Title: Takeover
Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 1x5
Rating: R
Summary: AU. Corporate raider Heero Yuy has his sights on one Chang Wufei.

Published: 3rd December 2004
Disclaimer: I so totally own them. Bwahaha.

Feedback: It keeps the boys panting.



Takeover 8



There's rain coming. The air's heavy and humid, the faint sharp tinge of ozone warning that a storm's coming.


A thought strikes me. I've never noticed such things before. Things like the weather. I mean, whether it's rainy or sunny, it doesn't matter much since I'm usually indoors. I’m a city boy, definitely.


We quickly unload the groceries we bought, eager to get into the tents before the rain hits. The only store in town is tiny and the owner is rude, an unfortunate monopoly. I had also bought some clothing; cheap, but better than what I'm currently wearing.


Chang pauses in front of the two tents, a faint frown creasing his forehead before he abruptly makes up his mind. "Let's just place the stuff in your tent."  He ducks into the yellow tent. "Since your sleeping stuff are already in mine."


I grin broadly and hand him the plastic bags.


We barely managed to secure the tents pegs and duck into the other tent — the sleeping tent — before the rain hits. It starts off lightly, just a fine drizzle, but the drops rapidly becomes heavier until they were landing with fat plops on the sturdy canvas.


"Cozy," I comment slyly, shooting him a look under the fringe of my bangs as I rearrange myself as comfortably as I can. The thin sleeping bag does little to soften the hard ground.


And it is, in an odd way. The small safety lamp lights up the tent interior nicely without being too glaring, and the tiny tent, with the cheery red canvas, is inviting. Not claustrophobic at all. And nope, the red color does *not* remind me of certain districts. The best part is: because the space within the tent is so limited, we can hardly turn without bumping into each other.


Wufei gives me that odd half-hearted glare, forehead creasing in a frown that is torn between annoyance and bewilderment. A more or less permanent emotion for him, I had noticed, ever since *that* incident between us this morning.


It was a surprisingly adorable look on him.


His eyes would flash at the slightest affront or incident, turning into hard agates, and his lips would thin, parting slightly to rant. But he wouldn’t be able to work up his usual fiery temper and, suddenly, his eyes would soften and the stiff tension would drain out. His lips would remain slightly parted, only now they would lose that tension and plump out again. A brief lost look would sometimes skitter over his features, or he may flush or look away in embarrassment. Or he would launch right back into his tirade, only it would now sound a little feeble and quite cute.


It was all I could do to hold myself back from jumping him. All that snapping passion — when Chang does any emotion, he goes off the scale — in a blink of the eye. He wears his emotions so openly, he would have never survived in the cutthroat world I move around in.


“How shall we do this?” I ask bluntly. At his puzzled look, I grin. “Do you want to open up the sleeping bags? Sleep on one and use the other as a blanket? Or leave it as two separate bags?”


Right on cue, he frowns, and his mouth opens to rant, and then closes in confusion. “Uh…”


“Let’s spread them out. It’s more comfortable then being restricted within a zipped up bag,” I suggest quickly, taking full advantage of his momentary lapse, shifting from a sitting to a kneeling position and pulling one of the sleeping bags from under me. I’ll have to admit, the curiosity is killing me. What has Chang been *thinking* of?




“You know I won’t do anything to you Chang,” I tell him sincerely. I can’t resist a sly wink. “Unless you want it of course. I can be a bit of a bastard, but you know I’ve always been honest about my intentions towards you from the start.”


God, I’m really laying it on. He flushes red on cue and ducks his head. And the scary thing is that I really *am* sincere. When I look at Chang, I want… sweet kisses and hot sex and light touches and secret smirks… I want so many things it should frighten me if I *can* detach myself from the situation to think about it.


Chang looks at me, his sharp eyes pining me as he seems to search for something… and finds it. He gives a tremulous smile and I feel something skip in my breast. “I know.” He ducks his head again, suddenly shy as he starts to unzip one of the sleeping bags. “Yuy… why don’t you ever call me Wufei?”


I blink, surprised. “Habit I suppose. I guess I’m just accustomed to calling clients and business acquaintances by their surnames. Especially since we’re both Asians.” I smooth out the bag that is to go between us and the floor. “I guess it sounds impersonal. But I also didn’t want to be presumptuous. Would you prefer…”


“Yes,” he says simply.


I smile back, feeling oddly happy. “Then you must call me by my given name too. Wufei.” I roll his name over on my tongue. Nice. First names always tend to be softer, less curt. It feels intimate. It feels like, for some odd reason, a significant milestone reached.


"Ok. Heero."


We lie down, and after Chang reaches over to turn off the lamp, I pull the other sleeping bag over us. It feels domestic. A nice change; usually I either crash into bed alone after a late night in the office, or frenzied tumble into bed with a partner.


I listen to the hypnotic sound of the rain on the tent for a long while. It sounds very relaxing and I should be lulled to sleep since I had a very long day, but I'm not. I'm very awake in fact.


It's a bit hard to sleep when you're hard.


I wonder if Ch.. Wufei would be offended if I wanked off.


Why the heck not. "Wufei."


After a pause, he asks sleepily. "Yes?"


"Would you be horribly offended if I masturbated?"


A much, much longer pause. "What?" He sounds much less sleepy and more like strangled.


"I'll be quiet and I'll use a tissue," I promise.


"That's not—" He stops, tries again. "I mean, *why*?"


"Because I'm horny?" I say in my most deadpan voice.


"Well yeah, but... I'm here... Shit. That didn't come out really right, did it?"


I snicker. The question, "You offering", hovers at the tip of my tongue. I'm sure he's bright red by now. I roll on my side, resting my cheek on my arm as I face him. I can't really see him because the tent is pitch black, but I fancy I can just make out the faint ruddy glow of his cheeks. "So, can I?"


"Um. If you don't mind, why should I? It's your dick. And shit, I didn't mean it that way too." Wufei is blabbing. It's too funny and any embarrassment I *might* have is long gone.


“You’re so cute,” I breathe. I continue to lie on my side, imagining I could see him through the inky darkness. Slowly, my eyes droop.




“Yah?” I yawn and adjusted my position more comfortably, tucking my head into the curve of my arm.


“Are you…?”




“You know!” He sounds annoyed and embarrassed.


Really too cute. Another yawn escapes me and I close my eyes, murmuring sleepily. “Nah, I’m feeling sleepy now. Good night.”




“What got you in a snit this morning?” I ask as Wufei growls and slaps another branch out of his face.


“Shut up. This is all your fault.”


“My fault?” My voice rises incredulously. “It was your idea to take this hike!”


And why did I come along? My eyes drop to the enticing flex and bunch of his butt muscles. Oh yeah. Bonding. I thought doing stuff together will bring us closer and like an eager puppy, I enthusiastically agreed.


Actually, it’s a nice morning for a walk. The weather’s cool and yet mild enough that we could walk in shorts and T-shirts. We’re both carrying small backpacks with food and water inside.


“But it’s your fault I didn’t get any sleep last night!” He walks faster.


I hurry to catch up, curiosity afire. “What do you mean, it’s my fault you didn’t get any sleep last night?”


“Nothing.” He is resolutely not looking at me, just a hint of pink at the tips of his ears as he stares ahead. “You were snoring.”


“I know I don’t,” I retort confidently. “None of my bed partners have ever complained.”


“Well, then I’m the first…” He closes his mouth with a miffed snap when he realizes how *that* sounds.  


My tones turn teasing. “Wufei, an orgasm would have helped you sleep.” Mm, and that is such a delicious image.  


“Heero. Shut up.” He walks yet faster.


“Really, it would.”


I’m practically jogging behind him by now, and my smug teasing would have been better if I’m not huffing lightly. He has this loose-limbed, efficient gait that just eats up the ground and fuck, I just don’t know how he can still *walk* because we’re the same height and I’m *running*.


I decide wisely to save my breath.




“I’m sorry!”


Silence. The birds and assorted small creatures were probably scared off by my yell.


Godammit, I am!”


Ok, so it is more of a wail than a yell, and can I be blamed? To be *ditched* and *lost* in the middle of no-fricking-where, and no, I’m not scared. The dense thicket I’m in is very effective at muffling sound, and the riotous growth makes it hard to see past a few meters. And it’s just so *quiet*!


“I won’t make fun of you again! Well, not too much anyway!”


That’s it. I’m not moving another step. 




I stand absolutely still but I can’t hear anything other than my own rapid heartbeat.


“I’m really sorry!”


“You are?”


I did not just scream either. No, no, that wasn’t me. Some rustling, leaf-crunching noises, and Wufei steps into view with an amused smirk on his face.


“You didn’t have to scream; I know where you are all the time.”


“I wasn’t screaming.” I walk sullenly, but quickly, towards Wufei.


“I wouldn’t have left you in the middle of the big, scary forest.” Wufei’s voice was too bright, his pace comfortable and easy.


“I didn’t think you did.” Still, I’m keeping *very* close to him now.


“So…” Wufei glances back at me over his shoulder, smirk widening. “What were you *screaming* about being sorry?”


“I didn’t say anything. Must have been your imagination.”


“As long as you’re *really* sorry.”


I keep my mouth shut. We walk on.


After a while, Wufei looks at me again, worried and yet amused. “Sorry. You were really scared, weren’t you?”


“No, I wasn’t,” I deny quickly.


“It’s ok to be scared. I know you’ve never been to a forest before,” Wufei slows down and pats me on the shoulder condescendingly.


“Dying here,” I mutter, glaring at him.


“Terminal embarrassment,” Wufei agrees with a quick grin.


I decide wisely to leave my mouth shut.


The ground slopes upwards and after a while, to my surprise, I hear the faint roar of a waterfall. When I look at Wufei in question, he gives a pleased smile. “That’s our destination.”


“A waterfall?’


He nods, nimbly swinging his leg over a large exposed root. “I think you will like it.”


The roar becomes louder and soon, we come to a small river. Turning to my right, I see the waterfall. It’s not high, perhaps two meters high, but in the secluded clearing, it’s very pretty. The sunlight catches and refracts in rainbow shards in the mist churned up by the waterfall.


“What do you think?” Wufei takes off his backpack and sets it on the ground.


I give a wide smile and drop my backpack beside his. Maybe just a quick rest stop for a drink? “You’re right. I do like it.”


“How about a swim?” He’s already peeling off his sweaty T-shirt, and *that* wonderful suggestion sounds just about as tempting as the creamy skin that’s being revealed before me.


“I didn’t bring my trunks.” I turn to eye the cool water disappointedly. I could leave my shorts on, but I would hate to walk back in wet shorts. Maybe I’ll just admire Wufei in his trunks—


“I didn’t either.” Wufei gives me an impish grin and shimmies out of his shorts. We’re wearing running shorts, the type with built-in underwear, and nothing underneath. My eyes are automatically drawn. An even more pleasant surprise; Wufei doesn’t hide or berate me. He walks calmly into the river, flushing just lightly as he calls out to me.




Is he *flirting*? My brows must be climbing into my hairline and I pull off my clothes so fast I think I heard a rip.


We wade up the waist-high river up to the waterfall. Actually, to be more accurate, it is still part of the river, only that it is abruptly interrupted by a steep drop in topography height. Laughing, we duck under the sheet of water. The water is refreshingly cool, and the sound of the water around me is very loud. We can’t really hear each other but that’s ok. Wufei hops up on a small rock that’s just off-center from the fall of the water and pantomimes a medication pose, legs crossed in a lotus position.


For a while, I stand there, eyes closed as I *feel* the water falling heavily on my head and shoulders, slicking back my hair. Then I open my eyes and stare at Wufei, who has been looking at me with a contemplative expression on his face. Smiling, I walk over. He tilts his head up almost challengingly as I stop in front of him, face solemn.


Slowly, very slowly, heart beating as loud as the roar of the water fall, I lean forward, asking permission with my eyes. The pink that has been on Wufei’s cheeks since he got into the river deepens but he doesn’t look away. Taking this as consent, I press my lips to his lightly. He remains perfectly still, not reciprocating but not pulling away either.


Heartened, I place my hands on his shoulders, rubbing the curve of his muscle slowly. His legs unfold from the tailor position and press against the outsides of my thighs. My pleased sounds are lost in the roar of the waterfall and my mouth moves, pressing soft kisses to the corner of his mouth and along his cheek, up to his earlobe. When I suck that soft bit of flesh, I could *feel* his moan and he just *melts* against me.


So natural to hold him, so right to trail my tongue down the graceful arch of his neck, so very gratifying to feel the shudders through his body. I’ve been chasing so long that I can’t believe that it’s can be so easy. It feels so good, just gentle touches. I knew from the first time he blew into my office like a hurricane that we would be together. That I would have him.


That he would have me. Oh, I *know*. I know I’ve fallen, and hard, and I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve never felt so scared, so vulnerable, yet so exhilarated. I’m not that big of a fool; I know Wufei’s the one in the driver seat and calling the shots. And I don’t care.


Pulling back, I look at him again with a brilliant grin. He smiles back, warm and casual, and slides off the rock. “Let’s go,” he yells over the roar of the water.


I nod and follow him back to the bank where we had left our clothes.   




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