Title: Street Kisses
Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 5x13, 1x2, 3x4
Rating: G
Summary: Some 5x13 fluff. Set after Autumn Coffee. AU.

Published: 18th October 2004
Disclaimer: You know the drill.



Street Kisses



“So. What did you and Winner talked about?” Trieze frowned. “He didn’t come to hurt you, did he?”


When Trieze found out how the other pilots had treated Wufei during the war, he had been overcome with mindless rage and guilt. Even though Wufei had downplayed their actions, Trieze was adept enough at reading his dragon to know that they had hurt him badly. But Wufei made him promise that he would never to seek them out. “That’s all in the past. There’s nothing to avenge and revenge is pointless,” Wufei had pleaded, and he could never deny his love anything.


He had been aghast when he recognized the blond man that was sitting opposite Wufei in the café, but remembering what Wufei told him about Quatre, he swallowed his anger and composed himself.


“Nothing much. I just happened to run into him and he asked if we could perhaps talk over a drink. Catch up and all that.” Wufei gave a sad smile. “Of all of the pilots, I think I do miss Quatre. And Duo. They were good friends before… And Quatre remained one even after… that…”


It was at the tip of Trieze’s tongue to say something scathing about so-called friends who did nothing, but he held his peace. Wufei gave him a sharp look. “Quatre is not a coward. He’s a pacifist by nature and it was hard for him to defy Trowa.”


“If you say so,” Trieze replied flatly.


As they walked back to their apartment, for it wasn’t far and it was a lovely day, Wufei spoke about their conversation.


“Stop that.” Wufei abruptly swatted at his husband’s straying hand irritably. “We’re in public.”


“So?” Trieze leered, ignoring Wufei’s warning glares and snaked an arm around his lover’s trim waist. “I don’t care and why should you?”


“It’s not proper!” Wufei’s objection wasn’t that vehement, Trieze noted gleefully. The arm stayed.


This was one of their frequent bones of contention, and slowly but surely, he’s wearing his dragon down. Actually, he suspected that Wufei’s apparent prudishness stemmed not so much from his conservative background, but rather the abuse he received from the other Gundam pilots when they discovered their relationship. Yet another thing that pilots 01 and 03 have to answer for.


As they walked down the street together, Treize couldn’t help but notice the openly admiring looks and lewd leers his beautiful but oblivious husband was receiving. It was a source both of pride and irritation, and part of his exhibitionistic behavior stemmed from a desire to tell, no *announce* to the world that Wufei was *his*. It was terribly cave-man of him, even a bit childish, he knew.


He knew he himself was good-looking, but his deep-set eyes and strong features — his dragon called them chiseled — and red-brown hair were common among Europeans, while Wufei’s exotic dark looks never failed to draw stares. Perhaps if they were to move to an Asian city…


Trieze mentally shook his head. It was more than enough that France allowed them to stay; not many countries were so forgiving of his part in the war. A bonus — the scenery was gorgeous and he was familiar enough with the language and customs to feel at home.


“What are you thinking about?” Wufei asked him curiously. “You went all quiet suddenly.”


“Just wondering what it would be like if we lived in an Asian city, such as China or Hong Kong,” Trieze murmured. “But that’s not possible.”


“You are bored here?” Wufei teased.


“I was thinking that *you* might be bored here,” Trieze replied softly. “Don’t you miss Chinese food, or at least well-cooked Chinese food as you keep complaining? Your customs and—“


“Stop.” Wufei laid a finger across Trieze’s lips. “I don’t care about all that. What matters is that I’m with you.”


Trieze didn’t care that they were right in the middle of the street; he didn’t care that Wufei might get angry later. He stopped, and right there and there, in the middle of the street, he gave his husband a deep kiss. The kind where the world just seems to spin to a stop around them for a timeless moment, the kind where everything just narrows down to just them and the delicious play of hot mouths and soft lips and slick tongues…


The kind that drew catcalls.


“Trieze—?” Wufei asked breathlessly. A delicate flush stained his cheeks and some tendrils had escaped his braid, giving him a wonderfully tousled look. Straightening, he attempted to glare at the youths who were whistling shrilly at them, but when he had turned towards them, their admiring sounds only became louder.


Trieze laughed haplessly and pulled a fuming Wufei along.


“Trieze! What was that for?” Wufei tugged his hand out from his husband’s grip. Reaching up, he tried to tuck the stray hair back behind his ears, though a few stubborn strands kept flying about.


“And I love you too,” Trieze said gaily. He knew he had the silliest grin, but that was all right. He was alive, the war was over and he had his beautiful dragon who loved him by his side. Life was most excellent.




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