How DBZ Should Have Ended – Version 2.0

By Xero Sky

8th April 2003


Vegeta woke up with a start, feeling disoriented and sick to his stomach.  Dark eyes blinked rapidly as he panted, trying to get some idea of where he was.


He'd been outside, at the stadium, watching the fight, nearly caught up by the crowd.  Now the sunlight was gone, replaced by darkness and a twining, soft, firmness that seemed to hold him in a gentle embrace.  He tried calming himself, letting his keen saiyajin senses tell him where he was, or if there was an enemy here to fight.


After a few long moments, he realized with some embarrassment that the soft surface underneath him was a mattress, and that the flimsy webbing tangling his legs was actually a sheet.


He let out a deep breath and sat up, running his hands through his unruly hair, making himself calm down.  He could feel the sweat cooling on the back of his neck and between his shoulder blades. 


Damn it!  That dream again. The stupid thing was relentless and always the same.


The tournament.  The freaky kid. The fight.  And Kakarrot all of a sudden leaving to go train that brat, just like that, in search of the perfect fight.  As if his prince weren't good enough for him.  As if he didn't care, one way or the other, that he was abandoning everyone who cared for him.


The Saiyajin no Ouji snorted in disgust and flipped on the light next to the bed. Despite himself, he sighed in relief and pleasure.  The low light bronzed the pale perfect skin of his companion and threw sculpted muscles into sharp relief. Dark tousled hair was spread across the pillow, almost obscuring the handsome face, and a thick, dark tail twitched lightly as Kakarrot slept, stretched out on his stomach next to Vegeta.  The thick golden cuff around his upper arm,  the crest of the Royal House of Vegetasei inscribed all around it, gleamed in the mellow light.


Vegeta smirked.  His concubine was exactly where he should be. He sighed and laid back down, snuggling up to warm skin.  Stupid dream.  You'd think immortality would have taken care of little inconveniences like that.


Kakarrot sighed and turned over, cuddling up to him in his sleep.  Vegeta smiled and pressed his lips against the unlined brow.  Good thing he'd decided to keep the brat after he'd wished himself immortal. Ascending to super saiyajin and killing Furiza on Namek wouldn't have been half as much fun for Vegeta if he hadn't had Kakarrot to subdue and celebrate with afterwards. 


Wishing the formerly third class concubine immortal had been a good idea too.  Otherwise they probably wouldn't have had time to fall so hard for each other.  They could both be such stubborn bastards… and he could hardly imagine a life without his Kakarrot now.


He had offered to free the saiyajin from his technical slavery, but Kakarrot had refused.  There was a custom on the planet he'd grown up on called 'wedding rings'; Vegeta didn't quite get the whole concept, but he understood well enough that Kakarrot wanted to wear his insignia, to show who he belonged to, body and soul.


The very thought touched Vegeta's heart, as it always did.


These dreams, though… 


To dispel the last few feelings of wrongness, he ran a cherishing hand over golden skin, relishing the soft warmth, and dark eyes blinked open to regard him sleepily. 


"Is something wrong, koi?" Kakarrot murmured, brushing his lips against Vegeta's.


"Just a nightmare.  Nothing to worry about."


His handsome lover sighed.  "When will you learn not to eat spicy things before bedtime?"


Vegeta leered at him and licked his lips.  "Never…"


Someone pounced.  It didn't really matter who.


Kisses and caresses grew heated, and the low, climbing sounds of passion were heard.  Neither of them noticed when they rolled off the bed in a tangle of limbs, tails, and silk sheets.  Between one kiss and the next, all nightmares were forgotten.


Elsewhere, Mr. Satan was crushed by a meteor that, ironically, was shaped just like his own head.


Indeed, all was right with the universe.





How DBZ Should Have Ended – Version 3.0

By Xero Sky

9th April 2003


            "This is gonna be great!!"


            Uncertainly, Uubu smiled as he clung to the saiyajin's brawny shoulders.  Despite Goku's enthusiasm, he had to wonder if he'd made the right choice.  The big guy was kind of manic now, and if pressed, Uubu might have to admit that it was beginning to creep him out.


            The whole thing was kind of bizarre, actually.  He'd just met the guy, and all of a sudden he was fighting the hell out of him, and next thing he was accepting him as a fighting master and flying off with him.  How long had the whole thing taken? Half an hour?


            And Goku-sensei seemed really eager to get away from his family and friends.  It was like he had a train to catch or something and was gonna be late.   They could have hung out for a week saying their goodbyes, for all Uubu cared.  


            Goku had obviously wanted to get away as soon as possible.


            Which made Uubu a little nervous, now that he thought about it.


            What was he trying to get away from?


            Goku grinned wildly, whooped again, and took them in a loop de loop that frankly make Uubu want to toss up his breakfast all over the landscape.  It turned out to be a lot more comfortable than the sudden stop that followed, though.


            Uubu blinked at a sight that few in the universe survived seeing:  an extremely pissed-off ascended saiyajin prince.


            He was an aggressive boy, and not practiced in backing down.  He liked fights.  This time, however, he discovered that he really, really did not want to be part of this one. 


            Vejiita no Ouji reached out and plucked Uubu off Goku's back.  Uubu dangled, not really inclined to do anything that might keep the royal saiyajin's attention on him.


            "Go practice your flying, boy," Vejiita growled. Then he dropped Uubu, not caring that they were several thousand feet in the air, and not paying him any further attention.


            "Vejiita!" Goku whined, looking outraged. "That wasn't very nice!"


            Vejiita simply stared at him, green eyes boring into black, until Goku's outrage crumpled under the weight of it.  Laughing nervously, he rubbed the back of his head and then looked at his prince with wide, innocent eyes.  "So, Vejiita, what brings you all the way out here?"


            The prince of all saiyajins said nothing, but held up something in front of Goku's face.  The larger saiyajin flinched but took it, staring at the small rectangle of thin plastic intensely. 


            It was white, except for the plus sign at one end which was a bright, fluorescent pink. 


            Goku's face lost all its color.  "You said it was impossible!"


            "I said, you brainless wonder," Vejiita growled, "that it was improbable for royal saiyajins."


            Goku stared at his prince, then dropped his gaze to the baggy sweat pants Vejiita was wearing instead of his normal spandex.   "Are, are you sure?"


            "Yes, I'm sure!!  And if you think that I'm going to let you run off to play with some stranger's brat while I raise our baby alone, you are sadly mistaken!!" Vejiita barked.  Sparks and lightning flew from his aura.


            "But, Vejiiiiiita, Chichi's gonna kill me!" Goku said, making a last-ditch attempt to get out of the new responsibility that had been haunting him for weeks.


            "And if she does, you're still not getting out of this!  Welcome to fatherhood, Kakarrot!!" Vejiita said, hauling him back towards the stadium by the back of his shirt.


            Several hundred feet below, Uubu, precariously balanced in mid-air, clearly heard the wail of dismay as the legendary hero finally met his match.


            He laughed and began to fly back home, convinced that what his mom had said was really true:  city people were crazy.





How DBZ Should Have Ended – Version 4.0

By Kiarene

10th April 2003

"Bye everyone!" Goku waved cheerily as he flew off, Uubu on his back, blithely ignoring the chorus of protests from his friends and family below. "I'll come back to visit someday, don't worry!"

His grin widening, the brawny Saiyajin powered up and sped off in an extra burst of speed. Suddenly he felt so free! Tossing his bed and uncaring of the short Mohawk-haired kid seated on his back, he burst out laughing gaily. Thin hands gripped his shoulders yet more tightly at his odd behavior.

Soon, he felt a familiar ki approach and he slowed down slightly with a knowing smile on his face.

"Hi Vegeta!"

The Saiyajin prince drew up beside him, a dark scowl on his face. "What's the meaning of this?"

"What?" Goku grinned guilelessly, knowing it irritated the easily irritated royal.

"This! This lunatic behavior!" Vegeta spluttered, face turning red in his rage. "Running off like that!"

"But didn't I promise you that we'll run off together?" Goku winked, but Vegeta was not amused.

"What about him?!" Vegeta gestured rudely to the scared, wide-eyed kid on the larger Saiyajin's back.

"Oh, him." Goku turned his head nonchalantly to look over his shoulder, shrugging slightly. Uubu yelped. "Well, I'll just drop him off at his mom's place before we fly off."

"But what of all the talk you were sprouting about training him?" Vegeta started to calm down slightly.

Goku smirked wickedly, showing his Saiyajin side to his prince. "He was just an excuse. Come on! Me, taking off just like that to train a stranger? That's ludicrous!"

Vegeta threw his head back with a delighted laugh. "And I thought you've lost it there."

Goku shook his head in disgust, rolling his eyes. "I don't even know him, but he was a convenient excuse. For Kami's sake, he doesn't even speak Japanese."

Holding up a hand, Goku forestalled his lover's complaints. "I know; it's a bit of a coward's way out. But while I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, I didn't want to hurt Chi Chi too much. Let her think her self-sacrificing husband is out there training the next hero of the world. Face is very important in this society, Vegeta."

Vegeta considered his words, nodding. "Perhaps I should let Bulma down gently too. I do owe her that much at least."

Goku smiled. It was not the clueless smile his Ningen family and friends often see, but a small knowing smile. He felt relieved to be away from the others and with Vegeta again, where he could finally be himself. "This is better for our sons as well."

The two Saiyajins exchanged identical smirks. The scrawny brown-skinned boy looked even more worried and anxious, but he need not have worried; they weren't concerned about him at all.

"So do you have the space ship capsule, Vegeta?"

"Of course."

And they flew off into the sunset, holding hands.





How DBZ Should Have Ended – Version 5.0

By Kiarene

9th April 2003


“Bye everyone!” Goku waved cheerily as he flew off, Uubu on his back, his bright grin becoming stretched and brittle as he tried hard to ignore the chorus of protests from his family and friends below.


Powering up, he sped off in an extra burst of speed, as he didn’t want anybody to catch up. His grin fell away immediately. Thin hands gripped his shoulders tightly, their owner whimpering slightly in fear, but Son Goku was too preoccupied to care.


Soon, he felt a familiar ki approach and he slowed down with a relieved smile.


“Vegeta!” Goku turned his head to face his lover with a petulant look. “I did what you asked, but why?”


The Saiyajin prince did not answer as he drew up beside the brawny Saiyajin. Instead, he reached for the wide-eyed and obviously scared boy on Goku’s back and plucked him off with a dark frown. “Ok, brat. End of the ride.”


“Wha…?” Uubu looked between the two males in confusion, fumbling clumsily in mid-air for balance as he was abruptly released. Didn’t Goku-san said that he would be his sensei?


But Goku wasn’t interested in the young boy at all, his attention on Vegeta instead. And the intimidating prince was scowling at him in irritation. “Are you stupid, boy? Scat.”


“But Son-sensei…” Uubu tried again but his voice trailed off to a squeak as black eyes flashed green momentarily.


“…is not your sensei.” Vegeta finished his sentence softly, dangerously. A vein twitched above his left brow.


The skinny, brown-skinned incarnation of the most powerful villain that ever lived suddenly Got It, and prudently fled the scene. The two full-blooded Saiyajin were left alone.


“That wasn’t very nice, Vegeta,” Goku said mildly. “Now tell me what that was all about.”


Vegeta crossed his arms and growled. “Because I’m not a nice person.”


“That wasn’t what I meant!” Goku crossed his arms as well, over his stomach. He could not feel the swell yet, but soon. “I thought we wanted to tell our family after this last tournament?”


The last two full-blooded Saiyajins had been clandestine lovers, then mates for a long time. There were sparks, surreptitious glances even from their very first fight together. But they had not the chance to act on any impulse; somehow it was one interruption after another, until Goku came back to Chikkuyu.


The proud prince had resisted at first, vehemently and loudly, but finally gave in to the undeniable chemistry between them. At first they had thought it was just sex; something Saiyajin that their Ningen women couldn’t give them, but they finally admitted to each other after the battle with Buu that it was something more. After the dust had settled and everyone was wished back, they had quietly claimed each other as mates, though they stayed with their women for the sake of their families. They did love their wives in a way, and had no wish to hurt them. After all, Vegeta had told him that Saiyajins have very long life spans, and they had planned to stay with their families until their women passed on.


At least, that had been the plan until Goku recently found out that he was pregnant. Vegeta had been adamant about raising the latest full-blooded royal of their dead race properly, and so they decided to tell their families after the tournament.


And then Vegeta had come to him in a panic before the tournament, or as close to a panic as Goku had ever seen him, and dragged him off outside. To his further bewilderment, the prince then ordered him to take Uubu as a student and tell their family and friends that he would be going off training the boy.


“Vegeta?” Goku watched in growing curiosity and impatience as the prince …fidgeted? “What happened to our plan of just telling them?”


“I didn’t want them to know,” came the defensive reply.


“Why??” Goku wanted to strangle his fickle-minded mate. “You made me take on Uubu as a student, and then told him that I’m not his sensei. You made me act like a total, heartless idiot in front of my family and friends, and made me leave them just like that!”


The normally genial Saiyajin growled uncharacteristically, the stress of the long day coupled with the hormones of pregnancy catching up with him. “Vegeta!!”


Vegeta flushed, looking away in embarrassment. “Because I had just found out that I’m pregnant too, you baka!”






How DBZ Should Have Ended – Version 6.0

By Felix

11th April 2003


He watched as Goku waved merrily to his family and friends while he stood below the excitement. The stadium was quiet, mixed only with a bit of hushed murmurs.

"Sorry, you'll understand some day!" the younger Saijin proclaimed in response to all the protests. He was simply choosing to ignore any signs of reason or logic. Turning around he approached Uub. "All aboard!" Goku pointed to his back. Hesitantly, Uub got on, clinging tightly in uncertainty. "Here we go!" Goku yelled with glee.

And then he was gone. Just like that. Vegeta stood, dumbfounded. His posture was hunched, his arms deadweight, his mouth open. What...?


What kind of crap was that!? That was definitely not cool! But it was too late now..Goku's ki had faded into the distance till he couldn't even sense it anymore.

He fell to his knees in anguish. This wasn't fair! What about his fight? The stupid bastard had disregarded the fact that he'd been patiently waiting for it for the past FORTY OR SO YEARS.

Screaming into the sky, Vegeta said with the utmost sincerity from the bottom of his heart, "FUCK YOU!"

But then a duck wearing a beret nuzzled his hand to comfort him as he nearly began to sob incoherently. "Dude," it said, "Duuuuuude." Vegeta looked at it, and said nothing. It did register in his mind that this was a pretty awkward thing, but for some reason, it didn't distress him. What was distressful was the fact that he wasn't going to got his goddamned fight!

But it hardly mattered anymore because he was back at home training in a new, improved Capsule - now in octagonal shape! But as he went to one side, he went into another Capsule! Or was he in the same one just on the opposite side? He swam through the air wishing for some kickin' rad snorkel gear. The neon colored, glittered kind. Suddenly, his foot snagged the drain and a black hole opened up at the bottom of the Capsule.

"Oh snap," Vegeta said, knowing this meant immediate death, yet somehow, he was completely unphased.

In fact, as he was being sucked into the massive black abyss, he swore the thing spoke to him. The closer he got, the more sure he became. Yes...Yes! It was calling his name!

"Wow..I didn't know spatial anomalies had voices," Vegeta said to himself.

"V E G E T A," the black hole grumbled in response.

"Whoa, freaky," the Saijin prince announced to no one in particular.

But then suddenly he was aware of this warmth on his..crotch? What was going on? The deep dark pit of nothingness called out in a more distinct voice, "Vegeta.." In fact, it sounded kind of familiar.


Hey wait, Vegeta thought, something doesn't seem right...

"Vegeta! Wake up!"

Opening bleary eyes, said Vegeta barely squeezed an audible reply, "Kakkarot?" A huge, sparkling grin greeted his retina. Still out of it, his mental processes hadn't switched tracks yet. Instead of asking "What's going on?" he instead questioned, "What's up, chief?"

"Wow, you're really out of it," Goku stated the obvious.

With his brain now functioning properly, the brunette wiped the sandmen away from his eyes, "What's going on?"

"You passed out after the fight with Majin Buu, we thought you were a goner!" Goku explained, "But it looks like you were just exhausted!"

"Are you..sitting on me?" Vegeta asked, even though he could clearly see for himself.

"Yeah, I was tired and you were warm," Goku stated nonchalantly.

"Wait.." Vegeta said, "The fight with Majin Buu? It just..ended?"

"Like I said, you were out for awhile, but was only a few hours ago. What? Don't you remember?"

"KAKKAROT!" Vegeta suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs, "PROMISE ME YOU WILL FIGHT ME!"

"Whoa! Okay! I promise!"

Suddenly, Vegeta sat up and glommed Goku with all his might, "Oh! You make me so happy! I could kiss you!"

Goku blushed, "Eheheh...didn't knew you swung that way, Vegeta."

"Hm, neither did I."

There was a pause.

Then Vegeta spoke. "I don't think I was supposed to say that out loud," he admitted, "Or even in my head, for that matter."

"Well, if you need me, you know where I live," Goku winked and got up, leaving Vegeta with confused, mixed emotions.

But the prince got up and bounded after him, "Hey, Kakkarot! Wait up!"

And there was much rejoicing.




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