Title: Twins

Author: Kiarene
Pairings: none yet

Rating: G
Summary: The Malfoy twins start Hogwarts. Totally AU. Protective!Lucius and sweet!Draco.

Published: 12th December 2005
Disclaimer: Not mine *sighs*


A/N and warnings: Will be slashy eventually. Twincest hints. Sap overload. Turn back now if any of that offends you.



Chapter 3



In which the twins stand up for themselves.



What do you mean, first-years are not allowed on the team? Lucius asked in a loud, angry voice.


Exactly that, Mr Malfoy. Its in the school rules, Professor McGonagall pursed her lips primly. Lucius thought it made her already thin lips disappear; her mouth now looked like a slit in her face. A wrinkly slit. Ew.


After the Slytherin tryouts were over, the results were passed to Professor Snape for his approval, which he granted of course. Subsequently they were posted up on the Quidditch board in the main hall, and that was when the ruckus started. Before long, the Malfoy twins were called up into the faculty lounge.


Draco crossed his arms, absolutely furious for his brother. What about Potter? Hes on the Gryffindor team, isnt he? Hes a first-year, isnt he?


They have a point, Professor, Professor Snape broke in silkily. Why should a Gryffindor receive preferential treatment?


Im not too happy about that myself, Id admit, McGonagall said crossly. These rules were laid down for a good reason. Quidditch is a dangerous sport and first-years are still too inexperienced on brooms.


Perhaps you were thinking of the muggleborns, but weve been flying since we were five, Lucius said coldly.


And wasnt Potter raised by muggles? Has he been on a broom before he came to Hogwarts? Draco pointed out triumphantly. If anything, he should *not* be allowed on the Quidditch team.


Snape hid a smirk. Very good Draco, he thought proudly.


The other teachers were gathered round in gossipy curiosity, though none were stupid enough to interrupt a quarrel between McGonagall and Snape.


Experience aside, what if they get hit during a game? McGonagall turned to Snape, her hand sweeping out to indicate the two small boys. Professor Snape, a fall from those kinds of heights would severely injure an adult; the same fall might kill a boy.


Lucius scowled, annoyed that they were passed over in conversation. But before he could say anything, Snape spoke up. You worry too much. Second-years are allowed to play, and theyre not *that* much bigger than first-years. More importantly, Messrs Malfoy are more than competent on the broom.


The two teachers glared at each other.


What seems to be the problem here? The jovial voice of the Headmaster interrupted the tension.


McGonagall visibly swallowed her ire and turned to explain to Headmaster Dumbledore. Snape sneered, keeping silent.


Oh, I quite agree with Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore nodded his head sagely. The old witch looked relieved.


So you would be removing Potter from the team as well? Snape asked sharply.


Oh no, oh no. Dumbledore shook his head absentmindedly. Poor boy. Hes an orphan you know? And his relatives treat him poorly. We must make allowances for his situation; he has so little happiness in his life, and being on the team makes him happy. Well, got to go. Things to do, things to do.


He nodded again, strolling off slowly.


What?! Snape was spitting mad. He was the one who placed Potter with those mu muggleborns in the first place! Despite my protests!


McGonagall pushed her glasses up, frowning. For once, I agree with you Severus. Those relatives of his are an abomination!


The school bell sounded.


I have a class now. My apologies but we will have to settle this at a later date, Snape said crossly, and stalked off.


Off with you now, McGonagall told the twins, who looked like they very much wanted to say something but knew they werent going to be heard.


The two boys were trembling in anger as they left.


How dare he! Lucius spat out. That senile old fool!


What blatant double standards, Draco sneered. The twins headed towards the dungeons; they had a free period until their next class.


I want to expose such unfair treatment Lucius broke off in mid-sentence and caught Dracos eye. Draco gave a decisive nod. The twins smirked and immediately began planning.


The twins told their housemates first, and before the day was over, the whole of Slytherin House was in an uproar over the favoritism displayed by the Headmaster to the Gryffindor House.


Thats so unfair! Pansy cried out. The Slytherin students were all gathered and crowded in their common room. Shouts of agreement rang out.


Lucius and Draco stood up on one of the tables in front of the fireplace. Lucius stared out at the other students intently. We intend to petition for Slytherins right to include first-years on the team! Theres no reason why we should be denied!


Hear hear!


And we start by telling the other Houses of this unfair treatment! Draco called out. If we can get Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff on our sides


The teachers would have to listen to us! Lucius finished smugly. Now I want you to


Im starting to feel quite sorry for whoevers in their way, Samuel commented softly to Marcus. The two seventh-year boys were standing near the back of the room, though they heard and saw everything.


The two boys laughed. Marcus shook his head with a wry grin. And here I was thinking over dinner that as Captain, I should be doing something about this.


I wonder if we should tell Snape, Samuel mused.


Snape already knows. Like a dark creature, their head-of-house materialized noiselessly beside them.


Sir! The two boys twitched guiltily.


Snape smirked, his arms folded in front of him in his robes. This would be interesting. He turned abruptly and pinned Marcus with a sharp look. Im very busy at the moment so do keep an eye out for them, Mr Flint.


Of course sir! The two boys watched as the older man whirled and left, his black robes billowing.


Hes my idol, you know that? Samuel said suddenly. My aim in life is to be able to move that dramatically.


Marcus snickered.


Kids wet their pants when he *looks* at them. Samuels voice dropped to a whisper. He licked his lips lasciviously. Women wet their panties when he *looks* at them too.


Marcus glared half-heartedly at the other boy. Sam, youre so full of crap sometimes.


The Slytherins started their petition campaign the very next day. Word quickly spread among the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Houses. Ravenclaws were easy to convince as they were often sympathetic towards Slytherin, and while the Hufflepuffs were initially wary, they quickly worked themselves into a righteous rage. Oddly enough, the Hufflepuffs became their most fervent supporters.


Lucius and Draco smirked, and ran with the momentum. They went around to the common rooms and dormitories with a petition, personally asking for signatures with sweet smiles.


So cute. Many would squeal.


Lucius and Draco trotted everywhere hand in hand, often accompanied by their friends. Lucius would initially keep silent, looking sad, while Draco would speak up indignantly on his behalf. Everyone would get worked up over Dracos discriminated twin.


Luc worked so hard to get onto the team, Draco would say tearfully. He did that very well.


Draco made the team too. Reserve seeker! Lucius would then proclaim proudly. His face would fall. But he cant play, even though Potter can


How unfair! Poor dears! Of course we would sign. They would nod sympathetically.


Its not just for us, Draco would say earnestly. He did that very well too. We only want the same treatment for all Houses.


Yes, its unfair how Gryffindors always seem to get preferential treatment from Dumbledore! There were murmurs of discontent. Hogwarts is made up of four Houses, not just Gryffindors!


Within a few days, Lucius and Draco had the signatures of three-quarters of the student population. They showed the parchments to their head-of-house proudly.


Look, Uncle Sev! Theres no way the Headmaster can ignore this! Lucius said confidently as he unrolled the parchments onto Snapes desk. The twins often came to look for their godfather in his quarters after dinner.


Snape chuckled indulgently, ignoring the fact that the twins had spread the petitions all over his work. Im very proud of the way the two of you handled this. Do you want me to approach the Headmaster now? It was a little late but he was sure Dumbledore was still up.


No, well do it in the Great Hall during lunch tomorrow, Lucius decided.


Draco grinned. In front of all of the students


Snape threw back his head with a laugh. That would be perfect!


The twins smiled smugly.


I had been a little worried I couldnt help you as much as I would like, but Ive been very busy these past few days. Snape pushed his chair back and walked towards the small kitchen that was attached to his quarters. Come, Ive just ordered some chocolates from Honeydukes today.


What were you busy with, Uncle? Draco asked as they settled down in front of the fireplace.


Oh, just a task the Headmaster asked me to handle regarding castle security. Snape poured himself a glass of whiskey as he watched the twins tear open the box of chocolates fondly. Nothing of importance to you. But tell me, how are your classes?


Most are ok. Though DADA with Quirrell is a joke. Lucius wrinkled his nose in disgust. Stu...stustudents, please sisisit down!


What was Dumbledore thinking when he hired that fellow? Draco asked crossly.


Yes, I often wondered myself, Snape murmured softly, though the twins didnt appear to have heard him.


You know more Dark Arts than he does. Why dont you teach DADA? Draco asked petulantly.


Snape smiled thinly. Well, it might be the fact that Ive also the only Potions teacher here


You should hire assistants, Lucius said seriously.


Yes, the Honors class can teach the first-years, cant they? Draco suggested. He popped a chocolate in his mouth, sighing blissfully.


Snape laughed again. Thats a very good idea. Ill think about it.


Care of Magical Creatures is another joke of a class, Lucius complained. He shook his head. At least that half-giant got rid of his slobbering dog. Imagine standing downwind of that smelly creature while trying to concentrate on the lesson!


What exactly is it? Draco asked, frowning. Its not exactly a dog, is it?


Snape sipped his drink thoughtfully. So that was Hagrids challenge, he thought. Its hardly any challenge. Its got three heads but its still a dog. Its more bark than bite though.


Can you believe he called it Fluffy? Lucius sneered.


Draco shivered. Its still huge though.


That dog is a pansy, Snape said dismissively. The twins giggled at his choice of words. He glanced at the clock. Its almost nine. Off with you brats now. Dont you have homework?


The boys pouted and whined, but dutifully collected their schoolbags and petitions. Their head-of-house often turned a blind eye to the Slytherins curfew, though their godfather sometimes reared to the fore, checking on their grades and insisting they sleep early.


Surely youre not going to bed now, Blaise asked incredulously as the twins changed into their pajamas. He groaned and scratched out a few more words on their transfiguration essay. McGonagalls homework?


Finished. One foot five inches, Draco said smugly. He dried his hair with a spell and crawled into the bed he shared with Lucius. Though they were assigned two beds, they much rather sleep together as they had always done.


Shaddup. Gregory chewed on his quill in irritation.


Sucks to be you. Lucius sat down on the bed and began brushing his own hair after he dried it. He decided to grow it out recently as he felt it made him look more imposing and mature. It now fell slightly below his shoulders.


Here, let me. Draco knelt and took the brush from Lucius.


There was a knock on the opened door to their dormitory, and Marcus came in. The Quidditch Captain looked momentarily stunned, but recovered quickly. Lucius, Draco Do you have a moment?


Sure. The two boys smiled sunnily at him. Lucius waved to the unoccupied bed beside theirs. As that bed was not slept in, it became a catch-all for their clothes and stuff. Have a seat.


Marcus found a space between a school robe and an angora sweater. Uh, you two share a bed?


Oh, weve always been sleeping together. Draco said casually as he continued to stroke and brush Lucius hair. The older twins hair was thicker than his, just a shade darker, and fell in a shimmering golden curtain. It would look absolutely gorgeous when it grows longer, Draco thought.


Marcus chocked, turning it into a cough. Inwardly, he grinned. Nicholas, Samuel, you will *drool* in envy at my luck tonight. Its great to be captain.


Lucius purred happily as he leaned back against his brother. He loved having his hair brushed.


The twins were dressed in matching green silk pajamas, which clung to their limbs and rippled as they moved. Their cheeks were rosy after a hot bath and they smelled absolutely delicious, of vanilla and peach.


Right. Marcus collected his thoughts with difficulty. Professor Snape told me that you are going to present the petition to Dumbledore tomorrow, during lunch?


Yes. Will you and the team be there? Lucius asked hopefully.


Definitely. Marcus nodded. All Slytherins will turn up in support as well.


Great! Draco laid the hairbrush down on the side-table. He gave a yawn, suddenly drooping as if exhausted.


Dont worry, Marcus said, watching dry-mouthed as the twins crawled under the covers. Dont they realize? Apparently not. He glanced around surreptitiously. None of the other boys in the dormitory were paying attention; the twins casual displays of affection seem to be quite common, it seems. He was the only perverted one here, he was, Marcus castigated himself.


Were not worried, Lucius assured Marcus.


Goodnight, Draco mumbled sleepily.


Goodnight. Marcus stood up as the curtains swished close, and that was just utterly cruel as his last glimpse had been that of two blond heads snuggling close. Dang it. Marcus left the room, wondering where Samuel and Nicholas were. Spread the joy and blue balls, he always thought.


During lunch the next day, the twins timed their request very well. After dessert was served, they waited until it was clear most people were finishing, and then they strode up to the head table. A hush fell over the hall.


Draco unrolled the petition with a flourish now combined into a five feet long parchment and Lucius presented their case in a clear, even tone.


The students watched, fidgeting. Gryffindor looked clueless while the other three Houses waited with bated breath. Snape looked proud and the other teacher looked impressed. Even McGonagall had a faint smile as she regarded the petition.


Dumbledore cleared his throat. Well boys, I see you have thought this out He trailed off uncomfortably and harumphed again. But this is a special case


No its not, Headmaster, Lucius pointed out. Were not asking for a one-time exclusion from the rules, which would be unfair; were asking for a *change* to the rules.


Sprout turned to Dumbledore with a beatific smile. Their request is reasonable, Albus. The Hufflepuff head-of-house knew what had been happening recently, and fully supported it.


Dumbledore shifted, losing a bit of his twinkle and cheer as he peered over his glasses at the parchment. He noted the names and houses, and he also noted the sharp eyes of the students. Slytherin was practically bristling, and Ravenclaw, even Hufflepuff, were watching intently.


Snape was about to say something when McGonagall of all people beat him to it. Albus, I find I would have to agree with Messrs Malfoy on this matter. It also appears that they have a great deal of support from many of the other students. She shot Dumbledore a stern look, and he capitulated.


Clearing his throat again, the Headmaster announced that the petition was reasonable, and that changes would be made the rules. First-years would be allowed onto the team.


Slytherin broke into loud cheering. Hufflepuff started clapping, and everyone else soon joined in, even the Gryffindors. Lucius and Draco were grinning widely as they ran back to their House, dignity forgotten.




Merlin, Im so glad classes are over. Lucius stretched and picked up his schoolbag. Im looking forward to practice.


Draco smiled. Yeah, me too. Want to drop by the Kitchens for a quick bite first?


Now officially on the team, they had Quidditch practice twice a week in the evenings.


Sure! Lucius gave a laugh. Noticed how our appetite picked up since we started training?


Draco nodded. The two boys walked out of the DADA classroom slowly, chatting. They were among the last few students to leave and as they passed the teachers desk, Professor Quirrell stood up in front of them. Lucius took a half-step back, annoyed.


Quirrells eyes swept past Draco, dismissing him, before pausing to linger on Lucius. Messrs Malfoy.


There was a speculative light in his eyes that unnerved Lucius. Quirrell always struck him as a stuttering fool, timid and bumbling, but now his expression was different. Harder.


Yes sir? Lucius asked politely, wishing nothing more than to get away now.


Quirrell shook his head. Nothing. Have I ever mentioned I knew your father?


Our father? Lucius repeated. Draco watched silently.


Quirrell gave a thin smile. Janus Malfoy was a fine wizard. A fine wizard indeed. He would have been most proud of you.


Thank you, Lucius said tightly. His skin crawled.


Well then. Have a good day. Quirrell looked away and the twins took the dismissal to hurry away.


He gives me the creeps, Draco hissed. He glanced behind, suddenly fearful that Quirrell might follow them.


Yeah. Lucius frowned. I wonder what that was about, going on about Father.


Draco scowled. Probably trying to suck up.


They had experienced it before strangers coming up and reminiscing or praising their father in obvious attempts to curry the Malfoy favor. On the twins part, while they loved their father, it was more in an abstract way. Janus Malfoy died before they were even born so they had no real memories of him, just their mothers memories and old photos. The twins knew not the details, only that their Father died for them, opposing the Dark Lord. He was suspected to have been sympathetic to the Dark Lords cause, though there was no evidence. Still, the Malfoy name remained a powerful one.


Forget about him, Draco declared, grabbing hold of his brothers hand. Come on, the pear passage is just down the next corridor.


Yeah, Lucius agreed. He thought about the unnerving smile and shivered.




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