his prince's to wrap around his mate closely. Vegeta purred, dozing off in contentment, "...Aishiteru..Kakarot..."


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