Title: Painted Crates

Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 5x13, 3x4
Rating: PG
Summary: Trieze is irritated.

Published: 16th July 2005
Disclaimer: You know the drill.



Rose Gardens



Who was that? Trieze called out, keeping one eye on a boiling pot of pasta even as he spooned in some tomato paste into the pan, over the frying onions, sliced capsicum and chopped meat. He gave it a stir, covered the pan and turned down the heat on the boiling pasta.


When Wufei was slow in replying, he turned his head in worry. Wufei?


His husband walked into the kitchen slowly, eyes down and thoughtful, biting his lower lip in a way Trieze knew it meant that he was very worried. Wufei stopped beside the fridge, leaning against it, and looked up. Trieze waited.


Well, it looks like well be having a guest over for the next few days, Wufei said, combing his fingers through his ponytail. Sorry, I agreed to let him stay over before I checked with you, but


You know Im not bothered by that, Trieze broke in breezily. He eyed Wufeis nervous grooming. But?


oh, um. Wufei flushed. He fiddled with the tips of his hair.


Trieze turned around, stirring the pasta sauce again and adding a dash of oregano.


Its Quatre.


Trieze jerked, then cursed softly under his breath as too much oregano now dissolved into the simmering sauce. Replacing the spice bottle, he turned to his husband. What?!


No, wait. Let me serve the pasta first. At this rate, Ill end up ruining dinner, Trieze muttered, holding up a hand, the other pinching the bridge of his nose.


Wufei nodded and started to set the table stiffly as Trieze finished cooking. When they were seated, Trieze looked at his husband again. Lets try this again His right brow twitched. Quatre Winner?!


Wufei winced. He called me, said he needed a place to stay.


Hes the CEO of the Winner Corporation. I find it hard to believe he has nowhere to stay. Trieze picked up his fork and twirled his pasta. It had too much oregano, but otherwise, deliciously perfect as always.


He said he wasnt ready to talk to Trowa yet, Wufei said lamely, and started eating as well.


He can not talk to Barton from anywhere in the world, or even off it. He need not do it from our house. Trieze realized he was sounding petty, but while Wufei may have forgiven Winner, *he* would never excuse pilots 02 and 04 from their roles in hurting his Wufei. What about Maxwell? Werent they together?


Yes er, I mean yes they had been traveling together ever since they left, but they are not *together* in that sense. Wufei chewed, swallowed, and twirled more pasta. He kept his eyes downcast. Im sorry, I didnt think about how awkward this would be for you. But I just couldnt turn him away, and he looked so depressed.


Trieze felt like a heel. Reaching over, he caught hold of Wufeis wrist gently. Love, Im sorry. I didnt mean to put you in such a position. Of course I would support you in whatever you choose. It is only for a few days, right? Sure, he can stay.


He smiled gamely, pushing down his own feelings of ire towards the other Gundam pilots and their god-damn relationship problems. Mentally, he repeated to himself that he should be more understanding of his husbands position. While the other pilots had treated him badly during the latter part of the war, they were, understandably, a very important, if distasteful, part of his husbands past. Like relatives. He thought of Dorothy and twitched involuntarily. He can do this; he can put up with Quatre for a few days. On the bright side, if he had to deal with one of the other Gundam pilots, at least it was Winner.


Thank you, Wufei said gratefully, finally looking up at him. He smiled happily. Im so lucky that Ive such an understanding husband.


Trieze knew he wasnt being understanding he *still* didnt like the other pilots but he would do anything for his dragon. But he smiled back and released Wufeis wrist. Picking up his fork again, he asked casually. So, when is Winner coming?




Thank you for having me here. Quatre said, running a nervous hand through his hair self-consciously. He shot another glance at Trieze.


We have space, Trieze said coolly. He stood at the doorway of the guestroom, arms crossed, as he studied their guest with clinical curiosity. On the surface, Winner appeared well; he looked tanned and healthy. However, his eyes were dull and his lips a little pinched Wufei was right. Winner did not look happy. But Trieze didnt care, really.


Trieze sighed and turned his attention to something a lot more enjoyable watching Wufei. He smiled fondly, thinking that his husband was really quite adorable. Quite a perfect little host.


Wufei was oblivious to the stiff atmosphere as he bustled around the guestroom, flinging open doors and windows. Oh, were glad to have you here. It was no problem at all. Now, this door leads to the bathroom, and while the balcony has a lovely view, the sliding doors are quite stiff. This house is quite old and we decided to keep what we can intact. Unfortunately, this means putting up with squeaky floorboards and drafty windows.


The guestroom was large and airy. The walls were painted in a creamy yellow, the floorboards a lovely, weathered oak. There was a large bed against one wall, and a wardrobe, dresser and desk against the opposite wall. The tiny balcony, just barely large enough for a small wrought iron table and chair, overlooked Triezes prized rose garden, which extended around half of the house.


The faint scent of roses hung in the air. Already, the blooms are wilting; autumn is coming.


Wufei turned back to Quatre, smiling. I know you must be tired after your trip, so Ill just leave you to settle in. Do you want to have dinner with us? Trieze is planning to cook some Greek dishes tonight.


Quatre glanced at Trieze, who stood behind Wufei, a distant and bored expression on his face, and demurred politely. Ah, no thanks. I actually have a dinner appointment tonight.


Wufei looked disappointed. Oh, all right then.


Have a good rest, then. Trieze slung an arm around his husbands waist and led him gently but firmly from the room. The door clicked closed behind them.


Do you have to go into work today? Trieze asked casually as they walked away.


Wufei shook his head. I took the day off so I would be free to receive Quatre.


Trieze suppressed a momentary surge of irritation. Instead, he led his husband into the nearest room, which happened to be their library, and locked the door. When Wufei looked up at him in surprise, he pinned the smaller man against the door. I must admit Im jealous. All youve been talking about for the past couple of days was Quatre.


Trieze, you dont have to be Wufei looked a little surprised.


Trieze pressed a light kiss to Wufeis parted lips. Hush. I want your full attention. On me. Now. His hands rested on the small of Wufeis back, rubbing in slow circles as his voice dropped huskily. I want you to think of me, only of me.


Wufei moaned softly, draping his arms around Triezes shoulders. You know I dont like Quatre that way.


Trieze frowned. His hands slid down to cup his husbands firm buttocks, pulling the smaller man up and against him as he growled. How dare you talk about another man while I am with you like this.


Lips, hot and wet, trailed down Wufeis neck. I want to drive you mad, be consumed with only thoughts of me.


Another soft moan. Like a pole dancer, a slim leg came up to encircle his hips, rubbing and thrusting. Wufei peered up at him under dipped lashes. You *do* drive me mad.


Trieze groaned, a low, needy sound. Gods. Jerkily, he began to pull Wufeis shirt off. I need you. Now. Naked. What was it about Wufei that could reduce him to a monosyllabic caveman?


Hey, wait! Wufei yelped, crossing his arms over his chest in a vain attempt to keep his shirt on. Trieze only thought it made him look utterly erotic, and growled again.


What if Quatre overhears us?


Wufei, Trieze knew, was easily embarrassed. Even prudish. That was one reason why for the first time in Triezes pampered life, they dont have any servants in the house. Otherwise, the ex-general knew he wouldnt be able to get any sex. Trieze groaned again, this time in horror as he realized that with a guest in the house, their usual activities would be severely curtailed.


Frankly, I dont give a damn. Trieze yanked Wufeis hair-tie off. And what have I told you about mentioning another mans name when youre with me, like this?


Trieze! Wufei shrieked as he was scooped up. Then he clasped a hand over his mouth.


Trieze smirked, carrying his lithe husband over to the large sofa. Yes, do continue that. I only want to hear you scream my name.


Wufei blushed. And scowled cutely. I wont.


Is that a challenge? Triezes smirk deepened.




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