A Round Robin (6 - 10)

by Kiarene, Felix & Goten


Chapter 6



After the bean was chewed and swallowed Vegeta reached up a slightly trembling hand and touched his neck tenderly. Thankfully when he retracted the appendage he saw that no blood was staining his perfectly bronzed skin. The prince gave a heavy sigh of relief and fell onto his back, staring into the sky in a hazy daze. He didn’t under stand why the younger Saiyan had gotten so crazed all of a sudden and so aggressive. He didn’t like it one bit, to be truthful to himself he had wondered briefly if Kakarott was just going to tear out his throat and end his life right there. Shaking the thought away Vegeta laughed at his own foolishness, closed his eyes.


            A sudden rush of wind blew over his skin, but he didn’t bother to open his eyes, for he already knew who it was. Feet thumped as the young man ran over to his body and dropped to his knees beside him. “Oh god no Vegeta!” he cried out, fearful that his older lover may be on the verge of death.


            Crystal tears fell from shimmering eyes as Goten pulled Vegeta’s body onto his lap and stroked his hot forehead tenderly. “Vegeta?” he called again, his voice stained and tight.


            Suddenly two dark eyes snapped open. “Boo,” was all the prince said before cracking a small smirk. “Miss me that much?” he questioned.


            “Asshole!” Goten screamed pushing him away, watching as he hit the ground with a thud. “So, you’re okay then?” he asked softly, hugging his arms around himself as he looked up at the other man, who was brushing the dirt off his skin.


            “Lost my good shirt, have to wear wet leather pants, little roughed up, but yes I’m okay.”


            “Oh thank god, I was so scared that he was going to kill you,” Goten cried, jumping on Vegeta and taking him down to the ground again, smothering the startled man with frenzied kisses.


            “Yes, I still don’t believe that Kakarott would kill me, however he did show signs that he clearly wanted me out of the picture.” Vegeta began to rub the younger man’s tense back as the demi-saiyan clung onto for dear life. “Come now is that very Saiyan like?”


            “I don’t care if it’s Saiyan or not, I’m just glad you’re here and alive. I love you way to much to lose you now.” Goten leaned up and pressed their lips tightly together. He made no move to stop the prince’s questing hands as they moved under his shirt and started to caress the smooth skin found there.


            “It’s really late Goten, I guess I should take you home now, you do have classes in the morning.”


            Goten got up reluctantly and watched the distraught man pull himself out of the dirt that was before surrounding his body. Vegeta began to pick at his pants until undoing the button and pulling them off completely. “There that’s better,” he stated, liking the feeling of the cool wind against his bare torso.


            “Vegeta… what if someone sees you?” Goten asked looking around to make sure there were no spectators.


            “I’m not ashamed of my body, so I don’t mind being naked, does it bother you?” he questioned with a grin.


            “Not if I’m the same way in bed with you,” the hybrid purred wrapping his arm around the prince and resting his head on bronzed shoulder. “Why don’t you come back to my room with me?”


            “Goten I can’t, you’re school, no one will-” Vegeta was hushed when Goten placed two fingers to his mouth, then sealed it with his own soft lips.


            “No one will know, I promise. Besides I always come in through the window and I live alone now, so we wont be disturbing any one. Come on, you know you want to, it will be fun.” With one last lingering kiss Goten pulled away from the lithe form and smirked. “Your choice.”


            Vegeta watched his sexy younger lover turned and began to walk away, seductively and teasingly swaying his hips from side to side. A wet tongue licked dry lips in excitement. Before he could react Goten was swept up into a pair of strong arms and being flown towards his room. “Is this my prince taking me away?” he asked with a kiss. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist my offer.”


            “You play dirty, but I like it.”


            “I know.”


            When they reached a familiar window the two maneuvered themselves so they could slip inside and over to the bed. “I hate this single bed, you know Trunks would give you a bigger one if you asked. This thing gets so cramped and we don’t have enough room for movements in this old thing.”


            “He might wonder why I need a bigger bed, then what would I say?”


            “Tell him,” Vegeta purred laying him down on his back on the mattress and undressing him quickly. “Tell him that you have a great sex life and you absolutely must have one.”


            “I still think he’ll suspicious about it all,” he moaned softly as Vegeta’s mouth began to move all over him.


            “You think to much about things, just relax and enjoy life for once, without thinking of consequences.”


            Goten gripped onto Vegeta hard as he pleasured him for hours, making him feel unbelievable for the entire night. Afterwards both men lay close together in the cramped bed and sighed contently in each other’s arms. The younger man laid on top of older man’s chest and wrapped his arms around his waist, as his head used the strong chest as a pillow. Vegeta had his arms wrapped loosely around Goten’s body and traced patterns on his back until he lulled the other into a deep sleep. Soon enough sleep over took the other man and he was out like a light.


            A pounding sound brought Goten back into the conscious world, and he sleepily opened his eyes. He could hear the sound of his door closing and began to wonder what was going on, until a familiar figure waltzed into the room. “Goten you missed your classes and- oh good god!” the demi-saiyan cried out at the sight of the naked prince holding the naked man. With a thud the intruding figure promptly fainted into a blissful feeling of unconsciousness where nothing mattered.


(Goten runs away to finish off timbits laughing hysterically for someone to decide who the intruder is)



Chapter 7



(Kiarene glares, and re-reads the last paragraph again, drumming fingers thoughtfully.)


Goten blanched and shook his sleeping lover awake. “Vegeta…”


“Hmph?” The prince gave a very undignified yawn.


Goten gave a little squeak and pointed to the prone figure on the floor. Vegeta opened his eyes, stared at the familiar mop of purple hair for a while, and then sat up remarking remarkably coolly. “He always was very excitable; it must be that onna’s genes.”


“’Geta! How could you be so calm?” Goten was almost hyperventilating.


“Like I’ve said before, you think and worry too much.” Vegeta stretched back indolently. “Now that your father knows, what’s one more?”




“Well, too late now.” Vegeta wrapped his arms around the teen, placing a chaste kiss on the younger male’s cheek. “If you are really worried, you could pretend that he tripped and conked himself out, and what he saw was just a figment of his own imagination. But come now, I’m not ashamed of my sexy lover…” He ended in a sultry purr.


Goten gave a weak smile. “You’re right.”


“Of course I am.” The purr increased in intensity as the prince slanted his head and claimed young lips.


“Mmm… ‘Geta…” Goten finally pulled away reluctantly as he remembered what Trunks was saying before he fainted. “I’ve missed my morning classes… I’ve really got to get changed.”


“All right. I’ve also got to get going. Ah, do you have any clothes for me?”


Goten eyed the slight figure doubtfully and got up to rummage in his dresser. The demi-Saiyan was as tall as his father, though not as bulky. Vegeta leaned back against the headboard to admire his lover’s slimly muscled form with a smirk. That smirk faded as he pulled on the faded shirt his tall lover threw at him. Looking in the mirror, he pouted mournfully. He hated being short… The checkered shirt reached to his knees and the collar was sliding off his left shoulder. Sighing, he put on the black gi pants as well, cinching the drawstring tightly. Quickly rolling up the shirtsleeves and hems, he gave one last resigned look at the mirror before stepping towards the window.


“Love ya, koi!” Goten snickered at the adorable sight of the ouji in his clothes.


Vegeta glared and clutched the pants securely before he flew off. He reached the CC in record time and quickly landed in his bedroom before anyone saw him, almost tripping over one hem, which had unrolled.


As he stripped and walked towards his bathroom, he thought about his young lover. He did care for Goten a lot… His relationship with the young demi-Saiyan was very different from his relationship with Bulma, but did that reduce the intensity of what he felt for the teen?


He rinsed his hair thoughtfully. Was this love? Hell, he couldn’t even place a name to what he felt for that onna, even though he knew he would have died for her. Was that love? Would he die for Goten? He gave a snort. For a very brief moment last night, he almost thought he would have when that baka tore into his throat.


As his soapy hands washed his body, he smiled. Perhaps this was love. All he knew was that Goten made him extremely happy, and he wanted the same for his young lover. He leaned against the tiled wall as he stroked himself slowly. “Goten…”


His slick hand pumped faster as he neared culmination. “Aaa…Ka…KAKAROT!”


As his orgasm overtook him, he slumped down to the floor in shock. Wha…Why had he… He was thinking of Goten… He recalled that at the last moment before he came, the image of the only other full-blooded Saiyan crouched over him last night came to his mind. Kakarot had looked wild and feral… ready to kill… Vegeta swallowed nervously. Kakarot had looked… so Saiyan then, his black hair spiking in every direction and teeth bared.


Unconsciously, he brought his hand up to his neck to the spot, fingering the scar almost absently. Realization abruptly hit him like a bucket of ice-cold water. Closing his eyes in concentration and disbelief, he searched… and found a bond.




Vegeta’s furious yell rang out through the small bathroom. Cursing a blue streak, he searched his mind again. Yes, that bastard had inadvertently bonded him last night! A fist shot out and punched the wall in frustration, cracking the tiles. ‘How dare he? That third class asshole! It was MY right to choose MY mate, and that scum had taken it away from me…’ A hot tear of shame and rage ran down his cheek. On Vegetasei, this would have been akin to rape… No, it was worse. This was a violation of his mind.


Vegeta did not know how long he sat there under in the steaming bathroom. He only noticed the passage of time when the hot water started to run out and he leapt up, swearing again. Striding to his bedroom, he dried himself with a flare of his ki. As he threw open his closet doors, he made up his mind. He rapidly selected another pair of leather pants and pulled on a navy tank top. He glared at the mirror as he ran his fingers through his upswept hair in jerky motions. ‘This is all that asshole’s fault. Why does he always have to ruin my life?’


He scowled blackly as he flew back to the university. The bond would get stronger over time, tying the mates together. Worse, as Kakarot was the one who bit him, that makes that low-class… dominant. Humiliation and fury washed over him again and he clenched his fists, his nails digging into his palms. With a howl, he powered up and streaked towards the familiar window in a golden burst of ki.


It was late afternoon when he landed in the teen’s hostel room. Goten looked up from his homework in surprise, a smile lighting up his face when he saw his visitor. “Vegeta!”


The ouji took a deep breath to calm himself and powered down. “Goten.” He gave a small smile.


“What are you doing here?”


Vegeta walked over and straddled himself on the larger fighter’s lap. Slowly, he brought his hand up to cup the hybrid’s face hesitantly. “Goten… I… Would you…”


“Would I what?” Goten tilted his head to the side with a puzzled look, his arms wrapping around the lithe ouji. 


Vegeta swallowed hard at the ironical gesture, and spoke up again softly. “Would you be my mate?”


“Mate? Is that like… getting married?” The teen blushed cutely.


“Something like that, but for Saiyans, it’s forever because mates form a mental bond.”


“I would love to, Vegeta!” Goten was almost crying in happiness and his arms tightened almost painfully. “How do we…?”


“Well…” The ouji squeaked breathlessly. “For starters, you can let me go.”


“Gomen…” An embarrassed laugh.


“It’s very simple. All I have to do is bite you on the neck.”


“Haha…” Goten gave a nervous laugh. “Sounds like you’re a vampire but ok…” He tilted his head again, exposing his neck trustingly.


Vegeta leaned forward, and then paused briefly. “If I bite you, I will be the dominant partner.”


“I don’t mind.” Goten stated simply.


Vegeta felt strangely touched at the show of trust and submissiveness; Goten hardly knew anything about Saiyan customs. He vowed to treat his new mate better, and to tell him about his Saiyan heritage. With a low growl, he sank his teeth into the pale young flesh.


As the hot, slightly sweet, slightly salty blood filled his mouth, he drank eagerly. His nostrils flared at the metallic tang and his other hand came up to clutch at the moaning teen’s shoulder. The arms around his body tightened again, but the only thing he was aware of now was the scent, the feel, the very presence of his new mate. His growl became a rumbly purr of satisfaction as he lapped up at the bloody wound, cleaning it neatly like a cat. Already, he could feel the new bond forming.


(Kiarene crosses her arms and surveys the chaos smugly.)



Chapter 8



(Felix FINALLY receives Kia-chan's e-mail..she sighs, and rewrites...^_^)  


Meanwhile, Goten's older sibling landed in the yard of his old residence, and didn't bother to knock, but rather just barged right in. The house was quiet and still. "Mom? Dad?" he called out in confusion, noting that his mother wasn't at her usual place in the kitchen. "Dad?" he called out again, walking down the hall. He headed towards the bedroom and opened the door slightly, in case they were still sleeping for some reason. As he peered inside he saw his father sitting on the edge of the bed cradling something in his hand which was obstructed from his view. He tilted his head slightly, hoping to get a glimpse with no such luck.


He opened the door fully and stepped in, but still Goku took no note of him. It seemed odd to him, but he didn't want to startle his father. Should he clear his throat? Should he call him out? Should he approach? He felt awkward and out of place. He was half way across the room when he saw that it was a picture that his father was holding. He held his position and examined the old piece, with its bent and frazzled edges. From left to right it had Puar, Yamcha, Bulma, Master  Roshi, Oolong, Krillin, and Goku.


"Just reminiscing," Goku suddenly spoke, nearly giving Gohan a heart attack, "Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time." He paused, "Kind of like Mirai Trunks, except I'd rather just relive it and choose different options." He set the photograph down on the nightstand and turned his his son, giving him a weak smile, "But who doesn't wish they could go back?"


"Uh..yeah, dad," Gohan said, fumbling for words, "So, uh..where's mom?"


"She went to the store, so naturally she'll be gone for a few hours."


"Oh. Well...I came to talk to you."


"What's up?"


"I tried to get a hold of you yesterday, and mom said you were at Goten's. Then I called Goten's, and he wasn't there. I was just wondering where he was, and if everything was okay."


With just those few words Goku was up and blazing gold, his teeth bared, "He was with Vegeta."


Gohan was taken aback by the response, "O-Okay."


Goku sighed deeply, closed his eyes, counted back from ten in his head, and released his Super Saiyan form. Goku patted the bed lightly, "Come here, let's talk."


Goten sat down next to him and sighed silently. He could tell something was wrong, but he wasn't sure if the information regarding what was on his dad's mind would be shared with him.


"Is something wrong?"




"Care to talk about it?"


"Not really, but I guess you should know."


"Know what? ..Dad...?"


"Last night, I nearly killed Vegeta."




"We had a fight. I really don't want to talk about it."


"But dad-"


"I know, it's very serious, but please bear with me. Someday, possibly soon, you'll understand my reasoning."


"Well, alright. If you say so, dad."


"Gohan? I don't mean to sound rude, but could you please leave? I really want to be alone right now."


His son was a bit surprised, but he finally relented that his dad was under a lot of stress and needed time to relax. "Sure, dad," he murmured. He let himself out, making as little noise as possible.


Goku lied back as he heard the door shut. His anger was becoming uncontrollable and he knew it. Of course he knew it, because months ago he'd started feeling more annoyed with everything around him. He tried his best to keep cool and continue acting as he normally did, but it was becoming steadily more difficult to do so. He talked back to Chi Chi, something he never used to do. He rolled over and groaned into the mattress, trying to conjure a reason for his decrease in mood.


It was a number of things, he knew this much. His dreams didn't help either. He used to dream of such simply joys - fishing, flying, and things of the like. Day after day though, his dreams became jumbled, disorienting, lacking sense and meaning...


He was alone, out in the middle of an arid region. The ground was sun-baked with cracks, with the hard, dry edges scratching at his bare feet. His clothes were in tatters, nothing more than grime-stained rags. The wind blew, kicking up dust devils here and there. It was hot, unbearably hot, and the air was thick. He walked for hours until he came to a decrepit city.


Skeletons of buildings in various ages of decay scattered the landscape. Heaps of twisted metal, concrete, and general shrapnel littered the once wide gleaming streets. After walking a few blocks, he noticed a figure out of the corner of his eye. A young man - no - a male after childhood, but before maturity, was lying to the side, partially hidden by the shadows. He approached the person and his pace slowed a few feet before. Half of the body was decimated, reduced to burned flesh and bones. The male took small breaths for air, his one good eye, a black ink-like orb, stared sightlessly at the horizon.


He would kneel then, feeling pity for the poor male. He would watch him simply breathe, somehow sustaining life, and note the way the black hair swayed in the breeze. Then, simply, he would get bored and leave.


He journeyed into darkness, until some time later he was brought back. This time, he found himself  with company. His brother was laughing, and he found himself laughing in response. They continued until they were interrupted by a sound of an intruder. They both turned toward the noise, searching the area for any danger. Goku noticed the deep red sky, but it didn't bother him in the slightest. Nothing bothered him at all. He called for his sibling, but found him missing. He went in search for him but as he flew farther and farther he soon began to wonder if he'd ever find him again. Silently, he knew the answer.


He stopped and landed, not disturbed as the vegetation had abruptly turned into a space ship of sorts. He walked carelessly down the damp, dark hallway. Why the hallway was cool and damp, he did not know, but he was not bothered at all by the abnormality of anything within the dream, as usual. The hallway seemed to stretch on infinitely, with a vague light source behind him, so he was ever traveling into the dark. The long hallway, which lacked decorations of any type, finally ended with a steep set of stairs. He could only see the first five or six steps down, but somehow he knew that it was steep. What he knew next was that his body was tumbling down the stairs, certain body parts blessed to feel the sharp edges as he slammed against them. Only when he finally came to a stop - a broken, bloody mess - did he remember what had happened between standing and falling. He laughed, gurgling on a thick, coppery liquid.


His enjoyment was crushed when he heard an odd noise. Something was down there with him, a place where life could not thrive. It was just something he knew. The energy, and body heat was sapped from him. The monstrosity came closer to him and he fumbled, trying to get up. A wet rattle closed in on him, ice licking at Goku's form.


He was going to die, and it was his doing. He threw himself down the stairs. Why fight it?


As he closed his eyes he heard indistinguishable voices.


"Idiot, you are nothing more than an object to be conquered."


His panic subsided. Many things were told, most instantly forgotten.


"Feeling humiliated? You don't even know what humiliation is."


"But I will show you."


"I will show you its bitter taste."


"You will endure it."


"Just like I have."


Then, he would wake up, and everything would be fine again. If feeling like utter shit constituted for fine. After a good, healthy breakfast, however, the feeling would pass, but he always felt something linger. It was like having something on the tip of your tongue, but you weren't searching for a word. It was more like someone or something - maybe you, maybe some unseen, unknown entity - was trying to tell you something. Something you really should know, but the communication just couldn't be achieved. He felt like he lacked something, or better yet, was being denied something.


There was that rejection again.


Suddenly, he felt a flicker in his mind and he gasped. What was this..? It somehow felt...uncomfortable. Out of place, even. It was a distant presence, almost. Like a link far down the chain - faintly visible, but there. He rolled over and tried his best to ignore it, thinking meditation would be the best thing for himself at the moment. He hadn't meditated in a long while. He stared at the ceiling and before long he became drowsy. His eye lids slid half-way shut.


His head throbbed painfully and the noises the creatures made only furthered to turn him aggressive. He pounced on the nearest one, sinking his fingers deep into the shoulder sockets and pulling, ripping the arms free from the torso. The creature made a horrible screeching noise, a noise that had to be silenced. With a growl he grasped the head and twisted until he heard a distinct snap, and then he yanked it side to side till it finally gave way and released a well of blood as it was detached from the body. He broke off the top vertebrae, suckling happily on the bone as if it was a piece of candy. He purred contently.


Goku's eyes shot open, a cold sheen of sweat covering his body. Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. As he lay in bed he could only think of one thing: he should not have enjoyed that dream.


(Felix wonders how bad she twisted things around this time and backs away...)



Chapter 9



(Kiarene blinks…twitches as she tries to regain her bearings after emerging from Super Katze’s world…then rushes back in to add something…)                                     


Back in that little dorm room,


Still growling/purring, Vegeta slid off Goten’s lap and pulled the lad onto the bed with him. The teen was limp, almost boneless as he allowed his older lover to guide him, purring softly as well. His eyes were half-lidded and he had a blissful half-smile on his face, looking almost as if he was high on drugs. The two tumbled into bed and the ouji proceeded to consummate their mating bond in the traditional fashion.


They lay entwined on the small bed afterwards, basking in the pleasant aftershocks. Goten buried his cheek in the crook of mate’s neck and rapidly fell asleep. Vegeta encircled a protective arm around his chosen’s shoulders; gazing out at the window for a while at the setting sun with a smug smirk on his face, before he too, fell into a deep slumber. ‘Up yours, Kakarot.’ 


Vegeta blinked in surprise as he took in his dry, hot environment. The sky above him was crimson and the air was oppressively stifling. He shivered slightly – something about this scene unnerved him. He noted that he was wearing his usual training uniform of navy spandex and wondered if this was a sublimal message. Somehow, he knew he was dreaming, but it was unlike any dream he had experienced before.


After a while, nothing seemed to be happening so he started walking. He felt a strange pull in a particular direction; it was very faint, but it was a possible clue to this mysterious dream. He scowled. More like a nightmare; he clearly recalled what he had been doing before he fell asleep and he wanted out of this dream. He wanted to go back to his mate.


‘Wake up!’ He commanded himself, but when he opened his eyes, the cracked, sun-baked landscape stretched endlessly before him still. Swearing under his breath, he continued walking.


An abandoned city soon came into view, battered buildings standing forlornly in the bleak landscape. Picking his way over the debris, he noticed a movement out of the corner of his eye. Immediately, his warrior instincts took over and he dropped into a low crouch. Cautiously, he hid behind a crumbling large slab of concrete that was formerly one of the building’s walls and peered around the corner. His eyes widened in shock when he saw the familiar figure.


Kakarot was half-kneeling in front of a burnt figure, a detached, curious look on his face.


From where he stood, Vegeta could not tell if the figure was alive or dead, but that was of no concern. What had utterly stunned him was the fact that Kakarot was here at all. His eyes narrowed in anger and more than a little fear. Or was it that he was here, in Kakarot’s dream? Something was terribly wrong here. Shaking in head slightly in disbelief and horror, he backed away slowly until he was a safe distance away before he turned and ran.


He wasn’t sure how long he ran, all he knew was that he had to get away. Away from Kakarot… Away from this accursed place!


Vegeta bolted upright with a gasp, panting harshly as if he had really been running. He calmed down immediately when he realized that he was now awake and back in Goten’s room.


“Koi? What’s wrong?” Goten blinked up at the pale Saiyan worriedly. Vegeta was covered lightly in cold sweat.


Vegeta lay back down again slowly, gazing blankly at the ceiling. “I..I’m not sure.”


“Nightmare?” He reached out and pulled the smaller figure to him reassuringly.


“Something like that…” Vegeta shivered. “But it didn’t feel like an ordinary nightmare.”


“Would you tell me about it?”


Vegeta did not reply as he thought about his dream again. The young demi-Saiyan did not push him but simply held his mate comfortingly. Something nagged the edge of ouji’s mind. Frowning, he closed his eyes in concentration.


He stiffened with a muffled curse and his eyes snapped open. Bonding with Goten had not removed that baka’s bond; in fact, it had not even been weakened! The ouji swore again. He could now distinctly feel the two different bonds.


(Kiarene starts to feel a little sorry for what she did to Vegeta… but only a little.)



Chapter 10



(Goten stalks in grumbling slightly trying to get own thoughts on track)                  


            Goten cuddled his new mate lovingly as the two lay on the bed in silence, holding one another. The younger lover began to wiggle around a little, causing the older man to look down at him. Vegeta smiled at the cute look across Goten’s face and leaned down to nip playfully at his nose, forcing a little giggle to leave Goten. “You sure you’re okay?”


            “Stop worrying about me, I’m fine,” he said reassuringly. “I have you after all, don’t I?”


            Goten blushed lightly at the compliment and a tender smile crossed Vegeta’s face in seeing this. Vegeta slipped out from underneath his lover’s body and moved to straddle his hips on top of him. The ouji leaned down and captured his younger lover’s lips in a deep passionate kiss, as his hands traveled up the material of his shirt. Goten’s hands moved up to Vegeta’s back and began to feel the deep grooves and muscles he found there. Hips began to grind together and hands moved feverishly over heated skin, as the two moaned and kissed more fiercely. Goten gripped the hem of the ouji’s and pulled it up over his head, the tossed the shirt over his head.


            Vegeta pushed Goten’s shirt off and moved down to let his tongue flick out over top of hardening nubs of the other’s chest. Goten cried out as one of his nipples was lightly bitten and roughly rubbed and pinched. Grinning with satisfaction Vegeta moved down and began to bite at the skin of Goten’s navel, as nimble fingers began to pull his pants off, taking his boxers with them. The demi-saiyan began to whimper in need as Vegeta’s head moved down and teeth scraped the sensitive skin on his inner thighs. “Mmm Vegeta, stop teasing me…” he begged breathlessly, spreading his legs further apart.


            “My, my, my, aren’t we the impatient one today?” he purred out with a deep chuckle, as he moved back up to capture his lips. Another amused chuckle escaped him as he felt two hands undo the button and zipper to his tight lather pants and frantically pull at the material to get it off him as quickly as possible. He began to wiggle his hips so the material came down further and further with each wiggle he gave until finally the material was at his knees. “Here let me,” he offered, removing Goten’s hands from the waistband of his pants. Goten nodded and watched Vegeta kick off the rest of the fabric then turned back to him grinning. “So,” he whispered hotly against the younger man’s ear, “How would you like it today?”


            “Anything, I just want to feel you.”


            Vegeta licked his lips at the sight of the flushed demi-saiyan beneath him. Goten’s legs moved up and wrapped around the Saiyan’s slim waist, hooking his ankles behind his back so he could pull Vegeta as close as possible. Vegeta gripped a slender hip and began to push his hips forward, watching his younger lover’s face flash in pain for brief seconds. When he was fully seated inside he waited, rolling his hips a little to help him adjust. “Ready?”


            Goten nodded and Vegeta began to withdraw, then pushed back into him, trying to angle himself to hit that special spot deep within Goten’s body. It took a few quick thrusts before Goten’s nails dug hard into his back and he screamed out his name. With a smirk the ouji moved faster, raising his power so he could make the ride as powerful as he could. Within seconds Goten was mindless with pleasure and watched Vegeta lovingly with half lidded eyes.


            The ouji had his head tossed back, with his eyes closed and his mouth partly opened so he could pant lightly. The pleasure was becoming incredible for the two and soon both were panting and moaning the other’s name.


            Vegeta’s eyebrows drew down when a sudden wave of emotions flooded into his head, overwhelming him. Pain, confusion and rejection came rushing into him and he gritted his teeth in confusion. He shook his head to try and clear it but the feelings just wouldn’t leave him that easily.


            Goten’s eyes opened in slight confusion as Vegeta’s hands tightened around his hips and he began to pound into him at a bruising pace, with his power rising. “Vegeta, love, slow down, you’re starting to hurt me,” Goten panted to the man above him, gripping his back harder. But Vegeta didn’t slow down for he was to concentrated on the battle going on in his head, trying to push all these new feelings out and away. As the grip on his hips became tighter, Goten could feel his flesh bruising and began to power up to match Vegeta’s level.


            Goten jumped slightly when Vegeta blasted into Super Saiyan and screamed out, giving one last hard thrust before spilling his seed deep into his lover. Goten’s own orgasm was painfully triggered and he cam onto his and his lover’s stomach. Vegeta’s power suddenly dropped and he collapsed on top of his equally worn out partner. Goten looked down at his bruising hips and sighed deeply, then listened to Vegeta begin to mumble things. Carefully he listened, his eyes drawing down in deep thought. “Get out of my head Kakarott,” Vegeta mumbled tiredly.


            “What?” Goten questioned.


            (Prances away and for someone else to come in and clean up the mess)



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