Title: Takeover
Author: Kiarene
Pairings: 1x5
Rating: R
Summary: AU. Corporate raider Heero Yuy has his sights on one Chang Wufei.

Published: 5th March 2005
Disclaimer: I so totally own them. Bwahaha.

Feedback: It keeps the boys panting.


I’m so sorry for the lateness of this update. Work has been a bitch lately and my boss a bigger one. Thank you for all the encouraging reviews! I must admit it’s the reviews that resulted in this chapter. I don’t think this is one of my better chapters, but there is a little development, and hopefully, I’ll get back the momentum soon.



Takeover 9


The days pass surprisingly quickly. I guess time *does* fly when you’re having fun.  


I spend quite a bit of time with Wufei; tramping around the lush countryside, squatting behind bushes looking at odd assortment of birds, ogling Wufei, swimming in the icy-cold lakes, looking for the best spots to climb onto to observe the sunsets, ogling Wufei... lugging pails of water for camp chores, digging latrines, doing dishes by hand, ogling Wufei, covering latrines...


I think I detect a trend.


But that aside, all this roughing out is all rather interesting. Even enjoyable, oddly enough.


Not that I'm going to turn into a country hick. I'm a city-boy and I always will be at home in the corporate jungle, but I am starting to see a certain charm in this rural living. Though I suspect much of the charm comes from my captivating companion.


Now that Wufei had explicitly returned my advances, the chase has gotten exciting. A brush of hands as we walk, familiar and casual. A kiss to greet the morning, sweet and welcoming. Crouching in close quarters while we stake out a game trail, enticing and tingling. A quick grope when his bum swings past my eye level while I'm doing the dishes, fun and...




Because that all we're doing. Kissing and groping. At least I'm doing all that groping. We took *ages* to even *touch* second base, and with my constant state of blue balls, I think I'm not going to survive to third base.


He blows hot and cold. Sometimes he shies away, sometimes he lets me. And sometimes, not as often as I like, he initiates the contact. Maybe he doesn't want me that way. Well, I *know* he responds to me, but sometimes, it seems as if that's all to it. A physical reaction. *Does* he or does he *not*—?


I think I'm losing it.




The night's chill sets in rapidly once the sun disappears below the horizon. I have on a warm jacket, and I am getting used to the more extreme temperatures, but I shift closer to Wufei anyway.


Look at me, I think hard.


He turns to me with a smile, and then looks back up at the sky. "It's going to be a clear night tonight. Better yet, the moon is at her thinnest."


Jump me, I wish harder. Rip my clothes off and let's have wild, animal sex! I huff a silent, disappointed sigh. “So?” I ask, clueless.


The dying fire crackles and pops as I poke at it with a long branch idly. Dinner had been instant noodles, miso soup and fried fish; fish Wufei caught in the river this morning. Since dinner had been caught by Wufei, dishes were done by yours truly.


“So it’s perfect for start-gazing.” His voice becomes playful. "Let's go star-gazing."


I grin, trying to quell my dirty thoughts and matching his playful tone. "How romantic."


"I know." And he pats my hand and my heart skips.


It's the little gestures like this that just undo me.


"Come on, let's go now." He stands up, unwinding in that graceful, sinuous manner I can't copy. "I know a nice little spot but it takes a while to get there."


I stand up, brushing off the seat of my pants and making a moue of complaint. "I've learned to add 'quite' to your 'a whiles'."


"Well, you're quite welcome to stay here," Wufei say casually, lips curving up.


"And miss up the chance to grope you in the dark?" I snake an arm around his waist. Slender and firm, Wufei’s waist is most worthy of squeezing.


Wufei swats my arm away. I sigh, and follow him as he ducks into the supply tent to get a couple of flashlights, a canvas sheet and a bottle of water; all that goes into our waist pouches.


He leads me on a path through the forest. As we walk, our bobbing flashlights and rustling footsteps announcing the presence of creatures foreign to the forest denizens, the nocturnal noises hush. However, after we pass, the hoots and chirps quickly start up again.


I have no idea how he finds his way; under the canopy and especially on a dark night like this, *every* direction looks the same to me. After a while, we emerge from the forest. In the open plain, even the fainter light of the stars was enough. We click off our torches and keep them in our pouches. This was something Wufei taught me earlier on, for our eyes will quickly adjust to the minimal lighting. Certainly the dim starlight is not enough to read by, but I can easily pick my way over the ground.


The ground starts to slope up and becomes a bit more uneven. Rocks litter the ground, from small chips to fist-sized chunks, even a few goodly-sized boulders here and there. The scree slope makes it hard to walk; I stumble a couple of times, cursing as I stub my toes and windmill my arms. But Wufei is like a mountain goat as he walks in sprightly steps, as sure-footed here as if it was daylight and we weren’t hiking up a hill.


“Are we bloody there yet?” I slip slightly on another small rock and my voice has started to take on a bit of a petulant tone.


“Almost,” Wufei says soothingly. He slows down until he’s beside me, and holds my hand.


“Thanks,” I drawl sarcastically, but hold on to his hand anyway.


“You’re welcome, baby.”


“Baby?” I protest loudly.


Wufei snickers and pats our joined hands. “Only in a good way.”


I look hard at him, not too sure if it was an insult or an endearment. I poke him in the side with my free hand. “Jackass. I followed you all the way out here, in the freezing cold, over mountains—“


“—a mere bump in the ground—“


“— and oceans—“


“—two watery trickles! They can’t even be called streams—“


“—and you insult me!” I sniff loudly. “I’m so sad!”


I pout and parry back verbally. Before I knew it, we reach the top of the hill. Breath steaming slightly in the chilly air, I stop and look up…


Breathtaking. The view was simply breathtaking.    


The Milky Way cuts a particularly dazzling swath across the sky, and I choke back a snicker as an obscene image of cream and splatter came to mind.


Without the light pollution from artificial lights at the peripheral of my vision, with utterly nothing to detract from the sheer brilliance of the diamante stars, it makes me feel at once insignificant and awed. Small — all my life, my worldview has been, largely I daresay, all about me, but now confronted with the echo of calm infinity *up* there, I’m humbled.


It isn’t just the view, though. It’s the entire experience. It’s silent all around, yet it’s not the oppressive buzzing silence you get in an enclosed room but a calm quiet. It’s pretty breezy on the hilltop, the winds carrying the smell of sweet nocturnal blooms and sharp cold as they ruffle my hair. It’s different from the earthy scents of the forest.


“Gorgeous,” I find myself exclaiming softly. It is well worth the walk.


“Yes,” Wufei says, just as quietly. We stand side by side, faces turned upwards. “Yes, it is.”


After a moment, I hear the pull of a zip. Wufei pulls out the canvas sheet from his pouch and lays it on the ground. He lies down on his back, and I join him, our shoulders touching as we gaze up at the night sky.


We converse in hushed voices, the conversation flowing easily and spiritedly between us. That’s one of the things I like about Wufei — we click. Most of my business acquaintances only know how to talk about business; most of my dates only know how to talk about frivolous stuff like society gossip. But with him, I can talk about anything and everything.


And sometimes, the conversation lulls, but it is a comfortable silence. That’s another thing I like about him.


Suddenly, my thoughts turn, for the first time since that phonecall, to Duo. Suddenly, it is not longer just a game; Wufei is no longer just a curiosity or a conquest. It’s no longer about my company or his environmentalism; it’s about him and me and *us*. I think of Duo and realize that, yes, while I had fun with Duo, I want more. Wufei sparked something in me I didn’t know existed, and I want—


"I want to know where I stand," I say softly, turning on my side to face him. My breath fans the loose strands of hair by his ear, and I can see the silhouette of his profile against the backdrop of stars, brilliant diamonds on a bed of ebony velvet.


“Huh?” Wufei sounds confused by my apparent non sequiter.


"What am I to you?"


He is silent for a while, and then he turns to curl around me. His arms wends around my waist, my back, pulling us flush against each other. The warmth of his body is a delicious contrast to the cold air. "Damn you, Heero. You know…"


"Do I?" With my free hand, the one that is not wrapped around his shoulder, I tuck the stray hair behind his ear. My hand cups his cheek. "I'm not a smart man, Wufei. You've got to spell it out to me."


Wufei laughs breathlessly as he nuzzles against my hand. "Oh no, I think you're a very smart man, Heero Yuy. A very bad, devious boy. You planned this right from the start."


I may have made my plans from the start, but Wufei, you controlled it all along. My heart beating like a gauche teenager making a confession, I ask nonchalantly, "So, does this mean we're going out?"


That sounds *absolutely* mature, Yuy.


He doesn’t reply, but kisses me, a chaste press of soft lips.


"Wu~fei." I give a groan, and kiss him back. My hand slips behind his head. This kiss was definitely not as chaste. It involves some tongue, some licking, a bit of nibbling, a fair amount of moaning, and god. How can he kiss me sweetly, virginally one second, and then undo me with some serious oral play in the next? I pull away, breathing heavily. “So, are we?”


He pulls back as well, a grin playing at his lips. “What? You need it in black and white?”


I wait.


Instead, he stands up, stretches lazily like a cat. “It’s getting really late. We should be heading back.”


I scramble up, a little annoyed. “Answer me!” Unfortunately, it came out more petulant than annoyed.


Calmly, Wufei bends down, picks up the canvas and folds it neatly. “We really ought to be heading back to Sanc tomorrow. We’ve been here almost a week; I’m not looking forward to the mountain of work when I get back to the lab. Although Quatre and Trowa are both competent—“




He starts walking, but pauses and turns his head back slightly. He is smiling slightly, but his eyes are darkly smoldering and enigmatic. With the wind lifting the stray strands of his long hair around his face and his fey smile, he looks like a dark creature of the night. “What do *you* think, Heero?”


Caught off-guard, I blurt out, “I think…” I think you like me too. But my confidence fails me, and dammit, I can feel a dull heat creeping up my cheeks. 


Wufei’s grin grows and he reaches for my hand. “You know, in Sanc, you’re like this cold and aloof business tycoon, but really, you’re just a softie underneath.”


“What?!” I scowl. “That’s rich, coming from a tree-hugger—“


“Eh, when it’s just a few tree-huggers versus the big, bad corporations—“


Much later, just as I was falling asleep, I realize to my consternation that Wufei hadn’t replied. In my arms, Wufei gives a somnolent murmur and turns, burrowing to find a more comfortable spot. Or had he? My thoughts whirled groggily. Something changed, so does it mean that we are, or is he just rejecting me nicely… mmm, he feels really nice and warm but why wouldn’t he just say it and zzz….




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