A/N: Another interlude, set in the same AU from previous drabbles.



Drabble 11: Tower – A Hairy Tale

By Kiarene (1/6/2003)



It was an unassuming, simple slate-gray stone tower, round and squat and functional. It was not very tall; perhaps four body-lengths high, but though there was a window at the very top, there were no obvious doors. No means to enter or scale the tower.


Prince Vegeta peered up at the tower, raising his hand to shield his eyes from the sun as he bellowed. “Radditzu, Radditzu! Let down your long hair!”


There was a brief pause. Birds chirped.


And then a wave of sleek hair came slithering out of the window and down the side of the tower, a waterfall of the deepest shimmering midnight. Vegeta grinned and rubbed a lock to his cheek, sniffing. Vanilla and musk. His lover’s wonderfully unique scent clung to the silken locks.


Grabbing firm handholds on the fat braid, he clambered up the unusual ladder nimbly and in very short time, he had reached the window. Reaching out with on hand to grip the ledge and hoist himself through the window, he was startled when a hand came down to smack his knuckles sharply.


“Bad boy!”


Vegeta barely felt the sting and looked up in annoyance. “Radditzu! What is the meaning of…”


His words trailed off as he realized that the person who stood in front of his was NOT his beloved. A blue-haired female dressed in short black dress and matching pointy hat stood in front of him, fists on her hips as she glared down her nose at the gaping prince. “Fools!”


Vegeta’s eyes slid quickly around small room. Radditzu lay sobbing in a corner, sporting a new, spiky SHORT hairstyle. His long, glorious hair had been hacked and tied off, now a long silken rope secured to a foot of the bed. Vegeta’s mind spun; this female must be the witch who imprisoned his Radditzu!


“Did you think that I would not find out sooner or later?!” The witch sneered and whipped out a katana. Horrified, Vegeta tried to transfer his handhold to the ledge but he was too late.




The sharp blade sliced through the braid and he felt himself falling, tumbling…


He landed on the carpeted floor with a gasp and his eyes shot opened. ‘Wha…?” Blinking sleep-dusted eyes, he looked around him in panic. ‘Oh… just a dream…’


He was on a shuttle trip to Chikkuyu with his bodyguard. The last thing he remembered was a rich supper before closing his eyes; he must have dozed off.


It was just a silly, inane dream.


“Vegeta?” Radditz leaned over the edge of his shuttle seat to look at him, his long hair cascading over the armrest. “Are you all right? What happened?”


Vegeta blinked up at his bodyguard, and then grabbed handfuls of that luxurious black hair to pull himself up.


“Ow! Vegeta!”


“This is all your fault!” The teenage prince snarled as he settled back into his seat, his cheeks flushing. ‘Shimatta! I think I had best lay off caviar before sleep in the future.”


(499 words)


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