Title: Twins

Author: Kiarene
Pairings: none yet

Rating: G
Summary: The Malfoy twins start Hogwarts. Totally AU. Protective!Lucius and sweet!Draco.

Published: 3rd December 2005
Disclaimer: Not mine *sighs*


A/N: Uh, this was a plot bunny that I had for the longest time. Eventually would be slashy, but not just yet. Slytherin-centric.



Chapter 1



In which the twins leave for Hogwarts



Hurry Mama! Luc! Or well miss the train! Hand in hand, Draco tugged his brother through the station entrance, throwing a fretful glance at the slim blond woman behind them.


As if to agree, the Hogwarts Express whistled shrilly again.


Slow down, Draco. It is not becoming of a Malfoy to hurry, Narcissa admonished her younger son. A gentle smile belied her stern tone. The train will not leave yet.


Two identical trunks floated behind them, obviously expensive and spanking new, with costly dragonhide leather and shiny silver straps. The Malfoy crest glistened above the sturdy lock. Behind the trunks, all tied together in a strange procession, floated a covered bird-cage, a box with air-holes that was large enough perhaps for three goodly-sized textbooks and two broomsticks, covered and bundled together.


It was pandemonium on the train platform 9 . Some, like the Malfoys, came up through hidden wizarding roads in their own carriages. Others opted for more muggle means of transportation. Every once in a while, a bang could be heard as yet another student with a trolley burst out from the wall that connected the wizarding station to the muggle world. Everywhere, kids were chattering loudly in excitement while their harried parents tried to make sure their children actually got onto the train along with their luggage.


But Mama Draco trailed off, footsteps slowing as he looked wide-eyed at the sheer chaos around them. Unconsciously, his hand that held his older twins tightened.


Lucius looked around coolly, sneering. Must we take such common means of transport, Mother? Surely we could easily afford something better. Our carriage


Not everyone could afford private transportation, and the school board have to be fair, dearling. Narcissa wrinkled her nose in faint horror at sheer chaos around them. She could understand her older sons sentiment though.


What about portkeys? Or floo? Magic carpet? Broomsticks? Draco asked curiously.


We cant fly all the way there on a broomstick, Lucius said.


How do you know? Draco stuck out his tongue cutely.


Because because its many miles away. Hundreds of miles, Lucius retorted confidently. He made a mental note to look up the exact distance of Malfoy Manor to Hogwarts later.


Im not sure myself, darling. Perhaps they think the students would prefer the experience of riding on a train. Dont you think it would be fun? Narcissa laughed nervously, trying to distract her sons from the idea of flying all the way to Hogwarts on a broomstick. Oh look, Pansys already here. And I see Gregory too.


Draco waved at their childhood friends. Lucius went for a regal nod. The other two children waved back as they boarded the train first. Well save you a carriage! Pansy yelled.


Now remember, write me tonight to tell me youve reached safely. If you need anything, you can owl me. You can also approach Severus, though remember to


call him Professor Snape and not Uncle Sev, Draco finished. He rolled his eyes. You told us already, many many times.


Lucius looked impatient. Now we must go, Mother.


Narcissa bent down, hugging her boys.


Bye Mama. Draco kissed his mother, looking a little scared and yet excited. Ill write you tonight, dont worry.


Bye Mother, Lucius repeated, much more calmly, kissing his mother on her cheeks as well.


The train whistled, once, twice. Slowly, it chugged off.


It was the start of another school year at Hogwarts.




Lucius and Draco found their friends easily and settled down. Sweets and snacks were opened and passed around. Their voices rose excitedly, and pets were brought out and petted.


Lucius was most proud of Tantus, a young eagle-owl with beautiful black-brown plumage. Eagle-owls were rare and extremely dear, as they have to specially bred with magic, but they were bigger and faster than owls. At the same time, they were not as fierce or as big as eagles, which made it easier for young children to handle.


Gregory and Vincent both brought owls; terribly useful pets for kids. Pansy had a young cat, a pure-bred Siamese that was sleek as her dark-haired owner. Blaise had bought a fire-salamander, which were very exotic and expensive. It had to be kept in a fire-proof crystal tank that was charmed not to shatter or heat up.


Draco lifted the covered box onto his lap, as the other children watched curiously.


I though you couldnt find any animal you liked? Gregory asked, referring to the previous week when they had all met up at Diagon Alley to buy school supplies.


Draco grinned, slowly sliding the box-lid back. I got her from Peasys Pets at Madisons last weekend. That place is brill, it has a much better selection than Eeylops Owl Emporium he said, referring to another wizarding shopping district, one that was more up-market than Diagon Alley. The others immediately crowded around.


A snake! Vincent exclaimed.


Is it dangerous? Pansy cried out, falling back.


Lucius shook his head scornfully. Of course not. Mother had placed protective charms.


Its quite pretty, Blaise noted. What type of snake is this?


Draco lifted out the small white snake carefully. At certain angles, the snake looks almost translucent. Shes a diamond adder. Very rare and expensive, Draco said proudly, as his snake gave a little hiss and twined around his wrist like a piece of jewellery.


Everything owned by a Malfoy is expensive, Gregory muttered. He stroked his owl, looking a little envious.


Of course, Lucius drawled.


Never thought you would go for a snake, Draco. Vincent said. At Dracos stare, he shrugged. Just a comment.


Is she poisonous? Pansy asked fearfully.


Frightfully so, Draco smirked. But like Luc said, she wont harm us. Dont panic, Pansy.


Whats her name? Pansy asked.


Diamante. Draco held his wrist up, admiring his gleaming snake.


What a truly original name, eh Puff? Blaise held up his tank, allowing the salamander inside to see the adder. The small fire-salamander took one look and exploded into flames. The snake hissed back.


Better than Puff, Lucius retorted. What a silly name.


But its very apt, Draco said, staring at the small fire creature in amazement. After a few seconds, the flames died down. Just think. If you have another fire-salamander, you can it Poof!


Everyone groaned.


The pets were returned to their cages or box or carrier. For a few minutes, the carriage was quiet, except for the rhythmic rattling of the wheels. Then the door opened and an older boy with bright red hair stuck his head in.


Oh, terribly sorry. Wrong carriage. He was about to close the door when he did a double-take, staring openly. Twins?


Never seen twins before, have you? Lucius sneered defensively.


Oh, its not that. The boy half-turned his head. Hey George!


Another boy appeared, looking exactly identical to the first boy. Look, another set of twins! The first boy told his twin excitedly.


Wow, the two of you really look alike, Draco looked up at the older boys. They were tall, with very red hair and a lot of freckles. Their expressions were cheery and mischievous, and Draco decided they looked all right.


Yup, were identical twins. Im Fred, and hes George. Were the only set of twins in school, and now youre the second!


Im Draco, and my brother is Lucius. Draco smiled, holding out his hand in the proper manner as he had been taught. Fred shook it enthusiastically, and then George. Lucius, on the other hand, looked a little put-out and crossed his arms.


First-years, arent you? When Draco nodded, Fred chattered on. Me and George are third-years.


Unlike the red-haired twins, the Malfoy twins were not identical. Certainly they had the characteristic Malfoy white-blond hair, pale eyes and fair skin. However, Lucius hair hung thick and full, almost brushing his shoulders, and he had a cold, haughty look. Dracos hair was cut shorter, and held back with a lot of gel to hold the fine hair down. He looked like a little cherub, his expression sweet and innocent.


Your brothers a little dour, isnt he? Fred leaned down to whisper loudly to Draco, who giggled. But youre adorable.


Lucius scowled, looking ready to explode. Before he could say anything though, George tugged his brothers sleeve. While Fred seemed to have taken an immediate shine to Draco, George looked uncomfortable. Sorry, weve got to go. Come on, Fred. We still have to look for Ron, remember?


Ok. Fred winked at Draco, just before he slid the door closed See ya around!


Weasleys, huh. Lucius sneered, eyes angry. Red hair and freckles, that about sums them up.


Oh shut it, Luc, Draco said crossly. So what? I happen to think Fred and George seem decent enough.


Food trolleys here, Vincent said quickly, breaking the sudden tension.




First-years here! Six to a boat! The huge man yelled, waving his hands. He had hair and a beard like a bramble bush. Dont rush!


The children streamed from the train, pulling their luggage. The first-years moved towards the pier, while the older students drifted towards the waiting carriages.


Is he a giant? Pansy stared. Hes some sort of servant, isnt he?


I heard hes a sort of savage lives in a hut in the school grounds and every now and then he gets drunk, tries to do magic and ends up setting fire to his bed, Draco whispered back. Pansy sniggered. Ahead of them, three other students had already settled into a boat. Belatedly, the children realized they might have to split up.


Well take the next boat Pansy started. She pressed back a bit against Draco who was behind her, holding her breath; the giant stank! Like the stables back at home, and of stale whiskey.


Now now, none of that. Its only a short ride. Dont hold up the queue, just move along. The giant, or half-giant, held the boat still. Lucius frowned at his tone, but hurried forward and shushed Pansy, who looked outraged. He and Draco scrambled onto the boat, and then helped Pansy down.


Definitely a drunken, smelly barbarian, Pansy whispered spitefully to Draco.


Silently, the boat moved off.


Whats propelling the boat? One of the other students, a girl with bushy brown hair, asked, wide-eyed. Beside her sat two boys, one with black hair and round glasses, and the other with red hair and freckles.


Magic of course, the red-head said importantly.


The girl looked pleased, head nodding. Yes, Ive read about this in Hogwarts: A History.


Merlin. I do believe shes a mudblood, Lucius hissed in a low voice to Draco and Pansy.


Shush Luc. Remember what Mama told us about using that term Draco said warningly. Lucius frowned, but kept his mouth shut. Its better to be politically correct, Narcissa had warned her sons.


At this point, the boy with black hair turned to look at them with interest. Youre twins!


Brilliant observation, Draco snarked, but not with malice. Straightening up, he held out his hand. Draco Malfoy, and my brother


The red-haired boy sniggered, but tried to cover it up with a slight cough. Lucius glared at him, furious that prat dared to make fun of his brother. No need to ask who you are. Red hair, freckles and more children than they can afford. He looked disdainfully at the other boys tattered robes and turned up his nose. Smells like a Weasley.


Weasley leaned forward, face as red as his hair. Ive heard all about your family. Half-turning to the black-haired boy, he said, Harry, their father was You-Know-Whos supporter, an evil Death-eater.


Harrys mouth thinned, and his hand, which was half-raised, faltered.


The other children in the boat looked uncertainly between the three livid boys, the blond twins and the red-head.


Liar! Take that back! Draco snarled. His cheeks flushed pink in anger, his outstretched hand dropping down to clench into a fist. He glanced at Harry, hurt flashing briefly before a cold mask dropped. Our father was killed by the Dark Lord


Your family has been involved with dark wizards for generations. And your father was a believer of pure-blood purity, everyone knows that. Weasley said triumphantly.


Id be careful if I were you, Weasley, Lucius said slowly. He shifted closer to his brother protectively.


Is that a threat, Malfoy? Weasley said darkly. The two boys stared angrily at each other, before Draco broke the silence with a scornful drawl. Leave it Lucius. I changed my mind. A Weasleys word is as cheap as them.


Lucius sniggered cruelly and turned away from Weasley. Thats a good one.


The bushy-haired girl tugged at Weasleys sleeve, whispering. Leave it alone, please. Lets not get into trouble on our first day.


The rest of the boat ride was silent and tense, as the two groups of children tried to ignore the other.




A/N: Feedback greatly appreciated! I tried to keep the characters personality true to canon as much as possible, though I wanted a different story. ;) So some stuff may be quite different; dont jump on them!


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