Title: Fangs
Fandom: HP
Rating: PG
Summary: Vamp drabble. Harry and Draco stand in front of a mirror.
First Published: 6th June 2004




“My fangs are bigger than yours!” Harry exclaimed triumphantly.


The two boys stood in front of a wizarding mirror, preening — an ordinary mirror would not have shown their reflections but a wizarding mirror showed what *it* saw.


“Bloody hell, Potter! It’s not a competition!” Draco flushed angrily and closed his mouth. It was true. While Draco’s fangs were sharp, white and perfect, Harry’s were longer, and the dark-haired boy lisped slightly.


“Quite right,” Snape said, regarding his newly turned children with amusement. “The canines need only to be long enough to pierce skin easily. Any longer and it will interfere with your speech.”


Harry ignored Snape and smirked slyly at Draco, flashing his fangs again, and cupped his groin.



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