A Round Robin (35 - 38)

by Kiarene, Felix & Goten



Chapter 35



(Kia grabs the mess and goes off to sleep on it…)


Vegeta awoke to a hot and very wet tongue laving his jawline and ear. Warm hands were fondling his sides and hips, stroking slow sweeps over the bare skin and caressing the curve of his flanks appreciatively. He stifled a low groan as he realized that he already had a raging erection and closed his eyes again, arching against the younger and enjoying the tactile sensations. ‘Damn, but Kakarot’s insatiable…’


“Veeegetaaaa….” Goku gave a needy whine and pressed himself against his smaller mate from behind, rubbing and showing him clearly just what he desired. Dipping his head, he nipped lightly at the ouji’s neck, alternately licking and grazing his teeth lightly over his scar on the royal Saiyan. Vegeta tried to stifle his moans but when a shiver ran through the lithe figure, raising fine goose bumps along the bronzed flesh, Goku gave a feral smirk. “Ve..ge..taaa…” He purred confidently into his mate’s ear.


Vegeta opened his eyes with an annoyed hiss as he felt fingers brushing lightly against his crack and squirmed. “Baka… I’m still sore from your pounding yesterday!”


“But Vegeta… I really want to…”


“No!” The ouji slapped the groping hand away, growling. “If you really want to…” With a devilish smirk, Vegeta flipped the startled Saiyan on his back and crouched over him, nudging the thickly muscled legs apart. Nuzzling his face in the brawny Saiyan’s neck and planting soft kisses there, he did not notice the growing frown on the younger’s face. However, when deft fingers rubbed the puckered opening, Goku exploded with a vicious snarl and a sudden flare of his ki, pushing the startled prince off him.


“Ka…” Vegeta picked himself up with an angry scowl but the words died on his lips when he took in the expression on his mate’s face. Goku’s lips were curled back, baring sharp canines, and his eyes were a little too bright, his pupils a little too dilated. Vegeta registered the slightly crazed look and the low-pitched, almost inaudible growl with shock and more than a little fear. ‘What’s wrong with Kakarot?! I thought he appeared fine just seconds ago?’


“No! I want you, you’re mine!”


Vegeta tried to keep the growing irritation and anger out of his voice, forcing his face into a neutral expression. Unconsciously, his tail wrapped itself around his waist protectively. “Yes, I know, I am your mate…”


“And I am the dominant one!” Goku advanced slowly, his tail swishing slowly behind him. He had the look of a predator intent on devouring his prey. “Have you forgotten? You have tried to dominate me from the first, you sneered at me and looked down on me.” He gave a chilling laugh. “But I am stronger, I have always beaten you in a fight and I have claimed you. You are mine, my ouji.”


Vegeta’s eyes narrowed into slits in fury and humiliation at that reminder. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to remain calm, even though his jaw was clenched tightly. “I am not refusing you…”


“Yes, you did!” His sudden exclamation and sudden flare of ki forced the prince to take a defensive step back as the tall Saiyan powered up. “You are mine! MINE!” Goku tossed his head forward as he roared in pain, his body doubling as his hands fisted in golden hair. “Nnnghhh!! Pain! All you gave me was pain!” Suddenly, his head snapped up again, his teal eyes boring into wide onyx ones, twisted logic setting his face into a determined expression. “You cannot do that... I am dominant and I can make you do whatever I want!”


Vegeta lost the tenuous control over his volatile temper at that point and exploded in fury, heedless of the wild look in the crazed Saiyan’s eyes as he ascended as well. “Kisama! I am nobody’s! I am not a possession, I am the Saiyan no Ouji! I am my own person and I will NOT be forced again!” He clenched his fists tightly as he slid his legs slightly further apart in a subconscious defensive stance, his teeth bared.


“You submitted easily enough yesterday,” Goku sneered, straightening. “You were begging and crying out for me.”


Vegeta reddened at that memory but held his head high and ground out. “You caught me by surprise when you grabbed my tail.”


“No, it’s because you know that I’m stronger. You know you want me, you’ve said so.” The brawny Saiyan cocked his head to the side and narrowed his eyes, crooning. “Ouji…come here, my little ouji.”


“Fuck you!” Vegeta spat venomously. That was obviously the wrong thing to say as it pushed Goku over the edge and he gave a gurgling snarl as he lunged at the smaller figure. The two exploded in a flurry of blows but whatever that had Goku in the throes of madness also gave him the advantage. The younger Saiyan’s attacks were a little too wild and off, but the hits Vegeta managed to score did not appeared to have fazed him at all. Vegeta flipped back and eyed his crazed mate with growing dread; blood ran freely from numerous cuts and lacerations and bruises were starting to darken on his bare body, but still the maniac kept coming. The ouji’s earlier adrenaline fuelled anger and burst of energy had started to flag and his breath came out in harsh pants. He had fared only slightly better but he was tiring, and he knew that the other could tell.


A cruel smirk tugged at the tall Saiyan’s lips and suddenly, he phased out, reappearing behind the ouji. Vegeta spun around but was a trifle too slow as his arms were suddenly pinned to his sides by thick, corded arms. A long brown tail wrapped around his bare thigh, the tail tip flicking suggestively against his crotch. Vegeta cursed and squirmed furiously but with a growl, Goku powered up to level three and tightened his hold painfully. Lowering his head, he lapped and nipped possessively along the sweaty royal neck, eliciting a tremor and the cessation of the ouji’s vehement swearing. ‘Ah, you may resist but you know you are mine, my ouji…’ Goku smirked and without warning, sank his teeth painfully into the scar, forcing the smaller figure onto his knees. ‘MINE!’


Blood ran freely from the re-opened wound but Vegeta did not notice the pain, his mind having settled into a stunned and numbed state. Kakarot was his mate, right? What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with Kakarot? What’s wrong?! When he felt a hard, turgid length press against his opening however, all past memories exploded within him.


‘NO! Never again! NOOOO!!’


With a howl of pure fear and rage, the ouji erupted into a hitherto new level for him and his sudden burst of ki blasted his tormentor off him. Vegeta leapt up and spun around on the balls of his feet to face the fallen Saiyan, his lips drawn back in a cornered snarl. Part of him wanted to kill the scum for what he said, for what he almost did. However, another part of him held back, knowing that he cannot kill the only other full-blooded Saiyan left, knowing that he cannot kill his mate. With a frustrated scream, he did the only thing he could do.


He straightened from his crouch and raised his hands above his head, using one of that Ningen triclops’ favorite techniques. “Solar Flare!” When Goku fell back, his hands over his eyes as he gave a pained cry, Vegeta turned and ran, masking his ki. His sudden spike of adrenaline had worn off and his heavy mane of hair shrank back, quickly changing to black as well. He felt exhausted, both physically from the fight and emotionally from his ordeal, but he pushed himself on grimly, relying solely upon his own muscles and not ki as he tried to put as much distance between himself and the mad Saiyan behind him. Kakarot may be his mate but in his current state, he wasn’t sure if the mating bond would prevent the younger from killing him in a wild rage. Vegeta scowled angrily; he may love his mate but he’ll be damned if he would just bend over whenever that lout wanted it. He can go fuck himself!


As he pounded on at a ground-eating lope over the grassy landscape, his jumbled thoughts began to settle into coherency. He was convinced that the strange infection was responsible for Kakarot’s sudden mood swings and illogical behavior… Yet that did not explain the eerie dreamscape. They had presumed earlier that the infection was not fatal but now he was not so convinced; Kakarot may not be any physically weaker but the bleeding and erratic mood swings did not seem healthy to him. He racked his brains; he just had to find the key to this conundrum. 


Vegeta’s hopes lifted as he caught sight of the dark green terrain ahead and slowed down to a walk when he entered the cooler, dense forest. The forest should make it harder for Kakarot to find him, while he figured out a plan of action. Pausing for a while beside a gnarled old tree to catch his breath, his earlier train of thoughts was interrupted by a crackling of dried leaves. Thinking that the younger full blood had somehow managed to catch up with him, he twisted in the direction of the sound. “Goten!” Immediately, he relaxed his guard and strode forward to check the demi-Saiyan. “Are you all right? Have you awoken from your coma?” Idly in the corner of his mind, he wondered what happened to their bodies on the real world.


“Coma? When did I fall into a coma?” Goten looked confused. “And why are you covered in blood and injuries? Where are your clothes?” His eyes widened in worry. “What happened? Who did this to you?”


“It’s no big deal. I just had a small fight with Kakarot.” Vegeta shook his head, keeping his tone light. The last thing he wanted now was for his younger mate to go after Kakarot. “The big lout wanted a spar, then I got lost in the changing terrain.”


Goten narrowed his eyes in suspicion but did not say anything. 


“Is there a stream nearby where I can wash up?”


“Hmmm….I’m not sure.” Goten stepped up, enveloping the slighter Saiyan in a hug. “I can wash you though…” He purred suggestively, dipping his head to give a slow lick along the dip of the ouji’s collarbones.


‘Horny brat!’ Vegeta gave a mental groan as he felt the teen’s obvious erection prodding him in his abdomen. “Hn. Not now.” He pushed the youngest Son back, gently but firmly. “I’m tired and hungry.”


“What the…?!” Goten tightened his arms possessively around his mate. “You were fucking with him, weren’t you? His scent is all over you!” His voice dropped to an angry, low growl. “That’s why you don’t want me now!”


“No! Yes!” Vegeta gave a frustrated snarl. ‘Why me? Why now? Baka fucking jealous mates!’ “Look, I mean yes, I was with him but no, it’s not that I don’t want you, I’m really exhausted from the spar. Now let me go!”


“No!” Goten growled. Vegeta was HIS! Pushing the startled ouji against the tree trunk behind, he slanted his head to capture the parted lips hungrily, his hands moving to roam along the bare skin and his hips grounding into the prince’s insistently. 


Vegeta was too stunned by the sudden aggressiveness of his normally submissive mate to react and the teen took advantage of that to fully ravage the ouji’s mouth. His eyelids fluttered close as he leaned back against the tree, ignoring the rough bark that dug into his back. ‘Ah, what the hell. I think I’m up for another round.’ His hands came up to cup Goten’s rear, kneading and stroking.


Pushing the other to the ground, Vegeta crouched between parted legs with a smirk, his tail snapping the air in anticipation behind him. “You’ve got too much clothes on.” His fingers hooked in the waistband and tore away the pants carelessly, even as Goten eagerly wriggled out of his T-shirt. Running his hands in slow strokes along chiseled sides, Vegeta dipped his head to lick at hardened nipples.


“Koi, I want to be on top this time.” Goten’s fingers carded in the brunette locks, tugging softly.


Vegeta shook his head and continued to quest lower, lavishing attention down a washboard abdomen. When the fingers in his hair tightened abruptly, he stopped and glanced up at his young lover in annoyance. “Not today.”


“Why? You let HIM fuck you all the time, why not me?”


The ouji gave a dangerous growl and slapped Goten’s hands away harshly. “Watch your mouth, impudent brat.” Abruptly, he sat up and rested his weight on his heels, the mood lost.


“You’re my mate! MINE! I’m tired of sharing!” Vegeta stared in growing shock and dread as the teen yelled in sudden heat, his lips pulled back to reveal bared teeth. Goten’s eyes were wide and slightly bloodshot, and a low, rumbling growl emerged from the demi-Saiyan, who was normally not so aggressive. Suddenly, all the subtle warning symptoms hit Vegeta in the face like a bucket of ice-cold water. The dilation of the pupils, the sudden paleness and the cold sweat beading at the raving teen’s brow, the increased heart rate and the breaths which came out in sharp, shallow pants.


Without warning, Goten lunged forward and shoved the slighter figure onto his back. Pining the royal’s wrists above his head, he leaned down and snarled into a shocked face. “If I was dominant, HE cannot have you. If I was dominant, I would be your only mate!”


Vegeta’s reflexes kicked in at that point and he bucked his hips up abruptly, rotating on one shoulder and tossing Goten to one side just before the demi-Saiyan attempted to bite him. Drawing his legs up and flipping neatly to his feet, he spun around to face Goten, who had recovered as well. Powering up with a yell, the ouji quickly delivered a series of quick blows to the weaker Saiyan, finishing off with a hard chop to the base of his skull that knocked him out.


Vegeta stared down, panting, at his unconscious mate in confusion and horror for a few minutes, unsure of the course of action he should adopt next. Now both of his mates were acting irrationally.




A low growl of anger rose unconsciously from the depths of his throat as he recalled their eerily similar possessive and aggressive expressions, his eyes slitting. ‘I’m not some possession… I will not be forced!’ He knew logically that their current aberrant behavior was most likely a result of the strange infection, but still, it hardly alleviated his feelings of fury and uneasiness. And why were they acting this way? Scowling, he turned and stalked off. ‘Hn. Fuck those two bakas. I’m avoiding them until I can figure out what to do.’ 


Vegeta leaned back against the broad trunk, finally clean and full. He had found a stream and washed up, catching his lunch at the same time. Now straddling a smooth, comfortable branch that gave him a clear vantage point of the forest floor below, he tried to organize his thoughts.


Viruses are commonly thought of as necessarily detrimental; a predator-prey model that assumes the effect of virus infection on a host was to decrease host fitness via disease. But what is the ultimate aim of the virus? If it were procreation, then wouldn’t it be in the virus’s best interest not kill off its host as quickly as possible, thus ensuring a longer infectious period?


Vegeta mused along that line of thought. Taking that a step further would be the retroviruses. There is another virus-host relationship that does not fit the predator-prey model, and works well in hosts that live in small populations, where killing off the host too rapidly would mean that the virus would burn itself out too quickly, analogous to a forest fire that spreads too rapidly and burns out after a while. This other relationship is characterized by a stable persistence of the virus once the host has been infected. Such viruses are usually present for the life of the host, spending the great majority of their existence as persistent non-pathogenic infections with little apparent effect on host fitness. Some of these viruses are found in the host’s genome, and in mammals, it appears that all species have endogenous retroviruses as part of their DNA.


Vegeta scowled; that would explain why his mates were not dead yet, not even weakened, but it does not explain their abnormal behavior. Does it? …Viruses and virus-like parasites have been known to have a direct effect on the host’s behavior, some have been known to provide genes to the host that can be of adaptive value. Taking that concept to the extreme, what if the virus were to influence the host’s behavior in an advantageous manner, such that the host rose in the population hierarchy, securing the limited resources for the host’s, and hence the virus’s, benefit? What traits could accomplish that?


Aggressive, possessive behavior…Territorial behavior…




I am dominant!


I refuse to share!




The ouji paled upon that epiphany and closed his eyes, his stomach twisting his dismay. What now? What next? More importantly, how to purge the virus from Kakarot and Goten?




Goten stirred. Pushing himself off the ground with a groan, he sat back and held his throbbing head. His face contorted into a scowl as he recalled what happened, and with a low growl, he stood up smoothly. ‘Vegeta!’




Goku flew through the air, a frown on his face. When he had finally regained his sight, his mate was gone. And the sly bastard had somehow masked his ki and blocked their mental bond. His lips twisted into a lopsided smirk, drawing back to reveal sharp canines. ‘You can run, my little ouji, but I will find you, for you are mine!’


(Kia heaves the growing mess at Goten with a smirk.)



Chapter 36



(Catches the mess and falls over with a growl.)


            The larger warrior sliced quickly through the skies watching for any sign of his smaller mate, a deep scowl placed firmly over his face. Dark blood shot eyes scanned over the grassy terrain, coming up with nothing for several long minutes. The youngest full blood growl viciously in the back of his throat, clenching his fists tightly in irritation. Suddenly a mop of raven hair caught his eye and with a sharp jolt Goku stopped directly above the figure, watching the young man move with a glint of curiosity in his eyes. The older man dropped from the sky landing with a soft thud behind the other equally naked figure.


            “Nice to see you up and around son,” Goku spit out sarcastically.


            The youngest Son turned around with narrowed eyes and bared teeth.

“Sorry can’t say I’m happy to see you here… Now where the fuck is he?”


            “I was going to ask you the same thing and you better give me an answer,” he warned in a low tone.


            “I told you I don’t know, and you better not touch him again! I’m warning you, if you touch him again I’ll kill you,” the younger snarled, taking a step forward to get into the older man’s face, giving off the flare of a challenge.


            The rock hard expression did not shift until the full-blooded saiyan began to laugh out loudly. “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried. Just give up now and you wont have to get hurt you weak little shit.”


            A dangerous smirked played across both the figures faces as their powers began to slowly increase. Goten was the first one to explode in a brilliant golden flame, his hair now standing upright, with glowing teal eyes. Goku lowered his eyes and followed his son’s example and let his power level climb until he disappeared into a bright light. When the glow faded he gave

a small grin before launching towards the eager demi-saiyan.


            Vegeta’s head shot up and snapped to the side as he felt a huge explosion of ki a few miles away. “Shit Kakarot found Goten.” The ouji bit his lip as his mind wondered what he should do for the situation, that is until he heard a thunderous roar and a howl of agony. “Fuck this.” The ouji powered up and jumped into the air, flying as quickly as he could towards his fighting mates.


            Upon arrival he found the larger man pinning the slimmer one to the ground.

Goten’s arm was twisted behind his back and held firmly at the wrist, with a knee placed firmly in the middle of his back. The younger man growled in frustration as he wiggled furiously trying to shake himself out of the hold. “How do you like that? You’re pathetic! How could you ever think Vegeta would want someone as weak as you? It’s completely insulting to him.”


            “Kakarot get the fuck away from him!”


            The two men looked over and saw the ouji in the usual pose. Arms crossed over his strong chest and a frown upon his face, glaring at the two with a murderous look. “I said get the fuck away from him, I will not repeat myself again.”


            Goku smirked darkly and pulled on the already pressured arm, causing the youth to grunt in pain. “Very well Vegeta, whatever you say.” The larger man pushed himself to his feet and eyed the ouji with a lustful gaze.



Chapter 37


(Felix picks it up)


"Kisama, don't come near me," Vegeta threatened, his voice acidic, his glare hateful, "I know what you intend to do, and I won't let you do it."


Goku growled lowly, his tail snapping back and forth in agitation. His eyes shined with dark mischief, as if he was calculating in his mind - just waiting for the right time to take advantage of the situation and turn the tables towards his benefit.


Calmly, Vegeta shifted his attention to his other mate, "Goten, I want you to tell me what's the last thing you remember."


"I was at Capsule Corp., and we'd just finished eating. You went to go take a shower, and I drifted off to sleep-"


Vegeta suddenly felt very, very ill.


Goten had halted his explanation when he noticed the lack of color in his mate's face. The prince's voice dropped in volume, and very softly he asked, "What did you say?"


Goten repeated, then added, "We just finished eating and you went to take a shower. I fell asleep. When I woke up you and dad were gone, so I went to find you."


Vegeta snarled venomously, causing the younger hybrid to flinch in surprise. Roaring, Vegeta turned accusingly to his full-blooded mate, "What the HELL did you do to me!?" Goten thought to question the situation, but decided to leave it be when his father responded.


"It's not what I'm doing to you, it's what you're doing to me!" Goku retorted, his own expression now twisted in anger as well, "You won't accept me; you won't!"


"That's a lie! Shenron said-"


"FUCK WHAT SHENRON SAID!" Goku suddenly screamed, his eyebrows twisted in a mixture of pain and desperation, "I know the truth! I don't care - NO! - I don't want to care! I just want this to be over! This is worse than it was before!"


"What's worse!?" Vegeta boomed back, wishing the entire problem could be addressed, taken care of, and forgotten about.


"You.." the black-haired man whispered, "At first I liked you, I did, really, because deep down you are a good person, Vegeta." Sniffling loudly, Goku steadied his voice into a dark, rich, yet disturbing sound, "Even good people do bad things, and even good people feel negative things. And you hated me for so long."


"I don't hate you now-" Vegeta started to protest, before he was cut off.


"SHUT UP! I don't want to hear your half-assed lies! I don't need your words, I can feel the truth!!"


"Last night I-" again, interruption.


"LAST NIGHT WAS A LIE! JUST A DREAM! DON'T YOU GET IT!? ..And you call ME an idiot!? Last night was FAKE! It was MY dream, and that's all it'll ever be!!" Goku choked abruptly at the end of his brief tirade, giving just enough time for a comment to slip in.


"What the hell is going on!?" Goten shouted, more confused than ever.


"SHUT UP!! I can't take this! Everytime I look at you, all I see is my mistakes!" Goku continued, pointing a finger at his son, "I wasn't there! I wasn't a good father! I butted into your life, I butted into everyone's! Well I'm not SON GOKU anymore! I denounce the name! And as for Kakarot.." He then turned to the prince, who was staring mutely, "I despise it. I loathe it. It is an insult upon me to put me into my place verbally. I am not a third-class baka!! I AM MYSELF, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANY LONGER!"


Stunned silence took hold of the air, capturing the moment in all its anguish and glory. Goku collapsed to his knees, sobs breaking through his barriers, travelling up his throat and bursting out mournfully. He hugged himself, rocking back and forth as he shook his head, bangs hiding his eyes. "I'm so weak," he whispered to himself bitterly, his form shaking, trembling, writhing with the pain he felt.


"Hey..." Vegeta fumbled awkwardly, taking small solemn steps toward the young man in distress.


He paused as a quiet cry emitted into the night regretfully, "I hate myself..."


The ouji knelt, closing his eyes for a moment in an attempt to gain some bearings of himself, if not the situation. He was certain now that certain mood swings were characteristic towards the virus, and then at other times, Goku was being himself. He was at a loss as to what to say, never quite good at comforting people, and never had the problem been this serious. He looked at the ground, eyebrows knit in self-frustration. He was startled as Goten's voice came into play.


"Tousan.." he mumured, his eyes gentle towards the younger full-blood for the first time in weeks,

"Kaasan said you went to Heaven for us, for Earth. Because you were the cause of so many enemies threatening the planet and the one's you cared about."


A short, clipped response, "Hai."


"Did you know that mother was pregnant with me when you made the decision?"


"Iie. Don't you remember? The tournament?"


Goten seemed to ponder this for a moment before he carefully laid his hand on Goku's shoulder, "Then I cannot blame you for being dead. I am lucky to have you now at all. ...I love you, papa."


"Don't Goten.." the taller man edged away, adverting his gaze, "I don't deserve this. I am nothing, just like ouji-sama's been saying."


"I have never heard Vegeta say such a thing..!" Goten retorted, intent on dragging Goku out of his depression.


"That's because he does not speak it out loud," Goku announced, huddling, leaning, curling against himself as a last ditch effort to comfort himself, "It doesn't even matter now. It'll be over soon."


Goten raised an eyebrow nervously, "Dad..? What do you mean?"


Goku looked at him over his shoulder, dark eyes shifting from son to mate, then back. "You accept me, ouji," Goku informed, his eyes narrowing, "because it's easiest to dominate me when I want you. Well, no more, little ouji. Just as I promised, I will do to you, as you've done to me." Abruptly the larger Saijin rose to his feet, his face like a cold mask, "So this whole messy bond business will be taken care of, and you two can be on your stupid little way, and everything will go back to the way it was before, and you can screw each other senseless."


"You are not making sense!" Vegeta spat out, starting to snap out of his daze.


"Our bond can be broken," Goku informed, "It is no longer mutual. I will not be mates with such a

kusotare as you!" Blood dribbled from his nose, falling unnoticed as he flared into Super Saijin mode, his hair flowing with the movement of his aura. It was unlike any other aura he'd ever held, it was dark, inviting in a manner, and deadly. A deep blue outlined his skin, fading off into an opaque black. It seemed unnatural.


"Goten, get back," Vegeta whispered, his eyes not daring to even glance away from the form of the taller Saiyan. Quickly the young half-breed backed up so he was in line with his older mate. Unlike Vegeta, he fretfully looked between his father and his lover, wondering all that he missed, and disturbed by his father's sudden turn of demeanor.


"You will not have the glory of the kill!" Goku's voice boomed, his ki peaking, rising, extending higher regardless that he hadn't transformed. Tone acidic, stark of rationality, and disturbingly calm, "I will do what Vegeta wished to do to Son Goku, and then I will let Kakarot do to Vegeta as Vegeta wished to do to Son Goku." His eyes narrowed to two gleaming teal slits, a cold smirk on his lips as he barely spoke, "Run."


The ouji's hands grasped onto his youngest mate, and in an instant they were soaring through the skies.


Goku's laughter echoed behind them.



Chapter 38



(Kia gets a slew of mangled ideas…)


The pair sped through the skies, which rapidly grew dark and thunderous around them. Roiling black clouds formed around them, jagged spikes of lightning that steadily grew in intensity flashed within them. Within mere minutes, they were flying in a raging thunderstorm.


Vegeta swore murderously as they were buffeted by strong, gusty winds. Even powered up, it was hard to keep an even keel as the winds were unpredictable. They were practically flying blind; the heavy rains lowered the visibility to just a couple of meters. A strong flash of electricity cracked suddenly to his right, startling them both, and he could feel the strong discharge of negative ions that crackled through him. Cussing again, he tightened his grip on Goten and without warning, pulled the younger up with him as he ascended. His intention was to fly over the clouds and out of the unnatural storm.


Catching on quickly, Goten soon followed suit and the two powered up yet further, heading straight up. After an indeterminable amount of time, Vegeta started to get worried. Why haven’t they flown out of the clouds yet? Gray-black clouds now surrounded them like dirty smog and the only illumination was the golden glow around them and the occasional flash of lightning in the distance. Thunder continued to boom around them, synchronous with the lightning. He knew they were flying straight up, opposite to the pull of gravity, and at the speeds they were going, they should have broken through the stratosphere by now!   


A sudden though struck him. Yet, this wasn’t the real world, where laws of physics were obeyed. This was Goku’s metaphysical world, where anything was possible. And it was possible that they may never fly above the thunderstorm; that they may never escape.


Almost as if to confirm his suspicions, the roiling clouds around them became even darker, more ominous, the very air became heavy and stifling. He could hardly see past his own nose; he could barely make out the faint golden glow that surrounded Goten even though they were beside each other.


/Stop!/ Talking, even shouting, was practically impossible with the loud snaps of thunder crackling around them.


Startled, Goten turned to face Vegeta, who faced him squarely and reached out with his other hand to clasp the younger demi-Saiyan’s shoulder firmly. /Stop! This is not working… I had thought to fly out of this storm, but this is Kakarot’s world. And I do not think we can escape if he does not wish us to escape./


Goten’s eyes widened in shock and horror. /What do we do then?/


Vegeta drew him closer, his eyes boring piercingly into his younger mate’s, his arms sliding around to embrace him tightly. /We are in Kakarot’s world. A metaphysical world created probably in part by the virus within him. We have always appeared in Kakarot’s world./


His mental voice became serious, steely. /Where is your world, Goten?/


Goten stared at the ouji in open-mouthed shock for a few moments, as his mind stuttered incoherently. /I..I../


Hard onyx eyes pinned wide ebon ones fiercely. /It’s in you. We cannot wake up; I do not know how. And you are in a coma in the real world. Bring us out of here. Bring us into your world./


/But, I do not know how!/ Goten wailed in dismay, his body shaking slightly.


/Concentrate brat! Don’t break down now!/ Vegeta bared his teeth in frustration and shook the demi-Saiyan.


/How??!/ The storm continued to increase in intensity around them, the flashes of lightning appearing all around them now and the boom of thunder has merged into a continuous distant roar that deafened them, especially the older with his keener senses.  


Vegeta narrowed his eyes, his patience stretched to the limit by everything that has happened so far, and with a snarl, he tightened his grip on the younger male and sent his own mind hurtling across their bond into his mate’s.


A slew of chaotic images assaulted him, bright colors and loud sounds bombarding him on all sides as he barreled into the demi-Saiyan’s mind. For a moment, Vegeta stumbled and almost lost himself in the chaos. /Kami-dammit! Is this mess Goten’s mind??/


But years of experience and his own telepathic training in his youth quickly took over, and Vegeta straightened and centered himself. Expanding his awareness, he ruthlessly imposed some semblance of order and control over the confusion around him. Goten was still young, his life- experiences neither as numerous nor as dark as his own and it was relatively easy for the ouji to wade through the clutter. For a moment, as he made this way methodically through his younger mate’s memories, he felt a pang of envy; the light-hearted and easy-going demi-Saiyan had led a carefree and bright life in comparison to his own harsh experiences.


Vegeta could feel Goten’s confused awareness watching from the side and he extended a feeling of reassurance through their bond.


**trust me**allow me**damn but you have a messy mind**smirk**amusement**seriousness**stay with me now**focus**


Now in control, he slowly extended a mental blanket over the demi-Saiyan’s psyche. As the heavy, translucent layer settled, the various images/sounds/objects were covered by the ouji’s blanket and everything sank into the metaphysical floor like quicksand, leaving only a dimly lit darkness and the two mental presences behind. In the wake of nothingness, the two mental manifestations of the Saiyans became sharper, more tangible.


Beckoning to the wide-eyed half-breed, Vegeta continued extending his mental awareness out and down, until he was sure nothing was left. By now, Goten had walked over and was standing beside him. “What are you doing?”


“I’m clearing everything…figuratively.” They were both standing in utter, complete darkness now; the only illumination was from the faint glow that emanated from themselves. “If I clear your mind, which I can touch as I am bonded to you, whatever is left…” Vegeta spread his arms wide, “…can only be that from the virus.”


Goten looked around them in puzzlement. “But, there’s nothing left.”


Vegeta smirked, crossing his arms. “Ah, but there is.”


“Nani? You’re not making sense.” Goten ground his teeth in frustration as the ouji continued to stand there with a mysterious expression on his face.


Vegeta shook his head in amusement, and reached out and pulled in. Goten’s eyes widened as he felt their metaphysical space shrinking. “Wh..What are you doing?”


“There was something, but now that I’m pulling in the boundaries of your mind, there’s now nothing of yours outside, ne? Except what we want.”


“Huh?! What are you talking about?” Goten fairly screamed in frustration. “But what happens when the boundaries reach us??”


Vegeta’s smirk only deepened. The rate at which the mental boundaries were closing in was speeding up exponentially and both could feel their mental awareness being compressed rapidly on all sides. As they were not really there, but just the manifestation of their beings, they were not hurt, though they could feel a slight discomfort.


And even that sensation disappeared as everything shrank down to a singularity.










With a loud pop, the pair tumbled in a clumsy heap onto a hard, smooth surface. Vegeta, being the one who fell onto Goten, was the first to extricate himself and he stood up gracefully with a look of bemusement on his face. “This is your world, Goten?”


Goten sat up and rubbed the back of his head with a groan, before raising his head in curiosity. “What do you… mean….?” His voice trailed off as he got a look at the world that surrounded them.


Kakarot’s world was mostly a slew of natural landscapes, barring that eerie barren abandoned city, and there was little life on it, at least sentient life. With hindsight, Vegeta realized that while Kakarot’s metaphysical world was largely based on Earth, there were forgotten undertones and subtle hints of Vegetasei as well; probably a subconscious influence of his lost heritage. Idly, he wondered what his own world would reflect. Pushing that thought out of his mind, he concentrated instead on the world they are now in.


If Kakarot’s world was quiet and natural and empty of life, Goten’s world was noisy and artificially constructed and bustling. Slowly, the world took shape around them, various buildings appearing around them, beings appearing seemingly out of mid-air, each hurrying along on their own business and paying no heed to the two strangers that appeared in their midst. It appeared to be dusk in this world, garish neon signs springing to life even as they turned their heads curiously to survey their surroundings.


They appeared to be in some entertainment district of an extremely large city. They could see small eateries and fancier restaurants, swanky hotels and sleazier motels, large shopping complexes and discreet nightclubs. The honks and beeps of normal traffic filled the air around them, along with the usual loud cussing and murmuring drone of numerous voices.


A thought struck him and Vegeta reddened. ‘Shit!’ Looking down at himself, he heaved a mental sigh of relief. He remembered being stark naked, but right now, both males were clothed. Well…sort of.


He was dressed in a pair of soft black leather pants and heavy combat boots, but …. He raised an eyebrow in distaste and picked at his vest with a scowl. White fur??  He fingered the zip, half-thinking of stripping it off when he caught a look at Goten and burst out laughing.


The demi-Saiyan was smoothing down his loose navy silk shirt and twisting around to admire his skin-tight yellow vinyl pants. The shiny, stick-to-your-skin-if-you-even-think-about-sweating kind of vinyl. Mirrored black shoes and a studded collar completed the ensemble. His chestnut tail looked quite pretty against the yellow vinyl actually.


As assorted cooking smells assaulted their noses, both Saiyans’ stomach growled in unison and Vegeta was reminded that it had been too long since their last meal. He wasn’t sure if the food they ate here in this world would actually nourish their actual bodies but heck, he was too hungry to care. Cocking his head towards a nearby row of eateries, Vegeta did not wait to see Goten’s reaction before he started walking, knowing that the demi-Saiyan would follow. Patting his pockets, he felt a billfold; which meant he wouldn’t have to blast the stall owners to get food. Not that he would have minded much, but he knew how his mates would react. Speaking of mates…


He pondered thoughtfully as the two males munched hungrily in silence. Too hungry to wait at a restaurant, they had simply bought a mountain of convenience foods from the various stalls that littered the sidewalk, and ate as they made their way down the street. What the fuck was he to do about his mates? This escape into Goten’s world was only a temporary measure.


The facts.



"I was at Capsule Corp., and we'd just finished eating. You went to go take a shower, and I drifted off to sleep-"



Shit, he still felt a little queasy at that memory. His tail puffed out and he glanced down at his burger in distaste. So obviously Goten had not been in his right mind when …that took place. He had forgotten about it; did that mean that the virus had ‘taken over’ his mind? Obviously so. Oh god. Does that mean that all the times he did it with Kakarot… He gave a low growl of anger. That baka had better not have forgotten! It would be such a humiliating insult.


Bah. He had now lost his appetite. “Boy, do you want this?” He waved the half-eaten burger at a surprised Goten, cheeks puffed out with his own food. The legendary Son appetite was evident in him and the demi-Saiyan took the burger without further question.



"I will do what Vegeta wished to do to Son Goku, and then I will let Kakarot do to Vegeta as Vegeta wished to do to Son Goku."



What in blazes had Kakarot meant by that cryptic statement?! Vegeta gave a small shudder, hoping it did not mean what he thought he meant. Dammit, he was now quite sure that the virus had taken over the younger full-blood’s mind.


Vegeta eyes his younger mate out of the corner of his eye as they strolled along. Goten seemed normal and showed no signs of that earlier episode where he suddenly turned feral. Hn. He crossed his arms as his tail whipped behind him in irritation and anger. How dare that whelp tried to dominate him like that? Didn’t he know that he was the submissive one in their relationship?


…Didn’t he know that he was the submissive one…Vegeta stopped, his eyes opened wide as the thought stuck him. 



What happens to the virus when the host does not achieve dominance?



“Koi? Why did you stop?” A questioning voice broke him out of his stupor and Vegeta shook his head in negation. “Nothing…”


Goten cocked his head in puzzlement but did not question him further. The duo continued strolling down the street, the younger looking around in interested wonder, the older lost in his own thoughts.


Goten has always been the submissive one in their relationship… Even with the virus in him, and having shown at least one episode where control was lost… Vegeta smirked. Little clues showed that the younger automatically defers to him, trusting him to decide their course of action, allowing him readily into his mind, allowing him to do what he just did. Just like that. The ouji snorted. He doubt if he would allow anybody free reign into the sacred sanctum of his mind.


Even now, the younger was trailing him happily. The ouji’s smirk deepened and became positively evil. Dominance, eh? He can …show dominance. What it would do to the virus would be another matter but… His auburn tail lashed around to whip the younger male on his shiny yellow-vinyl covered butt.


“Ow!” Goten rubbed his ass with a frown. “What was that for, Vegeta?”


The royal only smirked and smacked him again, before changing direction to enter a building.


(Kia looks forward to a juicy, hot lemon…)



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