Title: Takeover
Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 1x5
Rating: R
Summary: AU. Corporate raider Heero Yuy has his sights on one Chang Wufei.

Published: 6th July 2005
Disclaimer: I so totally own them. Bwahaha.

Feedback: It keeps the boys panting.

A/N: Many apologies for the long wait between chapters. A lot happened to me in RL recently, all of it good though. Still, I was distracted. Then when I tried to pick up the story, I was sorta lost. Forgot what I had initially planned and it also took a while for me to get my momentum back. Thanks for all the feedback and support though!

Takeover 11

Ill have to remember this place, Wufei beams as we exit the Thai restaurant. I smile fondly at him, making a mental note myself that Wufei *likes* spicy food. Im not too fond of spicy stuff, but no problem; Im sure I can always order a dish that isnt spicy. Anything for Wufei.

I dont bother tying the sash on my trench but Wufei zips up his leather jacket and buttons the neck-flap. Its a cool night, nippy when the wind blows.

Its still early. I look down at my watch. Its only eight-thirty. Would you like to go for a drink? Catch a show?

Wufei gets onto his bike, turning his head towards me. I catch sight of a shy smile just before its covered behind the full-face helmet. How about a short ride?

Where to? My curiosity is tweaked.

Lankh Peak.

Also known as Lovers Peak? I ask playfully.

Uh huh, Wufei nodded. Hes probably red under that helmet. Its so cute.

All right. Lead on, lover. I laugh in amusement, putting special emphasis on the last word as I got into my car, admiring eyes following Wufei. Lankh Peak is a popular place for young couples and teenagers who are still living with parents or roommates to make out. I have *never* been there.

Does he mean what I think he is trying to say?

All along, Ive been the one making the first move. Stealing the first kisses, instigating the first touch. But now *he* is the one suggesting that we go somewhere that is well *known* to be a romantic place to make out

My grin widens. I ease out of the parking lot, my car following his bike, and we soon leave the bright, broad streets of the city for the narrower lanes of the suburbs.

When we arrive at the hill, there are a few parked cars scattered around the park at the top of Lankh Hill, but we easily find an empty, secluded spot. Wufei remains seated on his bike, though he takes off his helmet and places it on his mirror. I couldnt help my shiver when I got out of my heated car and into the chilly night. Armani is great in an air-conditioned boardroom but not so great outside.

Cold? Wufei looks snugly warm and so very sexy in his leather jacket and dark jeans. The view of the city from this vantage point is nice, but I can only concentrate on the gorgeous guy in front of me. His dark hair and clothes blend in with the night, his eyes shining and his slight smile beckoning. So very, very sexy.

I walk up beside his bike, but pause, slightly uncertain of his reaction. He scoots back on his seat slightly, tilting his head back to look at me.

A little, I breathe, a faint puff of white from my lips. A sly grin, a slow glide closer. Will you keep me warm?

Wufei huffs in silent laughter and leans back. I straddle the motorbike seat, facing him, and allow his warmth to envelope me with a sigh. Hes a *furnace*.

Youre wonderfully *warm*. I pop open the top button on his jacket and unzip it, wrapping my arms around his waist and wriggling closer. Lovely.

Youve very little tolerance for cold weather, Wufei notes critically, wrapping his arms around me.

Its a ploy to hug you, I retort cheekily. And it worked every night in China, I slept with Wufei, the two of us warmly cocooned in our sleeping bags.

So you were not really cold? Wufei chuckles.

No, no. Im cold. Freezing. Need your heat. Vaguely aware Im babbling, I lean forward, brushing my nose against his. Our lips meet, his parting against mine without hesitation. Tongues swipe wetly, messily; teeth nibble and someone groans.

I think it was me.

It could have gone further, very easily, but I dont want to push it. Instead, I let Wufei break the intensity of the kiss, fragmenting into little pecks and achingly sweet touches of lips to cheeks and cold noses.

When he finally pulls back, I could only open my eyes dazedly and lose myself in his glistening, inky eyes, so dark I cant tell the iris from the pupils. The chilly night wind eddies around us, carrying a faint sweet scent of a bloom I dont recognize, and for a while, Im reminded of the night Wufei brought me stargazing.

The magic of that night may only be a memory now, but leaning forward again, eyes fluttering close, I see no reason why we cant create new ones.


I start off the morning on a high. Sure, we didnt go any further than heavy petting yesterday but I consider it a milestone. A turning point in our relationship.

Going slow something Id never done before, even when I *was* a teenager. It is forcing me to be fully appreciative of each stage, each base I reach. Every look, every touch, every kiss; it was and still is hard getting through my prickly soon-to-be lover, but it had been worth it. Ive this enticing image in my mind of us together; waking up together, Wufei reading while I work in our den, *living* together. Ive never asked any of my previous lovers before, never wanted that hassle, but its different with Wufei. Everythings different with Wufei He may not have been with a guy before, but Im as new to all this as he is.

I will have dinner again with Wufei tonight. Maybe we will actually make it into his house this time; I had noticed that his sofa was plush and comfortable

The elevator dings and I startle, noting my dazed expression in the mirrored doors just before they slide open and hurriedly drops the smile. Adopting my usual expressionless expression, I stride forward

Into chaos. My step falters. But it is too late.

Both phones on Sallys desks are ringing, the fax machine is spitting out sheet after sheet but she still manages to detect my arrival above all that noise. Sally whirls around in her chair, glaring. I notice that she has already discarded her jacket and that her usually immaculate hair has been twisted and pinned up into a bun with a chopstick. The disposable kind.

*Bad* signs.

Where have you been? Youre late! Abysmally late! Youre almost never late, and of all the mornings you had to be lateOooh! The little blue stress-squeezy-thingy in her hand bulges out and threatens to pop its seams.

Actually, I am only forty-five minutes later than my usual time, but I prudently keep my mouth shut about that. Whats wrong, Sally? Stock market crash? I joke, knowing it couldnt be that case, otherwise my cell phone would ringing non-stop by now.

She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, squeezes that blue ball again. Opens her eyes, visibly calmer. No, no. Nothing like that. Its just that Winner Enterprise just called up to cancel this morning. They will not be supplying any more oil, nor buying our products.

My eyes widen in alarm. Winner is one of our biggest customers and we have a long-term contract with them, one thats not up for renewal for another six months at least.

What?! Why?

Winner Enterprise is the biggest company in the Middle East and one of the richest in the world. Most of their fortune comes from the crude oil they sell, and which WingCorp needs as both fuel and raw material for many of our products. They are also the sole distributor for our products in the Middle East and Asia.

How should I know? Sally growls, frustrated. Did you do something to offend the CEO of Winner?

No. The last time I met Winner was almost a year ago. I doubt hes even in Sanc now. An image of the Winner patriarch comes to mine, tall and blond with a deep booming voice.

Well, call him then.

Me? I sidle closer towards my office door. Youre my secretary

Do you or do you not want to save *your* company? Dont give me that ridiculous hierarchical shit, Sally barks, getting up and stalking towards me. Her finger, the nail painted a shiny blood-red how appropriate jabs painfully into my sternum in punctuation.

Uh I eye her warily, wondering if I would be able to reach my door if I ran for it now. Maybe not; Sally can be deceptively fast.

For them to cancel on such short notice implies an unusual reason. Something out of the ordinary. Maybe even personal. Hence, the need for a *personal* touch. A call from me wont cut it. Not like I havent been trying the whole morning, Sally rants on, glaring at me.


Heck, after calling, you should even trot over and see him. Move that lazy ass of yours.

I dont


I dont have Winners number.

Ill patch you through. Sally flops back ungracefully onto her chair, scowling and muttering something about incompetent CEOs. I would have taken offense but Im too busy retreating into my office.


I wince at her bellow and turn around, hand still on the doorknob.

And that *boyfriend* of yours kept calling this morning, Sally added, frowning in disapproval. Insisting that you call him back. I pick up your work-related calls, not your personal ones.

Wufei? I ask, puzzled. I thought she *liked* Wufei.

No. Maxwell. Her frown darkening, her voice becoming more clipped and light dawns. Ah. Maxwell had been trying to get me, calling my cell god knows how many times last night until I temporarily banned his number from my cell. I also realize that, yeah, she *liked* Wufei and so shes disapproving of my still carrying on with Maxwell despite my obvious interest in Wufei.

Oh. I shrug carelessly, turning around and walking into my office. Maxwells not my boyfriend anymore.

I can actually *feel* the glare on my back dissipating.

Dropping my laptop onto my desk, I flop down onto my chair as well. What a lousy start to the day. Barely a few moments later, before I could do anything else, my phone blinks, indicating a transfer call.

//Winner on line three.\\ Sally sounds to be in a slightly better mood now.

I straighten up, mentally calling up what I knew about Winner Enterprise and preparing for a tough conversation ahead, and pick up the handset.

Mr Winner?

Speaking. The voice sounds very, very familiar and I rack my brain.

Im Heero Yuy. There is no need to announce my title. Im calling about your companys sudden withdrawal of products and sales. Is there any reason for such a drastic move? Has our service been lacking in any way?

Yes, it had been abruptly disappointing of late. Clipped and curt, and suddenly, I realize why this voice sounded so familiar. I had heard it many times before, but only before I head over to Sanc University

Quatre? Quatre Winner? An incredulous and strangled squawk, quite undignified of the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Sanc.


Today is definitely not my day.


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