Title: Takeover
Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 1x5
Rating: R
Summary: AU. Corporate raider Heero Yuy has his sights on one Chang Wufei.

Published: 2th October 2004
Disclaimer: I so totally own them. Bwahaha.

Feedback: It keeps the boys panting.



Takeover 7



The feel of Chang stirring restlessly wakes me up again. I had only been dozing lightly, and easily came fully awake between one blink and the next.


Eyes still closed, Chang mutters choice expletives as he attempts to detangle himself. I can tell he isn’t having much success. As much as I would like to prolong the intimacy, the feel of semi-dried cum is pretty gross and I quickly unzip my side of the sleeping bag. Before I could get out though—


"What..." I wince at the ominous tone, both in speech and his sudden stillness. It's like the heavy calm just before a typhoon hits, when the barometer’s dropping and everything’s just pregnant and heavy with…


"The fuck?"


I blow out a breath. Close my eyes. Well, hmm. What to do now.


Open my eyes. I turn to face him, a blithe smile on my face. "Good morning sunshine."


Dark brows gathered like storm clouds. Not good. Not good at all. Well, in for a penny…


I try for 'hurt'. "You don't remember?"


"Remember what?" Chang said carefully. “I remember you coming into my tent last night. But…” Face frowning, he scrambles out of the sleeping bag. He pauses, stares at the evidence, for want of a better term, and just…


Explodes. “What the *hell* did you do, Yuy?!” He falls back, landing ungainly on his butt, and scoots backwards.


“Wait! I can explain—“ I knew they were the wrong choice of words as soon as they left my mouth; why does this phrase always sound so damn guilty? I pull myself up into a sitting position.


Eyes wide and wild, he holds a hand up as if to ward me off. “Not a step closer, Yuy! Stay right there. And start explaining.”


Well, *shit*! I sort of had a bad feeling that this would happen.


“For your information, it was you who kissed me in my sleep,” I lie smoothly. Well, it wasn’t *really* a lie. I barely *touched* his lips when—


“You licked me. In fact, you practically attacked me, flipping me over and just kissed the hell out of me. Not that I’m complaining,” I continue, grinning widely. “I never knew you could kiss like that.”


“I…” Chang looks incredulous, and his arm lowers. “Are you saying that *I* kissed you?”


“Yes. I’m saying that *you* started it.” My grin crosses from ‘pleased’ and enters ‘smug’. My voice drops to a purr and I start to crawl towards him. “Don’t deny it Chang. You *want* me.”


His eyes are impossibly wide, and his mouth opens as if to deny, but I catch a hint of something — guilt? indecision? uncertainty? — and I press closer, knowing that I’ve scored a hit. “I *know* you want me. When you were half-asleep, you let your guard down.”


“No…” His objection is feeble. Then, his expression steels and he clears his throat, eyes flashing angrily. “You’re lying. There’s no way—“


“You kissed me, and then you humped me until the two of us came,” I interrupt firmly, determined not to lose control of this, ahem, discussion. As much as I loathe to admit it— “And, I might add, *you* were the one on top of me.“


How embarrassing.


He glares at me distrustfully. “You made no effort to hide your …lewd intentions towards me from the start. How do I know that you weren't the one who... was doing the... who did..." He stuttered to a red-faced stop, hands clenched. I repress my grin; how can somebody who kissed like *that* be so prudish? 


“Well, like you said. You only have my word for it since you can’t remember,” I sneer. An unsettling thought occurs to me: what if Chang was only having some ordinary wet dream, the faceless kind, or what if he had been thinking of someone else? But none of that uncertainty shows on my face.


Confidence, Yuy.


You *know* that Chang does reciprocate your attraction; now you only have to get him to admit it.


“You cannot deny that we did it.” I purposely gesture at the wet spot on his pants and his flush deepens. “And worse, after the deed is done, after what *you* did, you deny any knowledge.” I let some anger and hurt through in my voice, and I cross my arms with a scowl.


Actually, I'm not really feeling angry or hurt at all. I've generally been described as an emotionless and cold-hearted bastard before, but I don't think that's a totally accurate assessment; for example, right now, I'm feeling very excited and keyed up.


Do I feel bad about baiting Chang? Well, maybe a tiny, tiny bit. But the way he rants and raves and turns that charming shade of red is just irresistible.


I said that description of me wasn't totally accurate, but it wasn't inaccurate too.


“I... You…” Chang splutters as he glares at me, emotions warring on his face. Then his eyes slides away. "I don't believe you."


"As far as lies go, this is rather contrived and clumsy," I retort. I fold my arms and wait for his reply.


Finally, lips set in a thin furious line, he gets up and pushes his way past me. “I’m not listening to this rubbish anymore.”


“Run Chang, but you know I’m telling the truth,” I call after him mockingly.


I see his back stiffen in anger and he pauses, but only momentarily. The tent flap flops down and the adrenaline bleeds out of me at the same time. I collapse backwards and look up at the orange fabric. Left alone in the tent, I wonder if I had pushed him too far. If I had played my cards right or if I had blown it.


Outside, it is also very quiet. Almost as if the birds and other morning nuisances have sensed Chang's dangerous mood as well.


A reckless smirk curls my lips.


Oddly enough, I feel great. It feels as if pure energy is coursing through my veins, and I feel revitalized, not drained, by the confrontation. I missed this: taking risks, charged encounters and high stakes. This is precisely just drew me to Chang — his fire, his unpredictability, his vitality.




The sun was midway up the sky by the time I leave Chang's tent. I look around but there seem to be no sign of the Chinese man. Well, I'll give him a while to cool off. I duck into my tent and was about to change into some fresh clothes when I catch a whiff of myself. A bath would definitely be in order.


I hadn't brought any soap or towel, and I don't think rummaging through Chang's bags would be a good idea at this point. Grabbing a change of clothing, I make my way down to the stream.


It wasn't very big, perhaps three meters across, or deep, but the water was fairly fast-flowing. I had been half-hoping Chang would be here, but I guess not. There were some rocks, a few boulders here and there; breaking up the stream into little eddies. The water gurgles and splashes as it breaks over the rocks, and I notice that the current is fast enough that little moss grows on the rocks.


I place my clothing carefully on a large boulder at the side of the stream, well above the water-line, and strip. I almost change my mind when I walk into the stream; the water is *freezing*! The morning air is still a little chilly even though the day is sunny.


Note to self: late afternoon, when the water has warmed somewhat, would be a smarter time to take a bath.


Unfortunately, I'm more or less committed to the cold bath now. I wade towards the middle, where the water came up to just at balls height, and god, *that's* sensitive. When my legs have gotten somewhat accustomed to the temperature and my nuts have practically crawled into my body, I grit my teeth and lower myself into the water.


Ever notice how limbs are a lot more resilient to extreme temperatures? And that the torso isn't really meant to be subjected to stress such as icy temperatures because that's where all the important bits are.


After a bit of blistering cursing and hopping around, by which time the cold water didn't quite feel so cold, I start to rub myself vigorously.




I spin around, surprised, but not unpleasantly so. Well, except that standing in cold water isn't really the best way to ...display my attributes. "Chang!"


Chang, still dressed in his sweater and pants, stands besides the boulder where I had left my clothes, a small wry smile on his face. "Here. Catch."


I snatch the white face-towel he threw at me. I started to smile, figuring that it must be his way of apologizing, then remembered that I'm supposed to be as pissed at him as he is at me. I keep the small towel but turn away in a visible huff.


Gingerly, I sit down in the stream again and rub my forearm with the small towel. For a while, I can't hear anything but the bubbling of the brook; I wonder if he had stalked off in anger. Maybe I had gone a little too far; I shouldn't appear overly-eager but I should have given him some encouragement. I'm about to turn around when I hear faint splashing.


Like someone wading towards me.


Startled, I whip around. Chang was naked and making his way carefully towards him. My mind stuttered to a halt as my eyes rove greedily. Gone were the previous plans of acting angry or hurt, of careful baiting and seduction...


"Stop staring and turn around," he tells me curtly.


"Why?" I continue admiring blatantly, practically drooling. The most I saw of him — the most gloriously bare skin that is — was when he answered his door topless; I'm certainly not so stupid as to pass up this golden chance.   


He blushed, a slow pink that started all the way from his ears and across his cheeks, and he seems to be talking to my collarbone. "Because… Because it’s rude."


"We're not teenagers, Chang. Shouldn't we have outgrown this odd modesty? Haven't you taken baths with others before?" I ask dryly, staring happily. Yup, we're definitely *not* underdeveloped teenagers anymore.


His flush deepens and I can tell that he wants to turn or hide, but he is stubborn. "Likewise, haven't you grown out of the habit of gawking at others' nudity?" Chang says testily, crossing his arms defensively.


"Not when there's something worth admiring." I smirk. "Feel free to look back."


Chang is in superb shape, like a sleek, tawny cat. Lean muscles ripples under bronzed skin as he moves, and I can see the slight tan-lines of his briefs. I also note something else.


"Chang—" I lean down curiously. "Do you tan in the nude?"


"This. Is. It." Chang says quietly, angrily, and something in his expression snaps. Turning on his heels, he walks away.


"Wait, I'm sorry!" I run hurriedly after him, catching him clumsily and wrapping my arms around his torso. "Don't go. I know I've gone too far."


He remains stiff and silent in my arms. I didn't care that I *never* beg, I forgot that I was suppose to draw him to me, that I wasn't suppose to be running after him like a lovestruck fool. What I do know and realize is that I had been *this* close to blowing it. That had been stupid of me; there's only a certain point beyond which any person with a decent amount of self-respect would not tolerate baiting.


At least that is what I'm telling myself intellectually. Truthfully? I just panicked when I saw his expression harden.


"Please... don't go," I breathe, pressing my cheek against his hair. All the teasing had gone out of my voice. "I'm sorry."


“You should be.” His voice is flat.


“Um… Let’s start over?” I offer tentatively. “So… What did you come here for?”


For a long while, he doesn’t say anything and I grow increasingly worried that he is still angry. Then, the tension just seems to drain out of him. “Nothing,” he sighs, shaking his head.


“It can’t be nothing,” I quip lightly.


“I just…” Suddenly, and it seems as if I can suddenly feel the annoyance peaking in him again when something occurs to him, he growls. “You still holding me.”




Chang wriggles out of my grip and forcibly turns around. His expression is a mixture of annoyance, exasperation, nervousness and amusement. Before I could analyze that though, he turns *me* around and pushes down on my shoulders; I get the hint and sit down in the water. Reaching out, he plucks the small towel out from my hand — I can’t believe I’m still holding on to it — sits down, and starts scrubbing my back.


I guess this is his way of apologizing? I’m awfully curious, but I keep quiet.


Sure enough, after a while, he starts talking slowly. “Um, about the way I had been behaving earlier… Not to say that you’re right or wrong, it’s just that I shouldn’t have… accused you and walked out like that.” A rueful exhale. “That was immature of me. I normally do not behave like that.”


Because I struck a nerve? I think smugly to myself.


“I apologize.”


Pleasantly startled, and feeling just a twinge of guilt, I turn my head around to look at him. “Chang—“


“No, let me finish,” he injects, eyes looking down as he continues to wash my back. “Your behavior was impeccable. You hadn’t made any inappropriate advances and you had been more tolerant of me than you should, in light of my inexcusable behavior. In fact, you had been very gracious.”


He looks up at me shyly, and that twinge of guilt twinged a bit more. “Can we start over?”





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