A Round Robin (39 - 41)

by Kiarene & Felix 



Chapter 42



(Kia has not forgotten about Goten…)


Goten cursed as the door slammed into his face. He pounded furiously on the barrier, but the door remained immobile. Powering up with a growl, he slammed a heavy fist into the door. In his ascended state, even a solid foot of metal would have caved in, but that blasted door remained stubbornly intact. “Vegeta!” He yelled, both physically and mentally, but there was no response. “Let me in! Dad! Vegeta!!”   


Finally, fist throbbing and slightly hoarse, he stopped and rested his forehead against the door. Shimatta. What was he to do now? He sank to the floor in abject disappointment and frustrated anger. Once again, his father was one step ahead of him. Even in his world. How does that bakayaro do it? How??


Goten closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall tiredly.




Trunks and Gohan walked into the infirmary to check on their family. Vegeta, Goku and Goten were lying on three single beds, Vegeta between the two taller males. All three were still unconscious, and an array of machines monitored the trio and kept them alive. Thick nutrient solutions were pumped directly into their stomach and tubes cleared their bodies’ waste products.


“No change?” It wasn’t really a question; Gohan could see for himself the machines’ readouts. He was just worried and felt the need to talk as he turned his father over. This was to prevent bedsores.


“No…” Trunks massaged his father’s limbs. “The strange thing is, their brain waves do not follow the usual pattern for coma victims. They don’t even seem to be asleep.”


“What do you mean?” Piccolo asked as he walked in, Dende one step behind him.


“Piccolo!” Gohan turned, smiling with relief at the sight of his mentor. Tall and serious, Piccolo projected a calming, assuring aura.


“Normally, when we are awake, our brain is highly active. Look at that monitor.” Trunks got up and walked over to his father’s monitor, tapping on the green screen. “Those are typical alpha waves, something you see when the person is awake. When you sleep, brain activity slows down, giving gamma and finally theta waves when you slip into REM sleep. Both the amplitude and frequency of the brain waves decreases as sleep deepens. Theta waves are the slowest oscillating waves of all. There are no alpha waves in deep sleep. However, the strange thing is that all of their brains register not only delta and theta waves, but alpha and beta waves as well. What does this mean?”


He turned a piercing look at the other three. He had a theory, but he wanted to work this out with the others. “Alpha waves are seen when one is relaxed and awake. Beta waves are observed in highly stressful situations, where mental concentration and focus is required.” He emphasized the words, allowing them to sink in.


Gohan frowned as he continued working on his father, rubbing and stroking to improve blood circulation. “They are dreaming? And the dream is very strong, so much so that they are almost …conscious?” He kneaded at his father’s upper arms. “Look, this is really strange. They often twitch and move, and right now Dad’s awfully tense. It’s like…” His brows drew together further as he struggled with his nagging suspicion.               


Dende had taken up a place beside Goten and was doing the same thing to the unconscious demi-Saiyan. “You think they are trapped in their dreams. And it’s just not simple dreams either.” The young Namek stated calmly.


“Hai.” Gohan nodded.


“Their brain waves seem almost coordinated as well. When one jumps, one or both of the others jump as well, and their bodies tense up.” Trunks flushed, recalled an earlier incident where he had walked in and both his father and Goku’s brain waves were spiking wildly. That wasn’t the only thing that went up as well.


“So it is highly likely that they are all trapped in a dream.” Piccolo looked down at Goku thoughtfully. “And is there any way of waking them up?”


Trunks shook his head in frustration. “We’ve tried everything, even ice-water and electric jolts.”


Dende looked at Piccolo with a nod. “Piccolo suspected that the problem could be mental in nature and asked me to come down today for that purpose. As you know, Nameks have even stronger telepathic powers than Saiyans, and I may be able to enter their dream to draw them out. Or at least find out what’s happening.”


“But what if you get trapped inside?” Gohan asked worriedly.


Dende shook his head. “Unlikely. I won’t be sleeping; I’ll be going into a meditative trance and I’ll retain full control of my mental faculties.”


Trunks scowled. “Dangerous. Very risky…”


“But what else can we do? The dragonballs have been used a while back and are inactive for a few more months at least.” Dende murmured. “Saa… Do not worry. I spend even more time than Piccolo meditating; my strength lies not in physical strength like Piccolo, but rather mental powers.”


“How long more do you think they can afford to remain in a coma like this?” Piccolo asked bluntly.


Trunks chewed on his lower lip. “I’m not sure. They are being fed, but Saiyan metabolism is so active that liquid food is no substitute. And they seem to be burning more energy than they should, that is if they are actually asleep. They are losing weight… I’ll say another week before their bodies are in danger of shutting down and cannibalizing itself.”


“Who?” Gohan asked. “Whose mind will you enter, Dende?” A silence fell over the room as demi-Saiyans and Nameks looked at the unconscious trio. At that point, the monitors beeped again as the two older Saiyans’ brainwaves started spiking.


“What’s happening?” Gohan looked panicky, rushing over to his father’s side. “What’s wrong?”


“This happened earlier when I came in too. I don’t think they are in danger though…” Trunks coughed, his face red. All eyes fell on the obvious tents in the two full-blooded Saiyans’ loose gi bottoms, and all remembered what Vegeta said earlier about how he was …mated to both Sons. Both males writhed, making little purring and growling noises. Their tails were puffed to twice the normal diameter and lashing wildly.


The four onlookers tried to look away, but it was hard, especially when they started to jerk and pant softly. “So… I think perhaps we should not interrupt them.” Piccolo stated wryly. Even his normally cool expression faltered when Vegeta gave a particularly deep and drawn out groan, his hips arching up as his hands fisted in the bedsheets.


“Hai, hai…” Dende nodded, his cheeks flushing a deep purple as he sat down beside Goten, his back to the two full-blooded Saiyans. Closing his eyes, he started to settle into a trance.


“Help me push their beds further away, so that they don’t disturb Dende…” Trunks whispered.


“Were they like this just now when you came in?” Gohan hissed back. They pushed the beds together against the far wall. The two full-blooded Saiyans seem to sense each others presence despite being unconscious, and turned slightly to face the other.


“Ahm… I didn’t stay to watch.” Trunks growled. “What? Do you think I’m a hentai?”

The sons’ eyes watched as Goku’s tail found and coiled tightly around Vegeta’s waist, the tip flicking lightly against the prince’s impressively hard erection. Both gulped, and then turned around. Piccolo had pulled up a chair beside Dende.


“Ohhhh…. I just can’t imagine our dads …doing it.” Gohan blushed wildly. “Well, actually, I can. I just can’t imagine them getting together… Oh shit! Image!” He slapped himself. And again.


“Here.” Trunks handed Gohan a small towel.




“To clean them up after.” Trunks growled. “You do your dad this time. I had to clean both when I came back after …they were done earlier.”


Both sons fell silent as they pulled up a chair each. They sat side by side a little self-consciously as they faced away and watched Dende, trying hard to ignore the little sounds behind them.




Goten snapped his eyes open when he felt something… He frowned, concentrating. Suddenly his eyes widened. No! He felt nothing! Where the distinctive presence of Vegeta was, strong and warm, was …nothing!


He scrambled to his feet, all sorts of thoughts and emotions whirling through him. Anger, confusion, hurt, puzzlement, betrayal…




Goten stumbled along the dark hallway and back out into the open street, dazed. He tried to ‘look’ for Vegeta mentally, but lacking the proper mental training, he couldn’t. It was as if Vegeta had suddenly severed their bond. ‘But it’s not possible! Shenlong himself said he couldn’t break the bond if it was mutual…’


How? WHY?!




Dende opened his eyes. “Oh Shin!!” The young god swore. Since he obviously couldn’t curse himself, he cursed a higher power instead. It was a rare occurrence though.


Dende had led a highly protected and sheltered life. Back on Namek, he was just an ordinary boy. He wasn’t a fighter; he was a healer. And here on Chikkuyu, he was the new Guardian of the planet, and so he spent most of his time at the Lookout. Everyone kept him safe, even if he didn’t wanted to. Though he could see almost anything that was going on in his domain, he had never been this up close.


People bustled around him, and garish signs jumped out at him. The teenage Namek held his hands over his sensitive ears protectively, deafened by the cacophony of noise around him. Walking along timidly, he observed his surroundings, hoping to find Goten. Concentrating, he could feel the demi-Saiyan’s ki in the distance, and he started to walk more briskly.


Strange thing was, nobody was staring at him. Nobody noticed a green alien walking among them. Dende looked down at himself, his eyes widening in shock. The teenage god was no longer dressed in the loose white robes and maroon vest. Instead, he was wearing a pair of billowing pants in a gauzy white fabric, and a maroon velvet collar around his neck.


He blushed again.




Goten sat in a corner booth in the darkened restaurant, picking gloomily at his food. He had eaten a bit; a lot by Ningen standards, but only a bit by Saiyan standards. A few empty bottles of beer and liquor littered the floor beside him, and the morose teen stared into the recently emptied 100% proof vodka bottle. He was seriously considering asking the waiter for a joint.


‘Why not? It is my world… I can have any bloody thing I want.’ He gave a bitter laugh. ‘Except my mate.’


He turned the clear glass bottle over and placing a finger below the mouth, he lit the tip with a small flare of ki. “Whoo hoo!!” He fell back giggling madly as the alcohol fumes in the bottle combusted.


“Who hoo…” The blackened bottle rolled forgotten onto the floor as his hysterical laughter died down. Tears welled up in his eyes. “Why…?”




Goten turned his head around curiously when a finger tapped him on his shoulder. Nobody had addressed him by his name yet, on this world. “How did you know… Vegeta!”


Dende yipped in surprise as arms wrapped tightly around his waist. “Goten!” He squeaked, pushing the corded arms away unsuccessfully.


Goten finally released his mate, and pulled back to look at the prince in delight. In his eyes, the prince never looked sexier. “God, I’m so happy to see you, koi. When I felt you disappear from my mind, I assumed the worst… What happened between you and Goku? He looked ready to kill you, what happened?”


Dende blinked rapidly as Goten rambled on, trying to assimilate what the young demi-saiyan was telling him. And all he could come up with was the image of the two older Saiyans writhing and moaning in the infirmary beds. The young god blushed again.


“Mmmm…” Goten purred as he raked his eyes down the lithe body. “You look grrrreat, koi. What happened to your other clothes? I like this much, much better though. You look straight out of Arabian Nights.”


Dende crossed his arms across his bare chest self-consciously. “I’m not Vegeta!”


“What do you mean?” Black eyes narrowed.


“I mean, I’m not Vegeta! I’m Dende!” The young Namek repeated.


“No, I know what Dende look like, and you’re NOT green or bald or Namek!” Goten patted the air above Dende’s head. “Look at this thick hair…” He grabbed the Namek’s arm, peering at it in the dim lighting. “And this skin is definitely not green, it’s a very nice shade of olive.”


‘Oh shit! Goten’s deluded… This is his mind and he’s seeing what he wants to see.’ A million thoughts ran wildly through the teenage Namek’s mind. He tried to recall what Vegeta said on the Lookout. The feisty Saiyan prince was mated to both Goku and Goten… and it seemed that neither Son was particularly happy about that arrangement. Both were extremely jealous; the young god was sure of that. And somehow, Goku had managed to take Vegeta away, leaving Goten behind.


Then all thoughts of the three Saiyans’ problems flew out of his head as problems of his own popped up. Goten yanked him down for a bruising kiss, muscular arms pinning his own tightly. Dende was panicking. This was NOT in his rescue plan!


And this was NOT how he imagined his first kiss to be like! He had always thought it would be sweet and light, not wet and hot and messy. And he had most certainly not realized that the tongue was involved!


‘The details you don’t see because you’re 3000 feet above… and because Gods aren’t expected to participate…’ The Namek was hapless against the more experienced Saiyan. He squirmed, but that only served to excite the black-haired lad more, as arms shifted and drew him closer.


“You’re mine… Screw that bastard. I love you and you love me and I’m not letting you go again.” Goten growled lowly when he finally pulled away. He nipped lightly along the slender Namek’s neck, and Dende shivered at feral look in the other’s dark eyes. “Mine… Gonna fuck you till you forget all about him…”


(Kia cackles wickedly…)



Chapter 43



(..and Felix feels pity, though must admit evil is quite fun..)



The bits and pieces of heartfelt declarations, and more importantly, the mention of an act described as "fucking", caused Dende's mind to snap back into action. Previously clouded by the foreign, pleasurable sensations, the mere thought of something more intimate than a kiss scared the Namek into pushing the halfling away. "Goten!" he shouted, his booming voice feeding his bravery, "I have something important to tell you!"


"Koi?" Goten asked, worried, his black eyes soft as a newborn kitten. A hint of panic rang in his voice, which quickly turned to despair, "Y-You're not going to..l..l-leave--"


"Er, no," Dende hastened his reply, flushing, but trying his best to redirect the conversation, "This is about everything that's happened recently." Goten gave him a look as if to say "You're not going to talk about my dad, are you?". The young god urged him to sit, threatening to with-hold information until Goten did so. Finally sitting, the demi-Saiyan looked up at him with eager, almost pleading eyes. They now reminded Dende of a sad, pathetic, lost, abandoned, and possibly injured, newborn kitten. He felt guilty, somehow. If he could just somehow convince Goten that he wasn't Vegeta... A wild idea flitted across his mind and he cleared his throat, plotting carefully.


"So..this is your dream?" Dende tried to question as nonchalantly as possible.


"Koi, what did you have to tell me??" Goten seemed to urgently need the information.


"I need you to answer my questions first!" he shot back intensely. He wasn't lying, he needed to know in order to comprehend the situation and take appropriate action.


Goten wore a very pouty expression, "No, we're still in my world." This sparked his memory, and he pleaded, "Vegeta! What happened with my dad! How did you get away from him!"


Dende hurried to quiet him, "All in good time! You need to answer my questions first! What happened after..er..I..left?"


"I was so angry at dad for taking you, I tried to follow. I..couldn't..so I was angry at myself too, for

being so weak," Goten turned red from embarrassment, "I was just worrying about you when I felt..it felt like..our bond had disappeared." Tears began to well in his eyes at the reminder of the emotional pain, "I thought you left me for him..I thought you were never coming back.." Dende shuffled, obviously uncomfortable with Goten's discomfort. The demi-Saiyan began to smile though, wiping away his tears, "But you came back!" In a fit of hysterical joy, Goten flung himself around the Namek, clinging tightly, repeating louder, "YOU CAME BACK!" He kissed him earnestly with relief.


Tearing themselves apart from one another, Dende felt as though he might vomit with the way his stomach did backward somersaults. Flushing deeply, he did his best to keep the younger man at bay, "Ok, Goten, I need you to listen to me." The happy glazed look was replaced with something akin to serious concentration. "We need to come out of your world now," Dende said, fully knowing the various risks he was putting them both at, "Can you do that?"


"Can't you show me how? You taught me how to do this," he glanced around before looking back at his 'mate', "So maybe it's best if you guide me." The Namek nearly swore at his fortune, digging around for an excuse.


"You need to learn to do it on your own," he blurted out as soon as he'd thought of it. "Wow, that was good," Dende thought to himself.


Goten gave a shaky, uncertain nod, "Yeah, you're right. I'll need to know how to do it... If I can do it, maybe we have a chance against dad."


Dende was about to question the "against" factor, (since when was Goten and Vegeta against Goku?), when he decided better upon it. Instead, he just gave a solemn nod, waiting patiently for the black-haired youth to act.


Goten tried to mimic the actions which had been taught to him, but it was difficult, especially because he was attempting to do them in reverse. He concentrated though, determined to make his mate proud, imagining the advantages he'd have with this ability when he was through learning it. Vegeta could be with him, instead of his father. Vegeta could make love to him, instead of his father. He could be on top, instead of his father....


It was enough motivation to convince him to burst into Goku's world and demand to reclaim his chosen, otherwise to take him back by force.


The entire thing appeared to be simpler going out, rather than going in; either that, or the previous experience just made it all the easier to do. Or even perhaps, with the state he was in, it, for whatever reason, helped rather than hindered. Goten held onto his presence, as well as "Vegeta's", and without much effort, cleared everything else away. There was a weird sensation within Goten, as if some unseen restriction suddenly evaporated. Things suddenly became clear. The darkness that had accompanied them from the exit of Goten's world began to fade away, letting other visions creep into the missing segments. Eventually all the black seeped away, and the two found themselves standing in an awkward place.


"O-Odd," Goten said shakily, moving to stand beside his "lover". Dende felt flattered that someone would want his protection, but he knew that if Goten was nervous, it was likely they were in danger.


"What's the matter?" the healer asked calmly, carefully examining their current location.


"It reminds me of dad's mind.." he shivered, clasping his hands on his forearms, rubbing to warm himself. Dende outstretched his palm, but hesitated. His powers..would they be disrupted from a transfer so large? Still..he couldn't bear to see the half-breed suffer, and so he conjured a warmer set of clothes for him. Goten purred at the sudden warmth, despite the fact he had no idea where it came from. The moment was gone and he became solemn again, "We are in dad's mind. I can tell. I can..feel it. Why did we go to dad's mind? Why didn't we wake up?"


"Good question," Dende retorted, folding his arms in thought. A breeze blew past, causing Goten to shiver, but it barely felt uncomfortable to the Namek. He was debating whether he should attempt to waken Goten, or use the Saiyan as backup to explore the full-blood's mind. It was a difficult choice. If he took Goten back, he could, naturally, regain his health and provide valuable information. On the other hand, if Dende was going to explore Goku's mind, which he knew he had to do eventually out of necessity of awareness as well as other factors, it seemed logical to take a defensive measure to ensure safety. The god was quite positive he'd have difficulty healing himself – he never had to try it before.


He came to the conclusion that he could always take Goten back at anytime, so prodding around couldn't hurt too much. "Goten, follow me," Dende instructed as he headed towards a hazy dark spot in the distance. The green-skinned man was surprised of the state within Goku's mind. He expected warm summer days that smelled of sweet honeysuckle, mind he never smelt such a thing before, but he imagined it would be good. The place they were at, he would've never guessed to be dreamt up by the happy-go-lucky hero of Earth. It was a like an artic tundra minus the snow, and which contained dead, rotting trees that tried feebly to sink their roots into the barren land. They traveled quickly and soon came upon the charcoal splotch on the horizon, which turned out to be a dilapidated city. Dende could only keep asking himself, "This is Goku's mind??" He held his doubts dearly close, hoping this expedition wouldn't reveal... He wasn't sure what it was, but he just didn't want to know.


He tried to convince himself that this was impossible, that Son Goku's temperament was just too mild, affectionate, to ever conceive such a brutal complexion. They traveled silently through twisted wreckage, stepping carefully over particularly dangerous debris. At once Dende realized something else..Where were they going?


He looked up, the answer beckoning. The largest building in the city, hollowed like victim of a homicidal maniac, stood standing on its skeletal structure, a shadow of greatness it had, or could have, been. Portions of it were collapsed and rusted, and it looked like something out of a terrible nightmare. Dende glanced over his shoulder, checking to make sure his companion did still, in fact, accompany him. Goten added no commentary, even as their eyes met, and followed along obediently.


They came to what would have been the entrance to a majestic lobby, if not for the destruction and decay which had happened to it, for whatever reason. Something caught his eye, something that seemed out of place. He approached, and his suspicions were confirmed as he gazed at a staircase in the center of the would-be room. There was no railing on either side, as it was dug out of the ground. Smooth, hard, and flat, it sunk into the darkness like an abyss. Dende, who stepped toward it, noticed when Goten took a step back. Conflicting instincts made a sense of foreboding prominent. "Yes.." Dende exhaled a sigh, "You should stay here Goten." But the young man didn't like the idea of being alone.


His eyes took on that kitten appearance again. "It'll be okay," the Namek said with a weak smile.


"No!" Goten shouted out at once, looking fearful, "I want to come with you! I refuse to lose you to him!" He instantly clamped onto Dende's arm, insisting to defend him if need be. The god flushed, but this time because someone was offering protection to him on a personal level, instead of vice versa.


Easing themselves down, Goten's grip seemed to squeeze a bit tighter with each step that plunged them further into the nearly palpable dark. It was almost as if they were drifting down an abyss, and the air felt like a liquid winter's night. It was an odd sensation, almost like that of a haunting. The staircase seemed endless, Dende reaching out to guide them with his hand against the wall. He was nearly becoming dizzy just thinking about how many times they'd spiraled around. Finally the swirling stopped, and the staircase came to an end.


They stepped out of a tunnel and found themselves in a deep cavern. It was magnificent, beautiful, but a very, very sad sight to see. Hundreds of feet above them, light somehow managed to sneak through some cracks, and as evidence, pathetic blue rays streamed across what could only be described as an entry way (in which they stood). It was magnificent, impressive by size, and certainly beautiful, like an ancient treasure; yet, it was sad too, by certain visual aspects, but more prominently by smell and sixth sensory. Opposite of them and the staircase, was the main focus of their travel, Dende knew it in an instant.


A building had been made here, but it was different than the previous they'd seen - it was carved out of the stone earth. The architectural design was unknown to the god, but he saw heavy influences from several styles. This was the core magnificence and beauty. It was drab in colors, however, except for the green of slime from the dank conditions. The place seemed harmless enough, but the sadness was nearly consuming. It looked aged, rotted, so it was sad to see the disarray. The two senses that were notably disturbed were, curiously enough, linked. It felt as if they were in a graveyard, and interestingly enough, the scent matched that feeling.


As they approached the monstrous form, it seemed like the light shrank back, is if in fear, cowering for what was about to occur. Goten seemed to sense it too, his tail coiling around "Vegeta's" waist tightly.


Dende, however, felt strangely at ease, as if he somehow knew he wouldn't be harmed. His nerves were wracked an instant later, when he swore he saw something move in the shadows ahead of them. Something was near the large, gaping entrance, and Dende was sure of it. He soothed Goten the best he could before forcing them both to proceed. He paused only momentarily to compose himself, readying himself to make any sudden move. He was prepared to withdraw himself, as well as Goten, if anything put them in great peril. He stopped just short of the threshold. He felt he couldn't go any further..it didn't seem right. It seemed disrespectful..


..He didn't have permission.


They waited in an eerie silence for something to happen, in which, finally, something did.


Rising from the shadows, a figure came upon them, not suddenly, but just rather unexpectedly. Goten's mouth fell open in a silent scream as he clutched onto Dende in grotesque shock. Dende hardly knew of the demi-Saiyan's reaction as he too stared, horrified beyond comprehensible language.


Out of the silky black emerged Goku like neither had seen him before. In the pale light, his skin almost seemed grey, but it accented his harsh features, his gangly body that appeared malnutritioned. These features went unnoticed, as the focus of terror lay upon his face. The expression on the elder was unreadable since his main components for body language were gone.


Two empty eye sockets stared at them.


'Your sight can betray you.'


They somehow heard the words, but could barely understand, comprehend, that they were coming from this Goku..being. They knew not how or why these unspoken words came to them.


'The mind's perception never lies.'


The words came clearer, and rang louder in their heads. The entity of Goku tilted its head, as if to

beckon, to challenge the previous sentences he'd shared. Dende somehow managed to force his mouth to work, and he managed to ask, "Wh...Who are you..?"


'I am the one plaguing Goten's mind.'


This seemed to bring Goten out of his dumbfounded state. He tried to hiss, but sounded as he felt - mortified, "What..What are you doing to me?"




"Stay away from me!" his son yelled defiantly.


Then, as smooth and fluid as a shadow, Goku was upon them, having moved as if he hadn't at all. He did what could only be considered and described as staring, and he gazed deep into the young man's eyes.


The voice held no scorn, no malice, no smug overtone, or any particular emotion expected. It seemed to be simply a plain, factual, statement.


'I am the virus you speak of.'


Goten pieced together the last two items of conversation, "You're leaving?" The eye sockets stared in response, eventually causing the half-breed to cower behind Dende. The head turned, accommodating to Goten's shift in position.


"Leave him alone," Dende said tersely, intent on defending the younger, though he had no idea why he felt the compulsive need to do so. He was surprised at his own courage.


There was no promise of Goten's well-being, nor threats of non-retractment. The Virus shifted closer. Dende, trying not to meet the phantom gaze, shifted his attention to the sallow skin, the untidy, wild hair, the scent of disease and decay...




It was neither an inquiry, or statement, or a demand. It was simply a name.


Dende poured hard into the sound associated to the feisty Prince of Saiyans. There was something attached to it, something he couldn't quite place. Yes, it had to be something unfamiliar to him..


With that, he recognized it at once: desire. Not burning love, or raging lust, but merely, desire. The intention was impossible to decipher. The Virus wanted a hold of Vegeta, but why would be a big mystery to solve.


He dared to push his luck, "You have a hold over Goten. Release it. Let him go."


Silence was his only reply as the eye sockets taunted him. At last he was given a slight explanation, though Dende failed to make sense of it.


'No one is free.'


Suddenly, the Virus turned to Goten again, a wicked grin widening across his lips, his head tipping forward to look down at him.


'But I can let him go.'


Goten was shivering, clinging tightly to the warm figure beside him as he felt the cold continually

trying to seep beneath his skin. Mustering up a response, he spoke through clenched teeth, "Then let me go." He himself was surprised how clipped and forceful he'd been able to say it.


'Guardian, move.'


This was not a polite request, or even a mere suggestion. This was an all-out demand. "Guardian?" the demi-Saiyan whispered in confusion, but the Namek offered no information. Knowing that he would not stand a chance in rebelling, Dende stepped to the side, untangling the tight grasp Goten held him in. He heard a barely audible whimper pass through the air, but forced himself to keep his distance.


In an instantaneously movement, the Virus had his hands on either side of Goten's head, cocking it back to look up into the empty sockets. The hybrid opened his mouth to scream as fear permeated deeper than the bone, but suddenly could not, as another mouth silenced his own. The anxiety nearly forgotten, the perversion and disgust made Goten fight against his captor, struggling to break the kiss. He felt his lips being parted and he tried to rear back, to break contact, but he felt no tongue enter his mouth, instead, an artic sting crept down his throat and into his lungs.


Goten felt light headed, as if he didn't have enough oxygen to breathe. No matter how hard he inhaled, it felt as though it was being extracted from him, and his vision swam. Dende pleaded for his release, but the begging was ignored.


And then Goten's eyes snapped open as he felt something deep inside, something intangible, losing strength. His gaze stared into the skull, and he felt nauseous, defiled. The sting inside his lungs worsened and he realized he wasn't even breathing anymore. He tried to protect himself, to shield his inner sanctum from assault, but he was already weakened, and the advances were so strong...


He felt something break, and somehow, he screamed. The pain was unlike anything he'd ever experienced, and despite how well he could express himself vocally, he would never be able to find the words to describe the agony of the moment. He felt crushed, defeated, ashamed, and hopeless. And yet..in the background..something was missing. Something that had been contemporarily placed in his being. Perhaps the pain was worth it.. The Virus drew away, and let his son fall limply into his arms.


'Vaccination has led to his cure. Goten has been freed.'


He placed Goten in Dende's arms, and spoke a final time.


'Go. Now.'


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