Title: Takeover
Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 1x5
Rating: R
Summary: AU. Corporate raider Heero Yuy has his sights on one Chang Wufei.

Published: 20th July 2005
Disclaimer: I so totally own them. Bwahaha.

Feedback: It keeps the boys panting.



Takeover 12



Quatre *Winner*?


The sound of plastic creaking tells me that Im gripping the phone too hard, and with a forcible exhale, I manage to calms me down enough to grit out, still fairly politely, Ah, might I speak to Leonis Winner instead?


//My father is in Japan at the moment. May I help you instead?\\


My phone-set creaks again as I try to wrap my mind around the latest tit-bit. There isnt much news in the media about the Winner family but I do remember something about an astounding number of daughters. Something around thirty. But theres no mention of a son at all. Come to think of it, there also isnt any mention of any sort of heir and the business world had assumed that the duties and responsibilities of the vast corporation would be carved up among the daughters.


This is not good. Suddenly, I realize that Winner Enterprises decision to cancel their contract had nothing to do with the father, and everything to do with the son I had irritated yesterday. Not good at all. I had a momentary hysterical thought about karma coming back to bite me on my ass. I dont need to look at the folder in front of me to know how important their contracts are to us.


It can, literally, make or break my company.


WingCorp is successful, yes. For a company not even a decade old. And it is one of the biggest companies in Sanc. But it cannot compete against an international powerhouse, one that has a few generations of history behind it and one that controls the largest slice of the Middle East crude oil pie.


A part of me, that stubborn pride, is determined not to cave in to a brats childish revenge. But logically, I *know* that this little brat has me by my balls.


I exhale again, slowly. Dont lose your cool, Yuy.


I suppose youre the reason behind the sudden cancellation of Winner Enterprises contracts?


//Why, whatever made you think so?\\ His voice is as sweet as before, if a little sharper.


I grit my teeth in frustration, resisting the urge to snarl. Instead, I drum my fingers on my table in ire instead, thinking maybe I should ask Sally where she buys her squeezey-thingys.


Hes one of *those* types. All saccharine, sly smiles, and polite but evasive talk. The old money crowd call it being cultured. I just think its a pain in the ass. I *hate* people like this. Im a more direct sort of guy.


You know and I know. Lets not beat around the bush, I murmur, a hint of annoyance creeping into my tone.


Mm-hm. He makes a non-committal noise and pauses.


I guess the balls firmly in my court. Right. Deep breath. Just *calmly* explain to him that what he saw yesterday was a misunderstanding. Its all a misunderstanding and it can be resolved in a few minutes. Easy. Just dont raise your voice.


//I want you to stop playing with Wufei.\\




Im not playing with him. Im perfectly serious, I bark into the phone. Listen, what you saw yesterday was a misunderstanding.


//It looked perfect understandable to my point of view.\\ The tone of his voice drops a few degrees. //Next youll be telling me you were doing a tonsil check. Perfectly acceptable between casual friends.\\


I take a deep breath, reminding myself again to stay calm.


Look, I *am* serious about Wufei.


Suddenly, I *know* just far I am wiling to go.


Serious enough that I *would* continue to see him no matter what you do. Serious enough that Im willing to put my company on the line.


My mouth feels disconnected from my body; those words not my own. Somewhere at the back of my mind, Im asking myself if I would really do that risk a multi-million contract for Wufei. Risk WingCorp for Wufei.




I close my eyes, feeling the tension bleed from my shoulders. And I smile. I can always build up my company again but a love like Wufei comes perhaps once in a lifetime.


God, did I just *think* that?


//You would do that?\\ Winner sounds shocked. His voice hardens. //I am not joking. Your contract means nothing to Winner Enterprise. Your dramatics wouldnt sway me.\\


Unfortunately enough, I know thats true. Glancing at the ticker on my computer screen, I could see that WingCorp stock has already fallen by two dollars this morning. News like this gets around fast in the business community.


I know. Still, if its a choice between Wufei and my company, I dont have to think twice.


Winner seems to have been shocked speechless.


Look Winner, what I was trying to say before was that yes, Duo Maxwell was my boyfriend but I broke it off with him. That kiss you saw well, he didnt agree with my decision, I continue ruefully. I confess I had only left him recently, but in my defense, I have to say that Wufei only responded positively to my advances very recently. Good day.


Without waiting for his reply, I hang up. Why not I had already irritated him.


For a while, I watch the ticker. Down, down, up, down, down, down. Hm. Today is not a good day. Idly, I spin my pen around and think of playing hooky. Grinning, I press a rapid-dial button.




Yo! Are you free today?


//Uh sure, I guess. My graduate students are not in the lab today and I dont have much to do\\


Great! Ill come by and pick you up!


//Now? Right now?\\




//Wait! What do you have in mind?\\


Um Looking out of the window, I catch sight of gaudy balloons and pinstripe tents. The circus is in town. Wanna go?


A muffled laugh. //Heero?\\


Im perfectly serious! Ive never been to a circus before!


//.oh all right. Every kid should have the chance to go to a circus.\\


Great! Ill pick you up now!




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