Gundam Wing
 Last update 4th August 2005
Fic Summary Pairings Rating Date Feedback
Trieze Khushrenada: Gundam Pilot 05 Trieze Khushrenada: Gundam Pilot 05. Humor. One-shot.
13x5 [R] 21st July 2005
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AU. Corporate raider Heero Yuy has his sights on one Chang Wufei. Humor. Romance. Complete.
5x1, 1x2 [R] 24th April 2004 - 20th July 2005
Espionage "But why do I have to wear a *dress*?” Wufei stared down at his ‘disguise’ in outrage. Humor. One-shot.
13+5 [PG] 1st December 2004
The Burning Question The G-boys talk about Heero and Wufei... A bit of silliness. A random conversation. One-shot.
1x5 (mentioned) [PG] 17th October 2004
Heero's List To Seduce Wufei. Step 1... Humor. Romance. One-shot.
1x5 [PG] 13th October 2004
One Hour "What would you do if you only had one hour to live?" Angst. One-shot.
1x2x5 [PG] 10th July 2004
Autumn Coffee
Street Kisses
Painted Crates
One Phonecall
Palm Trees
Rose Gardens
Smoky Bars
A chance meeting between Wufei and Quatre sets into motion a series of events. Set five years after the war. AU. Sap. Angst. 13x5, 3x4, 1x2 (mentioned) [R] Started 26th June 2004
Last update 20th July 2005
Caught? Heero catches Wufei sneaking out of an Oz base. Romance. Sap. One-shot.
1+5 [PG] 17th April 2004

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