Title: Twins

Author: Kiarene
Pairings: none yet

Rating: G
Summary: The Malfoy twins start Hogwarts. Totally AU. Protective!Lucius and sweet!Draco.

Published: 10th December 2005
Disclaimer: Not mine *sighs*


A/N and warnings: Will be slashy eventually. Twincest hints. Sap overload. Turn back now if any of that offends you.



Chapter 2



In which the twins try out for the Quidditch team.



The Gryffindor team was practicing on the pitch. On the other side of the castle, two small boys flew on their own brooms, well away from the rival house.

Are you still going for the tryouts tomorrow, Luc? Draco asked as he did a series of lazy figure eights. The following day was a Saturday. You know the school rules


Yes I do, Lucius said, his tone angry and resentful. But if Golden Boy Potter can get onto the team, then so can I. They cannot only bend the rule for him.


Draco drifted beside his twin. If it was a matter of talent, then Im sure you definitely deserve a place. He gave a bright smile. Slytherin needs a good Keeper and youre perfect for the position.


The Slytherin team Keeper had graduated the year before and though Slytherin had strong beaters and chasers, their weak link was their Keeper the reserve Keeper tended to let in more quaffles than he saved!


Why dont you tryout as well? Lucius pulled his broom up beside the other, aligning the two perfectly. With practiced ease, the two boys docked their brooms together. Lucius threw one leg over the other broom to straddle both handles, while Draco scooted backwards and lay down. He rested his head against the bristles, placing his left leg flat on the brooms and propped his right foot up on his left knee, trusting his older twin to steer the brooms.


Samuel is a good Seeker.


Lucius leaned back against his twins legs. But youre really good as well. Better than Samuel.


Youre just biased because youre my brother, Draco said, shaking his head. Its ok, Ill wait a year. Samuel will graduate end of this year.


No, I really think youre a great flyer. Youre better than me on the broom; faster, more acrobatic, and you always catch the Snitch when we play, Lucius insisted. Cmon Draco


Maybe Dumbledork will bend the rules for you because he did so for his Golden Toy, but for the two of us? You wish. Draco demurred. Truth be told, he was horribly, horribly tempted. Visions of him catching the snitch, crowds cheering, Slytherin banners snapping in the wind, danced in his brain.


sok, Luc. I dont mind.


But I do! Lucius scowled. Look, just turn up with me tomorrow, ok? Time yourself against Samuel and whoever else whos trying out for Seeker. That wont hurt, would it?




Marcus Flint stared down at the two blond boys. You want to try out? The other Slytherins stilled in their warm-ups, watching with interest.


Yes. Lucius crossed his arms, his face set stubbornly. If Potter can do it


The captain raked a hand through his dark hair as he examined the two first-years, scowling. The eleven-year-olds were already smaller than everyone else to begin with, and the Malfoy twins werent exactly on the upper end of the bulk curve for their year. Both boys were slender, and their fair appearance gave them a delicate look, especially Draco.


Ok~ay. Marcus looked unconvinced. What position?


All Slytherin team regulars have to compete for their position again to show that they were worthy of carrying on in the team. Everyone would most probably retain their previous position; the only position really important for the tryouts that day was that of Keeper. Marcus himself was a beater.


Keeper, Lucius said confidently. Everyones brows shot up.


Marcus coughed. Lucius, the Keeper would have Quaffles *aimed* at him.




So... Marcus wondered if there was any inoffensive way of rejected the Malfoy boy. Um, thats why the Keeper usually has more bulk.


I can do it, Lucius said belligerently.


A *lot* more bulk. Marcus tried hard not to smirk, even if the boy before him reminded him of a bristling kitten. Keepers are usually the biggest guys on the team.


Despite the fact that Lucius does not even reach the captains chin, the smaller boy still managed to come across as intimidating as his scowl darkened. Somewhat. Perhaps a few years down in the future, Marcus thought.


The Keeper is not meant to be hit by the Quaffles. Lucius pointed out. And I dont intend to be.


But you would still need to catch them. Marcus wondered how the younger boy did it, radiate such confidence that is. Somehow, he knew that this boy would be quite a force to reckon with when he grows up. He wouldnt be surprised at all if he returned to Hogwarts to find Lucius captain of the team in the future.


Watch me. Lucius stared up at the older boy, eyes blazing angrily. If I dont perform well today, Ill back off. But if I do, then theres no reason to deny me a place on the team.


Marcus had to admit he was impressed; at the very least, the boy has got gumption. He sighed, and brought up his clipboard to scratch on it. Oh, all right. No harm in letting you try. Mind you, Ive got to run the final decisions by Professor Snape.


Lucius smiled smugly. Sure.


Turning to the other boy, Marcus asked wearily. Keeper as well?


Uh, no, Draco said softly, flushing. He clutched his broom nervously but he looked straight at Marcus as well. Seeker.


Marcus raised a brow, looking closely at the younger twin. Unlike the other positions, a small build is actually a huge advantage for a Seeker. Dracos choice actually made sense. Still, Draco looked like he might get blown off his broom if he flew too fast. Sighing again, he wrote down Dracos name.


The first position tested was that of the Seeker as it was more straightforward than the other positions. Marcus put Samuel Peterson, Draco and the three other boys who also indicated interest, through speed races, and then tests of their broom handling.


It soon became obvious that despite his youth, Draco could easily keep up with Samuel. The lithe boy was a natural up in the air and he was adept at tricky stunts that many older students never even manage to master.


Lucius watched proudly as his twin looped and twirled and soared overhead. Hes brilliant, isnt he?


Marcus kept his eyes on the tiny figure above, grinning. Aye. Hes a beautiful flier.


Lucius shot Marcus a dark look at the undercurrent of admiration in the older boy voice. Hes my *brother*.


Marcus chuckled, wondering if he should ruffle Lucius hair but decided against it. Do you fly just as well? Im sure you do, being twins and all


Lucius shrugged. Truth be told, Dracos a better flier than me. Hes got more innate talent. I prefer to direct the game from the background. He shot Marcus an unrepentant grin Keepers were most often the captains and strategists of the team as they do not fly around as much as the other players.


Marcus raised a brow at the challenge. Turning his attention to the boy beside him, his grin widened. Aiming for my position too?


Lucius smirked. Well, fresh young brilliance may bring insight to stuffy ways.


Marcus stared at the other boy for a few seconds. If Lucius was any older, he might come across as offensive, but instead, he only sounded adorably pompous. The dark-haired Slytherin broke out in a barking laugh. Merlin! I really like you, Lucius Malfoy. You had better live up to your boastings and get on the team.


Any reply Lucius might have was knocked out of him when Marcus slapped an enthusiastic arm down on his skinny shoulders, and Lucius stumbled forward with a squawk. The older Slytherins nearby hid their amused smiles. Lucius shot the older boy a glare, but Marcus had gone back to watching the boys in the air.


All right, get your arses back down! He bellowed abruptly. Ill be releasing the snitch soon.


After the Seeker tryouts were over, Samuel retained his position but Draco was the obvious choice for their reserve. The young boy was flushed pink with his exertion and his eyes shone when he placed his broom carefully on the benches and ran over to Lucius.


Did you see me fly, Luc? Draco asked excitedly.


You were brilliant! Lucius leaned forward to whisper in his twins ear. You flew just as well and caught the snitch as many times Samuel did. The only reason you werent selected was because you were younger.


Draco looked at his twins unhappy moue and laughed. His brother was just so ambitious. Doubly so, because there were two of them. Oh Luc, I dont mind. Really.


Its hard to feel resentful of a first-year for showing you up when hes just too darned cute, right? Marcus came up beside Samuel, who was staring at the two blond twins hugging.


Dont you start too. Samuel shook his head in resignation, and shot his smirking year-mate a wry grin. The seventh-year Seeker ran a hand through his light brown hair, pushing the sodden bangs from his forehead.


Theyre just so small and shiny and squeaky.


Marcus snickered.


Do you think theyll kill us if we make them the team mascots? Evenlina, a tall girl with black hair who was one of the Slytherin Chasers last year, asked. She clenched her hands with a small squeal. Theyre just so adorable!


Dress them up in little cat outfits and the other teams will fall off their brooms, Nicholas, the other Chaser, leered. He was taller than Evenlina and his hair was as dark as hers. Together, the two fifth-years made a striking pair of Chasers.


Lucius and Draco stared at the cluster of older students laughing. Are they laughing at us? Draco asked with a frown, his hand still clutching his brothers.


Ignore them. Theyre probably jealous. Lucius sniffed.


Marcus wiped his tears and collected himself with obvious effort. Shaddup, arseholes. Im trying to hold the tryouts here. He punctuated his order with a cuff to Nicholas head. Turning to the other students, he bellowed. Ok, Chasers next! All who are not involved can go back to get a drink, but come back here after that.


Come on Draco, lets go. Lucius tugged his brother.


But I want to watch, Draco whined. He sighed and followed his insistent twin.


You need to get a drink after flying around for so long, Lucius said. They trotted towards their dormitories, hand in hand. The students they passed were mostly used to the sight, but a few still stared and grinned.


Hey, if it isnt our favorite twins!


Lucius stiffened, but Draco turned around with a ready smile. Fred! George!


You went for the Slytherin try-outs? But I thought first-years were not allowed yet? Fred came up and ruffled Dracos hair, grimacing when his hand came away slick with sweat and hair gel. Ick. Dray darling, how many times have I told you to lay off the hair glue?


Fred wiped his hand on his robe.


Nobody asked you to touch. Draco scowled in annoyance, pressing his hair back. His hair was as fine as dandelion fluff and if he didnt gel it down, he would look like one too! And if Potter can do it, then we can make the team too.


Lucius privately agreed with Fred, but he wouldnt admit it of course. He growled at the red-head and pulled Draco against him. Stop touching him.


Sorry, sorry, Fred grinned unrepentantly, holding his hands up. How about we treat you to a snack in apology, and you can tell us all about the tryouts?


Were not eating anything of yours, Lucius said immediately. Everyone knew how fond of practical jokes the Weasley twins were.


You wound me! Fred gasped. He smiled broadly at the two younger boys, trying to look sincere. Lucius thought it made him look like a used broom saleswizard. What I was going to suggest was that we pop over to the Kitchens. Surely you trust the house elves there?


George leaned across and hissed in his brothers ear. Surely you dont mean *that* passage?


Shush. Fred ignored his twin and turned to Draco with a wink. We know a secret passage


Ok! Draco bounced excitedly.


Lucius and George followed *extremely* reluctantly behind their twins, not wanting anything to do with the other but not wishing to let their own twin out of their sight as well, especially not with the *other* twin! They certainly made a striking group as they trooped down the corridors, the pair in front chattering and the pair behind sulking.


Despite Dracos protests, Lucius never really trusted the Weasley twins. Firstly and foremost, they were Weasleys! Just look at the one in their year loud and poor and violent, always starting fights like a hooligan! While he would admit the older Weasley twins have never picked on them, he was even more wary of Freds overly friendly attitude towards his brother. Draco was so sweet and innocent; who knew what that pervert!Weasley was planning!


George walked stiffly beside the scowling Malfoy boy, wondering for the umpteenth time what his younger twin was planning. Malfoys were not to be trusted! Although, to be perfectly fair, the twins do not seem to be devils incarnate, despite Rons complains. Still, there was no reason for Fred to be *so* friendly. And what prompted Fred to tell the Slytherins twins about the pear passage to the Kitchens? He was going to give Fred a good thumping when they get back to their dormitories!


How did you know about this? Draco looked wide-eyed when the wall slid open, to reveal the Kitchens beyond. None of the other Slytherins knew about this was it some Gryffindor secret? How unfair!


Fred grinned and held up a finger to his lips. Secret! But you must promise not to tell anyone else, ok? No one else knows about this, not even Gryffindors! He held up his pinky.


Really? Draco smiled happily and hooked his pinky with Freds. Ok, I swear.


Behind them, Lucius and George tried hard not to cringe.


Really! I only told you because youre a twin like me! Fred winked, turning to Lucius.


George shuddered. Really! Could Fred get any more sickening? It was obvious he really had a soft spot for the younger Malfoy boy!


Lucius held up his hands defensively. I wont tell; you dont have to do that with me, he said hastily.


Fred and Draco laughed, and went into the Kitchens. Lucius followed, eyes on the broad back of the older boy in front. Well, maybe, *just* maybe, these Weasleys werent that bad after all.


George closed the wall behind them, looking down thoughtfully at the blond head bobbing in front of him as he walked. He hoped the Malfoy twins wouldnt squeal on them, and somehow, he knew they would not.


By the time the Malfoys left the Kitchens and hurried back to the Pitch, the Chasers have been chosen and the Beater tryouts were already almost done. Marcus frowned at the two panting boys. What took you so long?


The captain himself was sweating heavily after the Beater tryouts. Naturally he would get a position, but it was necessary he doubly proved his worth, as a Beater and as Captain.


Sorry. Draco gave his best shining eyes and pouty lips. We were thirsty and went for a drink


but were here now! Lucius knew he wasnt half as cute as his brother, but he stared up at the dark-haired captain with his widest eyes.


Marcus blinked. Er, ok. Lucius, go warm-up.


The two blonds beamed and trotted over to the benches, where the brooms were.


Oh Merlin! The cuteness! Samuel staggered against Marcus.


Nicolas clutched Marcus other shoulder. Were defenseless! It goes right through you right here! He suddenly grabbed Marcus crotch.


Nicolas you git!


Lucius looked back at their older housemates as he pulled on his armor. I wonder what Marcus is yelling about.


I think Marcus is funny. Like a bulldog, all big and dark and fierce, but more bark than bite. Draco giggled, handing his brother another elbow guard.


Lucius snickered at his brothers words. He knew others often underestimate Draco, unable to see past the cute exterior, but Draco was every bit as Slytherin as him. Already, Draco knew how to wrap the older students around his finger. Lucius himself was no exception. People thought Lucius was the dominant twin? Hah!


Now do your best, Luc! I know youll get the Keeper position! Draco kissed his twin for luck, a sweet buss on the lips.


Behind them, the older boys collapsed.


Merlin. Samuels voice was hoarse.


The images! The blondness! Nicholas groaned, leaning against the shorter Seeker. Oh, how I envy their year-mates, who get to sleep in the same room as them!


Shaddup. Just shaddup and stop distracting me, ya perverts. Marcus growled as he straightened up.


Theyre not the ones distracting you, Evenlina pointed out with a smirk, appearing abruptly beside him.


Marcus ignored the snickering and yelled for the Keeper hopefuls to gather. Other than Lucius, the other two boys were burly. One was a third-year, the other a fourth. If they were not already on the team, the older students tended not to try out for new positions.


At first glance, it seemed doubtful that Lucius stood a chance. Standing between the other two boys, he seemed tiny. The Slytherins got a pleasant shock though, when Lucius took to the air. If Draco was graceful and skilled, Lucius was efficient and aggressive.


He sat up commandingly on his expensive broom, gray eyes sharp as a hawk. Unlike the other two boys who flew about nervously as quaffles zoomed around them, Lucius hovered in a steady figure-of-eight loop that covered the goal well. The older students watched approvingly.


Hes young but he obviously had training, Samuel noted.


But more importantly, he knows how to remain calm and read the game, Evenlina added.


Aye. And bulk can be built up. Marcus nodded. He held up his wand, yelling to the Keepers. Now lets see how you block!


Will he be alright? Evenlina asked worriedly as the quaffles started aiming for the goal. To their relief, Lucius deflected the quaffles deftly, using his broom to catch the momentum and swing the quaffles away.


Sure he will, a clear voice piped up. Lucius knows what hes doing.


The other students turned to look at Draco in surprise. The eleven-year-old gave a smile and pointed up. Better keep your eye on them.


The older Slytherins turned their attention back to the fliers in the air. Cheeky little bugger, Marcus grumbled.


Evenlina smiled. Draco, have you both received training before?




From? Samuel asked curiously.


Draco giggled and placed a finger on his lips. Se~cret. He couldnt tell them it was Uncle Severus, could he?




Shh! Pay attention! Draco looked back up again at Lucius. Right captain?


Evenlina broke into laughter at the incredulous looks on the older boys faces. Marcus shook his head and gave a suffering sigh. Between Lucius and Draco, he felt he had somehow lost control of his team.


When Marcus announced that Lucius got the Keeper position, nobody was too surprised. The older players cheered their youngest team member on, bouncing the ecstatic boy on their shoulders.




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