Last update 6th July 2003
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Pride's Fall A poem, ripped off from a parody of Poe's Raven none [G] 28/3/2003
That Fat Guy in a Red Suit
| 1 | 2 |
A Christmas fic. Hint of yaoi, yuri. Mainly fluff. Complete
Vegeta/Goku, Bulma/Chi Chi [G] 5/1/2003
Hentai Institute Challenge #6

Pizzas and Cigarettes

A short ficlet. Maximum of 2 pages. From Gohan's POV, and the only light-hearted, slightly silly entry. Most Creative Award. none [G] forgot…
SJS List Drabble Challenge

| 1 - 9 |
11 | 14 |

A ficlet of no more than 500 words on a random dictionary word.
Some entries were missing because they were not submitted.

* Winner of round 6

Vegeta/Radditz, Vegeta/Kakarrot [G] – [R] Mar 2003, drabble still ongoing
DBZ Alternative Endings Challenge By Xero Sky, Felix and I. 5 versions.

Version 1.0 is the canon...

Vegeta/Goku (all)
[PG13] April 2003
Milk Series For the SJS Mistress of Squick Challenge. Tied for 2nd place. various [R, squick] 6/5/2003
Beyond M&Ms

(Or “What Not To Do With A Gerbil”)

Adapted from an urban legend. Vegeta/Gohan [NC-17, squick] 11/5/2003

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