Harry Potter
 Last update 12th December 2005
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The Malfoy twins start Hogwarts. Totally AU. Protective!Lucius and sweet!Draco.In progress. None yet. Multiple pairings [G] Started 3rd December 2005 Last update 12th December 2005
The Dragon's Post-war. A fresh start after the war. For the Ouroboros Challenge. Smut. Sap. One-shot. Severus/Draco [NC-17] 17th August 2004
Fangs Vamp drabble. Harry and Draco stand in front of a mirror. Ultra-short. Humor. One-shot. Draco, Harry [PG] 6th June 2004
Because Snape doesn’t see Draco until it’s too late. Death. Short. One-shot. Draco + Snape [R], death 23rd May 2004
Neophyte Harry and Draco have shown an affinity for sex magics and guess who has to instruct them? Start of their 3rd Year. Smut. Humor. One-shot. Snape/Draco [R] 21st December 2003

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