A Round Robin (39 - 41)

by Kiarene & Felix



Chapter 39



(...but Felix is evil)


As Vegeta and Goten stumbled in through the dark doorway, they suddenly halted their progress as they ran into a figure. Gasping, the prince backed up, keeping his youngest mate out of the way, "Kakarot!"


Wide, gleeming teeth, "Vegeta."


Goten peered over Vegeta's shoulder in concern, looking at Goku in horror, "Dad!! What happened to you!?"


The voice belonged to his father, but sounded nothing like him, "Son Goku put up a fight. He didn't believe this was the answer, but I fixed his opinion permanently." A response was not an option.


Goten shivered, noticing the sudden temperature decrease, "Why's it so cold in here??"


"We're no longer in your mind," Vegeta spoke lowly towards him, "This is Kakarot's domain."


"What do you call a prince who's too stupid to run?" the black-haired man interrupted the beginning of their conversation.


"Let me guess," the elder replied, "Vegeta?"


Smooth, rich laughter as fake as veneer, "Nice one, but no." His lips tugged outwards, grinning wide, "I think the answer you're looking for, is Dead."


Vegeta pushed Goten out of the door in enough time for Goku to close the distance between them, sealing off the exit with a subconscious thought, therefore trapping Vegeta within him while withholding admittance to his son. Strong arms wrapped around the thrashing form of the brunette. "Poor little ouji," mock-crooned Goku, "How embarrassing to visibly show your fear. That's a no-no and you know it. Don't you, little ouji?"


"Get off! Let me go! I demand you to!" Vegeta replied, trying his best the break from Goku's grasp.


"Oh no! I can't do that now," Goku purred, winding his arms around the prince, rendering Vegeta immobile once he lifted him off of the ground, "I got to tell you all the good parts. Son Goku's deep dark secrets. I think out of respect, I'd like to make your last moments enjoyable ones."


"You're not thinking right!" Vegeta grunted, still squirming, "You have a virus and it effects your thoughts!"


"The virus IS me, poor misguided ouji," Goku chuckled softly in his ear.


"What? What the fuck are you talking about!?"


"Saiyans adapt to their surroundings and circumstances. Son Goku created the virus to give him temporary escape from the real world. Things got muddled up when you chose Goten over him, the bond you shared between the two spread the virus to Goten's body through your mental connection."


"But the doctors said the virus was there for a few weeks!"


"Due to Goten's unique physiology, the virus appears to mature quicker. Goten can easily remove himself of the virus, if he ever gets lucky."


"What do you mean??"


"Kill the host and you kill the virus. But Goten is far too weak to achieve such a thing, especially when his only offense is about to become deceased."


"Wait! ..You imply that..Son Goku..desired me??"


"I do not imply things, little ouji, I state the truth. The truth about Son Goku is that he's really far gone. You have no idea, prince, just how fucked up he was. Friggin' loon. Yeah, you think you've got it bad because you were raped-" Vegeta tensed, but the movement practically went unnoticed. "-but Goku, man...Goku probably would've invited it. You know how he kept himself happy? Want to know how come he never flipped? Direction of anger. Everything he felt, he put it on himself. He trained just as hard, if not harder than you. Oh, and he would constantly damage himself to reap the benefits of "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger". Damn..I mean, have you ever seen his feet?" He shook the prince, indicating he wanted a response.


"N-No," Vegeta stuttered, wondering how much of this he should believe and how much he should discard.


"The amount of scars..oh, little ouji you could never count them all. He has scars on top of scars."


"How can I believe what you say? How do I know it's the truth?" Vegeta countered, and suddenly, he was released. The black-haired man tugged off navy boots and sat, his arches facing the prince. Grinning like a maniacal idiot, Goku wiggled his toes exposing all the criss-cross of welts. Vegeta began to gape when he steeled his foundations and spoke up, "We are in your world. Prove yourself. Show me." Goku frowned, but after a moment the dank hallway melted into a canyon.


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Chapter 40



(Kia wonders what the heck to do with it now…)


Vegeta blinked, his eyes flickering around him rapidly, all the while keeping a wary eye on the Saiyan opposite him as well. They were in the bottom of a narrow canyon, and above them, the sky was overcast with heavy gray clouds. Goku was seated on the hard, rocky ground, his legs stretched out in front of him as he wriggled his scarred, bare feet, while Vegeta was still standing up.


After a few moments, Goku leaned forward, grinning madly. “And now, little ouji…”


“Wait, Kakarrot…Goku…” Vegeta stuttered, wondering what to call the deranged male in front of him.


Goku frowned darkly. “I told you already! I am not Kakarrot, nor am I Son Goku!”


“Then who are you?” Vegeta shot back.


“I..I am…” The younger Saiyan’s face twisted in angry confusion. “I am NOT Kakarrot! I am NOT Son Goku!” His voice rose to a loud growl as he shook his head, his eyes unfocused.


The prince was hit with a sudden wild idea and he dropped to his knees in front of the other, crawling forward to look the other right in his eyes, breathing huskily. “No, you are my koi…”


Goku blinked rapidly, and abruptly, the anger dropped off his face, leaving only an uncertain confusion that was tinged slightly with hope. “I am?”


“Hai…” Vegeta nodded fervently. “You are not Kakarrot or Son Goku, but you,” he punctuated his sentence with a soft kiss on the other’s lips, “you are my mate.”


“Vegeta…” Goku whispered, and for a moment, the prince was hopeful that he had broken through to the other. Then his face scowled again in petulant anger, looking just like a kid who is throwing a tantrum. “No! You are trying to trick me!” With a feral snarl, he grabbed the smaller male’s shoulders and twisted around, slamming him hard against the rock face.


“Why would I trick you? How can I trick you?” Vegeta panted as the breath was knocked out of him. He pushed down the urge to retaliate; instead, he relaxed limply in the other’s hold and leaned forward slightly, purring seductively. “We are in your world; you are in control here. Goten isn’t here, and I don’t want him! I want you…”


The taller male looked down at the prince from his greater height, sneering. “Right. You would say anything because you are scared that I will kill you, no?” 


“I am not scared of death or pain.” Vegeta sneered back. “I died twice, remember?”


The thickly muscled arms bent, bringing the brawny Saiyan closer to the trapped figure. “Doesn’t mean anything. Doesn’t mean that you don’t want not to die.”


“So are you going to kill me then?” Vegeta tossed his head proudly, or as much as he could while trapped between a hard place and a harder male. Then he blinked, and almost laughed out loud. Goku was hard; he could smell the other’s arousal and a quick glance down confirmed it. “Does the thought of killing me give you a rush?”


“Yeah, it does.” Goku pressed closer, grinding his erection into the Vegeta’s stomach lewdly. He released one hand to grope the smaller male’s groin roughly. “And I see that fear turns you on.”


“It is not fear.” Years of living on Frieza’s ship had taught the prince to control himself; it’s hard to remove the scent of fear, but he could mask it under another scent though. He rubbed himself shamelessly against Goku’s hand as he purred. “It is not …fear…”


Goku’s breathing became heavier as a slim hand moved to stroke his throbbing hard-on. “So you desire me? Slut…”


“As much as you want me too.” Vegeta growled, flushing at that insult and removed his hand. “Fine.”


“Aww…don’t get huffy, little ouji.” Goku groaned in frustration and dropped his other hand down to stroke over the camber of the prince’s hips. “Don’t stop; it’s just getting fun…”


Vegeta bared his teeth in anger. “Why not? You obviously did not believe me when I said I want you, and you insulted me.”


There was a slight pause, and then the expression on the taller male’s face became darker. “Do you mean it?” When Vegeta kept quiet and turned his head away, Goku grew angrier. One of his hands flew up to grip the prince’s neck tightly. “I said, do you mean it?”


“Why…does it mat.ter..?”


Goku loosened his choking grip slightly. “Because I want to know! You said you cared for me, that you loved me!”


At this point, Vegeta snapped his stare back up at the other incredulously. ‘He lost it.’ The virus was really warping the younger Saiyan’s logic; one minute he wants love and the next, he wants to kill his love. Suddenly, Vegeta knew.


Kakarrot just wanted attention. Not from his fawning groupies, but from him. And he was a jealous person; if he can’t have the prince, then no one else could. Initially, the Earth-raised Saiyan may have been content to share with his son, to share the attention but Goten’s jealousy triggered his rage again and he snapped. Vegeta recalled the scene in the medical wing and then the bathroom back in the CC, about how both kept vying for his attention, and how right after that, Goten fell into a coma. Somehow, though he did not know how exactly, Kakarrot must have done it through their link.




Goku leaned forward to hear the low whisper, his expression scaling from needy confusion to crazed anger. “Yes what? Yes, you do have feelings for me? Yes, you do love me? But why should I believe you? How can I believe you?” A low rumbling growl started in his chest. “You think I’m a fricking loon right? You think you can confuse me? You think you can pull one over me? I told you! I am not Goku; Goku was dumb and naïve but I know better!”


“I’m not! When ever have you known me to lie?!”


“Prove it!”


“How??” Vegeta screamed in frustration. “What more do you want? I’m here with you! I want you! What more do you want??


For a moment, Goku was stunned and his grip loosened. The older Saiyan pressed forward with his slight advantage and repeated more softly, but just as fervently. “I want you, koi.” And he reached up and cupped the taller male’s cheeks, bringing him down for a passionate kiss.


Goku gave a low groan at that touch and dropped his hand, moving his arms instead to wrap around the slender prince crushingly. Heads tilted further, unconsciously angling for a deeper kiss as tongues tangled for dominance. Suddenly, Goku bit down on the older’s lower lip, drawing blood and a startled gasp as Vegeta pulled his head back, a hurt look on his face.


“Why did you do that for?”


“Do you think you can trick me?”


“Nani?!” Vegeta blinked rapidly. Shimatta! Just when he had been so close again… He almost growled in frustration. It was like a stupid dance; two steps forward, one step back and three steps spinning to the side before they both fall down.


“Prove it.” The lustful expression on Goku’s face was replaced by a crueler smirk. “Show me that you are mine only. Show me that you care for me only.”


‘I can’t do that! I care for you but not you only!’ Vegeta screamed silently in his mind, but he knew he couldn’t say that aloud. One wrong word might sign his death warrant. Years spent under Frieza’s thumb taught him the hard way that fairness and logic meant nothing to someone who was not only crazy, but had the power to back up his delusions. Vegeta was hot-tempered and he was a prince; used to being obeyed, but many sessions in the regeneration tank had finally drove home that point. Occasionally his anger slipped out, but now was definitely the time to keep a tight rein on it.


He tried again coolly “How? How do I show you?”


“Sever your tie with Goten.”


Astonished eyes widened. “I can’t do that! Shenlong had said before; even he could not sever a Saiyan mating bond!”


“I don’t care! Just sever your bond with Goten!” Goku screamed in rage, his pupils dilating as he started panting in rapid, shallow breaths. His arms still wrapped around the smaller body, and Vegeta hissed under his breath in pain as fingers dug painfully into his sides. “You said you love me, prove it! I know you can do it, you just don’t want to give that brat up, don’t you?”


“All right!” A sudden yell. “All right! I sever my bond with Goten!” Vegeta lowered his voice wearily.


Immediately, Goku calmed down. His eyes narrowed in suspicion. “I’ll be watching.”


Vegeta took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He knew he could not remove that bond, but maybe, just maybe if he blocked his side of the bond enough such that Kakarrot was fooled into believing that he had cut that bond. Kakarrot did not really know much about telepathy; he was strong, yes, but clumsy too, lacking the finesse as he had not formal mental training.


Vegeta had no other alternative now. Locating Goten’s bright presence in his mind, he paused, centering himself mentally and gathering his thoughts. In another corner of his mind, where his bond with his other mate resided, he could feel Kakarrot watching. ‘I’m sorry, Goten.’ He damped down the bond, as what he usually did when he wanted mental privacy, and then he abruptly threw up a wall against the faint tendril that remained, pushing it deep within the layers of his mind, hoping that it would looked as if that bond had suddenly disappeared.


When he opened his eyes again, he found the other staring down at him with a triumphant smirk and a lustful glint in his eyes. “Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it, little ouji?” Before Vegeta could respond, Goku slanted his head down again for a smacking kiss. Vegeta’s head snapped back with the ferocity of that kiss and Goku grinned, forcing the smaller male back against the hard cliff wall behind him as he purred. “Mine…”


Ripping the tacky fur vest off, Goku dipped his head again, this time to lick at the raised scar tissue on the prince’s neck. His hands gripped slimmer wrists tightly and raised them high above their heads, forcing the shorter male to stand up on his toes.


“Kisama! Let me down!” Vegeta thrashed wildly, but he was helpless to break free of the brawny fighter’s iron grip. 


Goku purred more loudly, feeling very turned on and aroused by the feeling of the warm, lithe body squirming between him and the rock face, and by the dominance rush. The tip of his tail snaked into the waistband of the tight pants and yanked downwards, ripping the thin leather. Methodically, the brown appendage tore the fabric off, while the tail’s owner more preoccupied with ravishing his hotly flushing captive.


Goku nipped and sucked his way down his mate’s neck, reveling in the soft carnal sounds of pleasure and pain. God, he needed this… He needed Vegeta like a drug. The feisty little ouji caused him so much pain and heartache; all the scornful little comments and insults, the careless neglect… Sometimes he just wanted to kill the other. But no, Son Goku was a nice guy… He doesn’t do things like this.


The tall warrior chuckled low in his throat, a staccato deep laugh as he bit into a hardened nipple, drawing a sharp yip. But he wasn’t Son Goku. Oh no, he wasn’t that. Pulling back slightly, he grinned down at his smaller mate. The ouji’s face was blushing pinkly and his gaze was cast downwards, dark lashes fluttering as his breaths came out in panting gasps. Ripped fabric were strewn on the rocky ground around them, and the slender prince presented such a luscious sight as he squirmed uncomfortably with his wrists pinioned above him, clad only in a fine sheen of sweat and heavy black boots.


“Look at me, little ouji…” Goku purred. “I want to see your expression when you scream my name…”


Vegeta shuddered as the younger male laughed again. A deep, mocking sound that was nothing like the innocent, sunny laughter he had always associated with the cheerful Earth-raised Saiyan. Flushed with shame, he closed his eyes. He cannot deny that he was getting very excited as well, to be restrained in such a manner.  And he loved and hated it.


The burly male pressed closer, the orange gi’s soft fabric rippling and brushing lightly against his bare skin and raising the fine hairs teasingly. Vegeta moaned and arched into the brawny, warm body, his head falling forward to rest on the broad shoulders of his mate. This close to the other, the musky sweet scent of the other was stirring him and his body reacted instinctively to the one that had marked him as mate. A sharp pain on his thigh snapped his eyes open and he jerked up to look at the other.


“I said! Look at me!” Goku pouted. “Undress me.”


Vegeta’s puffed tail came up to deftly pull at the navy sash and the orange pants dropped. “Good ouji.” Goku grinned as he kicked away the pants, leaving him clad only in his blue and orange top, and waved the tip of his own tail in front of their faces. “Now suck.”


Vegeta growled lowly, though there was more arousal than anger in his tone, and he opened his mouth, licking and sucking on the furry tip wetly. Flashing onyx eyes held rapidly glazing ones as the brunette reclaimed back a bit of control. “’eta…geta…oh god…veGETA!” The grip on his wrists slackened slightly as the heavier fighter stumbled against him, crushing him to the rock wall behind him.


Vegeta huffed as the breath was knocked out of him and accidentally bit down. Goku shrieked and Vegeta immediately released the tail in his mouth. To his surprise however, the younger male looked down at him with heavily lidded eyes and purred jerkily as he brought his tail up again. “That..was good. Do it again.”


The prince blinked, and then smirked. So he likes it rough? He likes pain? He recalled what the other said earlier. Yeah, you think you’ve got it bad because you were raped, but Goku, man… Goku probably would have invited it. And he nipped down on the furry appendage again, alternating between a light gnawing motion and sharp bites, occasionally wrapping his tongue around the abused area and laving it soothingly. The sharp tang of blood filled his mouth, highly arousing and exciting as he watched his larger mate get off on the mix of pain and pleasure.


Goku cried out in hissing ecstasy as he tossed his head back in tandem to his hips’ rolling motions against the smaller figure. “Ghhoods, Vegeta! Ohhhh…fuck… AhHH!” His hands splayed out, but instead of releasing the other’s wrists, his fingers sank deeply into the bedrock, trapping both of their hands.




Vegeta released the quivering tail again with a smirk. “What wrong? Can’t take it?”


Goku leaned forward, his attempt at looking menacing broken by his shaky breaths and ruddy cheeks. “N..No… I just want to do this instead…” And his tail coiled around a nude thigh, guiding it willingly to hook around his waist as he slanted his head to claim the prince’s parted lips in another kiss. “Vegetaah…”


Vegeta’s startled gasp was swallowed by the other’s mouth over his own, and he arched up moaning, as the sodden length within him started moving; he swore he could feel each bristly guard hair. The tip stroked tantalizingly against his prostate and he pressed back, jerking his hips as much as he could, trying to get more pressure and friction on that area, but it wasn’t enough… A low whine of frustration rose in his throat as he thrashed futilely. His other leg swung up to wrap around a muscled waist, but Goku spread his legs wider and leaned in, stopping the smaller male’s attempts at movement.


“Uh uh…” An amused chuckle.


Vegeta made a strangled noise that was somewhat between an angry growl and keening whimper as he rubbed his cheek against the chiseled chest in front of him, his pride holding him back from voicing what he wanted.


“Tell me what you want, little ouji, and I’ll give it to you…” Goku withdrew his tail slowly, grinning all the while.


Vegeta saw red at the teasing, his lips curling back in a feral snarl and he raked his teeth down the younger male’s chest before biting down hard on a pebbled nub. At the same time, his auburn tail lashed stingingly, raising red welts on Goku’s bare butt and hamstrings. The brawny fighter threw his head back with a yowl at the dual assault, a sharp cry of anger, pain and excitement, and Vegeta smirked wickedly just before he sank his sharp canines into the sensitive, fleshy junction between the neck and shoulder.


Goku was in sensory overload from the fiery pain that blossomed over his torso, his eyes rolling back in his head at the intense, exquisite stimulation as he shuddered violently. He bit down on his lip as he tried to retain his control, to stop from just taking his mate just there and then, because he really wanted to hear the other beg.


But when the feisty prince bit into his neck, he snapped.


Fragments of rock rained down over their heads as their hands were abruptly free from their confinement and strong hands lifted slender hips. Twin howls of pleasure echoed down the canyon as thick heat slammed roughly into tight flesh. Without pausing, Goku pulled out slightly and then thrust back hard, quickly setting a fast and brutal pace.


Vegeta screamed at the pure, animalistic sensation that washed over him, arching back against the stone wall behind him and pushing back, as his nails raked bleeding lines over the younger’s brawny shoulders. He felt like he was on fire, he felt like he was going to break from the pounding or explode from the intense pleasure that coursed through his body, and he wanted more.


Goku forgot all about his previous conviction to kill the other; all he could think of, all he was aware of, was the wet heat he was sheathed in, the lithe body that writhed madly against his, the delicious friction and the overwhelming presence of his mate. “Mine..mine..Vegeta…mine…” He panted the mantra unconsciously as he rocked his hips in a rapid, hard rolling motion. All too soon, he felt that familiar tightening as both approached their climax, the tensing of the heated flesh around his pushing him closer to the edge and he sped up, ramming in harder, until both abruptly came with a loud cry.


His knees giving way, Goku faintly remembered at the last moment to twist around such that he did not fall on the smaller prince. His thoughts were suffused with love for his mate, and he wrapped possessive arms around the slim figure tightly. Sighing in deep contentment, he nuzzled his nose into the soft upswept hair and inhaled the familiar spice of his mate.


And as Vegeta lay limp in his brawny mate’s embrace, a quivering tail came up to coil around his neck and he heard one last whisper before he passed out. “Mine…


(Kia flops back, tired…)



Chapter 41



(Felix sighs, just writing whatever)


Vegeta awoke groggily, his head, as well as other parts of this anatomy, was throbbing. His muscles were stiff, and the air was very cool. Shaking slightly, the ouji rubbed his hands against his forearms, sitting up to examine the area. Once he completed the movement he realized how much of a mistake it was. His vision blurred from a blasting migraine. He winced before closing his eyes completely, trying to ride out the fury of the headache, hoping that it would subside. It did, partially, enough to be bearable, and he turned his attention to his mate, who was now missing.


"Kakarot?" he called out, his voice hoarse. Still trembling, he slowly and carefully got to his feet, his joints creaking in protest. "Nngh," he groaned in discomfort, pushing himself up and onto his feet. Blinking blearily, he scanned the canyon, only to find that his mate was missing. 'Oh joy,' he thought to himself sarcastically, wondering what surprise was to come from this.


A wave of panic ran through him, and cautiously, oh so cautiously, he checked to make sure Goten was ok. Easing his troubled mind, he found the half-breed to be safe and unharmed. He sighed and limped in a random direction. 'Goddamn baka!' Vegeta cursed to himself, 'He is too rough!' He wasn't sure how much more of the frenzied matings he could take. What was with that anyway? Oh yes, now he remembered: Saiyan hormones. He liked that train of thought, and took off with it, scheming already. His initial reaction to finding out Goku had a tail, was to remove it. If he did such a thing now, there was a definite, and strong, possibility he could overpower Goku.


But then what?


The younger man was wild, untamable, and even more likely, insane. His moods were sporadic at best, and all sense of logic was gone. He had said the virus was him, that he created the virus as a means of escape. Escape from what? was the important question. Perhaps what the prince wanted to know the most was What caused Kakarot to become like this?


If the Saiyan he was interacting with now did speak the truth, and Goku was into the whole self-mutilation bit - how could he hide such dark thoughts and/or actions?


And, to be able to easily spin a world of pure telekinetics - to shift from reality, to an astral plane so simply - it would take laborious amounts of control and practice. Vegeta had many a training sessions so that he may transform into his Oozaru state and still hold his rational mind, but this was by far more intense, and more involving.


Stopping his morning walk, Vegeta leaned against the rock face and pondered away at the possibilities. Something didn't feel right about the situation, when he sat down and thought about it. He felt as if there was a missing piece to the puzzle, but he couldn't tell which one yet because the picture wasn't near completion. Or maybe it was - maybe he was close to figuring this whole thing out and all he was missing was this (whatever it may be) one tidbit of information. He was going to plot out the entire thing when he was suddenly interrupted.


"RRrkhah!" a shout came from above, and before he could respond, a Goku landed before him, naked except for splotches of blood. Vegeta could do nothing save for staring at the wide-eyed, grinning face of his mate.


His mate, he reminded himself. You are mated to this...


...this thing...


Making a variety of savage noises, Vegeta was only semi-relieved that Goku sent the feeling-translation to him. Instead of telepathy, he merely sent an emotional version of words. An interesting trait for a Saiyan to have, especially since the only ones Vegeta knew of who could do it, were the elite. Well-trained elite, that is.


The general consensus leaned towards a translation of, 'Good morning, _rahgh_. Will you bear witness?' What a "rahgh" was, Vegeta wasn't too sure, but considering the entire conversation, as of so far, made absolutely no sense, he merely continued his incredulous gaze. Breathing steadily, the ouji tried his best not to break eye contact, knowing it would provoke a non-pleasant situation.


Quirking his head to his side, Goku sat back on the heels of his feet, resting forearms on knees, 'Kakarot was like _rahgh_. Kakarot had to go.'


Whispering in a firm voice, Vegeta replied, "Go where?"


Goku leapt backwards suddenly, doing a handstand; he dangled his feet to show the prince, purring. Vegeta swallowed as his eyes examined the black-haired man's torn up feet. This is where the blood had come from, and was still flowing. A word was sent this time, not just an emotion, 'Penance.'


"You...You said you were not Kakarot."


Clicking his tongue, the other Saiyan grinned, then opened his mouth to speak, "Kakarot said he was not Kakarot, but he would never ever become a non-Kakarot, like me. Only Kakarot is Kakarot, and only Kakarot can be Kakarot, so Kakarot can be no one else but Kakarot."


"Where is..Son Goku?"


The other frowned in thought, then grinned once more, "Son Goku had to go."


"Go where?" Vegeta repeated the question from earlier.


The answer was the same, "Penance."


"Why are you here?" Vegeta finally asked.


Kicking his feet to fling excess blood away, the younger male suddenly became serious,

"Purgatory." His dark eyes narrowed just enough to be noticeable, and Vegeta didn't take this as a good sign. That as well as the low growl which reverberated down the canyon from his throat.


Shooting an arrow in the dark, Vegeta blurted out, "What about the virus?"


"Son Goku and Kakarot are wrong. There is no virus."


"But Goten-!" Vegeta began to protest when he instantly regreted his poor choice in words. Goku's form roughly slammed down into a crouching stance, splattering blood against the gritty stone. The speech option was revoked, and the conversation was reverted back to its previous state.


'That _nurakta_ requires damn nation!'


Vegeta knew that word, and he tried his very best not to show his anger to Goku. He wasn't sure exactly what was going on at the moment, so he did not wish to pose a threat, at least, not at that particular time. Even so, he grit his teeth and held his tongue. He wanted to protest, to disprove, to beat sense into the other Saiyan, not only in general, but for daring to call Goten such a disrespectful name. A nurakta was the uke of the relationship, but the word was a more offensive degree of "bitch".


"You call your own son such vileness. Why?" And for another matter, how did he know such a word?


'Repent! Penance! Purgatory!' the younger howled.


"Fine! What about the virus!?"






Abruptly bursting into laughter, the black-haired man teased, "Kakarot owns _rahgh_, and the _rahgh_ is scared of a virus! Ouji, ouji...misplacement of perspective!" And then, he screamed, but Vegeta didn't notice, he was too busy screaming himself, for his migraine had returned with such an intensity, he thought he'd go blind.


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