A/N: Set in the same AU from previous drabbles. Could be taken to continue right after my Drabble 8, but there should be enough information to stand-alone too.



Drabble 14: Lunge – War

By Kiarene (6/7/2003)


2.    A sudden forward movement or plunge.

n : the act of moving forward suddenly



“Ready, Vegeta?” Radditz lounged idly on the settee.


“Give me a minute!” A frustrated growl from the bedroom. Some rustling and zipping noises.


“Take your time,” –and he smirked— “*dear*.”


The older guard could *almost* feel the blush during the sudden pause in activity. For a well-coached royal who was coolly poised in front of crowds, he does flush so adorably when flustered. And Radditz’ most recent pastime was been to unearth the multitude of ways to accomplish just that.


It all started that Night when Vegeta invited him out for a concert. Flattered to realize that the teenage prince had a crush on him, he was also pleasantly surprised to discover a reciprocated emotion. He had never thought about it before, or dared to; Vegeta *was* the crown prince, and the lithe prince *was* extremely desirable.


Possessing a quick mind and wit, Vegeta was also unparalleled in battle. Assured, fair and yet capable of harshness when need be, he would make a splendid king when he succeeds his father. Saiyan blood ran hot in his veins – Gods above, just the *image* of Vegeta in a fight – but he was not wantonly cruel.


And *sexy*. Let’s not forget that. Radditz’ eyes glazed over with a silly grin.


So he could be cranky and spoiled at times, but he was such an *adorable* brat.


Oh yes, Radditz was falling hard, now that he could.


What he was *not* pleasantly surprised to discover was that his kid brother had noticed the same traits. Kakarrot and Vegeta were best friends and he fervently hoped the romantic attraction was only one-sided. Kakarrot never dared make a move before, but now that the older brother was involved, suddenly the not-so-adorable brat was screwing up enough courage to make a move on *his* prince.


Radditz growled. He wasn’t sure what Kakarrot had done, but when he saw a blush on Vegeta’s cheeks the other day as Kakarrot approached the prince, it was *war*.


And in war, sometimes it was advised to make a tactical lunge. So Radditz invited Vegeta out for a week at a skiing lodge.


A *secluded* one, since it belonged to the royal family. A lascivious grin danced on his lips.  


Admittedly, he might be moving too fast; it’d only been a month since that Night. A month where they did nothing more than kiss on their dates… and during sparring sessions and in darkened corridors and once on his father’s throne before a Council session started. Stolen kisses were just so naughty. All right, so they’d indulged in some enthusiastic petting too…


Oh god.






Said appendage *twitched*.


But it was also a liver-chewing month whenever he saw his bratty brother near *his* prince. And they were together a lot. If Radditz was cruelly frank with himself, he was feeling insecure and horridly jealous.


“Done!” Vegeta smiled happily as he emerged carrying a backpack.


Radditz shouldered his own pack, smirking. It was war and he was going to win.


(499 words)



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