Drabble 1: Cosmopolitan Xenophobic Prince

By Kiarene (6/3/2003)


Go on in, princeling. Nappa patted his back gruffly. Your father is waiting.


The four year old shuffled in sullenly, his tail curled despondently around his right thigh. His heart sank further when he saw his fathers stern visage. His mother stood near the window, her annoyed look telling the young boy that he would get no sympathy from that quarter either. The heavy door behind him swung closed with an ominous muffled thud.


Vegeta. The bearded king scowled angrily, towering over the small-sized chibi. I have received yet another complaint from a visiting dignitary that youve been bullying his child and insulting their race.


I wasnt bullying him. Vegeta mumbled crossly. I was showing him my fighting skills. Can I help it if the Sarhonns are such a weak race? Would you rather I lost to him on purpose?


The king crossed his arms, clearly not appeased. One, you should not go around picking fights with the children of foreign visitors. We are supposed to be the hosts here and Im tired of apologizing to the parents.


Two, physical strength isnt everything. The tall monarch sighed, his anger dissipating. And three, you need to learn respect for other races.


But Father! Vegeta protested. Youve always told me to be proud of our race! You told me stories about our heritage!


Yes, I know I did. The king shriveled under the glare from his mate. One that said It Was Your Fault. But being proud of our race doesnt mean being disrespectful of others.


Vegeta glowered at the carpet. But they are so weak


Vegeta! The prince winced at his mothers strident voice. There are other admirable traits in the other races.


Your mother and I have talked it over and weve came to a decision. You will spend three weeks out of every eight visiting a foreign planet


No! Dont send me away! The king was interrupted when his son suddenly clung to his thigh, sobbing loudly. Im really sorry, I promise I will be good from now on!


Both parents winced. The queen walked over as her mate picked up their trembling child. Hush Vegeta. Were not sending you away.


We just want you to learn about other races. She stroked her only sons hair softly.


But why? Vegeta sniffed, rubbing his nose on his fathers shoulder. I dont wanna go


Vegeta. One day you will be a king. His father explained quietly. You need to know about the other aliens we live with. You cannot be too provincial; only knowing of Saiyan culture.


We want you to be learned and cosmopolitan. His mother smiled. Ill come with you whenever I can.




Youll enjoy it, Vegeta. The king promised him. And we have never lied to you.


Vegeta did not reply as he curled up within his fathers arms, holding his shaking tail. Being the contrary, stubborn chibi that he was, he was determined not to enjoy himself.


But of course he did.


And thats another story.


(500 words)





Drabble 2: Mule - Yield

By Kiarene (22/3/2003)


2 : a very stubborn person


A/N: Set in the AU from my first drabble.




Vegeta stilled at the softly spoken command, rocked by the sudden wave of dizziness brought about by increasing pressure on his left windpipe. The touch was light but precisely placed, and nauseating blackness threatened at the edges of his vision. He braced himself against the sharp pain and thrashed fiercely.


No! He refused to give up; his pride demanded that he fight to the end.


The young prince was on the verge of passing out, clutching at shreds of slippery consciousness, his rabid struggles weakening rapidly. His arms were bent at a painful angle behind his back, his kicking legs useless against his taller opponent as he was bent in a position that gave him little leverage. He knew he had no chance of breaking free and one simple word would end his suffering, yet he would not give in.


To yield was weak.


He clung tenaciously to that mantra as he twisted and bucked frantically. One sweat-slicked hand slipped free and clawed desperately at the arm across his throat, drawing long crimson gouges but it was too late and he lost consciousness, yielding not to his opponent but his bodys own weakness.


When Vegeta awoke, he was lying on his back.


How do you feel?


Vegeta sat up slowly, one hand holding his sore throat bitterly. I lost.


The older youth looked down at the frowning boy, a wry smile on his fine, pale features. The seven-year old Saiyan prince was half his age and half his size, yet he fought like a wildcat to the end. You can be such a mule, Vegeta.


The black-haired royal turned to look at his blond counterpart suspiciously. Whats a mule?


Ciaran blinked, and then chuckled. You do not have mules on your planet?


Obviously not.


Pale blue eyes twinkled in amusement as the smaller boy struggled to stand on his own, weak but determined, knowing that any offer of help would be refused as usual. The Sidhe prince considered baiting his volatile guest. Well, a mule is the sterile offspring of a female horse and a male donkey; four-legged beasts of burden.


Dark eyes narrowed in fury as small hands fisted. How dare you mock me?


Ciaran held up a placating hand. But it also has another meaning: a stubborn person.


Vegeta snarled, his tail lashing angrily. You insult


I meant no insult, just a statement of fact, Ciaran cut in dryly. You are the most stubborn individual Ive ever met. It is a most infuriating, yet admirable trait.


Vegeta scowled but held his temper. The past three years had changed him greatly; increased interaction with other races had opened his mind. There was more to fighting than just raw strength. He was stronger than Ciaran, but the older was more skilled and possessed a natural swiftness he could barely match.


Youre right.


While the Sidhe prince gaped in surprise, Vegeta smirked cheekily. But Ill still whip your ass tomorrow.


The tension melted as both boys erupted into rich laughter.


(500 words)



A/N: Again, set in the AU from my previous drabbles. *grins* Vegeta is slowly growing up.


Written communication


~ Flashback ~



Drabble 3: Mince Trouble with Balls


3 intransitive senses : to walk with short steps in a prim affected manner





Thanks to your help, I did not make a fool of myself during the dreaded Ball. Father was quietly amused and Mother very pleased with me. She said that I danced very well.


Vegeta stopped and thought for a while, grimacing.


Apparently too well. She dragged me around to meet her friends and paraded me like some wind-up toy. I must have danced with all of the Ladies in the room.


The twelve year-old prince paused again, lips pursing in a pout. He had been unhappy when his parents informed him that he had to attend the annual Ball that year, and horrified when he found out that he had to dance as well. After going through the dusty etiquette books in a quiet panic, he capitulated and called up the only person who could help and not laugh at him.


The older Sidhe prince was refined and well-versed in the courtly ways. Tall and slender with glowing looks, he was the epitome of grace and polish. Over the years, their friendship had grown, and on hearing of his friends distress, Ciaran had immediately flown in on the next pod.




Youre like a lumbering bull! Ciaran scolded sharply, standing beside the irate younger male.


I am not! Vegeta snapped, deeply offended. I followed your movements exactly.


The taller prince sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation. You dance like youre going to attack your partner; sudden and lunging.


Look at how Im doing it, he told the Saiyan adolescent as he started moving. Youve got to take smaller, more mincing steps. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Its just like any kata, but youve got to make your movements more fluid, smoother


Vegeta watched sullenly as the willowy blond glided back and forth, privately admitting that the Sidhe youth made it looked all so easy and graceful. He had memorized the complicated sequence of steps easily, but still he felt jerky and awkward. A large part of his problem stemmed from his embarrassment; dancing was for sissies!


With a weary sigh, he tried again, chanting mentally to himself. Smaller steps, mincing steps, smaller steps


Your leg width is still too wide; dont spread so much, Ciaran grinned broadly as if he found the statement hilarious. Vegeta shot him a dark glare, unsure of what the joke was, but obediently closed his legs slightly.


Youre not in a battle stance; your legs should be shoulder-width apart or less. Ciaran demonstrated. Think of it as fighting within an enclosed space if it helps. Keep your movements light and fluid; it conserves your energy and leaves you less open to attack.




The analogies had helped him greatly; fighting was one thing that the young warrior prince understood very well. After much encouragement and threats and effort; the Sidhe royal had finally proclaimed his dancing acceptable.


Now Mother wants to bring me along for the Hyrim Queens Ball next week. I blame this wholly on you.





p.s.: Thanks.


(500 words)



Drabble 4: Champagne Adult Drink and Adult Talk
By Kiarene (8/4/2003)


Adult drink and adult talk

"Nice moves on the dance floor, Vegeta," Kakarrot snickered as the two boys weaved their way through the well-heeled crowd thronging the buffet tables.

"Oh shut up."

"Was that why you were spending so much time with that blond fairy boy last week?"

"He's not a fairy," Vegeta grunted.

Conversation ground to a halt when the two boys finally procured a large plate each, and for the next few minutes, focused on the all-important task of balancing as much food as their plates could hold.

"What type of juice do you want?" Kakarrot stared at the impressive, colorful array of drinks.

"We're twelve now" Vegeta eyed the liquors mischievously.

"But we can't!"

"Nobody will know." Grinning, the prince boldly snagged the closest green bottle and the two boys hurried off furtively.

Finding a quiet spot in the gardens outside, they sat down on the grass and tore into their food. "What did you get, Vegeta?"

The prince picked up the bottle. "Uhh Cham..pagne."

"What is it? How do you open it?"

The two boys stared at the cork.

Many minutes later, the cork was defeated with a combination of sharp eating instruments and innovative use of ki. It lay floating in small fragments in the bottle but the boys didn't care as they excitedly tried their first taste of an adult drink. As the prince, Vegeta took first swig.

"Well?" Kakarrot reached for the bottle impatiently.

Vegeta swirled the bubbly fluid around his mouth thoughtfully, just as he seen his parents doing when they `appreciated liquor'. "Gassy
and fruity"

Kakarrot took a large gulp. "Very sweet!"

"Hey, stop hogging that!" Princely manners went out the window as the adolescent male took over. Kakarrot managed to take one more large mouthful before the bottle was snatched back. "Dammit you glutton! Go get your own bottle!"

Many, many minutes and another stolen bottle later, two very giggly and yet melancholy boys lay bemoaning their lot in life, as drunkards were wont to do.

"You donch know how tough it is, K'rot," Vegeta mourned, lying on his stomach.

"But you're the prince, `Geta." Kakarrot sat cross-legged beside his supine companion and played with the royal tail, curling it around his wrist. "You `ave a big, big room, and any toys you want"

"All those forin'gners. I got to bow and be polite, and some stink. BO like you wouldn't believe" Vegeta whined.

"Does that blond fairy stink?"

"Ci'ran is not a fairy. Is a Sidhe." Vegeta muttered absently, his eyes closing as he purred. "Nice Keep doing that."

Kakarrot obeyed, stroking his prince. "You like him, `Geta?"

Vegeta yawned. "Yeah, one of my best friends"

Kakarrot's face fell in jealousy. "More than you like me?"

"I like you too, K'rot, " Came the sleepy reassurance.

"How much?" A snore was his only reply.

After a while, Kakarrot lay down, the royal butt pillowing his head, rubbing the drooping tail to his face as he too, fell asleep. "I like you too, `Geta"

(499 words)



Drabble 5: Rhapsody - Discordance


4 : a musical composition of irregular form having an improvisatory character



Kakarrot sighed and leaned back, stretching out teenage-lanky legs. Eh, Im stuck. Can I copy your work instead?


Dont disturb me. Vegeta mumbled as he chewed absently on his lower lip, pencil scratching away.


Kakarrot watched the blue tip weaving across the paper hypnotically as it filled the paper with neat characters. Vegeta was not only a good fighter, but he was also smart and cosmopolitan. He had grown up with the prince; the two of them were the best fighters in their age bracket, and had always felt relaxed around the prince. Lately however, small things that never mattered to him previously now stuck out and made him feel lacking.


Kakarrots eyes flickered back to his own homework; a few messily scribbled equations and then a glaring expense of nothing. Because he sucked at maths. Perhaps if he asked Vegeta to


A faint beeping sound interrupted the silence, and Vegeta reached for his scouter crossly. What?


Kakarrot watched the princes scowl deepened as he growled. Oh fine. Yeah, yeah you owe me.


What was that about?


Shit. Now I lost my train of thought. Vegeta looked down at the paper in disgust. Ciaran couldnt make it for the performance this weekend and I hate to go alone.


Oh. Kakarrot fell silent as he thought furiously. While Vegeta trained with him, the Saiyajin prince often sought out the Sidhe royal when he needed a companion for the many cultural events he had to attend. Here was his chance




The taller boy looked up, surprised at the hesitant tone in the usually confident princes voice. Yeah?


Is Radditz free this Sixth-day?


What? Kakarrot exclaimed. Why Radditz?


Nothing I just thought that perhaps Vegeta flushed, his eyes fixated on his pencil as he rolled the writing instrument between his fingers. That he might like


Kakarrot may have had spats with his irritating brother, but he never truly hated the elder until that moment. It was just too unfair! Radditz was one of the princes bodyguards, true, but otherwise, he hardly knew Vegeta!


What about me?


Vegeta looked up, his expression puzzled. What about you?


I mean Kakarrot fumbled, ears feeling hot as his own pencil suddenly became interesting. I..I can accompany you


I didnt think you would appreciate it. Vegeta cocked his head; clueless to the anguish he was causing the other. Its a jazz performance by several visiting orchestras, Nocturnal Rhapsody, slow rhythms and improvisation. You will probably find it boring.


Kakarrot wanted to slide under the table. But Radditz doesnt go for such events as well


Oh. A pause. Um, never mind then.


He watched as the usually poised royal doodled little coils on his neat homework. The prince had often called him an idiot, and maybe that was why he opened his mouth again. But Ill ask him anyway at dinner tonight.


You will? Vegeta blinked. Ah, cool. Thanks.


Yeah, he wouldnt enjoy the stupid performance anyway.


Kakarrot bent back to his assignment, repeating that to himself.


(499 words)




Drabble 6: Horn Twos a Date, Threes?

By Kiarene (26/4/2003)


(In which Kakarrot is brave.)


intr.v. horned, horning, horns

To join without being invited; intrude. Used with in.



Radditz smirked at his dashing reflection, adjusted his collar and practiced his suave wink one last time.


It is not. A. Date.


Radditz turned, grinning widely at the jealous visage behind him. Kakarrot didnt know it but he has got it bad. Ive never said it was.


Kakarrot waved at the tallers formal outfit, spluttering. Then why are you so dressed up? And whats with the box of chocolates?


It is a formal event, brother dear. Radditz strode out the door. And the chocolates are my thanks for his invitation; the tickets to such shows arent cheap, you know.


To his surprise, Kakarrot followed him as he took off towards the royal apartments. Oh yes, a very bad case indeed. Radditz controlled his smirk with difficulty. Landing softly at the broad balcony outside Vegetas room, he turned to his sibling. And why are you here?


Uh Kakarrot flushed. I..I need to borrow a


Stop farting around with those cock excuses. Radditz rolled his eyes impatiently. Youre jealous. Plain and simple.


Before Kakarrot could retort, Vegeta approached from the rooms interior, and the two siblings fell silent as the balcony glass doors slid open quietly. The brothers followed him in, eyes trailing down the lithe form as deft hands adjusted the sash that cinched his slender waist. Intricate patterns in black and silver thread gave the formal sleeveless navy tunic an understated elegance.


Radditz found himself admiring the royal with different, appreciative eyes. When Kakarrot told him the other day about the invitation, he accepted immediately because it wasnt wise to reject your prince. Kakarrots scowl and black mood intrigued him as well, and it didnt take him long to realize that his little brother was in a jealous snit. Naturally, he was highly amused.


Looking at the sixteen-year old prince, Radditz suddenly realized that the little prince he was bodyguard to, wasnt so little anymore. The small-sized bratling had matured into a sleek youth, handsome and urbane. And suddenly, he was really looking forward to this not-date. Smirking, he presented his gift with a flourish.


Thank you. Vegeta placed the box away with a smile. Pulling on a matching coat, he indicated the open balcony. Shall we?






Uhh Radditz watched in bemusement as his brother stuttered and fidgeted, a look of determination on his blushing face. I..I was wondering if I can come along. I mean, I want to learn more about such things


`Trying to horn in? You've balls, baby brother.' His respect went up a grudging notch. And where would you get tickets at this late hour?


To his surprise, Vegeta broke in thoughtfully. I think I might be able to get a spare ticket for you. Reaching into his jackets pocket, he took out his scouter and clipped it on.


The brothers waited in silence one hopeful, one incredulous as the prince placed a few calls. Youre in luck, Kakarrot. Vegeta smirked as he kept his scouter.


Radditz no longer found the situation amusing.


(500 words)



Drabble 7: Transient Kiss and Run

By Kiarene (5/5/2003)


1 a : passing especially quickly into and out of existence :

TRANSITORY b : passing through or by a place with only a brief stay or sojourn
2 : affecting something or producing results beyond itself
- transiently adverb


Kakarrot hid in the shadows. He couldnt stand to watch, but he couldnt tear his eyes away either.


He had been struggling with himself ever since he realized that Vegeta liked his older brother. He didnt know why exactly, or perhaps he didnt dare know why. Was he jealous? Vegeta was his best friend after all. They studied, trained and played together. And now somebody else was going to waltz in to take his place


Yet, that wasnt just it, right? Vegeta was his best friend; he should be happy for Vegeta. If Radditz made Vegeta happy, why should he be so selfish? They were growing up; needs changed. No longer were friends enough; the desire for a mate now overwhelms.


And Vegeta desired Radditz.


That much was painfully obvious. Kakarrot almost regretted coming along. Vegeta could only get him a seat some rows behind, and all throughout the performance, his eyes kept straying to the pair in front. They didnt say anything, they didnt do anything; it looked like just any outing between good friends. It was all so proper.


Yet, the little glances Vegeta gave Radditz when he thought the older wasnt looking were telling. The way his tail would twitch and fluff whenever Radditz looked or spoke to him, was wrenching.


Why did he come along?


Because he desired the prince too. Because he wanted something more.


Kakarrot watched the two talking quietly on the balcony. Right after the performance, they went out for a drink and Kakarrot had excused himself, unable to stand the tension at the table. The interested tension between the bodyguard and royal, the jealous tension between the siblings.


He had flown off, thinking of simply giving up. But something drew him back again to follow them as Radditz sent Vegeta back, and that something held him in place in the inky shadows of the royal garden like a dirty voyeur.


Kakarrot watched as Radditz leaned over, kissing the startled prince fully and deeply on the lips. He watched as slim arms came up to wrap around the tallers waist. Jealousy was a bitter, twisted feeling, full of directionless anger and helpless despair.


And yet, was he truly going to give up? Saiyajins were fighters and he was a Saiyajin.


But was this a lost cause? Surely he could find another


They finally drew apart and he watched Vegeta gazing after Radditz as his brother flew off. But he wanted no other.


Before he realized it, he was landing on the balcony.


Before the startled prince could react, he found his hand coming up to cup the others jaw as his head dipped. Still moist lips parted in surprise and he growled instinctively, territorially.


And then he lost his nerve and pulled away. He spun around and flew off, his heart pounding wildly at his impudence, not daring to see the others reaction.


A transient kiss. Fleeting and clumsy. A simple action with significant ramifications.


He hoped he would not regret it.


(500 words)




Drabble 8: Lucid Oh Happy Night
By Kiarene (10/5/2003)

3. Presenting a clear view; easily understood; clear.

(In which everything goes well for Vegeta.)

Vegeta was ecstatic.

The evening had been perfect. Radditz had been suave and charming, the jazz performance stellar. He had initially been afraid that Radditz might not enjoy himself; that he only came along because the prince asked him to. It was hard to find friends who actually liked him and not because of his position as the prince.

He had been uncharacteristically nervous when he invited Radditz; he had a crush on the older, handsome bodyguard, but he wasn't sure if that romantic attraction was reciprocated. But he could tell that the older male did enjoy himself thoroughly; his smile was genuine and his manner relaxed as they exchanged whispered comments throughout the performance. Perhaps he did have a chance after all

He had been surprised that Kakarrot wanted to come along, then again, he hadn't really minded. Kakarrot was his best friend and they do everything together. Radditz was his brother after all. In fact, this might be even better; he did not have to go through the awkwardness of introducing a potential mate to his best friend, and hope that they get along.

Oh yes, things were looking up for him.

He watched as Kakarrot excused himself and flew off, pleased that his friend had given him a bit of privacy. Kakarrot may be dense, but he really can be sweet at times too.

"It's getting late." Radditz finished the last of his beer as he waved for the bill. "You had better get back."

"I am not a kid with a curfew anymore," Vegeta huffed in annoyance. Eyeing his own glass of fruit juice; he was just two years shy of the legal drinking age on Vegetasei, he blushed at the irony. `Oh god, he probably thinks I'm some brat trying to appear older, only to end up looking stupid'

Radditz did not reply as he handed the waiter a bill and stood up. Vegeta followed him, tail twitching nervously as the heat in his cheeks deepened.

"No, you're not." Radditz' thoughtful voice broke into his mortified thoughts as they walked out onto the street. The taller male stopped and turned around, shadowed eyes examining him intently. Vegeta stilled, heart thumping in anticipation.

Radditz raised a hand and brushed the back of his knuckles softly against his cheeks, his voice a husky whisper. "You've grown up, Vegeta."

Vegeta was stunned. His mind chased itself in panicked circles as he fumbled for something witty to say. `What do I say? Does that mean what I think it means?'

Before he could blurt out something asinine, Radditz broke into a grin and wrapped an arm around his waist. "Come on, I'll fly you home."

The prince gave a small sound of surprise and then his body reacted for him as he leaned against the larger bodyguard, allowing the strong arms to envelop him. He could easily fly, but that wasn't the point at all.

Vegeta purred as he melted with the warm embrace. Radditz' intentions were perfectly lucid.

(500 words)




A/N: An interlude in the same AU


Drabble 9: Caviar Midnight snack

By Kiarene (19/5/2003)


Vegeta shifted restlessly, eyes closed as he tried to sleep. He was tired, the lights in the shuttle were dimmed and the first-class seats were large, comfortable and almost horizontal, but for some unexplainable reason, he simply could not fall asleep. His bodyguard was snoring softly beside him, long limbs sprawled out limply; it was a good thing they werent in economy. Irritated, he poked at the burly male. Shut up baka. Youre snoring.


Snnxxz..wha geta?


The teenage prince gave his long-suffering guard a sideways kick in the ankles. You. Were. Snoring.


Sorry Radditz mumbled sleepily as he turned to face Vegeta and slid further down in his seat, eyes closing again.


Insomniacs loved company and Vegeta kicked Radditz again as he pressed the attendant button. Im going to call for a snack. You want anything?


Whacha aving? Blearily, Radditz propped himself up on his elbow, realizing that Vegeta was in a pissy mood again. Probably because he didnt get enough sleep


Vegeta was already talking to the blue-haired attendant. Id like some of that caviar served earlier during dinner. Radditz?


Radditz shook his head, making a face. Caviar? The black fish eggs? Yucks.


Its nice, Vegeta purred as the stewardess placed the small dish and fork on his tray. Its a Chikuyuu delicacy that is extremely expensive on Vegetasei. He lifted a forkful to his mouth, grinning happily. Rich and salty and oh, I just love black caviar; sturgeons roe. So much smoother than the cheaper red caviar we import on Vegetasei.


Rich, salty and smooth eh? Radditz leaned closer with a leer, slipping a hand under the blanket that covered Vegetas lap. I can think of another similar snack


Vegeta gave a small start as fingers deftly weaseled past his waistband and down


And up... and down and up


Radditz! Stop that! Vegeta hissed breathlessly as he strove to maintain control, even as his groin tensed under the blanket, subconsciously aching to press upwards. Shakily, he continued eating as he tried to ignore the building pleasure.


Are you sure?


Vegeta scowled at the tall guards widening grin, but his irritation was quickly distracted as a strong palm now closed around his fully erect cock. The fork was lowered to the plate, caviar forgotten, as hunger of a different kind built.


Shall I stop? The husky whisper was punctuated between alternating firm strokes and gentle squeezes, stoking the coil of tension in his lower gut expertly. Blunt nails raked from the base of his erection to the swollen tip and Vegeta cursed under his breath as his eyes rolled back.


Kisama Ill kill you. if you dare stopnnngh Slender hips jerked up suddenly and he strove to swallow his gasps even as lights danced behind his eyelids.


Is everything all right sir? That pesky onna again.


Uhh great ca..viar Vegeta replied weakly as he melted bonelessly into his seat.


Hmm maybe I will try that caviar after all. Radditz smiled brightly, but Vegeta was already asleep.


(497 words)

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