Title: Takeover
Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 1x5
Rating: R
Summary: AU. Corporate raider Heero Yuy has his sights on one Chang Wufei.

Published: 25th March 2005
Disclaimer: I so totally own them. Bwahaha.

Feedback: It keeps the boys panting.


Takeover 10


Back at work. I’m seated at my desk, laptop opened in front of me and Inbox icon flashing furiously. To the left, my in-tray groans under the stack of papers Sally insisted I must look over and sign by this morning. To my right, a stack of dossiers on the new companies I had been thinking of acquiring.


A mountain of paper. Lots of work. All terribly urgent, as evidenced by the aggressive-looking neon pink post-it notes Sally had stuck all over. I can make out a lot of heavily underlined words on those notes.


I should be very busy.


Instead, I am lazily rocking back and forth in my chair, holding my handphone and thinking.


Maybe I should do this after I clear my work; there’s plenty of time this evening and Sally will have my balls if I don’t clear this stack by lunchtime… Then again, how long will a simple phonecall take?


Right. Deep breaths, Yuy. I shouldn’t procrastinate any longer. Really, I don’t know why I’m even feeling a bit nervous and before I could lose my nerve, I pressed the speed-dial on my handphone.


//Duo the Maxwell!\\


“Hello Duo.”


//Hey! You’re back! Mm, just nice. I’m free today for lunch.\\


“Lunch is good. I’ve—“


//Great! Sorry sweet, gotta run! Frosters’ as usual, one o’clock?\\


“—something to tell you,” I sigh as I hear the dial tone. Thumbing the button, I flip my phone close and place it beside my laptop. Well, that *had* been fairly simple and productive.


Piece of cake, Yuy. Duo *knows* we’ve a casual arrangement. I’ve never promised him anything and right. Why am I getting worried?


And feeling just a tiny bit guilty? Damn Yuy, are you developing a conscience?


Smirking wryly, I sit up straight, pushing such frivolous thoughts out of my head and bent towards clearing the work that had accumulated in my absence.


The first paper I plucked from my tray is the contract by a metal refining company. Absently, I riffled through the stack of dossiers and found the report of that company. Metal refining, though it can be lucrative, is classified under heavily pollution and while I had initially been keen on acquiring it, I think perhaps it might not be such a good idea after all. Wufei said that their energy consumption is ludicrously inefficient and that their technology is outdated, and now reading through the quarterly report, I see that the numbers are grossly wasteful. Frowning, I scribble a note, telling Sally to type a polite rejection letter to the company, and paste the sticky note on the contract.


Tossing the document and dossier into the out-tray, I turn my attention to the next paper.




“—ro! Heero!”


“Hm?” I blink, turning my attention back to what Duo is saying.


Lunch had been great, I think. Should be; Forsters’ is one of the best restaurants in Sanc. I always have a good meal here.


Duo looks faintly annoyed. “Heero, what’s the matter with you? You’ve been distracted all through lunch? Some business matter?”


“Not exactly,” I say simply. Ok, I’m obviously distracted. I keep thinking of Duo and Wufei, about how great a guy Duo is but there’s no comparison. There’s no sparks. Also, I had been thinking about Wufei and thinking of calling him later to ask him out for dinner. I know a great place I’m sure he’ll love


“Duo, I have something to tell you.”


“Oh?” Duo asks breezily, pushing his bangs away from his face. He is very good-looking, and one of his most stunning features is his long brown hair. He never fails to garner admiring looks wherever we go and I used to enjoy that, knowing I was dating one of the most popular models in Sanc.


“Duo, there’s really no easy or non-cliché way to say this, but,” I trail off uncomfortably. “I’m a lousy boyfriend. I’m going to be a lousy boyfriend.”


Duo blinks in confusion.


“Because I’m breaking up with you now,” I smile weakly. Gods. Well, that was horribly lame. Is there a suave way to break up?


“You’re… breaking up with me?” Duo asks faintly.


“Uh, yes.” I say carefully. Duo remains uncharacteristically silent. I look steadily at him, a little concerned, but he stares blankly at either the table or out the window. Sighing silently, I finish my wine and stand up. I’ve no need to worry about the bill as I’ve a regular credit tab with this restaurant.


"I've to get back to the office." A pause. A brittle smile.  I wonder if anyone staring at us, not that I really care. Damn. Considering the number of relationships I’ve been in, I really should have remembered that it’s never a good idea to break up in a public place.


Duo finally turns to look at me, his eyes shuttered, his smile lifeless. "Me too." He drains his glass in a hasty swallow and stands up.


We walk out, an awkward silence hanging between us. The ride down the elevator seems longer than usual, and the mirrored walls makes it difficult to know where to look.




The bell dings. We step out and pause, looking at each other. The underground carpark is quiet and stifling hot.


“Heero, why?”


A few explanations run through my mind. I settle for the most tactful. “It was bound to happen sooner or later, Duo. You know that when we started going out, it wasn’t going to last.”


“Well, yeah…” Duo trails off, running a hand through his hair in frustration. “But why now?”


I shrug, not sure if I should mention Wufei. I mean, I’m sure Duo will find out sooner or later, but I’m hoping if it’s later, he wouldn’t feel so insulted. Like I’d dumped him for Wufei, which is exactly what I’m doing now.


“I though we had a good thing going…” Duo looks like he wanted to say more. He drops his gaze.


“We did.” I gave a small smile. “But it was all for fun. We weren’t serious.”


“I thought I wasn’t,” Duo says in a very small voice. “At first.”


My smile drops. Please, no.


“I mean, we started out as fuck-buddies, and it was great. But well, somehow…” Duo looks up with a strange expression, one that I’ve never seen before on his normally self-assured, beautiful face. An anxious, nervous look.


My stomach drops. Oh no. Oh crap. I shake my head violently. “Duo, no. Stop. You’re making a mistake.”


“What do you mean?” Duo takes a step closer and I unconsciously lean away slightly.


“I don’t feel the same way you do.”


“But we are so good together!”


“As friends. As casual boyfriends.”


“We can be more.” A hint of desperation in his tone. “Heero?”


“Not as,” I swallow nervously, almost stuttering in embarrassment. “Lovers.”


Duo pins me with a slow, sharp look. “You’ve never been concerned about such things before. You would have never said that.” His mouth tightens and I see comprehension dawning in his eyes. He’s right. In the past, I would have never said anything about emotions. I like my world logical, neat, and emotions complicate matters.


But it’s too late for that.


“Have you… Is there someone else?”


“…yes.” I smile gently, shocking Duo again. “I’m sorry.”


We stare at each other until Duo suddenly steps forward, grabbing me by my shoulders. “I’m not giving you up, Heero.”


“Duo, stop this.” I jerk back, attempting to break free, but I really didn’t want to use excessive force. He is almost as tall as me and surprisingly strong despite his slender frame. My arms hang limply at my sides as he presses a fierce kiss to my lips. It’s nothing like the searing kisses Wufei gives, I think. I find myself unable to return his kiss, not even as a goodbye gesture.


The screech of a car as it rounds a bend in the carpark and the sudden glare of headlights as it drives past us startle us, and I quickly step back when his arms slacken.




“I’m sorry, Duo.” I shake my head, eyes cast to the gray floor as I walk briskly towards my car.






That evening, I find myself walking down the familiar corridor to Wufei’s laboratory with light-hearted steps, almost jaunty. I’m in a fabulously good mood; I had arranged to meet Wufei for dinner.


Before I could push open the door though, it swings out and Quatre steps out, arms full with a box. I move forward, thinking of helping him by holding the door open, when I’m stopped by the dark scowl.




Taken aback, I gape at the normally mild-mannered blond. “Huh?”


“A certain long-haired model and a carpark,” Quatre drawls sarcastically. “Rings any bells?”


Oh. “Wait, you were mistaken, I was telling Duo that—“


“Save it. I am not blind,” Quatre hisses, his blue eyes sharp. I take a step back involuntarily. Damn, the sweet-looking blond can be surprisingly scary. How did he even know? Before I could say anything else, a voice calls out.


“Heero! I’ll be right out”


I turn my head to see Wufei stepping out of his office, which is at the other end of his lab, and then back again to Quatre.


“Do the honorable thing and stay away from Wufei,” Quatre tells me in a quiet, deadly tone. “I would not have a playboy fooling around with my dear friend.”


“Or what?” Damnit. It’s really not a good idea to antagonize Wufei’s friends, but I couldn’t help it.


Quatre’s eyes flickers briefly over to Wufei, who’s walking towards us and happily oblivious to the undercurrent of tension between Quatre and me, and then pins me again. His lips curl as if he wanted to say something, but he changes his mind and turns slightly towards Wufei. “Bye, Wufei.”


“See you tomorrow,” Wufei smiles at him, and turns to me.


I ignore Quatre and purposely settle my arm around Wufei’s waist as we started walking away. “How was your day, *dear*?”


I could *feel* a stare spearing my back, and I smirk. I am Heero Yuy and nobody, especially not a student who’s younger than me, tells me what to do.


“Heero, do *not* call me *dear* again,” Wufei tells me with a shudder, slapping my shoulder playfully.


“Yes dear.”




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